Hughesnetfap's "fair access policy" is a fraud!


I am so fed up with First of all I am constantly needing to reboot my modem after a few hours of inactivity. Hughes Net can not fix the problem and told me I would have to live with it. Today I find out that after downloading over 200MB of data in a 24 hour period the fair access policy kicks in and Hughes Net reduces your internet speed to 22k for 24 hours as a penalty for using the system too much. Of course if you agree to pay an additional $20 a month for the PRO connection, they will give you unlimited downloads.

So Fair Access Policy is simply a way for Hughes Net to get you to pay more $$$. It has nothing to do with "Fair Access". Its more like "unfair access" where Hughes Net hooks you into a contract then informs you of new rules limiting your access. Run if you can from Hughes Net, the service SUCKS!


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    Michael Ponder Jr Jul 12, 2007

    I have them, i just got them, and i had no idea they were like this. I had no idea how the FAP bullcrap worked until i got it, its not worth having. At this point i do not want money from them, but i do not want to pay them, i want them to come back take the equipment away and just leave me alone, thats all i want, but now i am being told by them (HughesNet) that if i cancel i will owe them 400$ i simply can not spare.

    My only course of action is to cancel my bank account so they can not take money from it, then call them and cancel, at which point their will be no money for them to snatch from me. I will get them their equipment back, and i will never have anything to do with them again.

    I am not rich, and this is BS, i hope they all rot in H E double hokey sticks.

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    Dennis K. Cargill Jul 13, 2007

    The only thing you are wrong about is you don't even get the chance to download 200 mbs. They slow you down after about 10 mbs if it appears that you are going to download 200 mbs in a 24 hr period. In other words if you start downloading in the morning you will be shutdown in about 30 minutes after 10 mbs for the remainder of the day until 24 hrs has passed. So, That 200 mbs a day in itself is a LIE!

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    Dennis K. Cargill Jul 13, 2007

    Another thing, You better re check. Pro DOES NOT give you unlimited downloading. It also has a threshold limit!

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    Dionisio Morales Jul 18, 2007

    Could not agree more... same problem, same BS answer from hugh SUCK net!!

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    Todd Bailey Jul 21, 2007

    I think a class action is the only way we can get Hughes to revise their new policy. I had the low end business plan on a 1 meter dish and 2 watt transmitter and once they switched to the new fap the system is total useless. Thank god I'm switching to dsl in a week, I'll keep the account active for a couple of months a year for when I travel in the rv but other than that it's now worth the time you have to spend monitoring how much usage you have in a 24 hour period.

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  • Ca
    Catherine Noonan Jul 23, 2007

    Horrible - horrible service. is a HUGE mistake unless you are like me , and live in the middle of nowhere with no fiber optic phone lines and no DSL or wireless services available to you. I am right now experiencing my third penalty this week because I exceeded the usage allowed. I even upgraded, figuring it was just a way for them to get more $$ from me but that they sort of had me over a barrel. And you are right - it is not unlimited (325) - just more money.

    If you have kids who like to look at U-Tube or other clips or music clips--you are going to be calling to check your usage every morning when you get up to start WORK on your computer and realize you are surfing at the same speed as Fred Flinstone. What a joke of a service and a utterly complete rip-off!

    Class Action? Hell - yeah - just get the lawyer in place - I would ante up what I could to see this happen but don't even know where to begin. What really ticks me off is the upgrade change crap and how it sounds like most of us were never even aware of FAP until we were subjected to the penalty. But, hey - look at your brochure. It is right there on the page they had you save that shows important numbers to keep. Yep, those tiny white characters at the bottom of the brochure do state; USAGE SUBJECT TO FAIR ACCESS POLICY. But did anyone bother to explain to us what that all meant. Oh wait, did we bother to ask? IT WOULD'NT HAVE MATTERED - Because that brochure was given to us after the fact - after we had been given a service plan. But wait - could it have been in another contract we signed? Could be, but who would have noticed? Could be we were kept too busy to ask with all the other crap going on, like in my particular case, sattelite realignment because the ditz they sent out to do the job (he quit the next day) set the pole in one of the worst rainstorms we have ever experienced.

    "Won't that settle?" I asked, when he went to set up the coordinates a few minutes later. "Shouldn't you wait until the pole has stabilized? I mean - how, if it is so important to be 'right on' with this thing, is it going to be able to transmit and receive if it settles out of whatever polarization you have set it too?

