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irresponsible and worst company I have ever dealt with

While doing a credit check on myself I noticed Hughnet had ran my credit. I called Hughesnet and found out that not only did they run my credit but there was an account in my name from an address I had previously owned. I explained that I never subscribed to there service but because I knew the address it showed that I was responsible. They send me notices and bills for equipment that was leased and the cancellation fee and the service charges. They told me that the only way to settle this was a police report claiming identity theft. After 5 phone calls and a dozen supervisors I got them to drop everything because work order when the equipment was dropped off was signed by someone with a different name than mine. I asked them over and over again to explain to me how an account was able to be created in my name and they did nothing to verify the information. They told me they don't use socials for the security of customers 9seemed to backfire here, huh!)

The customer service reps were rude, arrogant, unwilling to help beyond what their little script says, they talked down to me, questioned me endlessly about who I was and the account info and flat out called me a liar who was trying to get out of paying a bill. I encourage anyone who is or is thinking of dealing with Hughsnet to look elsewhere. Hughsnet is without a doubt the worst company I have ever dealt with.

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    jeannebrat2010 Dec 14, 2010


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The whole experience with this company has been a nightmare.I would NEVER use this service again or recommend it to anyone EVER.The sales person set me up from the beginning, selling me a package that was not what I asked for.The installers that came to my home had to take my computer(it crashed during their install) for the thirty day in home trial period.I Asked the company to extend that and they refused.Since I had this installed, my computer has not been right at all.So far to date I have spent $1600.00 having this installation and repairs.Not including the monthly fee So if anyone out here is considering using the HughesNet ...DON"T DO IT YOU WILL BE SORRY!

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    etendyke May 09, 2011

    HughnesNet--after two years of slow, frustrating, and expensive service, we were finally able to obtain cable. I fulfilled the end of my two year contract, returned the modem, later returned the satellite radio transmitter. Nonetheless I am getting periodic calls from a debt collector alleging that I still owe HughesNet over $300.00. Just the other day spent 45 mins on the phone with a useless, Indian, low level service provider. The last straw was, after I provided the USPS delivery confirmation number of the radio transmitter parcel that I had shipped to their Gaithersburg MD address, when he asked if I had weighed the package before mailing it--so they could be sure it really contained the radio transmitter. Never mind that it had a bar code on it, and I had enclosed correspondence with my name, account number, contact information etc.

    A couple months ago they confirmed receipt of the modem. In my last call the operator asked if I had a delivery confirmation number for that too. Then he said he was transferring me to a Florida office (?). I was switched over to an electronic "please wait" message, that repeated about every 45 seconds . . . 10 mins later I hung up.

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# and lies

i had hughesnet installed at my house on jan 22 2010 the sales dept told me it would work fine with my ps3 game system so they come hooked all the stuff up the installer left my house with out checking the service he told me it will work great and that he was very busy and had to move on to the next i hook up my wireless router and try to get online it wont work so i call tech support.the first thing they tell me is that no your playstation 3 will not work at all with there service.when i first called hughesnet to get service they sad yeah it will work great tell also said that i wouldnt be charged anything untell my serive was working like it was now i called the costumer care number and tell them my problem they tell me that the plan i got was to slow and i need to upgrade in order to play online so i upgraded waited 30 mins and tried again and u no what still wont im getting mad i call them back and them whats going on they me that there is no way for the ps3 to on there system costumer service tells me this the same people that judt told me my service was to slow and i needed to now im done i want out of this now ! needless to say the whole i messed with there was no way there system would work i was lied to 6times by sales, service tech support and they still charged me a little over 200.00 dollars so if your lookin to switch to hughes please shop around first

avoid like a plague

For anyone desperate enough to try this system, I suggest you don't. The bandwidth speeds they promise are fully bogus and barely exceed dial-up speeds most of the time. Their customer service system is abysmal, unless you enjoy talking to people in India a lot. I know it's frustrating and slow, but dial-up is just as fast and costs a lot less money. Take my advice and avoid this company. The minimum contract is for two years and you will regret every expensive minute.

