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I made arrangements for this service in August 2006. I was told due to a promotion the 100.00 installation fee would not be required. On August 13, a Sunday, the installer arrived. However, I was charges an addition 125.00 for the installation of a pole as the installer did not want to put the satellite on the roof of my home.

After the installer left, it was noted that the cable from the pole to my home was left on the ground. As I lived in an area with a lot of trees and many many small animals I called to find out about having the line buried. Was told my one person that they did not do that, another person told me the original installer would have to come back and take care of it. When I started having problems with the service it was quite a job to get someone out here to try and correct it. BY this time it was after Labor Day, I was told the installer did not come the previous Friday due to car problems, I guess he was unaware that there are telephones available to cancel appointments. The Monday after labor day, Sept. 11 a new installer came out to check the system, he called and ordered a new modem for my service as the one installed was faulty. I was told the call him when I received the new modem. However, the modem was not sent to me but to someone in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I finally got a hold of him and he sent it to me and the installed care out on Friday the 22 to installed the new modem.

When I got my credit card bill I had been billed $202.38, (I was told it would be 99.99, and they would issue a credit as it was a promotional deal. They did refund 100.00 but left a balance of $102.38.

Then I received a bill from Hughes for $107.39 for service from 8/13/06 to 9/13/06, which I did not have as the system was not working. When I called billing I was told we are always billed in advance, so correct me if I am wrong.

I paid 102.38 in August, you want an additional 107.39 for a total of $209.77, however the young lady I talked with told me that my balance was $33.00 as she gave me a credit of one month and one week, so if you add the two amount together you come up with 242.00, I would be paying for service from 8/13/06 to 9/13/06 with a new bill coming on October 13. Sorry but I just do not understand this.

I was without a computer from 8/13 through 9/22, it worked once in a while but could not received E mail of a daily basis or take care of business. Made too many calls to Hughes trying to correct this mess to no avail. Long distance calls to companies (numbers given to me by Hughes), trying to track service men and the where abouts of the new modem.

Original installed did not leave me any copies of what I signed, have asked on many occasions for a copy but as yet have received nothing. I don't know if this will be answered or not but at this point in time I feel used and abused, and would appreciate any information that could explain this mess to me.


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Mar 28, 2016 11:11 am EDT

I had HugesNet installed on Feb, 23 and called 2 times during the month because the service was really slow and was not working for my family. On the 29th day I called to cancel my service and was told that I was out of my 30 grace period and was told I would be charged a $400 cancellation charge. I have called the customer service desk on multiple occasions to try and get this resolved and still no help.

Feb 12, 2016 10:27 am EST

Satellite was installed on roof of rental, without permission.

Feb 09, 2016 4:20 pm EST

2/9/2016 Installer installed dish today and now I don't have internet. He told me it was my problem because his laptop worked.

May 08, 2011 7:08 pm EDT
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Also remember if they are not providing what they promised you then you can always search the internet for a Breach of contract form for about 8.00 and file it with your county clerk. I do not think they will pay the thousands of dollars to send an attorney to your city to fight it, they will probally just concede and cancel your contract.

May 08, 2011 7:05 pm EDT
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With the comment "The one mistake that many of you made was ... you did not buy from a LOCAL DEALER. "
No they did not mistake. When you purchase from either the company or resaler the service and customer support should always be 110 %
I stopped eating at Dominoes Pizza because the corporate office emailed me to say they alerted the franchise location. When I emailed back in a week saying no one has contacted me about my experience D. went on to write well they are a franchise and we have no control over that. So I dumped them. If you have a name on a service then that name should stand behind its product no matter what.

Sep 25, 2010 12:25 am EDT

boy, the same, hughesnet is poor service!they charge 200+ percent what everyone else charges. i hated dial up but at least the only thing bad about dial up was that it was so slow. they never once tried to rip me off. hughes net is trying to charge us 82 dollars a month, i was told when ordering i would pay no more than 59. something about rebates and some other bull they say i have to get on line and find. from the first day it has been a nightmare. they came to my house and tracked mud, they drilled a hole in my hard wood floor, not where they said but out from the corner about a foot. they also said they could not put the dish on the roof because of the trees...? so my free installation cost 145 dollars. im kinda glad they didn't put it up there, they probably would have made my new roof leak! from the first day trying to get on the net we have had trouble. so i call and the only ones you can talk to in indians in india! you can barely understand them, and they tell you to the same thing, unplug everything, shut everything off and restart angin. WHAT A PAIN IN THE A__ that is ! sometimes it works for 5 minutes sometimes for a half hour, then guess what? you lose connection.. so i called my bank and canceled my debit card so they couldn't take the payment out.i told them i needed someone to come to the house and check out this stuff, they only wanted to send someone on the day i would not be home . now they say we have to go through the phone bit again, how many time do you have to do that/ I KNOW IT HAS BEEN 8-9 TIMES ALREADY. and better yet they are going to charge me ONLY 29.95 if they come out haha they act like that is a deal, i think this crap has never worked right from day one they need to do what ever to make it right