    Okay - yeah - whatever - I am sure you know what I mean, even with my bad description of the situation and I am sure he did too, but he did it anyway, because he was in a hurry to get back to his home state, which wasn't the same one he was working in. Why? Well, in 2005 and possibly even now, Direcway / Hughesnet had no Install people in Oregon because they could not find anyone willing to wade through the BS involved in setting up the system. How do I know this? Well - after three months of low or no speed and finally getting probably the best installer Hughes net ever had, he explained all of this to me. Said our job would be his last because he could not believe they would let the prior idiot installer put up a system and immediately try to set it up - and he was tired of fixing everyone else's screw-ups. Said the company sucked on an employee level, too, unless you counted the outsourcing which held many great tech support people - if - you can understand them. And if you want to understand them - don't tick them off. They then begin talking warp speed India and you will not understand a single thing they say, but they will understand you. My parting shot at the one I got this morning was this;

    "So - you are telling me, that the only way around this fap issue is to sh-t-can, am I right?"
    "Yes - maam - that is correct."
    See - even they understand how Hughesnet really operates.

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  • Bl
    blake b Jul 25, 2007

    I have the Pro plan and it has a 375 MB "download threshhold." A download threshhold that is very plainly stated on the Hughesnet webpage under your plan details.
    Do I miss my old cable internet? You bet!

    But, with no other choice besides a very slow dial up connection... what can you do? Also... I've downloaded up to around 100 megs so far with no problem at all. I'm going to test the system tonight with a much bigger download. The only real problem I have is that I get disconnected after using internet for a few hrs and have to completely reboot. This happens pretty much every day.

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  • Sa
    Sandy Hulsart Jul 27, 2007

    I watched a TV show online and was subjected to FAP. For 24 hours, the best I could get was 19kbs. I asked Hughes about the clause that says "Recovery Rate is the speed at which a service plan recovers the Download Threshold" and for my plan it is listed as 50kbs. I asked what my speed would be during FAP and their only answer was "It is dynamic" They do not offer a plan with unlimited downloads, each plan is subject to FAP. Hughes is a total ripoff. Every time they try an upgrade, we are left with poor service and in the case of email, usually no service for days. Their India support staff is a joke. As soon as my contract is up, I will be leaving their service even though it means I will have to purchase a new dish to go with another company. Living out in the country away from any cities, this is my only option. If you are considering, DON'T.

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  • We
    Wes Jul 28, 2007

    I just heard about the new FAP and I own a 2 watt 1 meter dish. Jesus f***ing Hchrist. 500 megabytes in a day? Thats ###ing it? Who are these ###ing idiots. I've been desperately wanting to find something else for internet service albeit nothing is available yet.

    I hate these ###ing pieces of ### with every ounce of my blood.

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  • Ke
    Ken Cavanagh Aug 01, 2007

    I had the same problem with this FAP crap. I called back my installer several times, because of my slow internet at times. I'd be getting 9 to 13 download and 700 to 1200 upload. Besides downloads I listen to internet radio. He came up four or five times and used my phone to call his tech man for hours sometimes. They change modems, checked Hughes end, even one time changed satellites. It would go away and come back. The next time I was highly pissed over the phone, so they sent the owners of the installation company's son out. He was switched back and forth to tech's over my phone for and hour. He sat there over phone telling these people that he was at my house doing the call, and that we used two different computers and had the same problem ( they tried to say it was my hardware). He even said to them that downloads were ridiculously slow. He got pissed and said he had one other special number to call. Well he got a hold of this lady tech that knew what the problem was right away. She asked for the site Id# and told us about this fare access policy thing. The lady also showed him where to find this FAP readings. Now the installer had no idea about this and we looked and could not find any of this on the contract when I signed up. Before I lived in the sticks, I had Road Runner with no problems at all and it was cheaper, I could also download 24-7 if I wanted to. What was the real kick in the ### is that the tech lady said that I could increase my download threshold by paying more money. So I got pissed again and grabbed the phone and said, look I can understand that if you have one satellite thats over crowded and that FAP may be needed. She stopped me and said no there's lots of room, we don't just have one satellite. I said I pay over sixty buck's for 200 meg's, but I can get more if I pay more. So I said what is the need for FAP, or is this just a case of Jesse Jame's without a mask (aka. highway robbery)? The conversation was over, she said that's the way it is, and I was not the tech, so I was not the one she should be talking to. If this should not be regulated then I don't know what is.

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  • Jh
    J. H. Warren Aug 03, 2007

    I despise and am ready to go back to DSL in my area (40 mi. from Washington DC!)... it is no slower than the "restricted" speed that they keep imposing on me.

