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dealing with hughesnet was a huge mistake!

We had decided to go with this company boy was this a mistake! We have had the service for about 8 or 9...

product failure

Several years back we set up with 'Direcway', which is now '' and they sent out a local company to install the exterior hardware (and interior hardware which is fine), the dish and parts... and... yesterday it fell from the very bottom of the pole!!! This is galvanized metal but they installed it improperly by NOT using cement at the base! Now when i called to get this replaced they told me it would be at my expense! What kind of an operation is this that they do not stand behind the subcontractors they send out who do inferior work?

Needless to say... What can we do about this?

Thank you!
Jack & Donna Cornell
We are located in the Stratford, Oklahoma area

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    Donna Keen Jan 23, 2008

    I have had nothing but trouble with them. Has anyone contacted the BBB?

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  • Ri
    Richagan Sep 01, 2008

    All businesses beware! The time and energy we've allocated toward "fixing" our HughesNet connection over the past year has nearly bankrupted us. Our business relies on being able to upload files, email, and access client administration websites.

    Every time you call tech support, often someone in India, they are obviously trained to put you through a sequence of "tests" no matter what the problem is and these tests can include 40 - 120 minutes on the phone and possibly a 24-48 hour download battery of tests. This basically means you are out of business for the next 24-48 hours! One time they even ordered a service tech to come out (within the next 5 days) to test the equipment. Later that day, in frustration, I called back and somehow I got upgraded to the next "level" of tech support. This guy was obviously "local, " very nice and had us up and running within 15 minutes. It was THEIR update that didn't upload correctly and that was the cause of our problems at the time. He was able to trouble shoot the cause quickly and with common sense.

    We do get the occassional complete outage due to weather conditions - that is acceptable to us. But time and again either our email with attached files will not send, or email service in general doesn't work for 3-4 days at a time, unable to upload large files for days or make critical updates to websites are impossible, sometimes for 24-48 hours.

    We have never surpassed our fair use policy, so its not like we're abusing the system. Most times, basic service like web browsing and email without attachments work fine - so it seems to me that they are restricting broadband purposily to keep basic services working for the masses.

    So it irks me when I see their TV ads promising great service and quite the opposite is true - the ads only add volume to the broadband they obviously cannot support.

    Any other service, AT ANY PRICE would be less than what we've spent with HughesNet in the past 12 months.

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poor broadband service

I've had Hughes Satellite Broadband since August 2005. I thought I would have faster connections and downloads. Not so. The connection speed is terrible. I wait and wait, usually my request is timed out. Have I called tech support? Yes, many times, and it usually improves for a bit. However they always bill on time.

  • Ph
    Philip Graham Mar 10, 2007

    Their actual product does not remotely approach the product their ads imply. Their ads are a fraud.

    The FCC should take action and force hughes to refund the cost of the equipment to anyone wishing a refund.

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  • Su
    Suzanne Johnston Apr 20, 2007

    Their current FAP is utter garbage and I don't know how they can get away with it. When I signed up for Direcway, the agreement was that the FAP would be applied if I exceeded 20mb per hour for more than 2 to 3 hours and that the cap would only last 2 to 4 hours. Hughesnet lowered the allowance and increased the duration of the cap. Despite the fact that the webpage still said 20mb was the limit, when I called tech support they told me that the limit was actually 16mb over 4 hours. They also told me that in order to end the cap that I would have to completely stop using the internet for 8 to 12 hours before the cap would be lifted.

    Now they have changed their FAP again (they did not even have the courtesy to send me an email warning) and I only found out after over half an hour of trying to load their webpage to get to the notice. They claim the raised the allowance to a whole 200mb per DAY. Not only that, but they will cap for 24 hours or MORE if you exceed the limit. Their pro plan offers something like 350mb per day which is still less than the original Direcway limit which equaled about 420mb per day. I could even have lived with the daily limit somewhat if they hadn't made it a full 24 hour cap. Even after the internet was not used for 4 hours straight (there was 0mb downloaded/uploaded) my bandwidth remained capped. It just now was uncapped so that I was able to load this.

    At the very least they should offer something on the modem that reports to you what your usage has been so far and warns you if you are reaching your limit so you don't exceed it.

