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I was a customer with hughesnet for 10 years. I always made sure my bill was paid in full on time each month. One day without warning my service was canceled by hughesnet. After calling and speaking with someone from the company. They informed me that they canceled my contract due to a download. Yet, they could not provide me with any further information regarding the matter. I have medical devices that require internet connection. After a month drug out process from hughesnet. They stated that it was an error on their behalf and that my services could be reinstated. This is after I have had to change my bank info around because they were still debiting from it and a nightmare of trouble from their customer rep I had no desire to continue with their services. Instead spoke with them again another 3 separate times requesting that they discontinued me from the lifeline program. So I could take the benefits to my new company. They told me that they had canceled that program back in dec. of 2021. After months waiting to be enrolled with my new company I finally decided to contact the lifeline national verification hotline to inquire about my benefits and they inform me at this point hughesnet was holding them up and that they were still receiving the benefits being paid by that program from my account. This is ridiculous that they would do their customers this way. I as a customer never did them this way. Infact I always made sure to pay my bill on time and to be polite and loyal to them and this is what I get in return. Whenever you call them to try to get this straightened out all you get is led in a circles, hung up on and nothing but rude lies and that gets you no where. This is what makes a bad company.

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