Apr 04, 2010 9:06 am EDT
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I also have Hughesnet and the fair access policy sucks I travel for most of the week and never get on the computer but on the weekend when I am home and have nothing to do but surf the web to amuse myself then they slow me down because I over use my time for that day my problem is what about all the days through the week I never use the system but still get charged for the service now they have the purchace a token to speed you back up for $10.50 this is stupid to say the least what it all boils down to is pay for the service but don't use it. I hope a day will come when another provider can come into my area so I can tell Hughesnet to KISS OFF.

Max Compton
Pelzer SC

Hughesnet IS CRAP Somebody needs to sue these losers until they are out of business. They are ripping people off and making them look stupid. I'm using it right now and I thought I could finally watch videos again I have 3 other members of my family that has their own computer and uses the internet. Download limit will exceed in only a few hours... I am a college student there's no way for me to handle school work online other companies they are ain't satellite has a 50gb limit a day why the hell we only get around 300mb or less... are these people ###ed? People said they limit it because of people abusing the service. They could have at least given us 2 to 4 gbs The only way to get over 1gb is to start a business. They give us unlimited internet late as hell at 2 to 7 am.. who the hell is going be up at 2 o clock doing anything online? They are even ripping people off by charging a crap load of money to cancel their service. by how low the limit is they are doing it on purpose to get more money. They need to stop advertising hughsnet. I get pissed everytime I see their commerical ad. I wouldn't recommend hughesnet to anybody not even as a last resort.

Sep 23, 2009 12:29 am EDT

i am new to hughes net and i too am having the same problems as everyone else. they sent me a new modem and it worked ok for a couple of hours and then i started having the same problems as the old one. if they do not fix this piece of crap and quick i will quit paying and they can come and get their equipment and i am also tired of talking to their tech support that i cant understand, another company that has outsourced jobs to india

Sep 14, 2009 1:09 am EDT

HughesNet is the worst! To start with we were promised a rebate after 30 days, then they told us we wouldn't get it when we applied for it. It's as slow as dial up. IF we didn't have a 2 year contract we would have canceled! When the 2 years is up we will cancel!
We only paid 12.95 for dial up and it worked as well as this so called high speed internet.
I have read from others that we are expected to take the dish and return it at our expense when our contract is up. NOT gonna happen! They can do whatever floats their boat because That is a load of bull! We draw the line at taking that thing down and paying to return it. When we canceled Dish Network they sent a prepaid box.
We have been lied to constantly! BEFORE we signed up for their service we explained we wanted to use it to watch old TV shows online. They told this wasn't a problem and I know lots of other people who do this with their internet service. I mean after all that's why it's online. BUT when we watched a SHORT super bowl ad online we were shut down for 24 hours because we exceeded the fair excess threshold! Yes we called and they told us a different story! Of course our friends have DSL and no limit for less than we pay.
You may want to know why we went with them to start with? Because we happen to live in an area where we can get nothing else but dial up.
I haven't covered customer service. Oh what a joy to call and get someone EVERY SINGLE TIME you can't understand! Of course they always say the system checks out just fine even when you can't get to open.
All that for 71.00 per month that we pay.
My advice is to avoid HughesNet at all cost!

Sep 13, 2009 10:21 am EDT

I've spent the better part of three years waiting for an alternative to HughesNet. While my friends in town got DSL and Cable, I kept my fingers crossed. When they started to get faster speeds I thought my time is coming. I looked at cellular broadband but with 5GB of monthly download limit (170MB a day) that was too limiting. I hoped for DSL, but live too far from town. Finally a wireless provider became available with 2Mb/s but my location between too hills put it out of reach and I realized it was time to get something. So I've gotten HughesNet.

It has been better than I thought. I've got the ProPlus package, which allows for 425MB of usage a month at a speed of 1.6Mb. My wife uses her computer for surfing and e-mail, while my daughters enjoy playing flash games. Their combined use stays under 100MB a day. I use the computer a bit more constantly downloading apps, updates, etc. I enjoy trying open source material such as Linux and Open Office.