    This is particularly frustrating to me since I take college classes online and I need to use the internet to send my homework and view my grades and such. I had several assignments that I needed to send in yesterday and I couldn't even send an email to my teacher to let her know that my internet was not working. I am going to have to go in and hand deliver my work now. May not seem like a big deal but I live way out in the woods on unpaved roads and I recently dislocated my ankle.

    I'm seriously considering contacting the FCC about this but I don't know if they would do anything. The change in the FAP is infuriating.

    When I upgraded to the latest modem and increased my serviceplan obligation it was under Direcway. I had no idea Hughesnet was going to screw me over like this.

    Does anyone know of anywhere I could go for help on this matter? I wish hughesnet would lower their monthly bill or give me a discount for the 24 hour periods that they cap me if I happen to exceed their bs limit.

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  • Da
    David C Jun 02, 2007

    Yes, Hughes Net is terrible. I also live in the boonies... and had to download some videos on iTunes for review... I had nearly downloaded one of the videos... 50 megs... and wham... our internet service slowed to speeds measurable in bytes per second (not kb... bytes). The service has been so slow today we could not even check the weather on because the connections just time out. This happens all the time. We called service... they told us our DW7000 needed to be replaced. The visiting service technician said the DW7000 was fine, but that we needed to call Hughes and have them link us to a different satellite. The System Controller page always works, and always tells us everything is fine... even when the transmission speeds drop below 2 kb per second. Currently, we are running at 12 kb per second. Our previous telephone connection was typically as fast or faster than Hughes. At least the phone connection never timed out... I did not think it was possible to have connections this slow anymore... in fact, our phone internet service was faster in 1997 than the HughesNet satellite connection in 2007... and this is not a joke.

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  • Jo
    joe f. leier Jun 29, 2007

    [email protected]

    Bbove is the email link to make a general complaint about Hughes satellite service. I think that the best course of action is to flood this link with emails concerning the poor service that we are receiving. We have to take some action and not rely on the FCC stepping by themselves without our nudging them.

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  • Ge
    George Jun 29, 2007 sat service just plain sucks. Have no choice tho living in the boonies, there is no other viable option except dialup.

    If you can go with comcast, do it.

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  • Da
    David Marcozzi Jul 23, 2007

    I found out about the Fair Access Policy on working the internet thought satellite broadband. My speed has been reduce cause I work the internet heavy at times. Well who do work the internet. Different company , colleague students to high school to grade students use the internet. I paying for high speed not connection not for snail speed. Hughesnet should refund all user or take this policy off all user. Oh yes all satellite company have this policy on there system cause did some looking into a few of the other companies . Need to find who made this policy and if how to stop this policy. This policy is ripping off the customer... I WANT THIS POLICY OFF MY SYSTEM I PAID FOR HIGH SPEED NOT SNAIL SPEED... OR REFUND MY MONEY.

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  • Ri
    Ricky Rhoades Oct 26, 2008

    I am having the same problem as all of you. When we got our computers upgraded, our computer tech told us that we needed to get high speed internet before she would come do it. So we did and we got hughes net. (sadly that was the only so called "high speed internet" available.) We got hughes net not knowing that it would be like this. So when our tech came to upgrade our computers, she needed to know whether the connection was static, sticky or ppoe(?). so she called the hughes net customer support and they couldn't even tell her that. How can you have a tech support that doesn't even know about the product that they are supposed to be helping people with? i am trying to download World of Warcraft and the patch is 1.2 GB. the FAP only allows 200 Mb PER DAY!!! This service is VERY ridiculous and outragous. We have a 2 year contract and have only fulfilled half of it. someone needs to shut that company down! I can't talk about it anymore because if i do i might kick my computer screen in.

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  • St
    StudentSam Sep 03, 2010

    I've had problems with HughesNet from the beginning when they promised both speed and constant connectivity. (I use my connection for online college classes and even hired a technician to come to my home and check the connectivity. He said it was the internet provider.) I called the company several times and complained, and then I cancelled the service and wrote a letter. After receiving the letter, the company called me and dismissed my concerns stating that I still owed them $400 on the remaining contract for cancelling.

