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Nov 11, 2007

Hughes Network Systems - fair act policy (fap)

I submitted a complaint earlier but not sure if it got posted. I have been with HughesNet back when it was called direcpc. Back then they just had download and no upload, had to use phonline to surf...

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Nov 11, 2007

Hughes Network Systems - service is a joke!

I have been with HughesNet when it was called direcpc and all you got was the download side, no upload. Since then the service has went down hill fast. FAP use to last only a few hours and now it last for 24hrs. (what a joke) I live in a rural area and my only isp other than phoneline is Hughes. I am thinking about going back to phoneline and just rent DVD's and buy music CDs If anyone knows of a better isp please email me. Good luck everyone.

Yes, Hughes is a joke. I have the pro package, which is supposed to be 2-3MB / sec. But I get about 80kbps during the day, and 1200kbps late at night. They told me there was nothing they could do, it's just too many users on each satellite. Slower than dial-up 95% of the time. Upload is never higher than 30kbps. Do not believe the ads, they are outright lying about the "fast" speed. IT IS NOT BROADBAND.

Mar 11, 2008

Help! Long Story story short I have been paying $60.00 a month since 2005 for dial up speed, now its even worse since I upgraded my Modem to the 7000 and my service to the PRO series.

Tecks are on there way to my location again at $125.00 a pop. my low down loa speed is 10 kbps my hight would be 600kbs.

my complaint are falling on deaf ears, Who may I contact to gain help.

[email protected]

Nov 07, 2007

Hughes Network Systems - not worth the money!

I pay $60 a month for SLOW internet service. Also not ALLOWED to do downloads or Hughes Net WILL shut your internet service OFF for 24 hrs. I can pay $25 a month 4 cable internet which is 100 TIMES FASTER. We paid $600 for the equipment that IS faulty. The CUSTOMER SERVICE hardly speaks English & does not give HELP at all! If you sign up with Hughes Net your are waisting thousands of dollars and SLOW internet service with very limited capabilities! Don't buy into Hughes Net. Its a waist of TIME & MONEY!

Oct 28, 2007

Hughes Network Systems - service, speed, reliability

I have had Hughes (Direcway) for several years. I also am tired of calling for service and having to hang up on the average of 4 times before and IF I get a person I can understand (yea for out...

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Oct 20, 2007

Hughes Network Systems - better business bureau should investigate them

Hughesnet sucks, there is no other way to put it. Their FAP program was news to me and my family. Never was told about it during all of the phone calls prior to sign up. 200mb a day, after that dial up looks fast. It was in the disclaimer. If anyone ever asks me about it I tell them to run and run fast as far away as possible. If you ever have to call customer service I hope you can understand foreign languages. Always ask for advanced tech support. At least they are located in the USA and speak english. I am done ASAP. In 11 months of service I have never reached to promised speeds, not even close. The Better Business Bureau should investigate them. A class action lawsuit would be better, false claims made on TV.

Mar 11, 2008

Help! Long Story story short I have been paying $60.00 a month since 2005 for dial up speed, now its even worse since I upgraded my Modem to the 7000 and my service to the PRO series.

Tecks are on there way to my location again at $125.00 a pop. my low down loa speed is 10 kbps my hight would be 600kbs.

My complaint are falling on deaf ears, Who may I contact to gain help.

[email protected]

Oct 20, 2007

Hughes Network Systems - not giving service promised

I'm no longer receiving high speed service or e-mail, they still expect me to keep up my end of the contract of $59 a month even though I no longer receive service. Is this a scam? It seems to be ocurring to many users in my area.

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Sep 07, 2007

Hughes Network Systems - bad service and money issues!

We signed up with Hughes Net because we had no other choice for internet besides dial up. It advertises to be very fast and they had a promotion of paying the $400 up front charges monthly with a 2...