e-mail messages disappearing from hughenet

We are using Hughes Webmail. Begininning Sunday, Jan 10 or Monday morning, Jan 11 all of our 150+ e-mail messages on the site disappeared. On Monday afternoon I called Hughes but the message said "We are experiencing a large number of calls due to difficulties with our Webmail." I hung up expecting it to be fixed. I called on Tuesday, Jan 12 and the tech services just wanted to send a technician out to "fix a cable" (We were accessing the web site OK -though slow as usual.) E-mail messages came in and disappeared from the page immediately. I hung up and called again in the morning Wed, Jan 13. We now had only 16 new e-mails from Jan 12. Advanced Tech Support said they would be "Restored".
By Wed. evening we had only 12 messages. They were disappearing faster than they came in. Spent 1 hour on phone with The Senior Technical Dept. and still no resolution, Said they'd contact the e-mail dept. and call back within 2 business days.

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    gstan1952 Apr 20, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    HughesNet has a habit of cutting off customers wher they reach a so-called "limit".
    After reaching this "limit", you no longer have access to the internet...until 24 hours later.
    But, even though you don't have that internet access, your still being charged for it !

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fair access policy

I have been a Hughesnet customer since September 2009. I took over an existing account from my mother when I...

slowest internet yet!!!

Hughes net is the biggest fraud yet!! At $80/mo. I can't even listen to internet radio — message came up saying requires 64 kbps to run and my "so-called" internet connection was only running at 24kbps!!! It took eight 8!!! Hours to download drivers to my printer; file = 22 mb. This is fraud — misrepresentation of what they promised and what I are paying for!!! After months of frustration and calls to their so-called tech supt in some other galaxy (... What it sounded like) — I am are dumping hughes non-service internet.

Just a girl wanting a bit justice!!

Buyer beware.


B. T. W. My pc is new with #'s gb's hard drive/ram...

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    DENNIS BLIMLINE Oct 07, 2012
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    Verified customer


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Hughes will say anything to sell, the system is perfect for gamming, downloading video and music, 1.5 gbps download speed and a 100$ rebate which covers the cost of instalation, . Total sell hipe, absolute lies about download speeds, enormous latency issuse's and usage limit's which reduce your speed to allow for more user's on there clearly inadaquit system, of coarse if the system is not right for you, the thirty day trial period should make you happy. Except they don't refund the instalation fee and you don't get the 100$ rebate if you don't sign for two year's. So long story short, the middle eastern customer service department has asked me to return the equipment and they will credit the remainder of the month. I must remove the lag bolts that have been drilled into my wall, take down the dish, pull the cable out of my house, box it all up and send it back to them at my own expence, I guess thats what they said, I couldn't really understand them very well, anyway what a deal huh!

internet download

Yes, many complaints from other people than mysel[censored] I am on my last 5 months, then I cut the contract up for good.
If you plan on using this internet service, you best not use it for streaming videos, you tube, or even Hulu. I download some stuff and within a minute into the downloading the spead of transmitting went down to 15 KB/s which is slower than dial-up. That is no good for anything.
I wished I had complaintsboard for any product or services that might be considered as a purchase.

I am not a type for contracts, and am very disappointed in getting this internet provider. I would have better off paying to have a phone line brought down to my land! And got a dial-up service!!!

Hey besides Hughesnet, all other satellite internet has the "FAP" fair access policy, , , which hinders the amount of downloading. TRY YOUR BEST TO STAY WITH A DIAL-UP, , , and check about any accelulaters that the dial-up might have to speed up your service.

