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  • Do
    Doug Wardwell May 05, 2007

    I cant believe this fair access policy that they have. limited to 200 MB per 24 hour period. This is a joke when you consider that the equipment is around $500.00 and then its like 69.00 per month for 800kb to 1.0 mb (maybe) download rates. As soon as DSL is available... IM GOING TO RUN FROM THIS CRAP!

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  • Hu
    hughesnethater Oct 21, 2018

    @Doug Wardwell Hughesnet truly sucks and no on does anything to prevent them from screwing all of us in rural areas. There are no good choices and the landline phone companies promise us they will provide good internet and I've heard this for years

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  • Ta
    Tangalia Brady Apr 28, 2019

    @hughesnethater totally agree

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  • Ge
    George Parker May 14, 2007

    Following is a transcript of today's messages. I think it tells the whole story:

    [May 14 2007 8:43:23 PM] Welcome to our chat customer support .
    [May 14 2007 8:43:24 PM] George, you will be connected to the next available billing technician.
    [May 14 2007 8:44:29 PM] George, you have been connected to Joyce
    Joyce (May 14 2007 8:45:29 PM): Thank you for contacting HughesNet Billing Support. This is joyce. I'm more than happy to assist you with your concern.
    George (May 14 2007 8:45:54 PM): I have called three times today trying to talk to a supervisor. So far, none has been available and none will return my calls. Please have a supervisor call me. My billing was more than $100 more than I agreed to and I have not received any receipt for monies paid nor have I received anything concerning the rebates you promised. The wrong credit card was charged and your agent promised that it would be corrected before installation on 27 April 2007. This has not happened.
    Joyce (May 14 2007 8:47:57 PM): i understand that the wrong credit card was charged. Is that correct?
    Joyce (May 14 2007 8:48:05 PM): We would like to apologize for the difficulties you are having with getting the help you need.
    George (May 14 2007 8:48:19 PM): yes
    Joyce (May 14 2007 8:48:40 PM): for me to help you with your issue
    i need your account number please?
    George (May 14 2007 8:50:41 PM): I asked that my MC card be credited and my visa be charged Account # DSS7202835
    George (May 14 2007 8:55:37 PM): Are you there?
    Joyce (May 14 2007 8:56:17 PM): yes. let me have your first/last name for verification please?
    George (May 14 2007 8:59:07 PM): George Parker
    Joyce (May 14 2007 9:00:14 PM): Let me just pull up your account, please bear with me, it will just take a moment, will that be fine with you?
    George (May 14 2007 9:01:20 PM): How else will I get any service?
    Joyce (May 14 2007 9:02:46 PM): you can go online to to view account history, make payments, and update billing, contact and credit card information.
    George (May 14 2007 9:04:11 PM): I am aware of that. One other problem, your billing says that I still owe $10.00 Why?
    Joyce (May 14 2007 9:06:23 PM): hold on sir while i'm checking on your account history. please bear with me
    Joyce (May 14 2007 9:11:49 PM): sir, we can not reverse the old bill but we can update it with the new card
    George (May 14 2007 9:12:19 PM): Why?
    George (May 14 2007 9:13:53 PM): I tried to get it done on the 22nd of April and nothing happened. The problem is your (Not personal) fault. What about the other problems I mentioned?
    Joyce (May 14 2007 9:17:45 PM): i apologize for the inconvenience sir
    Joyce (May 14 2007 9:18:27 PM): please bear with me i will just check agin your account
    George (May 14 2007 9:19:28 PM): That's great but it doesnot get the problem solved. Could you please have a supervisor call me? 928.785.9713
    Joyce (May 14 2007 9:21:38 PM): i'm sorry sir but we can't do calls backs. you can contact us at this number 1-866-347-3292
    George (May 14 2007 9:26:35 PM): Your customer service stinks. The atorney General frowns on companies who rip-off senior citizens. Do I need lodge a formal complaint to them?
    Joyce (May 14 2007 9:27:48 PM): We would like to apologize for the difficulties you are having with getting the help you need.
    George (May 14 2007 9:29:08 PM): I am calling the number now
    Joyce (May 14 2007 9:29:20 PM): please bear with me sir, i'm looking for a better way to be able to help you with your problem
    George (May 14 2007 9:31:10 PM): All I am getting is a recording. They are sending me to your web address
    Joyce (May 14 2007 9:32:40 PM): that's right sir then choose billing
    Joyce (May 14 2007 9:33:25 PM): Before we end this conversation I would like to provide you with the reference number for this transaction. your case ID is: 11669915
    George (May 14 2007 9:34:15 PM): There is a 30 minute wait time to talk to someone. I think the Atorney General will bee more responsive.
    Joyce (May 14 2007 9:43:24 PM): i apologize for the inconvenience sir, For more information regarding the program, please visit
    If you have already sent in your paperwork and cannot find the status of your HughesNet rebate at, please contact the Rebate Company directly at 888-622-9277.
    Joyce (May 14 2007 9:43:43 PM): For questions pertaining to a Dealer rebate, please contact the original point of sale since each point of sale administers its own rebate program
    Joyce (May 14 2007 9:43:57 PM): I hope this information helps resolve your issue. I wish I could have been of further assistance; however HughesNet Support Representatives have no access to information pertaining to the status of rebates.
    Joyce (May 14 2007 9:44:26 PM): I apologize that I was not able to complete your request at this time but hope that the information I have provided you has been helpful.
    George (May 14 2007 9:47:43 PM): The average brown bear would have been more help. This is one example of the reason I am against outsourcing.

