R Aug 06, 2018

I thought I was going to get a good internet company but no hughes net is the worst Internet company I have ever had. They make promises they will not honor. They charge too much for the poor service you get. When I decided to sign up with hughes net I was told that I wouldn't be charged until the service was set up. That was wrong they took it out immediately which caused me to have three overdraft fees charged to my account which I could have prevented if I would have know. Would have put money from savings into checking. I asked if hughes net would work with Netflix I was told yes it would but you can't watch a movie without it buffering about every two to ten minutes. So I called that night to cancel was told that I would have to give them a chance to fix the problem. I said no I don't what the service it is not going to work for me. That is when I found out there is a two year contract and would have to pay 200 or more to get out of the contract. So I agreed to have someone come out. I was told that I would need to lower the resolution on Netflix which I did and it still buffers all the time. My wife needs a reliable internet system to her job. I need out of this contract so I can get something that I can depend on.

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