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f.a. p & installation fees

My complaint to hughes is they fail to let the customer know about f.a.p until the service is installed. I...

fraud and scam

Sent via e-mail and mail:

July 21, 2008

Mr. Pradman P. Kaul
President and CEO
Hughes Network Systems, LLC
11717 Exploration Lane Germantown, MD, 20876

As a long time customer (Eight Years) it is sad to see the state that Hughes has come to. I have hung in their through Direcpc, Direcway, and, but today I wish I was using some other system. I have both personal and business accounts with Hughes. While I applaud Hughes for trying to keep up with all of the new innovations, the procedures for implementing these changes are very amateurish, and your planners should be fired.

You can verify my accounts through today’s incident report number 2304118. Since I plan on posting this on the various blogs, I will not include additional information. Hughes did a web conversion starting July 18th for your web hosting. In the last six months Hughes has done numerous upgrades, and the implementation has been worst each time. Key data in large contact files has been lost, implementation has been started, but so poorly implemented, that it was abandoned. Hughes boosts about the ability to get e-mails anywhere in the world for travelers like me, so I have store my e-mails on line. I maintain a history of e-mails on your server to preserve them. There are at least five hundred.

But these past few days have been unbelievable. An e-mail came out from [protected] that was three short paragraphs long stating: (1) here is where you go to get your e-mails in the future, (2) we are changing our billing name, (3) here is where all of your old information is, and by the way you have seven days to “retrieve” it from the old server.

In this computer age, is it that hard to write a program to move the old e-mails, and my 300 plus contacts? I contacted your [protected] number for help. Those in India who answered your line did not even have the correct information such as the old or new website. The man that was assisting me tried to help, and was assisting me in the transfers, but it was taking hours. (and I do mean hours) This continued as he worked his way through the files, until his manager told him that he had to stop, as it was my responsibility to transfer the information, even if I had to transfer them one at a time, not in a group as he was doing.

As to the contacts list, there does not seem to be a download feature to enable you to download all at once, and if there is, the instructions are certainly hidden. As a CPA, I would be ashamed of treating my clients this way. As a litigation expert, I also know the value of maintaining these e-mails, so I have no choice but to spend the time to transfer them myself. What has happened to your customer service that you imply is there in your national advertisements.

If I had the time, I would change my business and personal e-mails. As it is I have wasted time trying to figure out the instructions that were provided, and writing this letter. That I took time to tell the CEO of the problem is an indication of how upset I am about this situation. This is one of many implementation problems I have encounter with Hughes in the last six months. If you expect to keep customers, you had better get new planners for you implementations.

  • Me
    meg Oct 17, 2008

    i'll pull up your acct later.

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  • Gr
    GrumpyPot Dec 28, 2009

    You complain that they need to have better implementers, better plans, etc. I suspect that they have done financial analysis and know to a nicety exactly how poor their service can be before the number of people leaving exceed the savings from providing poor service. During one of my many many technical assistance calls to Hughesnet I managed to complain my way up the food chain to some manager of managers who bluntly replied to my threat of quitting Hughesnet: "We are getting so many new customers with our aggressive advertising campaign that it doesn't matter if we lose some old customers."

    They don't care... it's not profitable.

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  • Ki
    kimbarker Jan 31, 2018

    Get it out folks how crooked these people are. Dumping mine also. Sick what hughsnet is doing to good people.

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  • Ki
    kimbarker Jan 31, 2018

    They now are running with dish net as a provider to net. Now dumping dish for just advertising with these crooks.

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  • Da
    david jamesboston Jun 11, 2018

    I agree, this is a scam for sure and is definitely worse than dial up used to be. Obviously this company has no conscience because they put people under a two year agreement while fully knowing it's bogus. May the heavenly Father destroy this company and all the liars within it. I pray this in the Mighty name of YAHWEH.

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terrible service

Hughesnet---Don't Do It! I've been a customer of this satellite internet provider for five year...

double billing

I have been a customer of DirecWay/Hughes Net since they were DirecWay and then changed to Hughes Net. I...

stealing money misleading consumers

I called and ordered the hughes net 0 upfront plan. I reviewed my bank account after installation and found they charged me 479.00. They said I ordered the plan where you buy the equipment. They lied installers work on sunday and the installer came out and he took advantage of the fact I wasn't there and told my family he couldn't mount the dish on the roof so he charged 125.00 in either check or cash. I am calling my debit card company and disputing this transaction, I am also going to file with the state attorney generals office.