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    gstan1952 Apr 20, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    You're soooooo right!!!1
    I'm waiting for my chance to pull the plug on HughesNet.
    Most days, my download speed is only 5.4kbps!!! you said, downloading videos can take forever...quite literally. I've seen the download dialog bos show, for example, a
    download of states that it will take 5 hours!!!
    The sooner I can quit HughesNet, I, more-than-likely will be that much happier.


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I am an installer, please read

I am an installer for Hughes Net. when I started it was decent honest job. I was recently informed that we (installers) are no longer allowed to tell customers about upgrades when we go to repair a satellite. What the means for you is that if you have an older satellite ( pre 9000 series), I am required to fix it, at your cost, before even mentioning the new sat. If after the fix, you want a new satellite, I can't do the install, you have to talk to HNS.

The short version is Hughes net sales are dropping off to the point that the company wants to keep as much of the income internal. Not only are the purposely making customers pay more to upgrade ( a repair is around 150, + the upgrade is atleast another 250 to 400), they are taking away the installer stippends to the point that independent installers are amking less then 200 a day Gross, (at $30 per install in parts, plus fuel), I can make more at Burger king.

As an Installer I suggest using a USB reciever from AT&T or Verizon, its the same cost, better service and its portable. If you live in an area where you can't get a signal for that, Im sorry,

hughes net and wild blue are about the same, i install them both, and the both have serious problems that are going to cost them.

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    gstan1952 Apr 20, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Currently, I am still a HughesNet customer...
    Because of the "stuff" that they've been dishing out, I'm waiting my chance to pull the plug
    on their service.
    My number one complaint is...when you reach your "limit", HughesNet will interrupt your
    internet access for 24 hours ! Even though I'm still paying for it...I have no internet access for
    that period of time !!!
    Most of the time, my download speed goes down to 5.4kbps!!!

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Hughes net is a company that takes away every money you have and time you have. They tell you, you have a two year contract but once your service is off you are no longer on contract then you have to retart from where the reactivation started again. They sold me a used modem for price of a brand new one. My modem went out after one year then i had to buy another modem for $87. They sell used modem and use that for new customers installation. Yes, i was on the phone for two hours and disconnected me, then i called again waited on the phone for 1 hour 45 minutes again, then i called again waited for 34 minutes got disconnted and finally i gave up because my phone battery went out. This is how they treat thier customers.

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    internet service Jul 15, 2013

    I signed up with Hughes Net 11/2012. I have noticed on my billing that I have a 2 year agreement. When I called July 10th on this, I was informed I do have a 2 year contract but the customer service person stated he "was not authorized" to send me proof. It was in a secure location. When I pressed for this information, he would not be able to send me proof. I could read the terms and conditions on their website. This was updated March 2013 so I have no information on the T&C's were prior. I have since emailed the Executive Customer Service to fight this. No reply! I would settle for a one year as most Internet providers do not hold a 2 year. I cant wait to disconnect from Hughes Net as the service is very slow. If they cant show me proof of a 2 year, then I should be able to disconnect November 2013.

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horrible overseas customer service

