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lack of service

I've had hughesnet for a little over a year. Since day one i've had poor service. I've been timed out repeatedly. I was told by one of their technical service reps that I was only allowed to download 2mb of data daily. Most screensavers, even simple ones are over 2mb. The rep also told me if I download between the hours of 3am & 6am. My downloads would not count towards the fap. Wrong, I was still timed out. Now the equipment has malfunctioned and I have now been told that the equipment is out of warranty and any repairs will have to be paid for by myself. Let me tell you I am not a happy camper. I strongly suggest to anyone who is contemplating hughesnet satelitte internet service to look at other solutions. I will cancel my service with this company I dont care what.

  • Bu
    budparker Sep 06, 2009

    Here is information regarding a Class Action Lawsuit against HughesNet:

    PBM Files Class Action Against HughesNet --- Satellite Broadband Company

    The law-firm of Pogust, Braslow, & Millrood, LLC, recently filed in the U.S. District Court, Eastern District of Pennsylvania, a lawsuit against HughesNet, Inc., Hughes Communications, Inc., and Hughes Network Systems, LLC, for breach of contract and frauduluent business practices involving the marketing of the HughesNet® Satellite Broadband Network System.

    Filed on behalf of HughesNet® subscribers and consumers, the Complaint alleges inter alia that the satellite broadband Company's nationwide advertisement of "Highspeed Internet by Satellite: Wherever Whenever" was materially false and misleading.

    The class action lawsuit also alleges that HughesNet intentionally "oversold" its bandwidth, whereby thousands of HughesNet® subscribers and consumers were subjected to limited Internet broadband accessibility, speed, functionality, and connectivity.

    Additionally, it is alleged that HughesNet actively marketed HughesNet® subscribers and consumers to upgrade their broadband plan under the representation that such would result in faster Internet broadband access. Despite this, HughesNet® subscribers and consumers experienced significant broadband delays, including extremely slow uploading/downloading speeds, unreliable connectivity, and the inability to access email. Furthermore, HughesNet® subscribers and consumers were often required to incur additional costs, fees, and early termination penalities, as a result of HugheNet's false advertising.

    If you or someone you know is a HughesNet® subscriber and/or customer and have experienced similar Internet broadband related issues, please contact our law-firm for a free consultation.

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  • Lh
    Lhartley Dec 25, 2015

    I am having to use my smart phone to send this because our hughes net service is so bad that most of the time we can't use it. It is our only provider here in yakutat alaska since starband went away. We are being ripped off

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unlawful billing

Hughesnet has to be the biggest scammer in the world. We had successful internet connection via satellite through Direcway before it was purchased by, merged with or whatever with hughesnet. When my modem failed, I call technical support, which by the way is a two-hour ordeal with overseas telehosting. They agreed to ship me an updated modem for $25 plus a two-year plan. I received the modem and it never worked. After 8 calls to billing and 8 (two hour minimum) calls to technical support, 48 hours total of trying to make the unpgraded modem work I finally gave up. Technical support told me "there's nothing more we can do. Call Billing to cancel) Well, when you call biling to cancel, they inform you that you owe $366 for cancelling the two-year contract. I explained that the modem NEVER worked. Billing says that I have to get a return order from Tech support. Tech support, after many calls, tells me that they have no authority to issue a return order. Hence the circle continues. Now I get collection calls at my office. I run our high net worth group in a large local accounting firm and don't have time to deal with all of this. I guess that out that no one in the organization, absent perhaps the Chairman of the Board has the authority to cancel this charge. Given my work with securities, etc., I am going to start working the corporate headquarters, assuming they really have a US office. Still trying to get out of collections.

  • Bi
    Bill_Little Jan 27, 2009

    Hughesnet is by far the worst company I have ever dealt with. I have the same issues as you regarding the bad modem, virtually no connection to the internet and they won't let me cancel without paying a $400 fee. I have been waiting for a service tech to come out and replace the modem for 2 weeks now. Hughesnet says they will credit me for only the number of days I was without service and nothing more. I have spent countless hours on the phone with technical support and spoken with managers in billing on numerous occasions. It is a dead end circle of frustation with no bearing in sight. I have their headquarters location and number so anyone else who has problems can contact them:

    Hughes Corporate Headquarters, Hughes Network Systems, LLC
    11717 Exploration Lane
    Germantown, Maryland, 20876
    Phone: 888-892-2434

    I haven't actually tried the number but I'm pretty sure the address is correct since hughesnet management gave it to me after a 45 minute argument. They wouldn't give me the phone number which I find interesting. Believe me, this company is as bad as it gets. I have never dealt with more problems for such a long period of time

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stuck with overpriced service

I found a better alternative to Hughesnet which may work for some of you. I link my cell phone to my laptop...