    I had been paying automatically but had stopped that payment method several months ago. After that, until I cancelled, I'd been paying by check. Yesterday, I received an email in which THEY complained that, using my previous automatic billing information, their unauthorized $400 charge was denied. I have never received an actual invoice for the $400 nor any written response to my letter. In their email, they indicated that they had a bad billing address. (They installed equipment on my roof, all other communications (previous bills) have reached me and they have my letter - so they know where I am.)

    This is obviously NOT going well. Got any ideas who I should contact next? Besides an unresponsive FCC?

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  • Bi
    billyj316 Nov 18, 2011

    on 11/07/11 i had hughes net installed in my home, the installer tryed to charge me an extra 25 dollars for a pole to put dish on.
    now after he got everthing set up i didnt check to see if in fact the job was done (ok thats my fault)so after i got through putting my new pc desk together
    i unplug the eithernet cord from the lap top and put on the new home pc i bought/ hm nope no internet i tryed the lap top yep still no inter net. so i called tec suport and starting that day for the next 6 days i was on the phone ever day 2 to 5 hours and still no internet / i was promissed three different times of having a tec, to com to my house to fix the problem no one showed up so finaly the folling monday i canceled the plan with them they tryed to talk me out of it i told them no
    in the begening they over charge me it was suosed to be 99 dolars up front then i would be bill 30 days later for my first bill well 3 days after they got my card number
    they billed me 206.34 i put a stop to that so my advice to anyone wantting internet service stay away from hughes net inter net service they are only full of lies and will cheat u at ever turn

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low signal strength

I am getting only 60% of signal strength and I have a neighbor that is getting 85%. I would like my dish readjusted for more strength. When I have asked about this before I was told that that is good in my area. I have other friends that say not to believe this and report it again. I would really like high speed. Right now it is just as bad as my old dial-up.

no upgrade notice! management sucks!

Since hughes bought direcway my download speeds have fluctuated between good (1,000 + KBPS) to "worse than...

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30-day cancellation policy is a rip-off!

HughesNet is undoubtedly the world leader in Internet Access Rip-OFF !!!
Well since I transferred from southern California to somewhat of a remote location (the bowels of Mississippi) I was forced to find alternate means of internet access. Having to settle for satellite TV (Direct TV) due to lack of cable access anywhere outside of city limits I was confronted with numerous advertisements about HughesNet's (formerly Direct Way) blazing fast internet service. So assuring their advertisement dollars were not wasted I gave them a call. I completely explained my situation of having at least six computers on my local network at all times and needing to be able to VPN into my company in CA at a moments notice and to host test web sites. Their customer service rep was all to eager to tell me why I needed the business internet package and all the reasons why their product is superior and they promise a 30 day no risk trial period. If I was unhappy for any reason within the 30 day period just call and cancel and all I needed to do was send the equipment back and they would refund me $400. Sounds great I thought, sign me up! Well after about 25 days of fighting with slow access, horrible email support, unbearable latency issues, and laughable tech support I had had enough! I called their customer service to cancel and after answering 10 minutes of questions on why I was wishing to cancel I was informed of the immediate cancellation fee of $485.00 (posted to my checking account within the hour) Once I received the boxes from them, usually within a week, I would receive a $400 refund within SIX WEEKS of them receiving their equipment!!! Needless to say I was furious. This immediate withdrawal from my account from HughesNet caused all of my monthly automatic debits (i.e. 2 life insurance policies, car insurance, gym fees, etc.) to overdraw my bank account per incidence !! So when all is said and done this no risk 30 Day cancellation policy from HughesNet has cost me in excess of $1200.00. I will be glad to entertain any enterprising attorney that would like to help bring this long-winded giant to it's knees.

  • Su
    Susan De Lano Jun 21, 2007

    I have resolved the problem with After they received my letter to the Attorney. General for the State of MN, they contacted me by telephone. I explained the problems I was having with the service.

    They informed me that in April of 2007 they reduced the bandwidth for their customers. Prior to that the service was unlimited. Their explanation for doing this was because of the new customers complaining that they could not use the service or the service was slow. told me that to satisfy the new customers, they cut the older customers service and that they lengthened the wait time from 4 hours to 24 hours.

    I told her that this was not acceptable. And that if they could not restore the service for which I was paying, then I wanted our service discontinued and a refund on the equipment.