After reading the complaints, and as a 2 year HughesNet customer, I am wondering why HughesNet outsourcers to a place that will not TRY to solve your customer service problems? I am baffled. I have so many issues over the last two years it would make your head spin. Take 90% of the problems listed here and multiply them from installation to the recent problem.
As my husband travels internationally, and as we are very rural, Internet is important, we use Skype and I also work from home. The first time there was a problem, I called and they said I wasn't allowed to talk to them because I wasn't on the account AND HUNG UP! Oh no you didn't! Yes they did. So on a three way call, I have my husband call and ADD MY NAME to the account...supposedly done. Next time there is a problem (I got FAP-ped and wanted to be released from it), and my husband is in the Turks and Caicos islands...I call and they say I AM NOT ON THE ACCOUNT. OK. So at the cost of about 29.00 I have my husband call Customer Service, TO ADD ME AGAIN, and yes, this is supposedly done. I am TOLD that the download time to avoid the FAP is midnight to three AM. So doing a blackberry download that is large I wait till 2 AM thinking this is a good time, and guess what? I get FAP-ped and cannot finish the download; it says it will finish in 6 days 22 hours. HA! Ok so again I make the call to Customer Service. NOW, understand one small detail, because we are so rural, I have to stand in the field to get cell reception, (no lie), this is why we use skype. So I am in the field, 10:00 at night trying to talk to India and they said that apparently because my husband didn’t talk to the billing department (no one told him to do this) he had only authorized me to talk to them that ONE TIME, he would have had to talk to the BILLING department to have me added so I could speak to them about the account. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I lost it, over an hour on the cell in the freezing cold in the yard (I had no internet to use skype) and that's it. As my husband is now in Brazil, I cannot call or get a message to him, I am again, out of luck. So the next day I call sales, it seems my only recourse to avoid the FAP and no internet is to upgrade, yes I am giving more money to stop this from happening> Funny now, no problem to talk to me (EVEN IF I AM SUPPOSEDLY NOT ON THE ACCOUNT) if I want to give them more money, but since I don’t have internet and have to talk on the cell in the yard, I have to write down the steps to upgrade, and since I get such bad reception, I lose the call, they won’t call me back... Oh Heaven’s to Betsy this is unbelievable!!!

I have not had this much insanity with a company that I pay almost a hundred dollars a month to, our hard earned money to be hung up on, told I don't exist, and then the best, when I finally spoke with someone stateside, they dissed the India customer service and that really didn't help me AT ALL, I was the one who spent all this time just trying to get internet! I tried really hard, and kept asking if all this was being documented in the case file so a supervisor could understand my problem. They kept stating the policy, verbatim, no care or no thinking outside the box, nothing. I was out of luck. Please someone; come up with an alternative to rural dial up. Please someone start a company so we don't have to be pulled by the short hairs and settle with incompetent service, slow Internet and inflated prices.

  • Da
    daggerbeard09 Jan 12, 2010

    Someone somewhere is going to have to do something about hughesnet. The Fair Access Policy, as they call it, is nothing more than an act to prevent criminals from siphoning bandwidth to their friends. So in essence, if one person doesn't follow the rules, everyone has to suffer. I would seriously hope that hughes is losing customer after customer on a weekly basis. I sincerely hope that their subscriber base becomes so weak that they will not even have enough money to operate for one day. I hate hughesnet. I loathe them. This is the biggest ponzi scheme in the history of the internet age. Right now, I think I would rather go back to the old cable boxes where you had to press a button and you only got about twenty good channels. I am a recent college graduate and I swear, I can't even look for a job. I can't play an online game. I can't watch video without having to worry about that crazy usage meter. This is crazy. Why even have an internet service if you are not going to put your customers first? Are we a bunch of criminals bent on stealing and distributing bandwidth to third parties? This is lunacy. Those Indian jackoffs need to find a new profession. What do they do all day in the office? Jack off? Then someone calls and they read a damn script?
    I don't give a damn if India thinks we're spoiled. People work hard in this country. And with the technology of the internet changing on a yearly basis, it only makes sense to keep up with the times. hughesnet(I won't even capitalize the damn name) is like a damn dinosaur that keeps feasting on a long rotten corpse. I want a class action lawsuit brought against the powers that be in this incompetent organization and I want charges filed. I want refunds and I want those idiots to have to pull x amount of community service. Of course, right now, that won't happen. But as they continue to lose customers, they can move to India and stay there for all I care. ###.

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  • Al
    alxkohn Apr 12, 2011

    Hughesnet has been nightmarish here in NC also, 99.9% of the time I get someone in INDIA or some Fillippina, my first bill was for $421-, , I stumbled across it, went in, , called, , the filippina was RELENTLESS, I hung up, , changed my payment method, , tore down the dish, THEY refuse to send me a return shipping label, , THEY want ME to pay the freight!, seems Half the bill, , or $199.99 is the cost of installation IF you purchase the system, , very small print on the back of the advertisement, , "IF you agree to LEASE, , the installation is free" That's deceitfull marketing!!! hughesnet, , You guys SUCK!!! and U want that CHEAP oveseas labor!! you greedy [censor]!!!