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  • Wi
    Willia Davis May 15, 2007

    Where do I start?

    HughesNet is a fraud and a sham. In 2002 I subscribed to DirectWay for my Home business. I have NO other “access” to high speed internet (especially with Hughes Net) that raids my wallet on a monthly basis for 800% of the coats of dial up.

    Currently my speeds are 36 Kps up and 20 kps down, slower that dial up. Guess what? I can’t even get thru to cancel. I spend hours on hold waiting for a tech only to be disconnected. Hughes email “Tech Support” DOES NOT WORK!. The domain to which these emails are sent is replied as “invalid”.

    There is no responsiveness on their part. I was told that “You complain too much” by someone with a think Indian accent. What’s up? Am I just a wallet that HughesNet sucks out of? Why is there no tech support? Why can’t you cancel your account? Why does the State of California not care or investigate this?

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  • My
    Myra Powell-White Aug 03, 2018

    @Willia Davis I hate this company, all of their calls are outsourced overseas to somewhere in India or some place like that. I am contacting the Attorney General, they are ripping off old people and people on disability.

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  • Su
    Susan J. Shank May 17, 2007

    We spent a lot of money to get this satellite service, and continue to pay a lot of money each month to keep it. Unfortunately the email does not work. What is more frustrating is trying to get some help. The customer service is absolutely insane. They tell you to try in about an hour and it should be fixed, etc. Or they tell you to hold (after you have been waiting for a long, long time) for a minute and then disconnect. I can't complain about the signal strength, it is exactly what they promised me. But when I have people telling me that sending me an email results in it coming back because Hughes doesn't recognize it, or telling me they sent me email and I never got it and they don't know it never reached me, it is alarming. I read that others are having similar problems, but there is really no way to reach anyone that can help.

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  • Jo
    Joyce Robbins May 25, 2007

    I agree. Hughes Net is the master of rude customer service reps and out and out thievery of your money. My Hughes Net did not work for even 10 mins after their installer left. The installer had robbed me of $150 to put a $10 aluminum pole in the ground. Customer service had promised great speed, etc, and it just wasn't so. I cancelled the same day it was installed. I was going to put a stop pay on the credit card, Hughes Net assured me that they would send me a box to return their equipment, and I would get my refund within 3-4 days after they received it. According to the tracking number from FedEx, they received it on 5/8/07. It is now 5/25/07 and I still don't have a refund. Talked to 10 or so people and finally got a supervisor on the phone that told me when they refund, I would only get half the money back since they don't refund installation. Someone named Robin, came on the phone line, she refused to give me her last name. She yelled at me, called me a ### and said I was not going to get a penny more than half the money whether I liked it or not. I paid almost $600 for the equipment alone. Steer clear of these thieves and liars.

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  • Da
    David C Jun 02, 2007

    Stunned at the number of sources and complaints against HughesNet. I just tested my HughesNet connection speed... 12 kb per second... about the slowest internet service provider in America... so much for fast download speeds.

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  • Bi
    Bill Morgan Jun 13, 2007

    After paying for Hughes slowband for almost 2 years i was hit for the first time by FAP. (3 times so far downloading census records, I am a genealogist). The new policy is 200 mb in 24 hrs download limit you will be hit with download speed slower than dialup for 24 HOURS. Mine tested on Hughes was 9 and 10 kbps
    I have now got together with my neighbors and requested Brighthouse to extend their services to our area.