Hughesnet commercials all over tv promising great service, faster e-mails and better than dial up. Its all a farce and you are being warned right now. Initially it seems like you done the right thing even with the outrageous price and the 2 year contract. Yes once you realize what a rip off you are stuck with a 70 to 100 $ bill for 2 years. Here's what happened to make you mad to no end and I mean no end. If you are like me you like to watch youtube video's or browse myspace for new bands. After about 10 video's or 10 songs you lose service for 24 hours. They call it fap (fair access policy) and for 20$ more a month they will do away with it. If its the slightest bit cloudy, rain or snow your service slows down actually slower than dial up. That has nothing to do with fap. I have wrote to two ohio senators and the attorney general and still nothing has happened to force them to own up to their advertizing which is clearly false. I'm telling you all now if you are thinkig of hughesnet you better wipe that thought from your mind. It will keep you mad and on the phone to india daily. Keep your dial up until they run new lines in your area and they are going to because the old lines are going out and becoming useless. So unless you can live with 60 minutes of internet service a day for 70 to 100 a month go ahead and waiste your money and time. Download 10 pictures and you are done for 24 hours. Don't think for a second that you will be downling any movies it just won't happen. Hughesnet is crap and proof of that is all over this message board. If this is not enough google it. Hughesnet fraud.

You have been warned

fap ripoff

They say that the FAP is for abusers. What they don't say is that since they have more customers than their equipment will support, it's ceaper to rip off people than to add sufficent equipment.

Our FAP problem is almost daily, and doesn't matter if the computer is on or not.
Lately, we might be on FAP for a few hours and then off, never knowing when we'll be effected.
It's supposed to be a 24 hour thing, but we get the "FAP yes" warning several times a day, as well as the "FAP no"

I would NOT recommend Hughesnet to anyone.

  • No
    No More Mr Nice Guy Feb 26, 2009

    There is a major flaw with the Fair Access Policy and HughesNet's documentation of this policy.

    The policy states:

    What do you recommend I do during the Download Period?
    We recommend that you automatically schedule your system updates during the Download Period. We also suggest the use of a download manager software application to assist in the scheduling of large file downloads.

    What the major flaw is that Windows System updates do not work this way. They download at any time and only install the updates at the configured time. This can easily be validated by examining the System Event viewer on any Microsoft system.

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  • Jo
    Joe Blow Mar 25, 2009

    HughesNet has over 12 satellites in the sky (more than any other competitor). They are not selling more equipment than customers. If you want more download capacity subscribe to a higher package. This service has a specific application in rural areas where other forms of internet are not available. There is a free zone between 3:00-6:00 am to download whatever you need.

    "What the major flaw is that Windows System updates do not work this way. They download at any time and only install the updates at the configured time. This can easily be validated by examining the System Event viewer on any Microsoft system."

    This is not true. Learn windows, or hire a technician to help. Additionally, I believe your computer has a virus that is causing you to pass the Fair Access Policy. Viruses/Worms utilize bandwith.

    I use HughesNet at my business in a network with 5 computers. We have never bypassed the Fair Access Policy. I think you are not being honest with the use of your system.

    Last, if you don't like the service you can always go back to dial up ;) -or- Get WildBlue...they will throttle you down for a month when you bypass their Fair Access Policy! And their service is slower, less reliable, and lower download capacity.

    This is what you get when living in an area without cable, or DSL. Be happy there is some form of service available. Quit complaining, and move back to civilization if internet is that important to you!

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  • Ca
    CAT May 31, 2009

    Wild blue will "throttle you down for a month" but they also ALLOw more bandwidth per month..(12000 MB download and 3000 MB up) for the medium package, I have hughes and they allow 200/day= 6000 month
    GOD help you if you have tech will be talking to someone in India that will only offer to send tech guy and charge to align dish... I have ad to call them SEVERAL times, and after hours of confusion end up fixing myself...or it magically starts working fine, , , , , I go through where is dish located? are there trees, bad weather is located exactely where their guy installed it!! kinda of a joke but better than dial, for the price wish I would have gone thru wireless evdo connection, NO BANDWIDTH issues and always on..same speed or faster..and price is a little cheaper (depending on what package you got with hughes.)

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  • Sm
    smartergeek Jun 14, 2009

    I use HughesNet at my business in a network with 5 computers. We have never bypassed the Fair Access Policy. I think you are not being honest with the use of your system.

    Then your computers are not kept up to date and are potentially at risk. The security patches for most software products will cause you to exceed the FAP.

    How do I know? I happen to be a "computer support professional" with over 500 customers ;)

    Rex Moncrief

    As a simple example (per machine):

    50MBs (megs) = only about 15 songs (legally purchase on iTunes, etc)
    Most MS patches or updates are more than 50MB's.
    Vista SP1 is 434.5 MBs
    XP SP3 is 316.4 MBs
    To download the newest Acrobat Reader update requires 20MB's.
    An iTunes update requires about 50MBs.

    This doesn't include normal surfing, youtube, etc.

