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I have been with Hughes Net for about a year, nothing but problems. I have contacted them so many times it is not even funny. I have reported them to the FCC, Attorney General and they wrote them and said that the problem had been resolved. Took months to get a service man out and he replaced the modem, but the problem is not the equipment at your home the problem is with the shortage of power to supply all the new customers that they are adding by their false promise of HIGH SPEED. I thought I had something wrong with my computer for a long time, reloading, and recovering just to listen to a song is impossible at times. It is slower than dialup. They said I needed to upgrade to pro and my speed would increase. The only thing that increased was my bill. Some Attorney should really latch on to this and slap them with a class action. They know that when broadband spreads to all areas that they are out, that is why they will not spend a dime on customer service. You call customer service and you get someone in India or some other country that can not speak slow enough or in your language to even communicate. So if you want a large bill for nothing but to pull out your hair go ahead and sign on the dotted line. The tech that came out said that they were adding 5, 000 new customers a day and they can not supply the ones that they already have. Well I got out of the ETF with DishNetwork by gathering about 1000 complaints and mailing them with the threat of going to CNN, and every news station on the air and they called me back and said that they would waive the early termination fee. I have been talking with my attorney and they will get what they deserve, just like AT&T did when enough people got together and put a class action suit against them. Just suing them by yourself is nothing to them but if we band together then that means big bucks! I will sign any class action suit against these people for scamming the American public at a time when all are having problems making ends meet but the ones that are controlling this country. They are laughing all the way to the bank because they think we are just stupid laymen.And to tell you the truth we are for putting up with all the lies, bailouts that have been going on while the punks on wall street got record breaking bonuses last year. And the Bankers did also. Fed up! Are you?

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Mar 15, 2022 2:56 pm

Never got the service promise false advertising and making a killing off it ... and no one does anything what happened to fals advertising in this country?

Jun 03, 2016 8:33 am

I Edward Cole am making a complaint against Hughes Net Company for their lies. They told me that my Internet Services would be faster then all other Companies. They told me that it cost $125 for their services but tried to charge me $200 when they came out but settled for $150 instead. My Internet Service is slow and I asked them what was the problem they told me even if I upgrade my Internet to a higher spend still might be the same. I asked them to refund my money and come get their equipment but they won’t refund my money. I’m making a complaint because of their false Advertisement with this Internet Service and I want my money back. My daughter has to do some of her Homework using internet Service but when she try to look up things for her Homework it’s to slow and most of the time it never load up. Can you help me with this complaint because I don’t know who else to turn to for help. We found this service on television and there isn’t an address just telephone numbers and names. Installer Name Chris Installation date 9-4-12 Dealer Phone number [protected] Billable To: HNS or call [protected] or [protected] are their contact numbers.

Jul 02, 2008 4:49 pm

I purchased a HughesNet satellite system and was installed on 8/22/2007 and was to get a $ 100.00 rebate. I have never got my rebate. I sent all the forms and returned them. Then i called so see what my bill and turned them and i have called and called NOTHING I have tried many times to get a website on my computer NOTHING! Tried to make a payment but they would not take it. When i got a Lady and asked what my bill was she told me don't worry because i had 10 days after the due date which it was 5/21/07 but they turned my service off on 05/12/2007 and refuse to give me credit for the days i dot NOT have service. Whay this be one of the best scams that i have heard of in almost 60 years. What di i need to be in the class action against Hughes ? This is one of the best scams in history. Psease send any information you have to me PLEASE? John Hornsby, 1877 Hwy. 449, Pine Grove, Louisiana, [protected].

John Hornsby.


Don't be fooled by the commercials advertising what a great deal Hughesnet is. They talk about download speeds but fail to mention that, if you actually use the 'fast' downloads, your service will be interrupted. Their FAP (Fair Access Policy) makes your connection unusable if you exceed their download allowance. I've tripped mine just by letting Windows try to update.

They have different levels for a different amount of high monthly billing amounts. The FAP will trigger if you use too much internet in a 24 hour period. It will make your internet useless until you go 24 hours without exceeding the limit. For $80 per month you only get 420 MB of usage. I had to upgrade, and pay more money, of course, from 300 MB to 420 just to get Windows updated.

