Hughesnetre: resetting my data

R Aug 02, 2018

First off I was late with my payment of $50 plus I had three $9 tokens that I bought. 6 days later I paid my bill the 80 something dollars and my data was never reset. HughesNet claims that it was reset never have I ever used all of my data in 6 days being alone and constantly checking to see if my data was reset and it wasn't. This is the second time I'm having problems with HughesNet lying and not being able to reset my data. You're stealing money and it's funny that my data that I pay for goes way faster than my bonus data. I would like my data reset today since it wasn't reset for this month. Thank you

  • Updated by rcpbooths · Aug 02, 2018

    Hey guys, i've learned that hughes net customer service can't refund, can't add data, they lie about adding data after payment, i received no data this month. Lie about everything. Why do they even have customer service? they can only offer lies, abuse of power and theft! let's all band together for a social media bash of hughesnet, when they start losing money maybe corporate will start being honest and maybe give back to the customers that make them rich!

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