    The will be in our area before the end of this year and Myself and 3 neighbors who are on will terminate their service and sign up with ROAD RUNNER True broadband at a cheaper rate than Hughes.

    Bill Morgan.

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  • Jo
    JOSHUA STERLING Jun 24, 2007

    It has been nothing but trouble dealing with customer assistance. They have four different numbers that i know of. I have waited over an hour at times to talk with an actual individual. Also i cannot access any of my account info via internet. I receive no mail unless my payment is late. I have been trying to get my last billing statement so i can send in for my rebate.i cannot access any thing from hughes net customer care ever since they added the extra security measures. I will not recommend that anybody buy or subscribe to your service until you get all of these uncalled for problems fixed. Thank you.

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  • Je
    Jeff Moy Jun 24, 2007

    As above, I am a customer for over three years. I ran into the unFair Access Policy when I returned from a family vacation after fourteen days. My system ran some updates and exceeded the threshold for a home system (200mb) so I am relegated to the same less than dial-up speeds for twenty-four hours, or more, since I have to use it in the meantime. I tried to reason with the outsourced customer service by explaining that fair means that I should have multiples of the threshold limit available since I hadn't used any of my allotted bandwidth for two weeks but they profess an inability and demonstrate an unwillingness to deal with this issue. I don't have an alternative in my neighborhood and the local telco (Windstream) doesn't provide DSL in our area. I will also get out as soon as something else is available.

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  • Di
    Diane Mantzoros Jun 30, 2007

    We have two internet satellite dishes with HughesNet, one has worked fine for the entire two years we have had it. The second one, which is located in our office has been "down" now for well over two months. I have yet to have this repaired. I have spoken to many different customer service reps, advanced tech support people all to no avail. I have documented every case number, date, time, name, etc. I have written to the corporate office -- have not heard a thing. I was finally contacted by the installer yesterday who informed me that he no longer services HughesNet, he has a broken hip and it would be approx two months before anyone could come fix the transmitter problem --- TWO MORE MONTHS! I have asked to be credited for the two months we have already lost and was refused. We have lost numerous hours, emails, and possible business because of this issue. I can't get anyone to listen to me, I have been given the runaround on every phone call. Does anyone have any idea of what else can be done? This doesn't seem right. The installer told me over the phone that HughesNet focuses on the new customer and does not give the established customer good customer service! What kind of company is this? Any help would be appreciated!

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  • Dg
    d graver Jul 08, 2007

    HughesNet Customer NO Service.

    Your personal information... Yes folks SSN: and Credit Card info is available to the person on the other end of the phone with a person who can barely speak english.

    Tech support, live from India. Billing support, live from the Philippines. Product bought in the US by the American laborer

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  • Jo
    John Hain Jul 26, 2007

    Just purchased a professional promotional plan package from HughesNet, which means our monthly fee was going to be a little more, as with this package you pay for the equipment over a 24 month term. It was installed last Thursday 07/19/07 and we canceled our service on Wednesday 07/25/07. Despite what we had agreed to and signed up for we were placed on a upfront purchase. Did not know this was done until after install. We have called HughesNet billing which has been outsourced to India, and tried to explain our problem and that our Debit Card should not have been debited. We were transferred from technician to technician and given numerous case (reference) numbers. Finally one of their technicians stated that the equipment was already paid for and there was nothing he could do. No one in their billing department admitted to the mistake that had been made on their part, and made to effort to reconcile. A simple we're sorry, we'll correct that right now, and credit your account was never considered. Because of their mistake, we have checks being returned for insufficient funds. No one should have to go through what we've been through with Hughes terrible outsourced billing department. We are still unsure about the equipment and what to do with it.

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  • St
    Steve Aug 14, 2007