I am careful and save large downloads to the overnight period that is unlimited. I use a download manager and have successfully downloaded 2 and 3 GB.

On occasion I will try to connect and I'll get some error message instead of the web page. When I check the modem status the tubopage ttmp status will be down and flagged. However usually with a refresh or two the page will eventually load. While this is mildly annoying because I feel like most here that for what I spend I want it to work all the time. I'm also enough a realist to understand that just like my cell phone cutting out on me when I least want it to, technology is just this way. Now understand I would never condone day after day behavior like this or excessively long periods every once and awhile. Knock on wood, but so far I've not had either situation.

To the people that can't download movies and play games. The HughesNet pages are pretty explicit that large peer to peer downloads won't work and the latency over the satelite makes playing games over the internet almost impossible. So it's a matter of knowing what you're buying. If you're looking for a way to get online and tap into all the info that is available HughesNet makes it possible. If you want to have total unlimited access to everything out there (games, streaming HD, mammoth downloading, etc) you better keep looking.

I've used a local provider and have had good success with them for service. I've used Hughes Net once and while the accent issue of understanding them was tough, it's no different than how many other service dept's out there. Their level of expertise is only as good as the person you get. There are good ones and bad ones. Some only know how to read through their sheet of troubleshooting tips, others really understand what you are doing.

So while I'm not shouting from the top of my roof how great HughesNet is, I will give them credit for providing an experience that hasn't totally sucked either. One final thought, I used dial up for 14 years and never attained the 56kbps potential I had to get by with 14.4 and maybe 28kbps. I fully understand what bad internet is, that's probably why I've been so surprised with what I'm getting now.

Aug 30, 2009 2:07 am EDT

I found Hugesnet to be the worst there is. Everything in the comment above is true & happens to me. Hugesnet service sucks. Please do not get Hugenet you will not be happy with it. The BBB needs to read this site.

Cathy Yoes
Shelbyville, Tn.

Aug 26, 2009 6:55 pm EDT

I was told that I could go to and enter my order number for the rebate, I was not told that I had to set up an account. I did not save my e-mail as to the order number and the date, now I am trying to enter my rebate information, but cannot. I have not received a bill, so I cannot get the information as to the san/st #, who can help me. e-mail me at

Aug 11, 2009 11:07 pm EDT
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I had to get high speed for medical transcription, then my company changed their mind. In the meantime, I'm locked into a contract. Even upgraded recently (including an extended contract), thinking that would improve things, but no. I am on dial-up in our rural area for my transcription; it's always up. It may be slow, but it's dependable and costs less than half of Hughes Net. Trying to pay bills on line--hope to heaven it's up the day the bill is due. Had to drive into town today to pay a bill online on another computer. Was gone for over 2 hours and, when I returned home, Hughes Net was still not up on my computer! My son has X-Box live to play with his friends, but Hughes Net is so slow, he is always behind in the action. Wish I had seen this site before investing my money every month! Can't wait for my contract to expire!

Jul 22, 2009 2:18 pm EDT

I have had the Hughesnet service for 10 months and am ready to go back to dial-up. These guys clearly know they are the only alternative to dial-up for those of us who live outside the cable and DSL areas. Consequently, they will not provide the sort of service you find where there is actual competition for subscribers. I have never encountered such poor customer service. Their tech support people do not know what they are doing, cannot answer questions beyond reading their script, and even flatly deny that the problem being reported even exists. On one occasion my call was sent to an automated system that told me a check of my location revealed the need for a $125 repair call when the problem I was reporting was clearly systemic and not part of my equipment. I hope the class action suits kill this company.

Jul 19, 2009 12:00 am EDT

i regret ever signing up to hughesnet i have had a low signal from the start every time i call them about this they want to charge $125.00 to come out and look at it.the installer from joplin mo was rude and not sure what he was doing he managed to get another $75.00 for putting up a pole i am not happy with the service at all. anytime i call i get a runaround. as soon as this contract ends i am going back to dialup.

Jun 21, 2009 10:45 pm EDT

I pay for 375 daily, they were using "fair usage policy act" and shutting me down at 200 daily, then deny it. As soon as I am out of contract, they can shove it and there lack of service!