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sorry service/no service

Have had Hughes net for 8 or 9 months now, and intiallly thought it was a great thing. Then we started haveing few little thunder storms. the service went out, called talked or tried to talk to this real English sounding name with a heavy accent, that I couldn't understand, gave me reference number and passed up to a "higher level" they give me ref. # and pass to "higher level", by this time I am sure I am going to be sent on to talk to Ho ward Hughes or at least his clone. But not so lucky I am told to call thios service agent. All and All i got service back in 4 weeks. And the service man tells me that the sattelite will continue to go out, because it has been installed on a metal roof, and something about the metal and the satelite plus a little lighting knock satelite out. The original installer did not bother to tell me this.
Sure enough in about a month, another thunder storm, no service for 3 weeks. called every couple of days and would spend hours being swithced to higher levels, never did see HOward but I think I caught a glimpse of Walt Disney. This time the service man comes and we have to end up paying him 125 dollars to take the satelite off the roof and mount on a pole.
Thought we had a fix, Right?
Nope within 3 weeks it is out again, just rain and clouds this time. called repeatedly, get nothing done, now over 2 weeks w/o service. I called them and told them to provide service by 5PM the next evening or that was it we would no longer pay them 80 dollars a month for nothing and would at that point unhook everything from the satelite. WHAT CAN WE DO?

  • Mc
    MCTAG45 Jul 08, 2009

    I have had Hughes net for a few months, it sucks... They repeatedly build my credit card that they stated they did not keep on file. With out my permission they took a double payment out of my account, I was not behind and did not owe them a double payment.. but this caused a chain reacation of overdraft fees and car insurance issues, because they took money ment the car company. I filed a thing with my bank, now they keep trying to re bill me double every month.
    I finally got tired of the mess and came to an agreement with them I paid a 124. dollar payment and they wrote off 102 . dollars.. all is well right??? NOT EVEN CLOSE, One week later I get a thing on my net saying i am late with a payment and they are going to turn off my internet... LOL I call and they say it is because of that double payment I filed against.. I said I worked that out withe agent when I made the payment a week ago. They said I did not.. How funny is this.. I have to call India.. and can barely understand the idiots working for them...but I have to keep calling.. So Last night im calling them, and while I was on the phone with a supossed supervisor, (mind you I hear a lot ppl. laughing in the background) I ask my husband to please check the fish in the oven so it doesnt burn, I am then told by this woman marjorie that I was being rude and she was terminating the call.. and she hung up on me. I called back and was told she put in the notes that i cursed at her and that she ended the call... I then ask to be transferred to account specialist to just have this thing turned off.. they refused to turn it off... Saying they were going to start an investigaition and I should fax them my July bank records to show there was no refund posted to my account.. So I did that this morning and as instructed I called them this after noon, They still say i am wrong that I owe them money and they are going to disconnect me, I tell them to go ahead, they transfer me again to an account specialist, he refused to dissconnect me because my husband, who is first on the acount was not here to authorize this, LOL He told them 3 times last nite to disconnect it.. RUN FROM HUGHES NET, DO NOT EVER EVER BUY THEM, , , , THEY ARE GOING TO CHARGE ME A DISCONNECT FEE NOW TO HAVE IT TAKEN OUT.. I WOULD LOVE TO SUE THERE BUTTS OFF... BUT DONT HAVE THE CASH TO DO SO. BUT AT LEAST I CAN WORN OTHERS RUN DONT WALK, DO NOT BUY HUGHES NET...

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  • Eo
    eorsbon81 Jul 13, 2009

    I also have problems with their service. Please contact the Better Business Bureau at That is the only way we can make sure something gets done.

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bad service

My husband got tranfered to Texas from Illinois. We are curretly with hughes Net Internet service. We Told...

service sucks!!!

I have been a member of Hughesnet for over three years. during this time, while at first, the service wa...

inconsistent or no service

Inconsistent or no service. I am not getting what has been promised or advertised by Hughes net. I have been a customer with this company when it was formally known as Direcway and there were problems on occasion, but nothing near what I am experiencing now. I recently upgraded to a new modem with the promise from this company that I would have faster speeds and better performance from the Satellite internet service they offer. To get the new modem, I was required to either pay for the modem up front or sign a 2 year contract. Since I have no other option for Internet service other than dial up and I need the speed to upload photographs I sell, I opted for the 2 year contract.

Since that time my service has degraded and I have called in for technical support at least 1 to 2 times per week since august. I have jumped through all the hoops to eliminate the possiblity of a problem with equipment on my side. Since I am very skilled in electronics I have built and fixed many computer systems and I am certain that the problem is on the Hughes net side. Its very ironic that everytime I call in that my service improves shortly afterward.

I would like to cancel my contract but I am stuck with a $300 cancellation fee if I cancel before July of 2010. I am exploring the possibility of canceling anyway and taking my chances in court. I am printing records from the Hughesnet website that do show very degraded service so I can present them to a judge.

Some one needs to step in and force Hughesnet to provide the service it advertises nationally to its customers.

  • Ti
    Tilia Olivera Oct 30, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    While I don't disagree about your complaint with HughesNet, I don't see what you'd gain by taking them to court. You'd have to spend more than the $300 cancellation fee to hire a lawyer, file the papers in court, etc.

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  • Pe
    Penny Jun 02, 2009

    This is EXACTLY what happened to us!! And, we had direcway for YEARS without any real complaints. I have seen this all over the internet.

    Not only did we upgrade the modem, we upgraded to a bigger plan too, so we could have even more speed and limits. HA! We have less now than we ever did, and they will not allow you to re-commission the old modem!

    I think the FCC should look into them saying they can provide these services when they obvious cannot handle the clients they have.