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Sep 02, 2007

Hughes Network Systems - fair access and termination

I have been a stupid customer of first direcway and now hughesnet when I moved in february 07. I was hoping I didn't need it, but since i'm rural, I still did. It is the worst possible service in the history of the internet - they never tell you about their "fair access policy" until you go over your limit and your connection speed degrades to below dial-up. I go over the limit because my computer sometimes downloads system software - which exceeds their max. If you complain, you get told its your fault, and their is nothing you can do for 24 hours. I did just get told that there is now no limit if you download between 3and6am est!

Hughesnet is a rip-off. 4-6 times the price of dsl or dial-up. They have us without other options at their own will, they make up rules as they go along, without any notice and without any option to their customers to back out because of their service. If you are unhappy with their service - tough - you were stupid enough to get sucked into their false advertising and high-speed promises!

I can not wait for dsl to make it to me, my hughesnet dish will be on the curb as soon as possible. If you are thinking about getting hughesnet - don't unless you are like me and need it for your job, because dial-up just won't work. Its not worth the expense!

May 31, 2008

I've had hughesnet for about 6 months now and I would NOT recommend it to anyone. I keep hoping DSL will eventually be available to me and I'm going to dump Hughesnet like a bad habit. I know I'll probably have to pay a termination fee, but it'll be worth it to get away from Hughesnet!

Dec 16, 2007

I have always been happy with DirecWay / Hughesnet. Their service and equipment worked as I expected for many years. Anytime a service issue would arise they handled it within 5 days max. at my house.
My problem is with the new fair access policy. There is nothing fair nor unbound about this. If you go over some obscure limit within 24 hours, you loose service for 24 additional hours.
I use my service heavily 2 days a week. The first day all is well. The second day, snail service. God forbid, I need to take a university test online, the second day. Three times last semester I had to retake a test because of Hughe$Pot. The professor said that it is my responsibility to provide a reliable internet connection. I pay for Hughe$Crap and I have to go 20 miles to take a test at the library. The library uses cable.
All in all for me, HughesNet was GOOD until they became FAIR. Now they are just plain FAIR

Aug 27, 2007

Hughes Network Systems - the worst customer service I have ever dealt with!

I have been waiting for over 8 weeks for a credit. I followed there RMA procedures to a "T". They would not even talk to me about until the 8 weeks have passed. They have the WORST customer service I have EVER dealt with.

I just had the exact same issues (and it's 2011) so i guess the network engineers at hughesnet/dway need fired because their service is still the same quality as it was 3 years ago. haha I even talked to a pouty lame [censor] named mike in level 3 support who tried to tell me that packet loss was normal (45%) for satellite. So .. when your service simply doesn't work 45% of the time -- that's normal. He insisted that I just needed to get used to [censor] service because satellite is only for people who can't get anything else. What kind of sales line is that? Speaking of sales pitches .. hughesnet says that they have some latency issues but in their advertising it is supposed to be like 1/2 second because the signal has to travel 45, 000 miles (at the speed of light) and by my calculations that's more like 1/4 second (45k/186k) but (I think out loud to myself) isn't low earth orbit more like 1200 miles maximum? How far away are these satellites anyways. Ironically, my super salesman in the tech department at hughesnet informed me that packet latency is acceptable anywhere from 2-3 seconds. So let me get this straight .. normally internet communications will have a latency of 25-100ms so after a three way handshake and a GET request and then a response from the server, we have between 125ms and 500ms (1/2 a second) to receive a completed response. However, it should be noted, that mike from hughesnet thinks that it is normal to have 15 second response times and we are assuming here that our requests are simple ones and didn't need to be fragmented into multiple parts adding several seconds (up to 6 with packet verification). How can service be so crappy that technical support says that unless we have a specific error then we can't resolve your problems and significant packet loss and latency issues aside (because we can't fix those) we need something real that we can blame on your browser or your router or on other parts of the ever so mysterious internet that are obviously completely out of our control.