    I called Hughes to speak with sales, with sales on the line I explained to the sales rep that I needed to have service with mutable static IP addresses. she then said ok we have the best package for you with our Pro Plus. I asked what Pro Plus included she said it can support up to three static IP addresses and have bandwidth of 1500 down and 500 up. I said ok sounds good and I placed my order. A week later I get a call from the installation person, who scheduled installation for 5 days later. He came out and installed the dish, hooked the modem up and tested it on his laptop. he said ok every thing is working. I asked the installer what my static IP's are and he looked at me like I shot his mother. At this point I figured out he don't have a clue what I was talking about. So, when he left I called Hughes and asked for my static addresses. They gave me three static IP's. I setup my first static IP with no problems, worked fine, well SLOW SPEEDS but thats Hughes norm. I waited a couple weeks as I was still getting my servers setup and ready to go on line. I then began to setup my second static and it would not work. I called support once I trouble shot the whole network and asked to them to help me, I knew more then support they was NO help. They transfered me to advanced, advanced ended up setting me up on another satellite transponder. We did that and I ended up with another static ip, a whole new IP address, they NEVER told me I would get a new IP. Once my old IP stopped working and I could not ping it, I called for support and found out I had new IP's. again I was given three "3" IP's by support. I set the new one up and got it working. I then finished setting my servers up and buying SSL certificates for the new IP's and this is where the fat lady sang. I could not get the second or third IP to respond, I could ping them but they would not respond. I asked a friend of mine who just happens to be a connectivity engineer for Cisco what the deal was. He used my VPN and checked my settings and told me my second IP was a response ip only and the third one was on a different network all together. He said pretty my this would not ever work, and hughes was idiots. I called support with him on three way and let them deal with him. Of course he was talking way out of their league as they know nothing if its not prompted on the cue cards for them to read. The support guy tried to keep up and finally admitted he knows nothing about IP's. My buddy went from the bottom up and found a supervisor after better than two hours on the phone who FINALLY said, the pro plus plan only comes with one static IP. The other two are used for loop backs and other crap I don't need. So, this started a new chapter of my life with hughesNet. I have called every other day, been transfered from department to department and given other phone numbers to call to help me with MY problem. Finally a support supervisor today told me I could use the service as it is or speak with billing about canceling my account. Well, billing was not help they said I could file a complaint with the corporate office. Needless to say, I am stuck with CRAPPY service, 1 IP address when I need 3 to 5, and 600 dollars worth of useless satellite equipment. I think its piss poor service when a sales rep sales you the wrong product and the companies answer is use it cause your stuck with it. My advise to any one thinking about HughesNet is to STAY AS FAR AS YOU CAN AWAY FROM IT!!

    Poor installation
    poor support
    poor bandwidth
    poor communication

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  • Jo
    Joe Russell Sep 17, 2007

    Direcway was a better service , least if u hit fab after several hours u could surf again... Now with hughes u lock out for 24 hours, I'm on fab now and its slower then when i had dialup at 24,600 bps. I think they add megs to the usage cause i know i didn't download what they stated. I know for a fact there usage page missed 2 days and they put me on fab. Called and talked to a guy from india that i couldn't hardly understand... He agreed with me and said they where upgrading there software and a lot of people where hit with fab that should not be on it... There is nothing we could do about it cause there service is not guaranteed.

    Think the 200 megs n the 24 hours they hit u with is a nightmare .I had satellite internet for over 6 years now. But hughes compared to direcway is a nightmare. I'm not locked in now but called the other day to upgrade to there 69.99 a month. Think that this is extortion. But didn't cause i would be charged the 10 for the upgrade and 20 more cause they said i needed the newer dw7000. I have the dw6000. Did i mention extortion... I think that is why they changed there policy to make u upgrade.

    My other choice was to pay 125 for a new modem then they wouldn't charge me the extra 20 cause i have the dw6000 and a 15 month contract... Or get a free modem with 25 shipping and sign a 15 month contract... No good choices here... I'm hoping the get cable in my area soon. That will be sledge hammer day for the dish and all hughes products.

    I would cancel if there was a way to get enough people to cancel at the same time. That is the only way to get Hughes to change there policy. I really don't like dial up but my 24600 connection i had is over twice as fast as there fab.
    I hope to start a movement here to get people to cancel so we can change there policy... Its all about more money its not bandwith.

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  • An
    Anne Greenup Sep 20, 2007

    As of 9/9/07 I have not been able to email my daughter through The report I keep getting is a bad destination. I have been emailing my daughter for 3 years to the same address and have had no problem in the past. I have called hughes and talked to someone far away and then I was advised to contact [email protected] and they are now sending me delivery time expired. In other words they are not accepting my referrals to them about the bad destination messages. Don't have any idea how to resolve this problem.