  • Li
    Lisa Canter May 22, 2009

    Thank you so much, they did the exact same thing to me, said they couldn't mount it and wanted $133.00 to set up a pole. Than billed me 30 days earily and won't give me a refund, if you go to the general I have several other people to back you up. I'm on a 30 day trial and they won't return my money, they asked me to return there dish and box and they would give me $200.00 and that was it. They took $475.00 out of my account and that's not including the $133.00 for that stupid pole... Please get bak to me if you can my e - mail is [email protected] Thank You...

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worst company ever

I live out in the country a little ways so I thought my only option was satellite internet... So I bit the...

terrible service and false advertisement

The service at this company totally stinks. The people that you try to talk with cannot speak good English...

hughesnet offers poor and expensive service

We recently moved to a mountainous, rural area where satellite internet was our only way to get online. I...

you cannot manage your usage, but you will get suspended

It is now 11:30pm. The latest data showing on my HughNet customer usage page is 4pm. There is no hope of properly monitoring your downloads and yet you will be subject to very strict usage policies, one that will not even let you download a file as large as a show on Itunes or an update to your operating system. Daily monitoring of their usage page reveals, on average, a four-hour lag time. This lag time is unacceptable, especially on a tight table of 24-hour usage. Downloading statistics should be updated at least every 15 minutes.

This company behaves unfairly to customers in general. People who are subject to restricted use have a right to monitor their usage in REAL TIME. creates random rules with harsh punishment. I have written a new slogan for them: HughesNet... it's faster than dial-up, sort-of. Actually, between about 3pm and 12am, it is as slow as dial-up, faster speeds are achieved late night, when you are asleep.

Don't waste your money or time with this company.

  • Ld
    LDStechMD Sep 01, 2009

    I agree fully, and have approached Hughes on providing a REAL TIME (why wait 15 minutes?) monitor more than once. I always get the same the response - nothing offered through Hughes, but they are working on it. Of course, that's crap. FAP may have originally been implimented to limit bandwidth hogs, but Hughes has since realized they can turn it into a revenue generator. I've been with Hughes for 9 years, and have watch the service go down, while the push for more revenue goes up.

    I've been in the tech field since the mid 1990's, moving from dial-up to ISDN and finally to Satelite (no other high speed option in my area). If it weren't for the cost, I'd go back to ISDN simply for reliabilty, even though it is not as fast as Hughes (except during certain periods of the day).

    Hughes recongized that even common web browsing is creating greater bandwidth demands, with more and more sites utilizing flash, etc. Add to that all the other large size downloads available, and Hughes recognized a cash cow. There are more levels of service available now, and each one has a higher threshold limit, theoretically letting you download more by paying more. The bandwidth is available - if you want to pay their horrendous prices for it. But if you want to stream anything, dowload movies, etc., you will pay to get it, right? that's their motivation.

    There are real-time tools available to monitor usage, but they also generally cost money (so far I haven't found any good free ones). Hughes SHOULD provide something that, as you say, should give AT LEAST 15 minutes updates, but since the real time tech is available, that is what they really should use. My hughes usage will actually update with a 2hour lag, but you can still download a lot in 2 hours, so that's not feasible, either. The truth is they don't want us to monitor - they want us to upgrade and spend more money.

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  • Bu
    Bud Parker Sep 04, 2009

    Boy, you hit the nail on the head! Once they have you in a two-year contract, they can inflict the "Policy" on you as an inducement to cough up more money. I called the foreign manned service desk four times today and got nowhere.

    Another poster said she got good, fast service from this number: 301-428-5500. Pass it around. I, for one, am going to mobilize a campaign to flood State’s Attorney Generals offices with valid complaints. If nothing else it’s fraudulent advertizing. Also, the BBB and Federal Trade Commission.

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  • Jo
    johnsan Oct 27, 2009

    Hughes net has to be by far the worst internet service i have ever used. Not only do they charge you a ridicolous amount for installation and thier 125.00 pole that is ### considering I have plenty of places to mount it. I can't get on the internet more than about two hours and my speed goes slower than dial up. And don't try and call them and have a conversation with some ###er in another country who speaks ninety mile an hour broken english which you can't understand a dam word of. I absolutely hate this internet provider, they are a rip off and all they want to help you is more money. After one month of service and the highest internet bill I have ever paid I am willing to tell them no english speaking ### to take that bill, and pole, and dish sitting on it and shove it up thier candy ###!