Mar 11, 2008

I am on the phone right now with level 2 tech support. After 3hours of asking why my telnet and ssh session to my office server(s) ( with 4 different internet server providers on 4 different gateways ) are being dropped after 15 seconds from when i login to them. I am told that they do not support telnet or ssh. I am like WTF are you talking about. So I ask Robert the tech to speak to a supervisor because that is not the answer you give someone like me who has 15 years working as a Network Engineer.

So I said to the supervisor "What a bull#&*$ answer I just got from your tech, let me ask you a question do you support ping? I am getting a 42% packet loss right now Your own diag software in YOUR #$&*(%^% Receiver OS has ping are you going to tell me that you don't support ping?" "Please don't tell me that... because the people in Maryland are gonna look dumb when they get notice that a lawsuit has been filled against them for what you have said.."

So the super took a look and he is like damn you got a 40% packet loss here.. Guess we will have to look at seeing if there is a bigger problem that is going on.

So mike at level 2 HN tech support. You piece of lying buck passing crap. Realize now that not every call can BS'd through. Get out of the business.. You don't know what your doing. Your just a little punk answering the phone like a front desk cutie at a office.

Aug 26, 2007

Hughes Network Systems - having to pay the monthly fee after a death

My husband, David Moorman, passed away July 15 after a heart attack on July 14. He was a subsriber. Even after I submitted the death certificate which stated he died on July 15, 2007, I had to pay another month to Hughes in order to close Dave's VISA acct. I find it appalling, unethical, and every other unprintable word to charge for a service to someone who is dead. On top of grieving, managing our children, taking care of business, I got this from They said I had to pay another month because it took me 4 weeks to FAX the death certificate. I did make the call 2 weeks after Dave died. Even though they got the certificate, they still charged me because it is their policy. I will tell everyone I know to never use for anyhting. You make money off of poeple who are unable to use the Internet because they are already dead and gone. This is morally wrong, and frankly, they owe me money. Sincerely, Christine Ferrero

Feb 10, 2011

Hey dude above me ^, I understand(but find irritating) the need of the FAP, but the whole speed thing is outrageous. I have the 1mbps plan, and most of the time I'm getting 500kbps... Maybe! If the limitations are that bad, then they shouldn't claim the high speeds in the first place! "You get 2mbps download. Haha, just kidding, you only get 750kbps. Deal with it or fork over $400 to cancel." I bet that's what the tech support is saying if they spoke English. -_-


FYI...I have read through some of the complaints against the HughesNet high-speed internet service via satellite and have come to the conclusion that most folks don't really understand how the system works.
First of all, it is not able to compete with the speeds or usage that the cable or dsl services offer. A satellite based system has restrictions that simply must be dealt with. As far as the restricted usage is concerned, if everyone was allowed to download as much as they wished anytime they wanted, it would bog the entire system down and interfere with everyone elses abillity to use it. But did you know that you can download as much as you want from 2am until 7am? That is because most folks are not using the system at that time so you cannot interfere with their usage. Did you also know the only 5% of the cable users use over half of its bandwidth? Hughes is simply trying to be fair to everyone. If you want to download more...then purchase a higher package. If you go over your usage, then you are slowed down for 24 hours only, then it picks back up again to its regular speeds. Hughes has improved the system as technology has improved over the years. The HN9000 has none of the issues the 6 and 7000 had. If you have had the system for a few years, it is worth the upgrade. If you upgrade, then cancel your old account so you don't get a double bill. If you do get a double bill, then they will correct it. Hughes has NEVER raised their package rates...NEVER, yet they have raised the speeds several times! I really cannot believe the silly complaints I have read on here. Sometimes the customer has to take some responsibility for their actions, computer operations...and deal with the fact that if you live in the country, then you have to deal with certain things. The satellite dishes allow us to access tv and internet sites that everyone in the cities have.
I agree that dealing with the folks in India can be difficult, but use some patience and realize that no money is made on the Customer Service Dept. Hughes is simply trying to kep costs down so they can keep the rates down.
Finally, I would like to state a simple fact...order from your Local Dealer and be aware of what you are ordering. The most important factor in your satisfaction is the Tech that installs the system for you. He/She is the only person you will see face to face. If the install is good and solid, then chances are you will be very happy with the service. But ifyou have a million Customers, you are bound to have a few that are not happy.