Jun 16, 2009 11:11 pm EDT

hughesnet Internet runs slower than dial up a lot! If you get this service, you will pay top dollar and not be able to download PURCHASED music and dvd's or play hardly and games at all. When you do these things, even in moderation, Hughesnet will knock your Internet down to slower than dial up for 24 hours each time and then bash people like you for hogging bandwidth on their hughesnet page. I pay $70/month for my hughesnet and wouldn't mind too much paying such a high price if they made it worth while but they are taking full advantage of customers..taking money and leaving barely any service for that high dollar. Do not spend your money on hughesnet unless your only other option is dial up. You will really and truly regret it! I cant wait till we get good options out here in the country..until then, I'm stuck with theives. Please read this and pay attention bc I don't want you to end up like me and thousands of other customers who are very unhappy.

May 12, 2009 12:38 pm EDT
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I almost forgot when I shared my Rant but each time we called we were told to run a speed test. I would repeat the results and it was SO bad the I was told, Well, the speed test isn't reliable for Hushes Net because it's a Dish.
They told us if we upgraded it would be faster so we did. Can you can SLOWER! So we dropped it back down after calling over and over asking WHY is this worse than dial up!
We would cancel is we didn't have that **** long contract!

Apr 28, 2009 9:59 pm EDT

To whom It may consern :
I have had this internet for 1 month now And I'm not satifide with it at all. I was told I was to pay the instaler .
$150.00 when it was installed but .than right after the insteller was finished the hugesnet charged us $498.54 that was for buying the equitment and for 1 month serves. But thats not what the qoted us they told us it would be $399.98 . when we went to our account they bank had charged us for over drawen. I called them on this matter and never got a replie back on it .Now this month we were charged $70.56
we were told that it was to coast us $ 59.99 a month .
We are people who live on SS we can't afford for people to rip us off like they are doing . I hope there some one out there who can help us with this matter. After we were instaled we are then told that we can't do anything like put computer games from the internet on cause it will take away MG bites and then we cant get on the computer for 24 Hrs.
Now I think thats a bunch of bull ### sorry for the languis but that the way we both feel. My grandougther lives with us and she had to do her home work on the computer and she couldn't get on be cause we had down loaded game from googel we didnt no that so that took away our time on computer they said we would be wITH out it for 24 hrs witch was to be exsacted 36 hrs befor we got the computer came BACK ON .If and when I can find some one to broud cast this on the TV and on the RADIO. I'm going to do it with no hesatation . These people need to be exsposed too the public for what they are. I just wonder if I'll get the $100.00 back like they said after 31 days it was put in on the 20 of March 2009 and is now april 28th 2009 Lets see how many days will that be hmmmmmmmmmm 39 days ago hmmmmmmm I guess they will keep that money too. So PLEASE IF THEr ANY ONE OUT THERE THAT CAN HELP LET ME NO. MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL FOR YOUR HELP.

Apr 24, 2009 10:28 pm EDT
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They are the worst ever, had them for 5 years and have had to buy something new EVERY YEAR that cost about $1000, "Oh sorry your warranty just ran out", two years it was a new modem once a new transmitter, was suppose to be a 2 watt, but the installer put in a 1 watt, what a fiasco trying to get that resolved. The installers they send out are just a bunch of bumble###s.(Pardon my french, but its true.) You probably know more than they do, like calling India for customer service, oh did I say customer service? It does NOT exist in this company. Have consistently gotten DL speeds of less than 60KBPS, for the last 3 months. For $100 a month, we have gotten slower speeds than a dial up modem "oh, we are working with it, no we don't have authority to switch you to a different transponder, no we don't have authority to switch to to a different satellite" I am about four crappy speed tests from going back to dial-up, it is definitely about ten times faster than hughesnet crappy service. Five years of frustration is just about enough. We had STARBAND for four years before this, they were as bad or even worse. I would LOVE to find someone who would sue the hell out of them. NO they are NOT getting a cancellation fee out of me, our time limit is satisfied.
If satellite is your only choice, stay with your dial-up service.
Want to sue 'em, e-mail me
PLEASE DON'T BUY HUGHES< Everything bad that has been said about them in previous posts it TRUE.

Apr 21, 2009 7:36 am EDT

I was considering getting Hughesnet until I read your comments, I would rather have dialup then all of these problems, thanks everyone for our input. Hughesnet lost a customer before getting one.