    She agreed to refund $400.00 for the equipment. The equipment being the modem and the receiver on the dish (but not the dish). They will refund our money to our credit card account which we paid for the service with.

    I will keep you further informed.

    Have you written your Attorney. General's office yet?

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  • Tm
    tmag Aug 11, 2008

    Hughes.Net are indeed a bunch of liars, and they forget to mention their fair access threshold policy, which is a complete rip off. The company, however does not mention this, and they give you some crap about a jacked up cancellation fee $400. I am extremely furious with companies that do this. I've had this BS system for 11/2 days and just canceled because after being on line for 2 hours your speed drops slower than dial up which is disgustingly slow. So if you really enjoy 20 minutes of internet, the kicked down to dial up, then by all means sign up. If you are however pissed off about companies like this then I INFORM, "DO NOT BY ANYTHING THEY SELL YOU."

    All I know is this may happen once, but not again. I most certainly would like to settle this in court. As a matter of fact I would not be surprised if these guys are related to companies NRON.

    Peace out

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unable to alter dns entries indicates [protected] as technical support help line.

This is the only number given to customers both residential and commercial.

[protected] option 3 gets a customer in contact with an outsourced call center where all "technicians" have heavy Hindu accent that "check their resources if you have any technical questions"

The chat routine at gets customers in contact with the same outsourced call center support team with chats that look like this:

[Dec 1 2006 8:35:45 PM] Welcome to our chat customer support .
[Dec 1 2006 8:35:48 PM] William, you have been connected to Kate William (Dec 1 2006 8:36:02 PM): hi Kate (Dec 1 2006 8:36:00 PM): William, thank you for contacting HughesNet Technical Support. My name is Kate and I appreciate the opportunity to assist you. Before we go ahead with this conversation, I would like to inform you in case we get disconnected, please connect to the chat session again immediately through
Kate (Dec 1 2006 8:36:17 PM): Hi William, how are you doing today?
William (Dec 1 2006 8:36:44 PM): great just got a new domain name and need to have a PTR record setup on your DNS servers Kate(Dec 1 2006 8:38:14 PM): Please give me a moment.
Kate (Dec 1 2006 8:40:41 PM): Is it ok if I keep this chat session on hold for two minutes so that I can check resources?
William (Dec 1 2006 8:41:32 PM): sure i understand that this is for residential tier1 support... but i was never given a business support telephone #
William (Dec 1 2006 8:46:09 PM): oh and here is a link to how my domain is pointing from the registrar
Kate (Dec 1 2006 8:47:53 PM): William, may I know which plan you are in?
Kate (Dec 1 2006 8:50:08 PM): I am waiting for your reply.
William (Dec 1 2006 8:50:23 PM): pro plus
William (Dec 1 2006 8:50:43 PM): with static ip Kate(Dec 1 2006 8:51:44 PM): Could you elaborate your issue so that I can give you perfect resolution.
William (Dec 1 2006 8:52:18 PM): a new domain name and need to have a PTR record setup on your DNS servers.
Kate (Dec 1 2006 8:58:10 PM): I would request you to call as they will be in a better position to assist you.
Kate (Dec 1 2006 8:58:19 PM): I apologize for the inconvenience this issue may have caused.
William (Dec 1 2006 8:59:07 PM): is there a direct line to the business support group i do not want to have to go thru tier 1 again Kate (Dec 1 2006 9:00:00 PM): You need to call Phone support : [protected].
William (Dec 1 2006 9:00:37 PM): bye

Email support also apparently connects customers to the same outsource group and refers customer to the call number. Example in point...

From: [protected] [mailto:[protected]]
Sent: Saturday, December 02, 2006 9:43 PM
To: [protected]
Subject: Hughesnet Resolution

Dear William,

Thank you for contacting HughesNet Technical Support. We appreciate the opportunity to assist you. William, please accept my apologies for the difficulties you are experiencing.

William, I would suggest you to give us a call on [protected] so that we can update you about this issue.

William, we have escalated this issue to our engineers and we are looking forward for their response. However, I would suggest you to give us a call, if we feel that there is a need then we will transfer your call to our Advanced Technical Support (Tier 3).