I am a HughesNet Tech, and I have seen the satellite industry grow and change and improve over the last 15 years. It is only getting better.

Mar 25, 2008

I agree with you 100 percent, no download limit when I signed on with them and then all of a sudden they have a Fair Act Policy limiting your usage, I think there is enough of us that have been screwed by this same BS that a good attorney could file a class action lawsuit against Hughes Net and get some of our money refunded and the attorney could make enough to retire.

Aug 23, 2007

Hughes Network Systems - slow and unreliable internet connection

Ever since Hughes.Net offered to upgrade my system for a commitment of an additional 15 months on the service contract, the internet connection is very poor and very slow. The so called "Technical...

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Aug 23, 2007

Hughes Network Systems - theft, illegally resticting usage!

We have had since directway as well as direcway TV. The TV service has been dropped but as for the ISP its was all that was available for us. (A all to exploitable situation of a mjority of its customers) Well thats no longer the case amen.

The weather interruptions, the iced up dish and the year round garden hose fix are gone. But the service never provided anything near what was advertised. It is not even twice as fast as dial up and uploads... That it is advertised as high speed alone is proof enough of theft.

The technical support has a uncanny way of securing its own, and the customer suffers the consequences of this. They nuke your browser and let you find your way back to the servers or call tech support most all other isp leave a notice that such has accorded.

This off shore corporation "American INC." IS VERY DEFENSIVE. This complaint is being type up on a computer that is not currently connected to Last year about this time if I were to try and type or surf to any kind of consumer sites the page would not load or the browser would crash. It took several system recovery's and weeks to finally get to the Federal Communication site and form which upon being half completed the browser crashed that is how well they track their customers as they keep an identical copy of your machine on their servers. Unfortunately for the next day. The first thing on the Feds site that loaded was my uncompleted form and miraculously I was able to finish and send it with notice of reception. The first of which I was able to do well being a disgruntled customer! A little over a year and a half!

Immediately after this form was filled out the service went from being deviant to some what usable. They harass and sabotage their disgruntled customers like no other using allowing groups of their "loyal customers" and technical support to do it. They obviously make quite a bit of money out of dropped services with their 15 months "free sabotage" plan. I can not even keep track of the software that they figure is not secure enough for their service as you would never be notified it just would not load or work correctly.

The installer loaded a "pocket" disk into all the involved computers on the network which the ADMIN comp ran 45 minutes! Come to find out there was no need to install any software and resulting keylogging and root kits were dealt with for over 3 years, these programs had Dell stumped for over a year and the computer is pretty much useless today. If you were to have to log in for any reason , account info, e-mail you eventually lost control of the computer and the techs would nuke your machine with no notice or the hack would do it to.

If its all you got . You have my sympathy. If not the only people they really answer to they will keep you from communicating with their that bad, their illegal.

Jan 06, 2008

you should get a mac in place of the dell. lol



Ditto to all other complaints here. Want to know how to change it? Dump them, as I plan to do soon as I get my ducks in a row! Thats how you get things done wherever you live. When it costs them money, things will change. I got by without internet for 40 years. I think I can still. I cant hurt this company, but, damned if I'm gonna help them anymore!

I suggest if you are reading this because you are as dissatisfied with HughesNet as much as I and these other disgruntled people, YOU SHOULD DUMP THEM TOO! Why pay for lies and scams?

We have to stick together as consumers!

Jul 31, 2007

Hughes Network Systems - poor customer service!

