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My # with hughes is DSS37202423 for almost two years I have been biledl for internet that doesn't work all I ever I get a message that says connected with problmes I called several times all I I am told is to pay for more data other than that there is nothing they can do. This is the worst service and customer service I have ever experienced in my life and I am paying 90.00 a month for nothing. Anyway my internet service went totally out the first week of October I am not sure of the exact date I only use it to listen to music which doesnt work half the time when it was still out the follwing week is when I called on 10-18-20 we tried re-booting that didnt work so the cust serv rep said he couldn't help me they had to send out a repair tech and that is was my responsibility to pay for a technican to come out and repair their equipment I asked why I had to pay for a tech to come out to repair/replace equipment that belongs to them He couldn't answer that question thats just the way it was and if I wanted it fixed I would have to pay and he said I three options 1.125.00 express service. 2.65.00 for non express service I guess. and 3. $8.99 a month plus 25.00 service charge and would bill me as usual with this company I had no choice if I wanted somebody to look it so I agreeed to 8.99 a month plus 25.00 service charge. Well they billed me but not the 8.99 plus 25.00 they billed 125.00 I also received a text message stating that all my data had been used I called customer service on 10-20-20 I was advised that nothing was set up on my account (funny because I was on the phone for over 45min with guy on the 18th while he supposidly was putting it in the system) and that I owe the 125.00. I told her I was not paying it I was told 8.99 plus 25.00 if cust service didnt put in thats not my fault. When the repair guy came out he said he found a problem with the equipment outside it was due to normal wear and tear he replaced the defective equipment and left a new box inside and left. I advised if the rep if she couldnt help me I wanted to talk to a supervisor about my bill and about the 19 GB I used in one day which I have never ever done before I did not have service for 2 weeks how could I have used all my data all she could tell me is that I used it. I demanded to talk to a supervisor I waited on hold for at least 20 min maybe longer finally rep comes back says can't get a hold of supervisor but that she noted account and somebody would be calling me shortly. It is now 3 days later nobody has tried to contact me yet. I don't feel I should have to pay for a service call on equipment that they own and stopped working because of normal wear and tear that is so wrong in so many ways and I also should get credit for the time I didnt have service and my data restored. I tried to contact via email it's limited 4 lines then you can't type anymore. Tried live chat I typed my issue a rep comes on line asks how can I help you I said didnt you read my inital text then I get disconnected

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