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  • Ou
    Ours2use May 29, 2010

    I think the fair access is a bunch of bull, as we are in the middle of 72 acres no one around us for 2 and 1/2 miles. Yet we can wake up and be suspended check usage time and it says 364 mega bites in one hour, from 6pm to 7pm. First of all no one was home at that time and with our computers that 364 mega bites it would have taken way longer than 1 hour. As they brag faster speed downloads etc NOT. We have monitored our downloads and most updates might be one or two gigs so go figure. That wasn't the only download they also said more was downloaded at 11p.m. to midnight we were in bed then again the next morning from 12 noon to 1p.m. again no one was on the computers as it was when we got online we noticed everything lagging bad. That is when my husband called and complained as this has been a problem with them continuously at least every other month we fight with them. And again the same conversation who lives next to us "no one" this battle is at least every 2 months. We don't have ipods etc nor do we download movies etc. At first the tech said we can't undo the suspended fair access that was with our first complaint. Then my husband upgraded giving us more bandwidth time. And it happened again this time the tech undid the fair access ..hmmm interesting as they said it couldn't be done. Then it happens again they suggest we monitor our downloads well we are notified when we get updates, but for a month they told my husband to check and keep a record of downloads and usages and times, funny nothing happened that month but they gave us a case number and would look into it . Now 2 months later this happens again the tech lifted the fair access suspend and gave us a case number saying they would look into it. Oh did I mention you now get a token to lift this as you have been a longtime customer. We didn't use our token. But if this was not a problem why offering of the token. Also if we were downloading all this stuff that they say we are we would be out of memory. Since they have taken over the service has been terrible but there is no other server except one and they only handle so many people and you have to keep calling them to see if anyone in this area has moved etc before you can replace them. Yes hughes net can say they are faster than dial up but not by much as my computer doesn't look like the one on the commercial while dial up is still loading. We have had our satilite for 20 yrs with direct tv and it wasn't till hughes net took over have we started this problem.
    Not a happy camper

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rip off

There is no download manager for mac / itunes. And there are strict usage policies that will have you on almost constant suspension if you own a mac and sign-up with hughesnet. I am a mac user. I was told this would be no problem when I ordered. I was concerned about of being able to download large files and questioned the salesperson. I was told could get a download manager — no problem — and download large files between 3am and 6am.

There are no download managers for itunes, which is how macs download music and video files. I have called tech support many times. I am regularly on suspension, meaning no access to the internet for 24 hours. This has seriously hurt my business. The hughesnet phone computer keeps me on hold eternally, and hangs up on me regularly. They respond to support emails with useless rhetoric and form letters.

  • Bi
    bill moss Jul 08, 2008

    hughesnet is the worst going to get dsl.they wont your questionsthey wont even answer the phoneshow do they stayin busniessif they dont get me fixedand soon two months is too long to be without computeri will call tv have them come out and watch me pull it off the roofthis is the worst service i have seen dial up is betteranswer the damn phonefix my net or get it off my rooff

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  • De
    Dennis K. Cargill Nov 21, 2008

    Hughesnet is the biggest rippoff I've been associated that I can remember. We got it ( DireCway) right after Hurricane Rita when the cable provider did not re establish service to my area. I was under the impression it was unlimited and never heard of the (Un ) Fair access policy until it became HughesNet. I was told I could upgrade to the HN7000S modem for faster connections and more usage.

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  • Ld
    LDStechMD Sep 01, 2009

    Bill Moss, I can't even read your complaint. Ever hear of puncuation marks? It would help to know if you had a valid complaint if it were intelligible.

    I dislike Hughes as much as the next person. I've been with them for 9 years (they have always been Hughes - Direcway was a branding name, just like HughesNet is now). They have always had a FAP - just like any other legal BS, you have to read the information. Don't blame them for having an FAP and you not knowing. Yes, it's vague and anything BUT fair, but they had it 9 years ago. Wild Blue also has one.

    I don't recommend satelite to anyone. The only reason I still have it is because there just is no other viable option in my area. There are plenty of legitimate complaints about Hughes, including the implementation of the FAP. No knowing it existed won't hold water for a real complaint report, though.

    Real problems - Implementation of FAP: i.e, over what time fram is the thrreshold accumulation calculated?
    Reinstatement of service after FAP implimentation (discrestionary, and often exceeds 24 hours).
    Why FAP levels can be raised by buying next higher service tier (availabitly goverened by monopolistic pricing).
    Documented limiting of bandwidth between the hours of 4:00 PM and Midnight Eastern time.
    Hughes charges $125 just to call a service tech to come to your home, without telling that you still have to pay them, OR telling you that you can call them yourself (i had to do both).