We had Hughes for about 7 years (started as Direcway). They SUCK! First of all, anytime you have a problem, you get stuck talking to someone in GOD KNOWS WHERE, who doesn't speak English and can...

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Jul 10, 2007

Hughes Network Systems - hughes net stinks!!!

Hughes Net stinks - their customer service is terrible. I have had to fax a copy of my checks 3 times to prove that they received my payment and cashed the check. I upgraded to the DW7000 over a year ago and have not seen very much difference from the old DW6000. If there was DSL where I live I would tell them to kiss where the sun don't shine!

My e-mail has been down 3 days now and all they can tell me is it is going to be fixed in about one hour - BULL! I work from home and am losing business, because I have to accept orders within 24 hours or they get sent to someone else. I asked if they were going to give discounts on the lose of service and the tech's comment was that there were too many people without the e-mail service, and that they would no be giving any discounts on the bill.

AT&T IS NOW OFFERING SATELLITE SERVICE! - I think it is just a little bit more on the month, but it will probably be worth it to get rid of THE STINKING HUGHESNET.

worse company ever hughes net is a scam

Jul 08, 2007

Hughes Network Systems - everything is bad about hughesnet!

Accept some wisdom. This service is horrible. I live in a remote area where there is no other internet service. I have the pro service after I found out about limited daily downloads. Hughesnet i...

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Jul 04, 2007

Hughes Network Systems - fap's "fair access policy" is a fraud!

I am so fed up with First of all I am constantly needing to reboot my modem after a few hours of inactivity. Hughes Net can not fix the problem and told me I would have to live with it...

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Jun 25, 2007

Hughes Network Systems - charged $5.00 a month for invoice i'm not allowed to receive

The company I work for has been using Hughes Net for a few years (unfortunately for us). They recently started charging us $5.00 a month for an invoice. They shut off our service due to non payment. The funny part is we never received an invoice. When I called Hughes Net they stated we can no longer receive invoices by mail we have to register with Hughes Net online and download our bill that way. But we still have to pay the $5.00 invoice charge. Explain that one. If they are even only choice for service don't use the internet. It's not worth it.

Jun 22, 2007

Hughes Network Systems - customer beware!

I've read up on all the complaints posted by consumers on hughesnet, direcway and so forth and I just want to put my two cents in.

First off, I live in the armpit of Arkansas, down in a valley, next to a lake. DSL comes within five miles of our house but they won't extend it into our subdivision. Having been made to feel like a hobbit living under the grassy knoll, I tried dial-up. Unfortunately, the phone lines in my area were supplied within six months of the invention of the telephone, hence they are only slightly less useful than Morse code when it comes to telecommunication.

I lost my $65K job in January of 2005, one month after buying the house, so as you can imagine we were pretty much in deep doo-doo. I had to find work fast and I had worked as a medical transcriptionist at home in the past so I looked into that. Everything was gravy except no dial-up. You had to have broadband.

So my fun began at direct way. The installation cost $650, which I had to borrow from my mother, plus another $150 for something, I can't remember now, and it ended up being a sum total of over $700 charged to her credit card (which of course I paid back). The service was $59.99 a month but I was promised better than dial-up speeds.

Okay, first things first, they had to move the dish within six months because the ### who installed it didn't realize it will not broadcast through a mass of pine trees. They did not caulk the holes in the roof of my house so now the roof leaks, something of which we were not aware until after a heavy rain in 2006 and the ceiling caved in. They won't take responsibility for it, so we're just out of luck there.

So now they've made more holes in the roof of a two-story house, angled the dish appropriately so that there are no trees in the immediate range, and we're good to go, right?

Wrong. If a flock of birds flies between the dish and the selected satellite we're out of service for at least ten minutes. One cloud, one lousy cloud and we might as well hang it up. God forbid that it should rain, snow, mist, hail, sleet or the humidity increases.

Alrighty, so I lived with that crap, not being able to connect to my $59.99 per month internet at least 35% of the time, for a year. I was frustrated but at least I was working.