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hughesnet vs verizon

We have been using HughesNet for our small business internet access for several years. Though their literature says to expect download speeds during high-usage times of 800 kbps and upload speeds of 130 kbps, we were routinely getting a simple page that downloaded in under 3 seconds in the mornings requiring 3 minutes or more in the afternoon, a degradation of at least 60X. HughesNet was essentially unusable in the afternoons for doing research on the internet. After paying for a HN9000 modem upgrade and several episodes on the phone with people in India, I sent a letter of complaint. A HughesNet representative then explained our performance was normal due to increased internet activity in the afternoon, and emphasized that HughesNet does not guarantee upload or download performance.

Verizon offered us a 30 day no-cancellation fee trial of their WIFI internet technology. This involved placing a wireless Hot Spot (MIFI 2200) in the central area of our 2-story 30 x 50 foot building and a $300 zBoost cell phone signal booster nearby. (Cell phone reception is very weak where we are located in rural northern Virginia). Verizon literature quotes typical download speeds of 600 kbps and upload speeds of 500 kbps. I actually have been experiencing more like 200 to 400 kbps for downloads and uploads. My Trace Route tests show Verizon hops around 90msec versus HughesNet's 1150msec.

When doing research on the internet, Verizon significantly out performed HughesNet in the afternoons and was comparable in the mornings. We do not experience high-usage time performance significantly slower then at low-usage times, and the cost dropped from $90/month to $60/month. Also, when I had a problem with my installation, I called the store where I purchased the service instead of calling someone in India.

So we canceled the remaining 18 months of our HughesNet service. My credit card was charged a $400 early termination penalty even though I received a letter from HughesNet specifying I would not be charged as a result of the complaint I filed with the Better Business Bureau. So now I have to argue with them to get the charge dismissed. With HughesNet, the problems just keep on coming.

  • Le
    lenchristie Mar 03, 2011

    Agree that the service is poor, that hughesnet responds poorly and its help line to India leaves you connected with ill trained and poor English speaking techs, I too have experienced slow PM times. Cam anyone comment on the use of higher speed levels Hughesnet advertises? Does it make a difference to go to 1.5Mbps?

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unethical business practices

I ordered Hughes Net in early October and paid $475.00 for what I do not know except the 1st months billing was included. On October 6th while the technician was pointing my dish my house caught on fire and burned to the ground. I contacted Hughes Net and told them what had happened and heard nothing back from them until November2nd when they debited my account for November's service causing me $178.00 in overdraft fees. I contacted the and they said that they would return that money minus the overdraft fees.We contacted them again and was told that they were not returning my money and the people that I was talking to were from India, so I asked to speak to an American and was told that that could not happen. Then on November the 13th I looked at my online bank account to find that $400.00 more had been debited from my account and upon contacting them was told that it was an early termination fee.I had no insurance so the said that they were going to charge me $200.00 more for the equipment so I canceled my debit card. They said they tried to contact me and could not reach me and my e-mail is on file with them. I would like to speak with someone in the company that could have a little compassion for my situation.

  • Im
    IMPdancing Apr 20, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Amazing the way this company thinks it can commit fraud! You need to go to your banker immediately, dear. Since you had no homeowners insurance, this company does not have to fear being examined by that insurance investigator. Such practices are carefully examined when insurance payments are made and they would not dare to hurt you. But since you had no insurance ... you will have to rely on existing consumer protection laws.

    Your banker is trained to help you stop companies from accessing you ... if you are unfortunate enough to meet a dumb-bunny then ASK them for their FBI contact that deals with robbery in their area. Call that number and ask for an interview time. You have suffered enough loss and since this company uses international call service, you are now considered a victim of INTERNATIONAL crime. Good luck! And do go talk with your banker immediately.