    They seem to cycle the service down to areas at different times for a short while, and then POOF your equipment is mysteriously fixed again (since they keep saying it has to be the equipment). They are not suppose to restrict you, if you do not go over the FAP!

    It's ridiculous. But, they get away with it, because those who do have their service - generally cannot get anything else. So, it's take it or leave it. But, it shouldn't be legal.

    I hope you do have the means to sue them. I wish you ALL the luck you can imagine!!

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I have called so many times about our bill, I could scream. is charging us $5.00 per invoice. I was told the last three times I called if I received my invoice via email no charge. Today I was told I either give some one in the Phillipines Islands my card num. and have the bill it, or I will continue paying the $5.00 extra a mth. The bills change almost every mth. I have not changed my service, Whats up with this? Its it legal to put a fee for sending a bill/invoice out? If every comp. we dealt with did this, we would have an extra few hundred on top of our bills.. LOL this is By far the Worst Company to date I have dealt with.

  • Mu
    munchkin_28 Feb 23, 2009

    I feel your pain. I have been having a problem with them as well although we are dealing with a lot more money. They charged us over $200 for one month, said they would refund it to our card and on the next pill they were charging us $151. They didn't refund as at all and even worse they charged us more the next month. We called them so many times and they keep telling us that we have been refunded even though we just called the credit card company and they told us that we have not been refunded at all. It's terrible, we called and couldn't even get a supervisor. So now the only thing we have left that we can do is fill a dispute against them and have our credit card company help us. I have never had this much trouble in my life. Once we get this squared away we are going to try and switch companies but its hard because we live out in the forest and can't get cable. Anyway I just wanted to put my rant on here and I hope that somebody else will read this and think twice before signing up with this company.

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  • An
    Anne Mar 30, 2009

    I have never recieved a bill or an account number. Just a call from the local person that helps with setting up the equipment. We have had it for one month and still have not recieved a bill/invoice or anything like a contract. What is that about? Anyone else had this problem?

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  • Jo
    joe24 Nov 04, 2009

    When my husband and I lived in Georgia, we went with Direct TV and also purchased the internet through them. Later on the internet part was taken over by Hughes. We had sooo much trouble with their customer service, which at this time was still in America. They never sent bills on time, and when they did it looked as though someone had stomped on it as there was dirt all over it and the typing was sooo bad and mispelled. It didn't even resemble a normal invoice. As I balanced my check book from day to day the check for them never came through. I called them and was transferred from person to person. I asked one person who owned this company and he replied "Howard Hughes, but he is dead." I finally was at one time transferred to an so called executive customer service. She gave me her name and the next time I called they told me she had quit. This fiasco went on every month. One of my attempts, with a name and regular address, I sent a registered letter. No one signed for it and it was returned undelivered. The post office felt so bad about this, they refunded my postage. After months of no checks being cashed it was finally resolved, but when our contract ran out we went with another internet service. I see all the complaints and realize the problem is much worse now. There is no way I would ever purchase internet service with them. I even get a little angry with their advertisement on TV. I advise anyone considering them as their provider DON'T!

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disgusting advertisement

HughesNet has homepage where ads appear that are disgusting. Most recently, there is an animal rights group...

taking too much money out of my account

I picked a promo plan where they charge me $79 a nonth for 24 months. $59 for service and 20 for equipment. They took out $479 all at once and overdrew my acct. No one would help me I called 8 times and they told me something different everytime. Would send me to a supervisor. Acted like they couldnt help me

  • Ge
    GeorgeandDeb Jan 14, 2009

    We also took the promo plan at first with GREAT DISSATIFICATION! After talking to a english speaking American sales person, and then a english speaking American set-up person it all was down hill from there. WARNING: DO NOT GIVE HUGESNET YOUR BANK CARD NUMBER, THEY WILL ABUSE IT! They have distroyed our bank account with mutible billings.
    They have shut our service off because of a $ .54 balance and continued billing us on a service that we were not using.
    We have mailed them a money order for $20.00 to cover the .54 balance and then was told by some gook some where that we had to wait seven to ten days for processing even though the did receive the payment. There excuse was that the computerized billing system is set up that way. After threatening to rip this system out and they can pick it up out of our front yard they some how managed to retstore our service. Amazing is'nt it ?
    When contacting billing or tech service we always were speaking to some foreigner who could not speak or understand plain english ( I believe this is to frustrate you a just give up).
    The only plan they have to come close to high speed internet is their ELITE PLAN at $120.00 a month for which we finally had to go with but the our monthly billing jumped to $190.00
    a month plus.
    Some how or some where there must be a federal communication agentcy that can and should investigate this scam!
    We constanly check our usage and find that some how we go over our mega bite consumption even at the hours that our pc is not even on. We took to unplugging the HugesNet modem
    ( there is no on and off switch on it) when we are off line, but still we accumulate mega bite usage.
    In short, HugesNet is not what they advertise, period!
    Where we live we do not have cable service, we've had dial-up but as eveyone knows how slow that is and its worse for us becauce we live in farm country and the old telephone lines
    makes it even worse. Cell phone reception is nil. If there is another satalite system available that is honest and dependable we certainly would like to know of it.

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fap ripoff!