Then the 7000 upgrade came out and I could get the equipment for nothing. Woo hoo. I could live with that. So I called, asked for the upgrade, got it, installed it (using the power cord from the 6000) and voila - my service turned to crap within two weeks.

I unfortunately sold the 6000 on ebay so I don't have it anymore or I'd hook that back up.

All this time I really thought the equipment was bad, or I was an idiot, but come to find out it hasn't been the equipment or me all this time. It's been the FAP! Fair Access Policy, which limits daily downloads to 200 mb. Just saying that out loud gives me a wave of nausea. 200 mb a day for $59.99 a month.

We are also wedding photographers. I require a bit of bandwidth to upload web albums and the like, they aren't huge mind you, really very reasonable flash files, but I do require that from time to time.

I went for two days without internet in the last week just to "cycle" the system and allow me to have faster speeds for the weekend. Technical support told me a week ago that between the hours of 3 a.m. and 6 a.m. EST that I could download anything I wanted. He said "that'd be 4 a.m. to 7 a.m. your time. I didn't pay any attention but before I could blink again had my windows automatic updates set to 5 a.m. so I could avoid using my pittance of 200 mb a day.

So I'm thinking yay me, hughesnet is actually trying to help.

I live in CST. He was mistaken. He should have said 2 a.m. to 5 a.m. for me. I used up all my 200 mb allowance and was shut down again for OVER 24 hours this time. The next day, oddly enough, same thing.

I've already reported them to the BBB of Arkansas, the Attorney General's office of Arkansas and am thinking of finding some other regulatory agency to gripe at. I understand their frustration but they need to sell monthly GB packages. If you overuse, you pay packages. Something like that.

Everyone on hughesnet, give me a holler. I think we need to get up a gang and lynch them!

p.s. I'm using NetZero to post this as my hughesnet is down AGAIN.

Hughes is the most inept entity on the planet. I had their DirecWay satellite system as DSL was unavailable to me for a number of years. It was barely better than dial-up. I ended up paying thousands of dollars to them for their ineptitude for upgrades due to their mismatch of equipment four times.
My business was dependent on them. I went away on vacation and had all my computers in the shop for upgrades and servicing. When I got back from vacation I hooked up my equipment ready to begin work. But guess what... NO internet. I contacted Hughes and was told that I had exceeded my band width allowance and would be locked out for 48 hours. I asked how it was possible since none of my equipment was online that I could possibly have exceeded my bandwidth and was told that that wasn't THEIR problem. I spent EIGHT hours on the phone fighting with them. They were completely UNRESPONSIVE, UNSYMPATHETIC, told me that I was lying and were outright hostile. This after having had put up with their sorry service for FOUR long years. Thank goodness DSL had just been made available in my area. I was so angered I yanked every piece of their equipment out and took it to the dump. Hughes cost me THOUSANDS of dollars in lost income as well. I will not have ANYTHING to do with HUGHES ever again.

Any FAP will do this, , , I was wanting to get usage of TV. But as soon as I started to stream, everything went slow.
I am at fault to not know nothing about the FAP, and the computer I had wanted to use was in the shop that took almost a month to get fixed.
So I am only a couple of weeks away from my contract. And will have to deal with a moble phone modem. Hey for $60.00 a month to have text, long distance and web browsing and even connect for a 15kb modem oh well.
Yes just started to build my house too. And work fell out from under me too.
Read everything about what you are wanting to buy. EVEN THE SMALL PRINT!