Apr 19, 2009 10:36 pm EDT

I had simlar problems with Hushes Net. I was never able to get into the E-mail address they promised me. I called to get assistance but never was able to get aperson that could speak or understand English well enough to get my problem fixed. Just before I disconnected my service I started having intermittent failures and finally no accszz at all. When I called to get help to no avail I was told that my modem was obsolete and I would have to pay $125.00 plus modem charges to get my service back. The persons I talked to said that I had been sent an E-mail telling me to upgrade the modem. needless to say I could not get to the E-mail so I was unaware. Hughes Net customer service people are rather curt and rather rude. They give me the feeling that they didn't need my business and could care less if I was a customer or not. They have a momoply on satelite internet service so they seem to feel good service is not required. They also make it impossible to get any imformation on how to get intouch with any person with management authority.l

Apr 13, 2009 2:38 pm EDT

I was a customer as of five minutes ago until I cancled my services. I have only had service for what they say one day past the 30 trail days.The person I talked to on the 31st of march told me that I would have to cancel my services by the 30th of april to aviod the 400 dollar cancel fee, now there telling me that I not only have to pay the 400 dollars but also shiping and handleing so in the long run I am paying over 600 dollars for the worst services of my intire life. The manager told me that she could not wave the fee because she had no proof that I was told that.This is by far the worst company out there.

Apr 08, 2009 4:51 pm EDT

I too am a totally dissatisfied Hughesnet customer! I too was promised a $99.00 install but yet had $202.00 billed, i was told that this was for the first months service...My speed ranges from fast to slower than dial-up and the only cure i get from online support is "run a speed test". I was told to upgrade my plan and my speed would increase, didn't happen and the only thing i got was charged with the wrong plan at $348.53. When I called them bout this they argued and told me the following 4/25/09 I would be charged the lower plan amount, but I would be charged for two months for them overcharging me the month before...I too was charged a $125.00 from the installer and I have refused to pay because he did such a poor job on my install. When the wind blows my pole almost falls over and he just stuck the cable through a window! Hughes Net and Brads Electronics of Tupelo, Ms should be put out of business...Oh, my list could go on!

Apr 07, 2009 8:36 pm EDT

Well, let me join this group. I used to enjoy my service also, but all of a sudden I can't go on the internet, and if I do it's slow as molasses. Can't go on Facebook and play games, except every other day! Paying them $60 a month for that kind of service is ridiculous.
I called that fellow in India and he told me, that I had 200 mg for downloads and if I used that up i had to wait 24hrs to get on line again. Is that the most ridiculous thing you ever heard of. I haven't downloaded anything in 2 days and still, can only do this a few hours at time.I looked at their agreement on line and it said it had "free download" time between 3m and come on...I have to get up in the middle of the night to download something?
But like I said, I'm not downloading anything and still can't get to my games...the games aren't downloaded, they're on facebook.
Hughesnet sucks and is over rated. Cost way to much! I'm in a rural area and I'm stuck...there isn't anything else available!

Apr 03, 2009 4:12 pm EDT

We have to add our "wonderful" experience too. We started off with DirecWay and then transferred to a newer system (HN7000S) after HughesNet took over. To date, their service, promises of "blazing speed", etc have all been pretty much blatant lies. When we first got our systems they worked fairly well. We do have to admit the HughesNet system worked better than DirecWay's, ...for a while. Pretty much for 3 to 5 months everything was OK although we NEVER got 500KByte download speeds let alone up to the 1 MB our plan says we MAY get. At best, on occasion, we would get maybe 200 or 225 Kbyte but normally it was 100 - 125. After that time though, the speeds have gotten progressively worse with normal downloads anywhere from 91KB to the more normal rates of 40 or even less. On many days we get 2.3 to 9.2 Kbytes. YIPPEE! $70 a month for less than dial up!
Well, we just got off the phone with Tier 1 service in India for at least the 15th time in a year and the 4th time in 2 weeks. It is such a pleasure to call them. We spend a minimum of 3 hours on the phone each time and get absolutely nowhere except that we have been elevated to Tier 3 (Avanced Tech Support) three times now. The wonder people at ATS have called us twice, while we are at work, and did not leave a call back number, and when we set up a predetermined time they never called! Oh, did I mention that during this last call to India I asked "Chris" to let me speak with a Supervisor? Well I spoke with "Supv. Rich" who hung up during the conversation because, I assume, I asked him to let me speak with his Manager.
Bottom line is this. We would NEVER recommend HughesNet to anyone. When our contract runs out in 6 months we are going to go back to dial up (we live in a rural area but only 1/4 mile from cable but the company wants $10, 000 and ten customers signed up before they will run it any further) or look into Verizon or AT&T wireless. It is too bad the phone companies do not take advantage of this because this is a real opportunity for them. Running FIOS out to rural areas and charging what HugheNet charges would net them so many customers it is not funny as well as, we assume a tidy profit
Just our two cents worth. NEVER go to HughesNet as they suck big time.