    My big complaint is that I cannot check usage like they claim I am supposed to be able to on the "Customer Care"(what a joke) page. This is important because they constantly claim that I've exceeded my allotted 200mgb download bandwidth and am in violation of their F.A.P.!

    I've spent hours on the phone with some blithering idiots who cannot fix the problem. I've sent myriad emails which are always responded to (via donotreply email) telling me what to click to see my usage...I keep telling the ###s that is what I am doing and it doesn't work!!!! They clearly do not want to fix the problem and I know why... so that I cannot see that my usage is well within the limits. They are scamming so they can force me into an upgrade at an extra $10/mo., which they always mention when I call.

    Class action suit anyone?

    Any federal agency that oversees this type of scam? How about our elected officials? Let's bombard them with complaints and end this abuse.

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  • Er
    Eric Austin Aug 10, 2007

    It took me 2 hours from the time it was installed to the time I hit the FAP. I just got this thing today and boom, I can't use it for 24 hours from 8pm. I unplugged it from the wall and turned back on my trusty dial up! FAP is the dumbest thing ever! I pay for a service that won't allow me to use it and I pay twice as much as cable for it!!! Get a higher FAP (HughesNet) for all your customers or when our contracts are up you'll have such a bad name you'll never sell anything again! Then you can go one step higher when screwing people and pull an Emron on your employee's LMFAO! I think I'm just going to take this with no lube and pay off all my contract and get out immediately. Before this irritates me further. Good luck everyone!

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    Dan Cowell Aug 12, 2007

    Glad to see I'm not alone. I've had hughes/direcway for 3 years now and have no other options other than dial-up (wildblue is the other option, but heard it is worse than hughes). I began to notice the FAP problems once direcway went to Hughes full time. I'm currently over my FAP yet again, took 5 minutes for this page to load fully. It happens to us about every other day and I guess I don't need let everyone else know how frustrating that is!!

    Hughes net sucks and I don't recommend it to anyone.

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  • Da
    David Aug 18, 2007

    HughesNet ripoff. I tried to get some work done on the computer last night and almost immediately, the network was locked down to 1.6 kb per second. My toddlers had played some network games on and I downloaded the most recent security update for my MacBook. That's all it took. I had to drive 45 miles to work today because my very expensive HughesNet service prevents me from working at home. Ridiculous. Don't get it. I wanted to buy a new program available by download (350 MB), but can't do it. Have to drive somewhere else.

    Here is the truth. in 2.7 hours working on a slow phone line (eg. 20 kbps; not DSL), I can download more than we are allowed to download on HughesNet in a 24 hour period. In fact, if you download the amount you are allowed to download on HughesNet, your service will be locked down for 24 hours. Someone said you are supposed to get 22 kbps once your service is locked down by HughesNet, but we get less than 2 kbps. So I can get more work done at home with telephone internet service than with HughesNet because of the HughesNet internet Lockdown feature. My neighbor pays WalMart something like $9 per month for phone internet service and they can download more than we can everyday because we are subject to the Hughes Internet Lockdown.

    So this weekend if I wanted to work at home (which I did, but couldn't, because HughesNet locked down our internet), I would have to leave my house with my $100 per month HughesNet satellite service, and use my neighbors $9 Walmart phone internet service. Think about it!!!

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  • Jo
    John Lomax Aug 22, 2007

    I moved from Kansas (which was boring) had no High-Speed Internet where I lived so I thought it would be great to get Hughes Net. I used to brag how fast it was when I had dial-up. I was so wrong. 1st day I got it It didn't even work ? wtf. I couldn't even play all my Online Games like I used to play when I had Comcast High-Speed. I used to play ALL DAY online with Comcast.But now when I had Hughes Net I cant even play a simple Game on the Internet. Hughes FAP is so stupid do you see Cable or Dsl doing this? Hughes Net! You Ruined my Online Gaming Life! But I don't have to worry anymore because we moved and Comcast HighSpeed, Bellsouth DSl, Verizon FioS, and Cox High-Speed Internet is all where I live now. THANK GOD.

    I was so happy to hear that. I thank you Hughes Net for reminding me how bad Sattelite Internet sucks.

    Now I am going to choose the 8mbps/764kbps Package with PowerBoost from Comcast and I will be able to play all my online Games Again. WHOO HOO ! HUGHES NET I HOPE YOU CRASH N BURN (SCAM ARTIST)!

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  • Mi
    Mike Fenstermacher Aug 22, 2007

    I have been a Direcway/HughesNet customer for about 4 years now. I just recently, 2 nites ago, had this problem. My son downloaded some video (tv show), combined with the morning activity took us over the 200 mb threshold. I have also run into many of the same problems listed in previous postings, so I will not bother going over them again. I also took notice that the postings on this website are all withing the past 45 days or so. So, I have to ask the question... Have they just recently started enforcing the FAP? Again, I have had the service for over 4 years, and never had this problem until a few nites ago!!!