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  • Cp
    CPogo Oct 13, 2010

    I have Hughesnet because I have no other option. The price is ridiculous and the service is horrific! If you have any other option, take it! If you download ANYTHING you will be put on the FAP and it's slower than dial up. The download manager is a joke! Applications like iTunes are not compatible with it.
    If anyone knows of a better option in an area that has very poor cell service, no cable and no DSL I would love to hear about it!

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ripped off

I was tired of dial up as most of the complaints have written about. So I decided to go with hughesnet. Boy was that a mistake. I was at home when the installer put the system in and was at my pc when he fired it up. Took about 30 mins to load everything. Tools ect. So we decided to do a speed test. I had the pro plan, 1 meg down 200 kb up. The test did all of 192 kb down and 8kb up. I said hold on thats not right. Installer said it would get better in an hour or so. Back to surfing the net for an hour or so. With it dropping packets worse than dialup. The hughesnet website would not even come up with in 5 mins.

So I call tech support after the hour or so was up. Some guy I could not even understand tried to help me. I asked to be put on another sat. He said no. No help there we hung up... So I did another speed test 3 hours later (Around 11 pm) it was 200 kb down 12 kb up. I call tech support again. Same thing no help. Was told it is a shared service. I asked this guy so what do you tell the guys paying for the elite plan at 189$ a month for 3 megs down and they get about 300 kb? The tech said the more you pay the faster it is but its still shared. That sounds like fraud to me.

So I stopped payment on the 400$ check, canceled the service after contacting them 4 times in 24 hours I was told no we are not going to do anything to help you get better download speeds. I sent a letter in to the better business bureau. The bbb is still working on the complaint as we speak. I did receive a phone call from hughesnet asking me what happened I told that person the system is junk and it is fraud what you guys are doing. The person said well I checked the records and you never got to executive customer care. I said ya think? Maybe after 4 phone calls and telling the last tech I was going to stop payment on the check canceled my account (Which took about 2 seconds for them to do) maybe one of you executive persons should have called? I got a blank answer to that. I asked what happened to the customer is right policy is it dead and gone? She said no. I said yes it is have a good day.

So now I owe 199$ for something I don't even have. Plus I took the satellite system off my house and took it back to the installer myself. Now they want 300$ from me because I didn't return it. Errm yes I did back to where it came from.

Do not fool with hughesnet unless you have 400$ to throw away.

Raped ape.

ripped off

Hughes net is the worst service company I have ever dealt with in my life. When I just called to complain about my service bill being so high, I was just informed that they have been charging me for two accounts. After speaking to a supervisor, I discovered that it was really my fault you see, because "I" failed to cancel my first account when I upgraded my service to a faster router. Their calls centers are carefully constructed to take you into a complete dead end. I am appalled. Why they have any customers is unfathomable to me.

  • Jk
    jking Apr 28, 2009

    I THINK THIS IS THE BIGGEST FRAUD THERE EVERY WAS . As FOR as INTERNET. And as for fast serves it's not what they say it is. we might as well have had kept the diale up we had. I'ts about as fast as that. As for as money that too is a fraud they tell you one price and they take all the mony you have in the bank. I'm very dissadeisfied with the whoe thing, But they have you bye the balles now that they have you in there grips. once you sing a contrack you have to stay with them for 2 damm years befor you can get out of it or pay a large amount of money to get out of it.I was told that the price was 59.99 a month with taxes and they just took over 70.00 out of our account now they can't tell me that taxes or 20.00 dollors more a month.
    people who are on social securty always get riped off it's not funny.I just hope I can find a news carrer to get this too and have it posted all over where the world Ive made a copy of this letter for my recordes.
    yours truly custermer of hugenet.

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  • Li
    linksage Jan 04, 2010

    They still have customers only because most of us have no frickin' choice. I've been looking for another provider only to find that every other one out there is just as sneaky and underhanded as Hughes. It's a monopoly, and it'd be great if someone could do something about it. I'd love to see this get taken into court. No one is happy with this joke of a company. I only wish I could find another ISP so my family could tell Hughes to shove it up theirs.

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intolerable customer service

Some of the worst service I have EVER seen. And I say this having spent years working in the utility...

bad for gaming

I wanted high speed internet so I can play online games and brows the internet faster. After getting Hughe...