I called the people in Florida who have absolutely no authority or capability to help. Everything has to go through the totally incompetent service in India.

Apr 03, 2009 12:37 am EDT

Wow I thought we were the only ones with complaints about this company. Service was real good, real fast when we got it, close to a year ago. Then about 6-7months ago they said they were having updates to their system and please be patient for a week or so. Ok more like a month, then we got no service. the "wonderful" service man finally decided to show up and it turned out we paid $125 bucks to get a screw tightened on the sattelite. This has been a crap service since late fall of 2008. Now of course we are in a two-year agreement and have to suffer the consequences. We live out in the middle of nowhere and have really no other choice. What to do? Probably nothing and just suck it up and pay them $102.00 a month for crappy service.

Mar 27, 2009 3:32 pm EDT

I am so glad I decided to research Hughes Net and hit this site.
I had a DirectWay system quite a few years ago. I got so disgusted with all the wasted time and money between phone calls, waiting for a service call that never happened, and service calls that never remedied the problem, I cancelled my account.
I am by no means wealthy or rich but ended up saying my sanity was more important to me that having a $600.00+ bird sanctuary on my roof.
I was hoping that HughesNet evolved because of problems they were having with Directway's service and being concern about their reputation.
Thank you all so much for allowing me to hold onto the little of my sanity I have left.

Feb 10, 2009 9:09 am EST

Hi...after reading the comments...i know i'm not the only one...i'm trying to reach them to stop charging my credit card...but there's not even a contact number...i'm so frustrated with this company...i would gladly join a class action suit against this company...they have to go! and we all can do it! also complaints to the public service commission of your state...thanks.

Dec 30, 2008 2:51 pm EST
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The supervisor of the Hughes Technical support finally admitted why the speed and coverage issues are so prevalent. They over assign too many accounts on a single satelites responder, so they can make a lot of money. They get away from this by the fact that the FCC 'approves their rates' and their rate definitions include the dreaded 'fair access policy' of Hughes. In essence they make the government take the blame by saying its in their approved rate structure governed by the FCC. The fact is the FCC does not demand they do anything on their rates they only ask that they file the rates and the rules of the service.

Dec 14, 2008 8:05 pm EST

I just cannot remain silent anymore after all the ads that Hughes is putting out about blazing fast high speed internet, I am currently and have been for months getting about 9 kbs from hughes for 60 dollars a month. I can more than triple my internet speed for 4.99 a month. Hughes is a terrible company and I actually work for a retail tech company, so I get to tell hundreds of customers a day that Hughesnet sucks, so I get some revenge. I would be willing to get in on any class action lawsuit against them as they have just taken it too far with the multiple ads they are putting out.

Nov 30, 2008 10:45 am EST

thank you for the time you all took to warn us "possible newbies" against buying Hughes Net services. I don't doubt your complaints for a minute.

I was an inch away from going forward to "engage" Hughes with their advertised servicees, but you were there to help prevent a mess. Wow, the power of the people.

I live in a rural setting with only Verizon land lines available and they will not upgrade, so I try to have a menu of things to do as I "dial up" to the LA Times or email, or search-stuff. Thank God Word works ok and I can vent.

I know this sounds like "an attitude" and your right...I have trouble enough "hearing" on the phone to service people...without some foreign wierd intonations mis-called english. American business has sold out America traditions to "Planet of the Apes" instead of "Dancing with the Stars". As bad as Leachman dances, I rather endure her than speak to "Customer Services" of USA foreign "contractors".

Shame on them.

Nov 06, 2008 1:04 pm EST

I believe I left a post on this forum before about the horrible things of hughenet. I just wanted to update my status. As I said before, Hughesnet is the worst ISP you could ever get. I have a Iphone and I would prefer the internet on it before Hughesnet. And my Iphone is on the Edge service BTW.
heres some reasons not to get Hughenet:

1. The internet is slow as a fricken snail. I did speed tests quite often and I got as low as 174 kbps. The Edge on my iphone has about 150 kbps or so and I have did a personal test and I tryed to pull up a webpage on the phone and hughes at Exact same time. then I went to other parts of website to test more. My phone was always ahead of hughes every step. Now sometimes it is faster than others but its slow and if your used to a DSL or cable it will seem like dial up.