We live in a rural part of the state that provides no other internet connectivity, and have been stuck with DirecWay's being swallowed by Without appropriate notification, enabled what they call a Fair Access Policy, but there is nothing fair about it.

They SEVERELY limit downloads, and then LOCK your account to a useless trickle for TWENTY FOUR HOURS any time the restriction is exceeded -- and they count every bit of download data over a 24 hour period. So, when I needed to download a software update that was close to 300mb, not only could I not do it, but I could not do ANYTHING for the next 24 hours.

This restriction is waived between 3am and 6am - that is the ONLY time. How many legitimate users are downloading software updates or itunes music at 3am?

Calls to Tech Support are an exercise in frustration - I have NEVER spoken to a native English language speaker.

AS SOON AS a viable connectivity alternative is available in our location (I am not holding my breath, ) I can't wait to call Hughes.Net and request they remove their ugly dish from our roof.

  • Ca
    c a hall Apr 29, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hughes has sunk to a new low in service. They were upgrading the email this weekend. It turned into a downgrade. We still cannot send or receive emails form our Outlook accounts or from their horrible webmail account. It's now 3 days after we were to have new and improved service.
    With their technical support so bad why did they attempt anything remotely technical in nature.
    After failed attempts to fix a problem, their tech support guy told me to go to Google and see if I could find the answer myself.
    The problem was as simple as a pop up blocker interfering with accessing the Hughes satelite. A Linksys rep helped me with that bit of info even though it was a Hughes issue.

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  • Tr
    Trish Oct 05, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Especially when you are paying over 70.00 a month I think it is wrong, and cheating the consumer as well. I just got hughesnet I was with aol and I do web design and alot of uploads and downloads, and wasn't aware of this FAP as they call it.

    Fair Access Policy, and if I was aware of it, I would have never signed up and paid 181.00 plus another 133.87 to have the pole installed. Yes, its a bunch of unfair practices, when you are paying triple the amount for theirs when you can get the same service at aol, or netzero.

    316.00 for tabbed access...really wrong and cheating ways to rip the I cant do no work until 24 hours, boy is my husband going to be mad.

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  • Ch
    Cheryl Nov 22, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My Phone requires regular updates through iTunes. Hughes pretty much suspends my service before even one update is complete. After that, not only am I unable to finish my update, I cannot even send an email to complain; I am pretty much locked out for the next 24 hours. I certainly cannot get anywhere talking to someone in India, either.

    The sales pitch was that, being the only user on my computer, I would never reach the threshhold. This a blatant lie. I would NEVER recommend Hughes to anyone. If there is any possible way to get out of this contract I will do it.

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  • Ya
    yamilet Otano Nov 29, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This is a big scam ... because the first thing that I asked to ( hughes net representative ) was that if it is unlimited high speed internet ...and he said ...YES! But the next day in less than 30 minutes I had no internet... or 99% more slower than dial-up! I tried to return it ...because I pay $420 for the dish and modem and $125 for the installation the total was $545 for something that does NOT WORK!! and I have to pay $59.99 each month!!! ... AND HUGHES NET SAID THAT THEY WILL NOT RETURN MY MONEY !!! THIS WAS A BIG MISTAKE!!! and I will take this legally and try to sue you !!! because when you buy a home you have AT LEAST 3 days to cancel the business and get your money back!!!
    not only your lies about unlimeted high speed internet, ... also the right of the customer to return something that DOES'NT WORK!!!

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  • Th
    That Guy Dec 05, 2008

    I don't necessarily say Hughes is a scam. I have had satellite internet for well over 5 years and since Hughes took it over the service and quality is much reduced. I am considering changing to Wild Blue. Even though there are problems with Wild Blue as well from the feed back I ahve had from neighbors who have it as well as a couple who have changed from Hughs to Wild Blue it is a step up.

    Right now my transmitter is going out on the dish and it will have to be replaced. The cost exceeds the change over so it makes sense for me now to change.

    What my main compliant is Hughes FAP. Until recently I had only once or twice went into the FAP prior to Hughes taking over. I believe they lowered the threshold. I do know now when I wish to down load some packets and software the files are larger though. But in the past when I exceeded FAP at least I could continue using the internet. Now however I am essentualy out of service for 24 hours.

    This is my prime interest for going to Wild blue. The FAP on Wild Blue is based on a 30 day average and from looking at my usage I will never get to their FAP limits. I average 200-250 MB down each day, yes I am an high end users. But this means about 2 to 3 t imes a mount I exceed Hughes FAP and I cannot afford to be out for a full day.

    The only thing I can see from my research into the differences with Wild BLue and Hughes is the FAP issue, both have problems, each are about the same cost, each is my only alternative but the FAP issue tilts in Wild Blues favor.

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  • Ko
    kobe1955 Feb 16, 2009

    I dumped them and got an aircard from Sprint that is as fast as DSL for $59 a month!

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  • Gh
    ghoulish Oct 10, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The aircards have limited usage too, and have their own connectivity problems and overage problems...buyer beware!!