    I also live in the sticks (of NC), and wonder what else may be available to me? I do not have DSL or cable available!!

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  • Ro
    Robert Wilson Aug 29, 2007

    My family has Hughes and it's terrible. Now when it's running, I must admit it runs good, but if you go over their (insert explicit of choice here) fair access policy, IT'S SLOWER THAN DIAL UP! Then it costs several hundred dollars to buy out, Highway Robbery. I thank God my parents pay for it and not me, because if I had a job and was paying, we'd have Cable. I hate these scam artists. I have an online music service, I can barley enjoy at home, it's sad that there are ### of the Earth scam artists like HughesSuck Net out there. They just think they can take advantage of people, which unfortunately they can and get away with it. I wish we could shut these as**s down.

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  • Ni
    Nice Try PM Aug 29, 2007

    This is a recent policy and I had no choice but to buy the new modem 7000S and upgrade my account to PRO. I am in exactly the same position as Mike Fenstermacher from above. I have had the service for 4 years and it is the only option aside from dial-up. Company pays but I cannot work when normal email can take up 150Ms a day.

    It would seem logical to throttle the account until the next cycle (Midnight)... if my kids are goofing around on U-Tube or listening to Internet Radio, they might hit FAP at 10pm and I am screwed the whole next day.

    This is a ridiculous policy particularly since there was certainly no notice sent to me!

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  • To
    tommy rice Sep 15, 2007

    What a bunch of crap this is. I don't understand. What a bunch of crap this is. I thought I had broadband. What a bunch of crap this is. I wish I could get cable. What a bunch of crap this is. I'll cancel when I'm able. What a bunch of crap this is, a dish on a pole. What a bunch of crap this is, RAM IT UP YOUR AHOLE.

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  • Bi
    Bil Winters Sep 21, 2007

    Hmmm. I was considering changing my service to as only dial-up is available to my home. After reading all of the problems with "FAP", I have reconsidered, and will wait to see if this problem is corrected by Hughes. I can always use free wifi at my local PUB if I need wideband shortterm.

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  • Ju
    Justin Iannaco Sep 27, 2007

    I too have Hughesnet and I had them when Direcway owned it. After Hughesnet took over they F... the whole thing up. They introduced this FAP crap. It should be called uFAP : the UnFair Access Policy. They are way too expensive and they don't even provide the service and Internet experience that one should know to enjoy. What unfair crap!

    Their Tech support absolutely sucks. I can not count the many times my internet went down and was on the phone for hours and days fighting with people who can’t even speak proper English. Their hardware sucks too. With in six months apart I had their third party installers come out to replace the transmitter on the arm of the dish. The first couple of times I had to pay $100 bucks so they could climb up on my roof to access the dish. After that I moved the dish to a pole to avoid the charges knowing that they would be coming out often.

    The last time they came out, I was out of my warranty and they charged me $125 dollars to fix my dish. Now the non-speaking English person told me that there would be no addition charges unless the dish was physically damaged and that I was to pay the installer the $125. Well, I knew there was no physical damage. I told him, “I’ll call you back”. A few days later after being without service I became more and more mad but realized that I needed the Internet to get my work done and pay my bills. I do everything online. Anyway, I called back to speak with a different non-speaking English person and they told me the same damn thing. $125 only, no more, paid to the installer. So a week later the installers show up, five hours late, to fix it. It began raining like hell and they had to wait for it to pass before they replaced my transmitter. I paid with a check and my Internet was back, but not for long.

    A few days later I checked my CC bill to find out that Hughesnet billed me $125 for the repair. WHAT! I paid the installer with a check; which did get cashed as I did check my online bank. So, now I paid twice for them to fix my service and it continues to run like SH.T! I phoned Hughesnet about the issue and they took over a month to get back to me, only to say that I should have been told that the $125 was going to be charged to my CC account. I lost out all around. I too watch my download and upload usage and last weekend I became FAP-ed for no reason and was not un-FAP-ed for over 45 hours. WHAT is THAT ?! What a way to do business. I felt that all along they wanted me to cancel. Well, they got their wish. This week is the last for the Hughesnet Satellite Internet service.

    Now, I live in an area that is far from town and wooded-South New Jersey. No highspeed cable (COMCAST), no DSL(Verizon), no FIOS(Verizon). Dial-up or Satellite? But wait! A new idea! An answer for some people who cannot get any form of highspeed broadband Internet and have turned to Hughesnet. Of course, I agree, they suck those “Monkey Balls” that the other guy was talking about.