2. Customer service sucks. They dont care, You cant understand them and they will not resolve the problem. You will hear the basic questions of " how many lights are on modem" and they will tell you to go to the 192. 168.01. page and the bottom line is you can do whatever they do yourself. If you have amajor problem then your just out of luck. They will not send a tech out no matter what. You would have to torcher them with hot coals before they send one out ! My problem was my turbo page TTMP went down on a daily basis. not just once a day but all the time. I was on the phone for Hours and got no results xcept for a case number. Within one week you will have a page full of these damn case numbers. I heard that the problem was on there end but they didnt know what the problem was o when it would be fixed. Then I had to argue for another long phone call to get a small amount of credit off my bill. They will try to tell you that they cant issue credit back unless service doesnt work at all, not slow or goes on and off all day.

3. If and when you cancel, You will not get your initial install fee of about 100+ dollars back and they want you to take down the satelite yourself, ship it at your expense and all in 45 days or you will get charged a sick amount. Like 350.oo or more I think she said. The only time they seemed concerned is the day I canceled. They tried to send me to tech support again and I just said F**K you. See, they feel the ones thay have hughesnet are desperate because thats there only choice so they dont have to try that hard.

4. The good old FAP or Fair Act Policy. You MUST watch your downloads because your only allowed a small amount of MB downloading per day or you will be shut down to speeds so slow you'll want dial up. Unless its the middle of the night or Early morning before dawn ( while most are asleep ) you have to watch your downloading. Forget about movies.

5. They are overpriced for there service. They are trying to hold the same monthly charges as other companys but are not half as good. 59 bucks a month for the cheapest and slowest package and another 10.00 for a lease fee and thats not all. if you get a paper bill its another 5.00. otherwise they suck it off your credit card so they kow they have there money. Also theres more charges if you want some plan to where you get a tech to come out and try to see what the problem is within 10 days of calling.

To everyone thinking about Hughenet. DON'T do it. Listen to me and the others on here. I found out by research that I was able to get verizon broadband where Im at. Ive had it for a few days now and Im verry happy. I would suggest you see if your in a verizon broadband area. They have a very large coverage for this. If oyu are get a laptop connect card from them and plug it in the back of your desktop or laptop and your good to go. My service is 59.00 a month for 5 gigs which is quite a bit but no FAP and my speeds have been steady around 1.0 mbps - 1.1. Its not cable, but its fast enough for me and not having any problems and a good customer support means alot. Hope this helps.

Lindale Texas

Oct 31, 2008 7:04 pm EDT

We are in Western NC. We were not informed of the FAP. Even when we don't download anything at all, just surf webpages we are cut down to 0 kpbs, cannot download email and worst of all are unable to get our Windows Updates several of which are over our FAP limit of 200Mb per day. What I don't understand is why after 2 days of non use we are still throttled to almost 0 speed. This service is definitely worse than Dial Up and thats a sad comparison for what is supposed to be High Speed Internet. We will be changing as soon as another option becomes available.

Oct 25, 2008 10:47 pm EDT

Thats Bull...
Hughesnet is the worst.
Stay far away

Oct 25, 2008 8:06 pm EDT

The one mistake that many of you made was ... you did not buy from a LOCAL DEALER. HughesNet has a listing of local dealers on their website. click Local Dealer (bottom right). When you buy something from an ad or online, you are dealing with sub-contractors that do not care about you. If you have a REAL STORE you can visit, you will find the LOCAL people care much more about you. We are a local retailer. We make sure that ALL of OUR customers are aware of the Fair Access Policy, pole mounts, etc before they sign up. We encourage EVERY CUSTOMER to come to the store and TRY the HughesNet system we have in our showroom. Yes the Internet is GREAT, and many people get GREAT DEALS on the Internet. It can never replace good personal service you get from a LOCAL DEALER. We are in North Carolina and do our best to make sure our customers are well informed before their purchase. We do our best to make sure our installers perform GOOD installs that meet HughesNet standards and electrical codes. If a system is not installed correctly, it will NEVER work correctly.

Speaking of installation, I want to talk a little about networking. I am a networking professional.

We find many people that have wireless or wired routers installed incorrectly causing poor performance. Most HughesNet modems act as routers. In other words, they give out IP addesses to the computers connected to them such as - These IP addresses are using NAT (network address translation).

Cheap 'home grade' routers such as Linksys, Netgear, Belkin, etc are also NAT devices 'out of the box'. If you hook up one of these routers to your HughesNet modem without making some major configuration changes, you will have a condition known as 'double NAT'. Your internet connection must 'flow' thru 2 different network address translations before reaching your PC. This causes SLOW SPEEDS, DISCONNECTS, PAGE CANT BE DISPLAYED, NO EMAIL, etc.