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  • Mr
    mrri77 Aug 24, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    you folks got off easy when i had hughes net installed it was 7hundred dollars for the equipment and 175 dollars for the installation. I was forced to recently upgrade and within 1 year the system died a rep came out and repaired the dish wich then died 3 days later. I called em bk and the rep refused to even come out unless i upgraded again. So i was looking at another 125 service call 49.99 upgrade fee and an aditional 9.95 to my bill each month. So needless to say i am now waiting for dsl to become available or another sattelite company to take hughes place no i will not recomend hughes to anyone even if i dislike the person i wont lol

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beware of hughes net scam

Hughes net nightmare continues, this is actually my 3rd complaint about hughes net. Today I found out they have double billed me the last three months. After 3 ear breaking phone calls and being told somthing different each time, they stated they can not refund my money for at least 14 days. The mistake was made by this poor excuse for a company and they cant refund my money for 2 weeks, they can sure take it out within 24 hours. I would never recommend this service to anyone. We have had nothing but problems with this company, the customer service is awful. If you get someone that you can actually understand, they lie to you. Ive heard 3 different stories each time I called. I cant wait till another service is offered in our area. Hughes net makes me crazy.

  • Ka
    Karin Oct 09, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I went from Starband to in hopes of getting better service. I am presently paying 130.00 a month for Business internet. Yet, my speed test just showed; 42.5.
    I paid in the neighborhood of $1, 200 for set-up.
    I think all satellite internet services are a sham. A joke! I have (2) choices where I live; a 26.4 modem or, a satellite connection that works part of the time. How can they legally sell business class internet. It isn't as if I work on and off through out the day to match my connection. I have set hours, so I expect my paid connection to work for me! It doesn't!
    In fact, I did the old school download last night. I wanted to watch a youtube video so I requested the download and than drove into town to run errands, came home and watched a movie on my tv, took a shower and than waited an additional half-n-hour for the download to complete. It was a ten minute video I was waiting for...

    They should be sued! Their service is worth at most $8 a month!

    I am considering purchasing a laptop and driving to a location for internet service. The laptop, gas and alternative internet will still be cheaper than this crap!

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  • Hu

    Agreed, today is my 30th day for the "satisfaction guarantee" and I'm cancelling and I'm sure will get the runaround from Hadgi in India. The installer was a ### from the word go, couldn't even bury the cable properly and didn't tighten one single nut or bolt on the dish! Thier "basic" is a total SHAM! Standard modem with dialup is much faster. I called about "upgrading" and they said I would be double billed the first month of the upgrade...yeah right Hadgi, go steal your money somewhere else! DON'T GET HUGHESNET, TALK TO YOU SAT TV PROVIDER FIRST!!! Chances are you will get a local installer who is American and you will most likely always talk to english speaking AMERICANS for cust svc. HUGHESNET IS A RIPOFF!!! DON'T GET FOOLED LIKE MYSELF AND SO MANY OTHERS HAVE!

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fair access policy

HughesNet Fair Access Policy is anything but fair. It is not defined, to the user, in any useful way, but may...

fair access policy is a sham

On Sept 8-2008 I had HughesNet installed. The installer left no paper work or instructions. I can live with that. I noticed my computer was running a little slow 2 days later. I sent an email to HughesNet advising them of this but I found out what was the problem. This FAP crap!!! All I did was watch about 8 short videos on and I was spanked on the ### for it. I didn't know it at the time why my pc was running so slow until I went to their website and started reading about their FAP and I looked up my usage. It stated that I was going to be penalized for 24hours because I went over 200MB or close to it. I tried clicking on a link and I swear I could get up and take a shower before the site would load up. I didn't know anything about this Fair Access Policy before I subscribed to HughesNet. This is a money scam. They want you to get mad so you will pay more for more MB's!!! I thought I could surf the net as long as I wanted to and go to websites that I wanted to. I've never heard of this mess in my life!!! What is it that we can do??? They need to be sued because I never was told anything about any FAP nor was I told that I was only going to be able to download up to 200MB in a 24hour period or I would be punished for 24hours by restricting my ability to surf the net. If this isn't a fraud and a scam I don't know what is. All of this because of watching short little videos on youtube. I've been a customer for 5 days but after only 2 I saw what a fraud and scam these people are. DONT SUBSCRIBE TO HUGHESNET!!!

  • Jo
    Joe Blow Mar 25, 2009

    If you want more download capacity subscribe to a higher package. This service has a specific application in rural areas where other forms of internet are not available. There is a free zone between 3:00-6:00 am to download whatever you need.

    'The installer left no paper work or instructions."

    I use HughesNet at my business in a network with 5 computers. We have never bypassed the Fair Access Policy. Subscribe to a higher package, or don't use the service. Obviously, you don't have other options or you would have DSL, or Cable.

    Last, if you don't like the service you can always go back to dial up ;) -or- Get WildBlue...they will throttle you down for a month when you bypass their Fair Access Policy! And their service is slower, less reliable, and lower download capacity.

    This is what you get when living in an area without cable, or DSL. Be happy there is some form of service available. Quit complaining, and move back to civilization if internet is that important to you!

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download speed unacceptable

Todays date is Septmeber 10, 2008

Approximately 2 1/2 months ago Hughesnet had what they called an anomaly with one of their satellites designated 93west, we were completely without internet service for about 4 full days, then when we finally got the service going again is was severely crippled and nothing like it was before the incident occured.