Sep 30, 2009

you will be lucky if you get the help your looking for from hughes i have the same system and i was told i would be able to download a certin amount of mb a day i can but i have to wait till 3 am and use it till 6 am and it still is not in the mb per second more like a phone line i also have a sprint wifi card witch is the same price per month and even on cloudy days with poor signals i get 100% better download speeds and im not limited to how many megabytes im alowed to download so i gave up the and will never use them again, i think it is a type of scam to get people to order the product then if you want a faster service you will have to pay a larger amount 59.99 for 200 mb a day speed will definately be in the kb's slower than phone service after your hooked they will try to get more out of you the 79.99 package will give you 400 mb's a day but you still have to wait for the alowed time frames to get your speedy downloads but you can always move to the unlimedted dowload's BUT you speed is still the same untill the your time frame hits the proper time usually in the early hours there are certon time frames for every time zone...and if you dont pay for insurance for your system or the problem was caused by lightning, bugs, floods, etc and not from an internal malfunction be prepared to pay for the repare work i had to.

Jan 27, 2009

I moved to the Appalchian mountains so I have a similar problem. I called Direct TV and asked for bundled services for internet--I talked to some clearing house in India but they never told me I wasn't talking to Direct TV. They promised free installation, equipment etc for both TV and internet. They needed a partial payment for the first month so I stupidly gave them my visa for a $30 approved charge. They then turned around and sold my contract to Wild Blue. Wild Blue charged my visa $400 for the "free" equipment. I still haven't gotten that reversed--been fighting it since August. They also started charging my visa for the monthly bill and refused to give me a statement. I canx my visa and told them I would only send them a check--no more charges to the visa. They cut me off internet. Direct TV, inspite of setting the installation up, refuses to acknowlege responsibility for giving away my visa # without authorization. Satalite internet is a huge ripoff and we should ban together to fight it. I just retired for medical reasons and had to give up my home in Florida (foreclosure)--I sure as [email protected]#$ couldn't afford that $400 and would NEVER have authorized it. And the "service", when I had it was terrible! When you put a bull in with a cow you say the bull is servicing the cow--Wild Blue definitely serviced me!

Sep 16, 2007

I completely agree, i have hughesnet mainly because cable was too expensive, but honestly being able to actually USE my internet seems worth the high cable costs. once i hit the download limit it takes 5 to ten minutes to load up google. GOOGLE. Lousy F.A.P.

But hey we get to download unlimited in the middle of the night.yay


Hughes Network Systems - hostile customer service and embezzlement

For nearly 6 yrs I've had HughesNet (HN). Upload speed usually worse than dialup. Made upgrades HN suggested several times at additional cost, w / out improvement. Last upgrade, on 10/09/07 no improvement. Their install tech diagnosed the dish, not the modem, as needing to be upgraded to 2 Watt. On 10/15/2007 their tech installed the new dish. Charged 2X for the modem plus additional for the dish. Total charge about $1,1000. No refund given for duplicate modem, HN would not take return. On 05/23/2007, HN locked out service for overuse of band with previous evening, but no equipment was online. Argued with HN for 3.5 hrs. Contacted HN via online chat. Canceled HN service. went with Frontier DSL. Assured by HN that no further charges would be made. HN has continued to bill me. Charging my credit card $99.99 on 05/31/07. Spent 1 hr arguing with CS on the phone. Told that I had 2 accounts with HN. That they deactivated my inactive acct. They said shame on me, and that I would be charged another $300.00 for early deactivation of my "new" account, as they set new account when they sent me the upgraded dish. Asked for supervisor, another 1/2 hr later still on hold, no supervisor. I've contacting Credit Card company for dispute and am filing a formal complaint with TN Department of Consumer Affairs.

customer service? Laughable! Ivan the "manager" did NOTHING but repeat himself over and over. Stole out of my account and opened up the account in my name even though I never even spoke to them. Someone else called in to open the account and advised the person to open up account in another name to reduce deposit. Also took out of my account MORE than automated service advised was the amount due earlier than automated service addvised, overdrafting my account and causing huge amounts of fees!

May 27, 2007

Hughes Network Systems - downloading and surfing problems

I started with Direcway and they sold to Since that time the service has been horrible. I was downloading Microsoft Office and a window came up saying it would take 53HOURS to download...

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