If you plan to use a home network with your HughesNet system, you must do the following: Disable NAT on your router. You may need to consult a networking professional for help. Routers have a WAN and a LAN ip address. Your WAN IP address needs to be a PUBLIC IP address. It will NOT begin with 192.

To sum it up, 90 percent of the 'problems' we see are caused by 3 things: Poor Installs (this includes improperly configured routers), Incorrect information at time of sale (such as not discussing the fair access policy), and problems with the customers PC. The other 10 percent are actual problems with the HughesNet system (and many of them are caused by a poor install).

The HughesNet system is a very good Internet system. It is NOT DSL and NOT Cable, but installed correctly and used per its terms is MUCH better than DialUp.

Oct 14, 2008 8:03 pm EDT

I was thinking of trying this service, but after reading all of the negative comments I will definitely pass. It is incredible! How can this company be allow to operate in this manner, taking advantage of people? I will definitely stay from this company. Thanks for the heads up!

Oct 06, 2008 8:27 pm EDT

1. Original installation of satellite on 07/19/07 was incorrect causing loss of signal and causing the satellite to slide down my roof.

2. 08/05/08 I requested an upgrade to my service as well as a paper statement for the second time as I have NEVER received any information in the mail regarding my account (I do not even have an account number). I was informed the upgrade process would take approx. 45 minutes to one hour. Upon several attempts to log back in after the allotted time I was unsuccessful. Several hours with foreign tech support left me frustrated and was also unsuccessful. After 5 hours, it was determined that tech support would need to send someone to my house. I made it clear that there was satellite problems early in the installation process and asked if this would be of cost to me, technical support made it clear that because it was not my computer but the fault of HughesNet and the original installer that the original installer would be billed for this service call. Repair occurred one week later and after several hours of service he re-secured the satellite on the roof consequently creating two holes in our roof in order to secure it from sliding and to create a better signal. Satellite connection was successful at this time. After the repair man left I noticed I could still not access secure websites (ex: e-mail) and other networks on my computer were locked and could not access the internet. I called technical support and was again on the phone for hours. 8/20/08. More phone calls were made on 8/22/08 as I was then subject to the “fair access policy?” Because of the language barrier I did not understand what this was and it was miscommunicated to me that it was a billing issue. I was under the assumption my account was in default and was extremely upset. After more than 2 hours and reaching a person from the United States my issue of secure website was resolved but not the networking/wireless issue. I was too tired to continue. Called another professional to my house to resolve this issue so I would not have to deal with tech support.

3. On Oct. 3 I notice my bill (from my bank statement; direct withdrawal) was for $224.87 instead of the $104 (approx) for my upgrade. When I called billing it was noted that I was charged for the $125 service repair in Aug. When I told billing that this was incorrect they reported that I had agreed to pay this amount. I disputed and reminded them that they were to bill the original installer for his mistake. This was unsuccessful and my request was immediately denied. I ask for the supervisor and at that time requested to cancel my service with them because of my dissatisfaction, my frustration and the charges to my bank account without proper authority or permission. She told me they would not waive the service fee of $125 and I would be charged $300 for early termination and $180 for satellite rental fees. I agreed to finish the payment of my $180 of satellite fees minus the $125 for the service fee. She informed me that my account would be charged anyway if I canceled service. I requested a paper statement again (which was never recieved from the first two requests) and told her she was no longer to bill my account via direct withdrawal.

4. These are only the major phone calls to HughesNet and does not include other incidental occurrences that have limited my use of the internet and the services they supposedly offer. I was treated poorly in all of my phone calls with the exception of ONE time when I spoke to the lady from the United States. All other phone calls involved nasty and rude service to me and my requests. Hughes Net has not provided me with support/service/availability nor quick response time. I have been put on hold, they have repeated answers to me like a child, and when I have gotten frustrated they have put me on hold or transferred me to a different department. I have never been able to speak to the same person twice and when I requested the name of the lady from the United States in case I needed to contact her again, she informed me that due to the number of people at the company I would never be able to contact her again. She couldn’t even give me an extension number to reach her. I feel insecure with them now charging my account as they please, I feel violated as a consumer, and I am desperately looking for help in this matter.

Oct 06, 2008 7:43 pm EDT

Hughes net robbed us of $459 and changed. We have had it less than 30 days, it does not work, they want us to pay a tech to come back out, oh ya and absolutley no refund. This is called stealing! We are out our money and now have to pay another provider to come out to set up new service so that we can continue our childs on line school. What a sad thing.
Something has to be done, they are ripping people off!


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