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  • Wi
    william joiner Oct 16, 2007

    I have been a faithful customer of AOL's Hughes product then Direcway then Hughsnet since they started the satellite downlink years ago. It has been a requirement for me as no other service has reached me here.(I am in a remote part of Texas) However the service has become a millstone ,grinding into my life with unbelievable claims of higher speeds than that which are there . Many times it may take an hour just to get things going. Constant loss of signal even on clear days and the service tech's just want me to unplug the power supply and reboot... Like i haven't already done that???I am at wits end I have upgraded at every convenient point, I have boxes of used equipment I have closets of old antennas. I have a sore ear from conversation and a smaller pocketbook from the expensive service that is not much better than 2 cans and a string. Most of the time I have data a speed of 25kb thats about half the speed of my oldest dial up... If someone has something to offer or has something better in mind lets see it. There is no cable internet in this location and WILD BLUE has no footprint here. They have left a very bad taste in my mouth and I have no way to wash this away. Like so many other things in life this small paragraph is my epilogue and testimony...

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  • Ra
    Randy Close Nov 06, 2007

    "Clear view of the Southern Sky." What a Joke. when these clowns installed our satellite dish, they put it behind a 30 foot pine tree. Our connection is very slow 90% of the time. In fact, it is only fast about 3% of the time. When we called and complained, we got a non english speaking person. After several calls, we have been told to Pay $230.00 to move the Satellite dish from behind the tree. We been told it is our wireless net work. We replaced that with no changes in slow service. We were told to upgrade. EXCUSE ME! You offer non english speaking support, Piss poor installation of the dish, no refunds for crap as service and YOU WANT MORE OF MY MONEY FOR AN UPGRADE!!! Dial up is more reliable and quicker than what we have. We are dumping Hugesnet.

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  • Ma
    marc olsen Nov 10, 2007

    I pay over $100.oo per month for this satellite service. It's sooo slow. Dial up modem was faster. On line tests show that the service is within their guidelines, and that the problem lies with heavy traffic at various times of the day.

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  • Ma
    Mark Cohen Nov 10, 2007

    DirecWay and Satellite Internet companies (now one in the same) are selling Oregonians a service contract that they cannot meet. They advertise a level of service that is attractive and then fail to deliver. If you try to have their technical support address the issue, they send you to India for 2 hours of run around (while they try ### non-technical attempts and ultimately claim to have to call you back from the American "advanced" technical service group). These folks wait 2 weeks to call you and then tell you that "based on our system tests in the control center it is your equipment". They then expect you to hire an independent installer for $100's to come fix it. If you try to cancel the contract, they will charge you $300. This is a trap and completely unfair. IT MUST BE AN ILLEGAL PRACTICE. Someone PLEASE get these ### and serve up justice for those of us trapped by this unfair practice. I’ll sign the class action without hesitation... contact me!

    Here are the speed tests since June of 2007 for my account. They "guarantee 650Kbps download" as part of the contract.

    November 9th, 06:12PM - 154/177 kbps
    November 9th, 06:07PM - 77/376 kbps
    November 9th, 06:05PM - 49/156 kbps
    November 7th, 10:15AM - 246/148 kbps
    November 7th, 10:13AM - 209/136 kbps
    November 7th, 10:10AM - 264/138 kbps
    November 4th, 08:03PM - 26/42 kbps
    November 4th, 08:01PM - 39/71 kbps
    November 4th, 07:59PM - 50/42 kbps
    November 3rd, 02:22PM - 230/147 kbps
    November 3rd, 02:19PM - 145/139 kbps
    November 3rd, 02:13PM - 254/182 kbps
    November 2nd, 11:19PM - 99/137 kbps
    November 2nd, 11:17PM - 83/147 kbps
    November 2nd, 11:16PM - 76/68 kbps
    November 2nd, 11:14PM - 70/174 kbps
    November 2nd, 11:07PM - 204/185 kbps
    November 2nd, 09:17PM - 195/149 kbps
    November 2nd, 09:10PM - 62/133 kbps
    November 2nd, 09:07PM - 95/131 kbps
    November 2nd, 09:05PM - 91/138 kbps
    November 2nd, 09:02PM - 108/394 kbps
    October 28th, 10:36PM - 97/131 kbps
    October 28th, 10:29PM - 117/138 kbps
    October 28th, 10:19PM - 117/122 kbps
    October 28th, 10:06PM - 113/71 kbps
    October 28th, 10:02PM - 117/31 kbps
    October 28th, 09:44PM - 88/105 kbps
    October 28th, 09:31PM - 59/35 kbps
    October 28th, 09:29PM - 37/63 kbps
    October 28th, 09:27PM - 87/67 kbps
    October 27th, 08:30AM - 45/139 kbps
    October 27th, 08:28AM - 45/150 kbps
    October 27th, 08:26AM - 60/152 kbps
    September 14th, 10:56PM - 488/26 kbps
    September 13th, 09:23PM - 54/7 kbps
    September 13th, 09:18PM - 66/7 kbps
    July 31st, 11:58PM - 538/29 kbps
    July 31st, 11:56PM - 593/45 kbps
    July 31st, 11:21PM - 293/165 kbps
    July 31st, 11:18PM - 245/151 kbps
    July 31st, 11:15PM - 375/156 kbps
    July 20th, 09:51PM - 582/22 kbps
    July 20th, 09:42PM - 570/61 kbps
    July 20th, 09:31PM - 622/75 kbps
    July 20th, 09:29PM - 427/91 kbps
    July 20th, 09:25PM - 374/118 kbps
    July 18th, 10:18PM - 198/186 kbps
    July 18th, 10:15PM - 248/133 kbps
    July 18th, 09:40PM - 402/159 kbps
    July 18th, 09:37PM - 379/175 kbps
    July 17th, 09:41PM - 157/10 kbps
    July 13th, 12:19AM - 547/152 kbps
    July 12th, 10:05PM - 139/184 kbps
    July 11th, 10:04PM - 238/173 kbps
    July 11th, 12:33AM - 357/159 kbps
    July 11th, 12:30AM - 349/50 kbps
    July 11th, 12:28AM - 380/111 kbps
    July 3rd, 10:11PM - 433/73 kbps
    July 2nd, 10:43PM - 252/109 kbps
    July 2nd, 10:32PM - 61/140 kbps
    July 2nd, 10:30PM - 71/70 kbps
    June 14th, 10:17PM - 289/132 kbps
    June 14th, 10:07PM - 477/143 kbps
    June 14th, 10:05PM - 522/26 kbps.