    Now, if you get cell-phone service in your area, you may be in luck. My new phone, LG-VX9400, has the ability to be used as a modem. For less the what Hughesnet was billing me for with their sh.ty service, Verizon wireless gave me a stronger more reliable and more consistent connection exceeding that of Hughesnet satellite. All you need is just a simple USB cable, installing the software, and connecting the phone to the computer. The computer uses the phone to dial for Internet service and WHA-LA! No FAP crap! And !! Might I add, your Internet goes mobile where you do, for any of you with laptops. They do make aircards too, but I already had a phone capable.

    Closure; to Hughesnet: they suck, they are crooks, worst support ever, and I hope they get their balls sued off one day. Those no good dirty ###! I see an end for them as these cell phones become more capable. People will catch on. Hughesnet should be scared. A lot of customers will learn to adapt to cell phone technology. As an alternative to broadband, cell-phone technology beats out the satellite service.
    Thank you

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  • An
    Andrew Keele Sep 29, 2007

    Hughes net SUCKS SO MUCH ###. Lets all go to the hughes net service place and beat the ### out of all of the ### that tell you so much ### just to get you to buy their ### ### service,

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  • Ch
    CHARLES G. UMBACH Dec 14, 2007


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  • Fr
    Frustrated in Wisconsin Dec 24, 2007

    If you are considering because, like us, you cannot get cable or DSL, weigh your options carefully before committing to's two-year contract and expensive price. We signed on with Direcway before they became Hughes, and never had any problems with reception speeds. Aside from the times that satellite in general doesn't work in the rain, speed was pretty consistent.

    Enter At first we didn't notice any difference, but within the last several months they have begun enforcing a Fair Access Policy that limits home users to 200 mb reception per day. If you exceed this quota, your speeds are slowed to below dial-up. I timed how long it took a single, blank Google page to load under these conditions: 4 minutes.

    You may be thinking "Well, I only use my computer to check email, do a little on-line browsing, and load a song or two from iTunes." That pretty much describes me. I have a son who gets to play an online game for about thirty minutes 3-4 times a week. We have gone over our "quota" in every single case. I cannot complete software upgrades to my OS over the internet because it will end my data transmission midway through.

    When I have called customer service, they have recommended that I check for viruses (I run a virus program and it is current, and I also upgrade my computer's OS security whenever a new update is released) and they also recommended that I check my wireless router's settings, so that someone else isn't wirelessly "hogging" bandwidth on our system. Our router is only ON when my spouse is on the computer to work from home, which is about once every two weeks, and it's configured for our use only.

    When I called back after double-checking these measures, I was basically told that there was nothing else could do, unless I wanted to pay more for their "faster" system, which allows me more bandwidth. I actually started laughing uncontrollably at the service rep--why not just pay someone to kick me harder?!

    The FCC or some other governing body needs to step in here. I understand the intent of the FAP policy, and it looks good on paper--make everyone play nice and share bandwidth. The reality is that even moderate internet users suffer because of this policy, and the kicker is, only satellite providers have it. I checked into WildBlue, and if you read the fine print, they have the same thing. There is no FAP policy for dial-up, cable, DSL or FIOS that I have been able to find, and all these services are much less expensive. Satellite service has become a monopoly--even though there are different providers, satellite providers can do what they want because you as a customer don't have other real options... yet.

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  • Va
    Vanessa Moore Dec 30, 2007

    I have read every comment above and have the exact same problem with HughesNet. They put you into a 15 month contract and then you find out about their FAP. It is unfair and should be not be legal how this company runs it's business and treat's customers. (customer service rep's from India that can barely be understood) If I had not already cancelled my home phone service and dial-up, I would have already paid the early termination fee and sucked it up and cheerfully gotten my dial-up back.

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  • Ma
    Matthew Cole Mcthenia Jan 07, 2008

    My experience began about a year and 4 months ago. The installer came 2 days after scheduled date. I was supposed to get 50 ft of cable, but only got about 20ft. Had connection issues CONSTANTLY! Every time tech support was called somebody named Jeff and Sally, etc... had THICK Indian accents. Could not understand them. After 6 months, i lost connection and could not get back online. Got someone to come out. He came 2 weeks late. But he was helpful and helped me fully set up my PC. He informed me that I should've received 50ft of cable;I was givin 15ft, the dish was pointed in the wrong direction, giving me a connection between 45%-50%, which the 1st installer said was better than most. I was given the incorrect software in the beginning. The second installer said the first company sent out the wrong disk. He said to call his office and they would send me the correct disk. I did call, but the disk never arrived. AND the biggest kick in the balls is FAP. I was not aware of FAP till after i paid for the install and the service. I play World of Warcraft, and got better performance when i used dial up. I understand about latancy performance using dsl, but I've been told by trusted people many times, "your dsl should be running better than that". The red headed on hughs net commercial says at the end "your welcome." For what? Bending us over and raping us? Outragous costs, extremely poor service and support. I believe this is the biggest rip-off I've encountered.