I was assured by their impotent India customer service that Hughesnet was diligently working on resolving the problem and the service will be completely restored, after about 3 weeks of this promise not coming to light, I went back into the case # India support farce, to see if the issue could be resolved.

I tried to explain to the service rep, that sometimes our download speeds were just barely above a 56K dialup connection, and thats not what we are paying for, he assured me we would have the problem solved before the phone conversation was over, after an hour on the phone he came to the conclusion he wasn't going to resolve the issue, and I quoted back to him his statement assuring me he was going to resolve the issue before the call was over.

They then informed me I had to run speed tests for 3 days to give them a reference to decide whether to refer me to a higher source to resolve the problem, and after the 3 days of running the speed tests, they used those speed tests to tell me there was nothing they could do because some times in the entire 3 days of testing my download speed was acceptable and blamed the entire problem on the internet being busy at prime usage times, and that hughesnet gave no guarantee as to solid internet download speeds, which by the way is not disclosed on their TV commercials.

We had descent download speeds before the problem with the satellite occured, thus the reason for this complaint is we're flat being ripped off, we're not getting what we're paying for, and others that use this service need to know this before you jump into something believing the television advertisements that are just not true, and I have printed pages of their speed tests to prove it.

I want my download speeds restored, or disclose this on your new TV advertisements, not in superfine print if its there but bold print so possible new customers can evaluate that for themselves, it surely wasn't disclosed to my wife and I.

Also hughesnet customer support in India is a joke, its basically scripted support, and when they run out of scripted guidelines your support is over, whether your problem is resolved or not, and why are we calling India for support for people in the USA???

Heres some of my worst download speeds in kbs, 94, 87, 94, 92, 79, 83, 87, 88, now is that 25 times dialup as advertised, thats not even twice 56k, so think hard about this before going hughesnet!

Very angry, David Campbell

awful internet

Unfortunately I've had this service for over two but I have no choice. (Well I do but). I'm running a eBay /web base business and dial wont cut it. The problem I have is that I pay $70.00 per month for browsing. If I wont to download any large updates I have to do it at 3am, and sometimes it hard to get up that early.

For the money I pay I only get 325mb per day and if and when I go over that my internet speed is less then 10k per min and I tell you you cant do any thing at that speed. I would try anything just for a better service. Its too bad they have me buy the short hairs and they know it.

  • Cr
    Craig Simpson May 18, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Long Story Short. Paid for the service, too slow, upgraded to PRO... After months of paying $91.00 month. My son's dial up is faster. We will be canceling this service in the near future. What a joke... should be a law against selling a service that doesn't work...

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  • Li
    Lillie Sep 04, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have had nothing but problems with my email as well. To date I cannot get in and check my accounts. When I am in the formatting of the emails is so bad and broken that you can't read them. I have been trying to block unsolicited emails as well with no luck. I have over 300 spam emails in my box on any given day. I have made several calls to the help desk as well. I am really thinking about finding another provider although I am under contract, but this is not working for me. Hughes really need to make some major changes to its email system. I think we all are paying some nice money thinking we were getting a better service than dail up to find differently. It sad and we customers really deserve better than this.

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  • Sh
    Sherry Oct 11, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I totally agree with the Robby. We have 3 computers and 2 teens. They are on the internet a lot and we didn't realize that if they were on a little too much we would be able to do anything when we got home from work. It sucks! And like Ronny said, we are under contract so what can we do. I heard that Verizon has an internet that we can get out here in the country but now I have to wait til the contract is up. I hate seeing Hughes Net commercials now. They are such liars!!! That is why they have you do a 2 year contract. Beware!

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  • We
    wes moorer Jan 26, 2009

    we are a family of 3 ...1 son does on-line schooling ...1 is a teen with restrictions and Me (the father) does check mail and minor viewing. We apparently exceed our 'Free Space' (which slows down to nothing) even when we are ALL gone during the day w/work x2 and school for the other. Now dial-up is BETTER under these terms!!!...The good news -we have had it but for less than a week and already decided this was crap...and NOTHING like we expected. The teen was disappointed immediately when the tech told him he wouldn't be able to play real-time game with his friends!! Clue #2 as to raising red flags was that ALL business and support and complaints go to INDIA where people work for $2.00 per day ...Some Service.huh???...W in Rural Texas

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  • Jp
    Jpatrick1952 Nov 20, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    We have endured reduced or non-existant satellite services provided by HughesNet for a month. I have contacted their Technical services via telephone to reach a center in India. The first time said there was a problem with communications between the satellite and Germantown, Maryland. The second time they said I had a strong signal and it had to be a software issue. Never did they tell me what the transfer rate of data was. The third time I tried to contact tech support via their web page/e mail. Sadly I could not send it as service was not available. They sent me twoo surveys for the first time I used the telephone so I cut and pasted my e mail in the surveys. Yesterday (11/19/2010) I was called by an Indian. He asked if my service was better. I said no. It was intermittant still. Fails to work on a sunny day but is good in a snow storm. That is a question they like to ask. Is the weather bad? An easy cop out. I told him I was not going to pay for service I cannot use. HE HUNG UP ON ME! I had the satellite installed to get away from a phone line and very slow dial up. The usual dial up transfer rate was 19 KBS. The best was 26.5 KBS. As bad as that was, it was better and more reliable than HughesNet for $60 a month. A service call is $150. I will cancel my service and save the $150 plus $60 per month and HughesNet will lose a customer! And I will tell 10 people, and they will tell 10 people and word of mouth will get around that HughesNet is an inferior product with poor customer service.