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  • Li
    Linda Griffith Nov 13, 2007

    I just checked my satellite speed and the results were 72 down and 38 up and Hughes Net has the nerve to call this high speed internet service?? What a joke! I also just called the toll free number to ask WHY it is so slow and was told the wait time could be in excess of 30 minutes. Imagine that!! Everyone in the world is calling them for the same reason___POOR SERVICE but HIGH MONTHLY PREMIUMS -and the service is NO better than dial-up--matter of fact this junk makes dial up look better every day-and the cost is MUCH cheaper-this is the biggest rip-off i have ever experienced. Stay away from this provider.

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  • Jo
    John A. Mellor Nov 25, 2007

    I called to find out more information. The sales person on the other end was hard to hear, I do have a hearing problem. I did announce this after the second time of my hearing prob. He then screamed to "CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW!!" I asked why he was now yelling at me, he I cant hear. I ended the call.

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  • Ri
    Richard Tiebe Dec 06, 2007

    I placed an order to upgrade my Hughesnet Equipment 12-04-07. The Rep. called me while I was at work....took 1/2 day off (lost money) to meet him and take him to my home to up-grade.......Defective DW7000 (as I was told by installer)...4 hours later......he left my home with no excuse as to why......all I see is his tail lights leaving my driveway! I called Customer support and at this point I feel I was "blown off". I will let this board know what happens.....A class action suit needs to be put in place!
    I am so angry! I try to be a gentleman in everything I do, but, I would be fired if I did this to one of my customers! (as it sould be!). Hughes Comm. CHECK YOURSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Kb
    K Bauer Dec 23, 2007

    I never had any problems with my internet speed or had heard of a "fair access policy" until Hughes Network took over Direcway. For the past year I thought the problem was with Dell computers and have spent numerous hours trying to figure out what was going on, Dell even replaced my hard drive. Only this past week have I learned that it is not my computer but my internet service.

    After contacting Hughes Network I was informed that even though I do not use my internet everyday that I still am using more than I'm allowed for daily use. In order to abide by their fair access policy they will slow down my access speed to 8 kbs for 24 hours at which time my speed will return to normal.

    I can however "upgrade" my service to either pro or pro-plus in order to "overcome" the fair access policy which still limits my internet usage. Either I can purchase a new router for $25 shipping fee plus $69.99 or $79.99/mo or use the same router with a monthly fee of $89.99. Hughes Network is changing the ORIGINAL contract I agreed to when purchasing this product without "fair" notice and then expecting us to abide by their rules. For many of us who use satelite are those who live out in the country without access to other services. Personally why should have to "eat" the original cost of $600 in order to switch to a landline when I already had an original contract stating my usage?