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  • An
    angry person Jan 11, 2008

    hugesnet sucks i mean i cant even play on xbox live or playstation network and after you go over the limit of 200mbs or even look like you're going to dowlaoad more than 200mbs the stupid FAP comes into play and its worse than dial-up

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  • An
    Andrew Jan 13, 2008

    I submitted a complaint a week or two ago to the FCC and they responded that the FTC is where the complaint should go. Today I submitted a complaint to the FTC through:

    I suggest that anyone with concerns about Hughesnet meeting their advertizing and contract claims do the same. I understand that the FTC may only gets involved if there is a wide spread problem.

    If you write a FTC complaint, you may want to post here so we can keep count.

    Also, I did not include a link to this page in my complaint (I found it after I submitted it) so someone may want to include a link to this thread.


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  • Ge
    George Horsley Jan 25, 2008

    I just got Hughesnet a month ago and found out too late about this freaking FAP!!!....they just sent me an email telling me it will cost 700.00 if I cancel my contract within the first year of my two year contract. I spent 800.00 just getting the equipment and getting it installed. I've read all your complaints and feel your pain. As soon as my first year is up I'm canceling...I think it will cost me 300.00 at that time. I curse Hughesnet to everyone that will listen. A horrible company!!! The Indian customer service people just keep reading the damn policy back at me...sheesh!!!! I wonder if Hughes ever sees these complaint forrums? I don't know how they can justify what they are doing. If anyone ever finds out about a class action law suit...count me in!!!!!

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  • Ir
    Irene Loyer Feb 21, 2008

    Didn't even know what download threshhold was. I have learned the hardway. Never dreamed that anyone could curtail the download. Daughter a student taking classes via computer. Started with the first plan--computer was always at a crawl... have just changed to the most expensive...and computer appears to be just a bit faster.but certainly not worth the additional money...would NEVER recommend Hughes to anyone. By the way 'HELP" (customer service) is in India... which sometimes is impossible to communicate. They obviously do not understand me and I do not always understand them. I have the two year plan (???). This is NOT the broadband I expected... For what they are charging, I did not expect to always be trying to talk to India for help. Never expected to be so openly ripped off as I am finding this to be--contracted via 'Dish Internet' and Dish may even loose me over this 'fap' or flop. Was told by India that the threshhold limitation is FCC regulation--why is it Hughes seems to be the only company bothered with the limitations of Download Threshhold which can be overlooked if you feed them more money??? Would love to see the FCC start investigating or at least an assurance from them that this is true.

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  • Ca
    Cathy Greenia May 28, 2008

    I have NEVER been treated so poorly in my 43 years of living, Hughs net is the biggest rip off!!!
    If you want to cancel their service GOOD LUCK!! How do they get off taking advantage of us?
    I had to climb onto my roof to take their JUNK off my roof!! A company I trusted refered me to them
    DISH NETWORK!! just might cancel them!!

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  • Mo
    Morgan Jul 22, 2008

    If you look around on the internet, you cannot find out when they started the policy. I have been with them for almost 8 years... before hughes took over. The policy didn't come into effect until hughes came around, because hughes had previously had problems with people that lived close together purchasing one connection, and buying a wireless router. So they put a cap on the downloading limit. They legally can say that they are selling you unlimited usage, because for a period of 3 hours very early in the morning you can get unlimited downloads, but only in that time period, and only if you are not in the 24 reset period that comes after you exceed your amount. When Hughes took over they switched all the outlook addresses to [email protected] but they kept the old outlook addresses (the one with a different name, and is no longer your provider, so no longer works.) as contact info, they do not send out anything in paper that you can hold in your hand, They won't even send me a real copy of my bill. So when this policy came into effect... they sent out... you guessed it... emails that they knew wouldn't get to the consumer, but somehow they know to send your account billing info to the email. Funny. They actually told me that any info on policy change was sent to my old earthlink account. So technically, they did "inform" everyone of the change. But really they knew they were just weasling their way out of loosing customers that didn't want that kind of treatment. As time has gone on they have gradually decreased the amount you can download... as demand has gone up since they do not have enough satellites to supply everyone. And as internet streaming and browsing programs like active x controls and quicktime are needed more for everyday internet usage the amount you download gradually increases. Also with Windows and different security programs doing automatic updates... those count too. They tech guy actually told me to do my updates, and large file (movie, music, or games) at 3:00 in the morning, because that is unrestricted time. Another little fact that they don't mention is that if you exceed your limit, and keep trying to browse, eventually your browsing speed drops down to about 1kb an hour or nothing... unusable. Also if you exceed your limit too many times, they can actually cancel your service. They problem is that they found loopholes and have a lot of fine print. So the most you can hope for is that the better business bureau gets enough complaints that someone does a class action against them. They haven't done anything so blatantly illegal that one person can get their money back.