Your case ID for this issue is [protected]

Kind Regards,
HughesNet Technical Support
For further assistance, we are available 24/7 and you can contact us through the following:
Phone support: [protected] (Technical Support).
Chat support and Email support:
For future Web service and support assistance, as well as finding the latest drivers and updates, please visit our support website at
The HughesNet Technical Support team is pleased to provide you with technical support. We look forward to serving you in the future.
Once again thank you for contacting HughesNet Technical Support.

----------- Original Message ---------------

From : william garrison
Email ID : [protected]
CC :
Billing Phone No : [protected]
Case Status : Voice Support
Product : DW7000
Inquiry Reg : Web Setup
SiteID : 38fa2c02
Previous CaseID : [protected]
Current CaseID : [protected]
Problem Statement : COMMENTS=upon calling [protected] and talking to supervisor carrey? He informed me that it is impossible for the company to setup a PTR record for me. If this is the case then having any type of business with your company is useless. Since all i have talked to in this matter are tier 1 support specialist and supervisors I am requesting this be escalated to engineering and request a reply within 5 business days. I would like a detailed explanation as to WHY your company cannot enter a reverse DNS entry that points to C:Documents and Settings
oganlors>nslookup Default Server: [protected] Address: > Server: [protected] Address: Name: Address: > Server: [protected] Address: Name: Address: 72!

For any employees this is case# [protected], [protected], and [protected]

Getting in contact with anyone at to perform any high level technical support is virtually impossible and requires the tenacity of a pit bull at the that of it's prey. When one does get in contact with this higher level technical support the only support that they can give you is with the hardware that you purchased for $600-$1000 US.

The "Level 3" technician I finally got in contact with informed me that the network topology used by satellites was a static "image" of current DNS entries and changing the DNS entries for static ip addresses was impossible and could not be performed.

  • Ad
    Adam Jun 08, 2007

    Hello, I have also and I have no earthly idea how old this chat is, but I not the richest guy in the world and tells me that I can only download 200 MB between the hours of 6 pm to 3 am but between the hours of 3 am to 6 am i can download as much as I desire. In short, I was wondering if you knew something: can I use torrents to download things with

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  • La
    larry j cutler Sep 22, 2007

    I try to many times to get in and delete my email address because i am getting to must junk mail, i like to delete my email address and set up a net one, but it want let me in. Can someone help me with this?

    larry cutler

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make me feel used and abused!

I made arrangements for this service in August 2006. I was told due to a promotion the 100.00 installation...

double billing and no customer service

Hughes requires automatic access to your credit card for billing. They billed me twice last month. My card company, Hughes, and me on a conference call found that Hughes had no record of a double billing. So, the card company credited me for the second billing. Hughes then discontinued my service and billed me again. Hughes' "customer service" representatives have no authority or ability to solve these problems. Some of their reps can't even be understood over the phone. It's not even possible to email Hughes. Can you believe it? An internet company doesn't have a email address. It's been almost a month, and this billing dispute is still open.

  • Ju
    Juher Jan 23, 2012

    Hughesnet didn't deliver the product they agreed to. They agreed to a pole mount to avoid trees that block southern skies, but tech mounted & aimed at the trees. Slower than dial up & unable to get response from customer service. After emails beginning on day of installation telling them, I utilize the 30 day period to change my mind, they still took $477.98 from my account. I'm out money & have nothing to show for it.

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  • Al
    Alisandra Aug 19, 2019

    The plastic advertisement you consistantly send through the mail. Can you stop hurting the enviroment with plastic cards that go right to the trash?

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  • Pe
    Peter Ciani Dec 17, 2019

    My bill has been going up monthly for 3 months. Each month I called I was promised it would not change and that I would be reimbursed on next months bill, which I never was. I was told on last call it was to increase to from $66.61-$115. I have ticket numbers for each interaction. Customer service makes statements that they don't keep.

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  • Co
    Cory Medley Apr 18, 2020

    They lied when providing my speed test to measure data, etc etc. Stole data from my data plan and would cut my data speeds when we were using their internet service. Customer support would hang up with me and never return a call or their chat help would never respond

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email is in the dark ages!

I had my email under Direcway for 4 years until somebody, without my consent and without amending my service...