    Since writing this complaint the customer service referred me to call the technical department to allow me access back online. However in order to access internet I had to "agree" to their service contract!

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  • De
    Dean Dec 23, 2007

    Interesting, BUT, when you signed up for Directway (Now Hughesnet) you did have and FAP Policy, just because you did not read it does not mean it was never there until Hughesnet took over.

    It has always been there! I have been with them for 3 years and I have always had an FAP limit, I think it is 160Mb in 24 hours, something like that.

    If you are hitting your FAP, someone is downloading a lot of movies, music or you have a virus/Trojan on your computer.
    Have a look at your original contract, it is on there.

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  • Sh
    sherry pierce Dec 29, 2007

    Fair policy access... be aware before you sign on the line. You won't be able to watch a movie or download much music. They will cut you off for 24 hours. Hardly better than dial up and not WORTH the outrageous 91 bucks a month plus high installation fees I paid for this CRAPPY service. Their commercials are misleading and there should be a class action suit filed against them for false advertising. They make out like you finally can get high speed internet no matter where you live. Sure you can... for about five minutes then you are cut out for exceeding their limits .

    This was a big waste of money. If I had access to anything but dial up I would have never chosen this route obviously. They are exploiting customers with misleading information in their commercials plus no mention of this during installation. Read the fine print disclaimer. But by that time you probably already have it installed.

    I'll be glad when this 18 month contract is over. Out they go .. back to my 16.95 dial up. Oh well... so much for high speed internet no matter where you live. That is crock of bull sh*t from them. Stay clear away and save your money.

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  • Kb
    k bauer Jan 10, 2008

    What do you work for hughes network??

    Just got off the phone with hughes network as they are trying to convince me their service is better than it was when I was direcway.

    The usuage use to be 175 mg/ 7 hours and now it is 200mg/ 24 hours...

    WhAT? this is better?

    we use to have 25 mg/ hour now we have 8.33/hour

    I may not be the brightest bulb in the bunch but this is NOT better service!

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  • Ji
    Jim Smith Jan 17, 2008

    This company ripped me off! Beware people!

    2 Votes
  • An
    Andrew Jan 21, 2008

    Thank you.

    I wrote the Jan 4 2008 post by Andrew.

    I just followed your advise and filed a complaint using the link: that you provided.

    I also filed a complaint with: and anyone else interested do the same.

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  • Dm
    D McGee Feb 04, 2008

    Like many others in rural areas, I was excited at the notion of 'high speed' internet. So I took the dive with Hughes Net and agree they are nothing but a rip-off. You cannot advertise 'high speed' internet and have a download speed of 11. I had four times that speed at 1/4 the cost with dial up. But I'm told I need to 'upgrade my equipment'. System was installed Jan 8th. I'm getting out before my so-called 'evaluation period' ends and cut my costs. I'll be happy to join others in a class action suit for mail fraud at any time. I'm also contacting everyone I can, every better business bureau, every corporate officer and will have a website set up to gather information on Hughes Nets activities. Their satellite interferes with my TV satellite reception, I can't get to my AOL email account from home now, my computer slowed after making 'adjustments' to assist speed. The list goes on and on. We need to join and fight this.

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  • Wa
    Wayne McKitrick Feb 15, 2008

    Hughes.Net is unbelievably bad. I have had the service for 3 years and have had nothing but troubles. Each year I have to pay for them to come back out to "fix" issues. The last time, the installer told me that Hughes will regularly take blocks of bandwidth for corporate customers and just leave individual users without service and make them pay for getting it resolved. The last time I was changed to a different satellite. This worked for 2 months before the same problems started happening again. Continual intermittent outages. When calling tech support, their solution is to unplug and replug in the modem. This can last from 3 minutes to 3 hours before it fails again. No one at Hughes has any comprehension of what is going on or if they do, they deliberately do not resolve issues. This company is as bad as it gets. Speeds fluctuate from fast at off peak times to slower than dial up during the evening hours. It takes about 30 minutes minimum to get to speak with anyone in the United States - not that this ultimately makes any difference. Everyone - repeat, everyone reads off of scripts. There is not enough bad I can say about this company. My advice is find another way if at all possible. Do not sign up for Hughes if you have any options at all.