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  • Ja
    Jay Lambert Jul 29, 2008

    I'm here to tell you that the service sucks even worse than it did a year ago. The problem is they got you by the balls when you live in the boonies. We can't even get DSL because those horses ### at Verizon are putting all their capital into the fiber optic network in urban areas like Ft. Wayne. Whenever someone comes out with a reliable, affordable and fast service without the b.s. "fair access policy" for rural Indiana I will drop these jerks like a turd. I may sound bitter, but the indisputable fact is that Hughesnet/Direcway sucks, sucks, sucks.

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  • Ca
    Caine R Lavoy Aug 15, 2008

    Hughes net is now apparently a Asian ran company .. or so it appears if you talk to enough of their reps. as for this fair Access Policy bull ### i feel everyones pain. i pay 7.99 a month. and only get 450 MB per 24 hours.. i could get a 1meb cable line and get over a gig a day if cable or dsl was in y have a comissioning fee of 25.00 if your service gets turned off . and they Allow your bill to go and change for 2 months ( one moths your charged for if your service gets Locked.) Ie a 799.99 fee becomes 164 something... if you ask me What we should do is Flood our officals and the better Business Buearu with petitons and complaints ABout hughes net's scams And See if we cant force a change in it. if you Wanna see if we can do something like this email me. [email protected]

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  • Jo
    johny fredrick Aug 18, 2008

    I've had hughes net for 6 days now, i was never told of the FAP. I will be canceling it and go back to dial-up. I can't believe some people stay with hughes net for so long.

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  • Cu
    Customer Support3 Aug 24, 2008

    I have had hughesnet for about three years or more. When I first signed up I was ecstatic, I paid upfront for my hardware and have the middle plan I guess. It took me probably a year to expirience the FAP. I FREAKED, I cussed the so called "towel.. oops I mean... tech support" and they told me that I could only use so much. So I said "you are telling me I am paying you three times as much as cable costs but I can only use my internet 25% of what cable provides. " Their reply "Yes Sir", They know they have you.

    Anyway I have suffered with these idiots for 3 years. Every month I write a letter to comcast, charter etc to try to get them to extend high speed support for my area. According to them they need to have a guarantee of so many people per mile to even justify the cost. I still am persistent with the cable companies regardless of what they say, hoping that they will give and bring me cable, DSL, anything but unfortunately at this time it is my only option. I run businesses online and high speed sometime is better than none.

    I have found a free download manager and try to schedule my downloads for the 3 - 6 times. I think I found it on cnet or something. But download it late... or WAP you've been FAPPED

    Best thing I can tell you people if you have any other option go with that. dsl anything is better than this sorry excuse for an internet provider.

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  • R
    R Sep 04, 2008

    Same problem, I think it has gotten worse since I complained. I spent several hours on the phone with the barely english speaking techs, who ran me through a course of trouble shooting only to tell me they were unable to help and would have to forward me to advanced technical support. I then had to go through another battery of troubleshooting, after waiting on hold another 15 minutes or so. I was then told to do a number of things to my computer and then I would be sent a signal, and I would be running in 30 minutes. I was told to call back if it did not work.
    It didn't work, and when I called back, I had to start at the beginning and go through all of the trouble shooting, even though I tried to explain to the tech what had just occurred. He wouldn't even take my work order # that I was given by the previous guy. Anyway, after dealing with this rude guy, I gave up and just decided to wait to see if it would be better the following day. Of course not. When I called again and went through the same waiting and forwarding and rudeness, I finally got a lady that spoke English, and ended up being the rudest of all. I finally told them just to come and pull the garbage out of my yard, as I didn't have time to spend several hours on the phone everyday trying to get the crap running. Of course, they want to charge me $300 to cancel, if I no longer wanted service. I told them that I HAD NO SERVICE...that was the problem. I got nowhere with them. They obviously do this on a regular basis and are prepared to deal with frustrated, irate people by completely disregarding them. Hughes net sucks!