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  • Ma
    majes36 Jan 29, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My problem is they told me it would cost 99.99 to have the service turned on. i go and check my bank records and the took 169.88 out! now they only want to give me 57 back because the 99.99 was to pay the installer! hell thats their problem they should pay him not me! they lied and stold money from me and now they wont give it back! wht kind of [censor] is that?! im pissed!!

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the intire company

Well its a terrible same I did'nt read these thousands of conplaints before I became, another victim of Huges net hell.
Huges makes corp. america look like kindregarten.
God help us if corp.america ever get's that bad.
I think it's nothing but theift by deception, u never get a straight answer from their complaint department. They try to send you to their technical department. What a joke, I ask this tech if he really was a tech, well he hem hawed around the question. He ask me to to rediculess things and when I told him I'd already been there and done that, this bozo tell's me to run speed checks for the next three days and to do them three times a day, unlike the last tech person I had talked to the lastime I'd called who said to do it for two days. (to keep you off their back i guess). Oh I might add this person was not good with the english language, India I would guess his home, as all their techs and customer service rep's are. Some more out sourcing the gentle words would be ( cost effectiveness ).
These people that work for Hughes as rep's and tech's must have a degree in lying and word trickery...and must not have trouble sleeping at night. Amazing what people will shrink to to earn a dollar.
Well I would'nt say your a dummy if you read this and still fall for their many games of getting your money, and if you add it up in a two year contract it's a tidy little sum. Not to mention the brain damage that goes with it.
I won't go into the cost as many of the people that have already mentioned in this forum, as it sickens me to think about it, but if your the type of person that likes to get a slap in the face to your intelligents, then you need to sign a contract with the money hungry liars and thiefs. If their is a God these people are in danger of Hell's fire. (personally I don't think so.) Beware of Huges net. the owner is most likeky the anti-christ. :)
Oh and one more thing go to the web page listed here and read. there could be a class action law suit. Read this.
Your Welcome...last thing said on hughes

DirecPC must remove their "Fair Access Policy"

  • To
    tommy gardner Oct 17, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i think i will go back to phone modem.i never know from day today what the speed will took me 5 min just to get to this site.what a rip time i will try something that works

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  • Ti
    Timandtina22 Jun 03, 2016

    I have never been treated like this! These men that you have to talk to treat you like you are nothing because you are a woman, well guess what I am something!!! It took me 30 minutes just to pay my bill over the phone yesterday because the man kept saying that it did not need to be paid. Then today is even worse I have went over my download limit so now my computer is slower than dial up!! So after an hour on the phone with some jerk that will not transfer me to a Supervisor, all he wants to do is let me use some TOKEN that will let me start over on my limit for TODAY ONLY, I tell him NO, I asked to just tell me how much it will cost to just cancel my contract so I finally get transferred to a woman. She is in the middle of fixing my problem ( without being hateful or treating me badly) and we get disconnected so I call back and they refuse to transfer me to her even though I have her information, they also refuse to transfer me to a Supervisor again, they argue that they can help you, they repeat the same thing over and over again and they act like because I am an AMERICAN that I am stupid. I asked again the cancellation price, So they put me on hold for over ten minutes before I am disconnected again, So I call back tell the woman she cant help me let me talk to a Supervisor, and again I am told no, she informs me that she is looking at my account so I should just let her take care of it, 15 minutes later nothing, for the third time I ask for the cancellation price, finally they transfer me to a supervisor and she can't do anything either. She tells me that I am able to use it today because I have USED my one free TOKEN because even though I told that first man NO he still used it. So For the forth time I ask how much it will cost to cancel my service, how much is the early termination fee, this supervisor is trying everything to just not tell me, she is giving me free tokens and everything, after i am so PISSED because no will tell me anything she finally tells me. The way that I went about buying my equipment used (so I could have the older model because I travel) that I HAVE NO CONTRACT AND THERE IS NO FEE!!! They didn't want to tell me because they wanted me to think I was obligated to keep this service. The plan I have is the bid plan over $100.00 plus I paid 275.00 the day of installation, and I paid for my equipment. These people are ### who want to take your money and not provide a relable service!!

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product not as advertised

They are ripping me off $100/mo for so-called High Speed satelite internet. Most of the time, we use 28.8k dialup modem because it's faster. Also, we get 'throttled' regularily after about 5-10 MB of downloads instead of the 500MB/day advertised.
The help people can BARELY speak english and simply thank you for calling.

  • Se
    SedaliaMO Apr 13, 2009

    I absolutely agree. service is the pits! I've called twice now and I've gotten the same guy in India both times. What are the odds!?!?!?! I wouldn't recommend to my worst enemy!!!
    Sedalia, Missouri, USA

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