They are so very nice these days, though. If you exceed your FAP limits, they will wipe the board and let you start over if you pay for the privilege. I think it is $10 or $11. The government is upset with banks making money on extra fees but, I wonder just how much Hughesnet will rake in with this latest scam. At least the phone companies that have limitations use the monthly billing period to decide to cut you off. 24 hour periods get tripped by virus or Windows updates.

If I had any choice, I'd pay the penalty for canceling Hughesnet in a heartbeat and toss their worthless modems in the trash with a smile.

Jul 08, 2012 2:47 pm

It's painfully obvious that they're false advertising their speeds. They don't even meet the required minimal standards for basic internet. Sometimes my speeds go as low to 25 kb/s, and that's just on a decent day.

May 08, 2011 9:03 pm
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Absolutely correct...everyone should stay completely away from Hughesnet. They are in a completely monopolistic situation whereby only people living in rural areas would even consider their service since there simply are no other options. WRITE YOUR CONGRESSMAN. And take every opportunity to lobby them as well. This industry must be either reformed or completely discontinued. They are nothing but a scam. Something little better than dial up is provided and they completely misrepresent their service as high speed while instituting their "Fair Use Policy" (which I was not informed of until after a dish was installed on my roof and a modem in my home) to prevent use of the service. The costs are astronomical for little better than dial up service. Send a link of this site to your congressman and vote against them if they do not support us.

Hughesnet "sucks". Period. They rip you off and don't give a rat's ### about you as a customer. They'll charge you a huge amount of money for little or useless service. I am stuck with them for now due to no other option. I have no phone line and no cable... Looking forward to the day when I can dump them like the huge load of garbage they are. Nothing good to say at all about them at all. Service continues to go downhill with no explanation from them. Completely useless. If you can, STAY AWAY from Hughesnet.

Nov 13, 2009 11:59 pm
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I have the lowest-priced service (not that $60 is cheap, it's not to me...) and the 200MB limit is a joke. I cannot get the regular updates for my Mac (350MB) and have to go to my daughter's to update the laptop. For the tower, I'll have to stay up one of these nights.

Several things annoy me: they will not discuss FAP or answer emails about it, their techs will almost call you a liar if you say you don't know how it happened. Facebook is a frequent culprit lately. Lots of different things refreshing at once. I close my browser when I leave the computer, and still it happens. I think Facebook occasionally surges when you first put it on. FAP is maddening because it's irregular, so you don't know what to do to avoid it.

Hughesnet adds more and more subscribers with their tempting advertising ( and all the peeps like us whose only choice is it or dial-up) and are glad to take in more and more money, but they don't improve their infrastructure or equipment to allow people more bandwidth. That is not only unfair, it's daylight robbery.

Sep 06, 2009 4:25 pm

Here is information regarding a Class Action Lawsuit against HughesNet:

PBM Files Class Action Against HughesNet --- Satellite Broadband Company

The law-firm of Pogust, Braslow, & Millrood, LLC, recently filed in the U.S. District Court, Eastern District of Pennsylvania, a lawsuit against HughesNet, Inc., Hughes Communications, Inc., and Hughes Network Systems, LLC, for breach of contract and frauduluent business practices involving the marketing of the HughesNet® Satellite Broadband Network System.

Filed on behalf of HughesNet® subscribers and consumers, the Complaint alleges inter alia that the satellite broadband Company's nationwide advertisement of "Highspeed Internet by Satellite: Wherever Whenever" was materially false and misleading.

The class action lawsuit also alleges that HughesNet intentionally "oversold" its bandwidth, whereby thousands of HughesNet® subscribers and consumers were subjected to limited Internet broadband accessibility, speed, functionality, and connectivity.

Additionally, it is alleged that HughesNet actively marketed HughesNet® subscribers and consumers to upgrade their broadband plan under the representation that such would result in faster Internet broadband access. Despite this, HughesNet® subscribers and consumers experienced significant broadband delays, including extremely slow uploading/downloading speeds, unreliable connectivity, and the inability to access email. Furthermore, HughesNet® subscribers and consumers were often required to incur additional costs, fees, and early termination penalities, as a result of HugheNet's false advertising.

If you or someone you know is a HughesNet® subscriber and/or customer and have experienced similar Internet broadband related issues, please contact our law-firm for a free consultation.


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