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  • Cd
    CD Feb 29, 2008

    We pay over $200 a month for service, or should I say, lack there of. We had to upgrade to the business package and had to have a new dish installed. We not only had to pay for the dish, but the installation as well. A few months later, the service went out. A technician was sent and informed us that we should not be charged for the repair since we only had the dish a few months. We were charged $250 and informed that 2 technicians were sent when only one was sent and actually showed. My husband has now been on the phone for over 2 hours trying to get resolved and not having much success. Hughes is a ABSOLUTE NIGHTMARE!!! There should be laws against such companies!

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  • Mi
    Michael Young Feb 29, 2008

    If you have Hughes net run and run fast. This is the biggest, BS internet provider out there. And their fair access policy???? What is fair about charging $60 a month then telling you how much you can download? And if you go over their limit then you have your speed reduced. Nothing fair about that. How can I be able to enjoy using the internet if I have to worry constantly about if I'm going over my 200mb limits. Right now, it is all I can get, but if I have my way and can get closer to cable, I'm outta here. And I truly hope they ask me for my opinion of the company. I'll truly enjoy telling them what bad customer service and internet service they have. I truly hope they go out of business. No one in the company uses their service. I asked a supervisor that point blank and she said "no". Now what does that tell you...

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  • Me
    Melita Mar 06, 2008

    I totally agree. The commercial is a big fat lie!

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  • Jr
    Jr Mar 16, 2008

    ABSOLUTELY!!!! I have spent hours on the phone to be told speeds are not guarenteed. My current issue is with upling queing, just got done being told by level 2 support that although hughes sells my plan with a typical 100-125 kbps upload speed if I can hit that speed once in a while they can not do anything more. SO SICK of them and their demogogery....

    Although they do state speeds are not guarenteed they do also set some paramaters of expectation...I still feel this is fradulent and wish someone could do something about it.

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  • Pa
    patricia saxton Mar 25, 2008

    we signed up for hughes an the modem dosen't work
    I am sending it back. thanks to internet we are well
    aware of the problems before we begin to use their service
    there service not use hughes

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  • Gr
    gregory smith Apr 01, 2008

    need better service and give up grades for free you shouldnt have to paid for it that sucks and could any body speak english and dont let it rain the satellite goes out and went i called i cant understand who im talking to now that sucks im thinking about duming hughes net i only had them one month that say it all mad. mad.

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  • Da
    Dan Apr 11, 2008

    Hughes Net is a nightmare.

    Had I know what I would be going through with them I would have stuck with dial-up.

    If anyone is thinking of using hughes net, DON't.

    Look for any means possible but using hughes net.

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  • Ir
    IrmaBrown Apr 21, 2008 is terrable. For the past 4 to 6 months we have had problems. Spend hours on the phone with people in India that know nothing about what is going on.Can be rude and have even hung up the phone for no reason except that they do not know what else to do. Hughes has sent 2 service men out here to re-sight the dish. It just gets worse. They are over loaded or else they are slowely dieing. Do not waste your money with these people.

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  • Ja
    Jayne Frank Apr 28, 2008

    This is incredible! During the 3 years or so that I have had Direcway and now HughesNet, I probably have had to call at least 20 times because of service (or better yet lack of) issues on their part.

    Now, in late April 2008, we get a a message that HughesNet is going to upgrade everyone's email (we haven't asked keep in mind) and that we will definitely be back on Sunday (27th) at 11:00. I have a business out of my home and get several hundred emails a day, all of which produce income for me in a vacation rental business. After talking with Daisey, Robin, Peter and Pearl (all fake names since they are all Indian and can't speak very good English), they now inform me that it will probably be the end of the day Monday (which is just another stall tactic) because they are still "working on it". I talked to Advanced Customer Service; they just probably put the phone on hold and had the person in the next cubicle take the call. I asked what my options were; once again they put the phone on hold and came back and told me I had none.

    I thought I could "impress" them by telling them that this is like my coming by and telling them that I was going to take their paycheck away, and that was what they were doing to me. I got the famous line from them "I understand and I'm sorry for your frustration."

    DON'T EVER USE THIS COMPANY. It's not worth the toll on your health, your time, or your pocketbook.

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  • Ly
    Lynda M. Apr 28, 2008

    Since we started w/ we've had the slowest service we've EVER had!!! Now since they're doing the email upgrade we have had NO email capability at all for the last 4 days!!! There is no target date for when it will be up & running again. For the $ you pay for this SLOW service it's NOT worth it!!! Oh & by the way, stay as far away as possible from ZONE ALARM. As if the system wasn't slow enough before, it got even slower after we installed their award winning virus, etc. protection service. We couldn't get rid of it fast enough!!!

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