I need a static IP address to support my VPN back to my home office. I was told I could pay extra for a static IP for which they certainly charged me more. However, the home office does not "see" my "static IP" because hughes net web accelerator software spoofs IP addresses. total failure & totally worthless. after two months of wrestling with this worthless system, I closed the account. they had the gall to bill me $300 for violating a "contract" I have never seen. I asked for a copy of the contract & of course they don't have one. I wrote them a certified letter offering to work things out, but they never responded. Nevertheless, they have turned me over to a collection agency, if you can believe that. they are the biggest bunch of liars & creeps I have ever dealt with. AVOID THEM AT ALL COSTS!!!

unprofessional technical and home service practices

I have repeatedly had to call Hughesnet service department to investigate why I had such a poor or no satellite signal (non-weather related).Once your call enters into the technical department you are speaking with someone in India? The answer to my question about signal strength from this person in India was " do you utilize a Google tool bar, if so, remove the Google tool bar. I hung up following his comment and called the service department back, told them what the Technician (India) had said, they apologized and suggested I have a service technician come to my home to fix the problem for a minimum fee of $120.00. The service technician (Guardian Enterprises) never showed up or called to say he couldn't make the appointment. Enough is enough... I'm moving on.

ripped me off

I ordered, and was advised thru the sales rep that I needed to sign up for the small business plan...

service charges

My Hughesnet system was installed in Sept. 2007. Since then they have replaced the modem twice, under...

slow speeds and terrible service

Same complaints as the myriad of others who have posted about HughesNet. - slow speeds (especially upload) -... horrid company

Don't waste your money or time with This is absolutely the worst company I've ever had to deal with. If you have any alternative for Internet, go with it. When I started with them 4 yrs ago it was fine. But they have been adding people to the Satmex 5 and Satmex 6 satellites to the point where there is no bandwidth and no one has any speed. If they tell you to "upgrade" your modem for faster download or upload times, don't believe it. I have the HN7000 and it is worse than the DW6000. Now with their FAP you can't even download music or watch videos or you get turned off for 24 hours.

The most recent "crisis" is their email upgrade which was suppose to take one day. Well now its Tuesday April 29 and we've had no email since Friday. Maybe they outsourced the upgrade to India like they do the customer support. Those people don't have a clue. Now, they are switching back to the old email system. What idiots. I live in Central America and have no choice. If you have a choice of providers...DON'T USE HUGHES.NET ... The only good thing about my service is I deal with c-com, a VAR in Canada and they respond to emails and actually do provide "value added".

  • Jo
    John Smith Jun 30, 2008

    Hughes net has always kind of sucked for even web browsing because once you hit the FAP it takes you to below dial up speeds, I know this because whenever Hughes starts not loading anything(sometimes not even google) I switch to a dial up connection.

    Thats great because it ties up my phone lines which is one reason i pay ridiculous prices for sat interenet. I can't even play star craft online. That game is 10 years old and only requires a 28.8k modem meaning hughes isn't even delivering that.

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  • Li
    Lisa Jacobs Jul 24, 2008

    Hughesnet is HHOORRIFFFICCALLY AWFUL!!! I have logged over 17 hours to upgrade my ssllooowwww system to a faster speed. HAHA on me. I only pay a lot more and cannot get any quick access. I have talked to several different countries after arguing with the automated person for 15-20 minutes. They understand nothing, NADA, nil, etc. I even had my service shut off for an upgrade when it did not need to be shut off. I wanted to pay my bill by a different debit source and ended up being restricted to my online account because I am a child. I am 43 years old. I was unable to speak to an English speaking person, and was transferred after being on hold for multiple times and multiple hours, to other countries and never did get a number to talk to a real person in my language. If I terminate sevice with Hughesnet before 1 year I have to pay a $400.00. I have been trying to finish my masters degree online and have spent more hours at my neighbors on their service to complete assignments. I continually speak to anyone and everyone so they don't have to suffer the way I have and the way you others have also suffered. Hughesnet has cost me litterally thousands of dollars. Pardon me but individuals of other countries are certainly "screwing" us. I have never before in my life said anything so disgraceful sounding as that, but this company (Hughesnet) inspires that in me.

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  • As
    Asar Apr 08, 2009

    I got a message from "florance smith" ([email protected]) . In that there is written that i have won some in Euro Afro Asia Sweepstakes Lottery International Program. I wanted to know is this company true or Fraud?Perhaps this program happens in holand...

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