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  • Fr
    Fred Sep 07, 2008

    Our government is so flawed I have filed complaints with the FCC and the BBB they don't even want to respond to complaints. This problem goes far beyond them our law makers need to protect us better from companies like this. The FAP is a joke and anyone with a bit of knowledge can see that the advances in the web can see this. We have streaming videos of our college courses online. Try to get a distance education with Hughes, JOKE. Personally I think we should all band together and start recording th tech support phone call and file a lawsuit for the ages. With the proof of the fact the tech support doesn't have a clue and that they tell everyone the same thing. I'll have a tech come out to fix it.(Well to be honest after wacthing their tech I've fixed my own using sweet and an iPhone after he left, got better signal same ### service though)

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  • Ki
    Kia Sep 13, 2008

    Wow, I never in a million years thought I would miss my dial up. I got Hughes Net, three days ago and I hate it. One song and three youtube vids, checked my emails, and FAPPED. I got this so I could start my parents online bussious and start school. Now I have to tell them- "yeah even though were paying triple for this, it's worst then dial up and I can't get anything done." Even when makeing a web page when I save it and go online to make sure it looks right, it takes forever. I can't belive I'm stuck with this for two more years, because like many of you, I don't have $300 dollars to give to these scamers. This is a scam and it needs to be changed.

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  • Ka
    Karen C Sep 24, 2008

    This policy is nothing but a fraud scam aimed at extorting higher monthly fees from users. They cut you down and they do nothing to prove to you that you have exceeded bandwidth. I have been a loyal customer for over 5 years. I don't download music, videos or games. I do not have children at home, nor have children that visit. Nobody else uses my computer period. I have a wireless router and have my laptop configured to use my service also, but I rarely ever use my laptop at home and it is generally tucked away in my laptop bag. I only have it configured to use my hughes service in the event I ever need to transfer a file to my desktop or when I want to sit on my deck on nice days and work. I use my computer strickly for business only and I am a home based business person. I do not download large files of anything AND I have the PRO plan.

    Before today, I had never experienced this issue. But, today, I have done nothing but attempt to access my business websites via a web-based admin. The initial page would finally load after several long minutes but when I tried to click on a link the site would not budge. I tried this for several hours and finally got frustrated and called tech support. The tech person stated that FAP had been imposed because I exceeded 400 MB of downloads. I kindly informed the tech person that I had not downloaded anything, I couldn't even access my website. She insisted that I had and that I could get back up to speed if I wanted to upgrade my plan. I was furious. I told her I would not be extorted into paying more money.

    I might have bought into this theory of exceeding 400MB had I been using the computer extensively, as I have many times in the past with no problem, but today I had not used it for anything except to receive and send a few emails. I was cut off from my business entirely today. I think this is a scam. I think they randomly impose it to force one into upgrading to a higher priced plan. For I know I did not use hardly any bandwidth today. The tech support said that perhaps my computer was downloading automatic updates behind the scenes. My computer is not configured to allow automatic updates. And even if it were, what kind of plan (PRO plan at that) won't allow you enough bandwidth to download automatic updates to your browser or virus protection plan? Especially since that would have been the only download of the day?

    The tech person claimed that since I have a wireless router installed someone may have accessed my account. My network is locked. Plus I live on top of a mountain in one of the most rural areas of America, with my nearest neighbor 1/4-1/2 mile away. Plus they are on vacation. I told the woman to google earth my address then tell me who she thought might be using my service. Unless there is a bear with a laptop outside my house this is not feasible.

    This is clearly a case of Hughes imposing FAP to force an upsale! I am having a forensic computer science person go through my computer to prove that I had not downloaded what they claim and then I am fighting back. I will not be extorted and scammed. They told me to go to customer care at and see how much MB I've downloaded. Consequently the page would not load. Furthermore, they can make their page say anything they want it to say. But I know for a fact I have not downloaded anything today let alone more than 400 MB.

    The FCC and our legislators need to impose some regulations and investigate Hughes' activities. This would seem to me to be a clear violation against consumers. I would like to know if any class action lawsuit has been iniated against Hughes or if anyone is considering this. I would most definitely like to be part of it. I operate websites that reach well over 1 million viewers annually and I am sure they need to know about Hughes' illicit and dubious business practices. I strongly suggest that anyone who can secure an alternative internet service to do so. Do not feed these greedy, scamming monsters.


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