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slow service and credit card ripoff

I signed up for their DSL service. They installed the dish and left. It was impossible to get online on the weekends. Very slow always.
We could not understand the people they had for help. We would give up trying to understand them.
When we told them we wanted to discontinue their service they told me I would owe them $400.00. I went online with Chase Credit Cards and found they had hit my card for about $370. dollars.
I never gave them permission to ever use my card. I do not know how they got the numbers as I was going to pay them with my Bank Bill Pay service.

  • Im
    IMPdancing Apr 20, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Amazing! Go immediately to your bank and talk with a loan officer of manager. Tell them clearly that you are a victim of INTERNATIONAL fraud. The billing and customer service being done in India qualifies you for protection as an American consumer in different ways then a normal American company even does. The banker SHOULD be able to direct you to their contact at the FBI for further help. Chase Credit Card must be called and informed of the unauthorized access ... it is a CRIME that carries penalty.

    Companies have to pay for the privilege to access credit card. Each vendor has the riht to suspend access if the company is committing fraud. It looks like you need to inform Chase so they can REFUSE this company the right to charge to their cards at all. You have the power to make a difference here since you never authorized with charge. Go for it ... and remember. Under your posting, there is a listing of 10 more complaints on this company should you need to refer the FBI to this list so they have more material.

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incompetant tech support

I woke up this morning ready to begin my job as a stay-at-home tech support person for a large company. As luck woudl have it, I was unable to get on the internet for the 2nd time in less than a week. Consequently I was unable to work.<br />
<br />
This was the 3rd time this has happened since I was forced to purchase HughesNet satellite internet service since moving to a rural location that does not provide any other internet options.<br />
<br />
I dreadfully called HughesNet Technical Support knowing full-well beforehand that I was gonna hear the "it's not our fault call your computer's tech support people" spiel (as I had heard the previous two times this had happened).<br />
<br />
As luck would have it on the previous two incidents I was able to eventually solve the problem myself but not today. Nope, I had to call HughesNet and speak with 'Max', who did indeed give me the "it's not our fault" speech.<br />
<br />
I called Dell Technical support and spent $130 and 1 1/2 hours re-installing Windows XP to no avail. I still couldn't get on the internet.<br />
<br />
I called HughesNet again and talked to a guy named 'Andrew' who, after some diagnostics and conversation, determined that my problem was due to the fact that I had downloaded a service pack for some software that 'exceeded my allotted download quota' and therefore HughesNet had cut me off until midnight of the following day.<br />
<br />
Only then did I learn that I had a 'download quota' and I would, in fact, be 'punished' if I exceeded it.<br />
(I suppose if I look hard enough at the crap I signed when I signed up somewhere in a .5 font it talks about it).<br />
<br />
I then realized that this is precisely what had happened to me the previous two times I had been unable to connect to the internet.<br />
<br />
And only after 5 calls to HughesNet ("it's not our fault") and wasting $130 with Dell Support was I able to get a HughesNet tech support person competant enough to know about and explain the 'download quota'.<br />
<br />
Man, I hate these jerks. If there was ANY other internet alternative other than dial-up modem these ###s would be history.<br />
<br />
My advise to you all is to NEVER subscribe to HughesNet internet services unless, like me, you need the internet for your livlihood and you have absolutely no other alternative. And be prepared for total incompetance if you ever need technical support.

  • Al
    alneal Jul 25, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have had similar problems with "HughesNet". I was having trouble with my computer, and they recommended their Home Tech. Support (powered by Sutherland Global). The salesman there assured me that they could fix the problem, but that I would have to pay $99.99 first. After paying the fee, the "technician" admitted that he could not fix the problem...but refused to refund my money, after he had wasted both of our time, and my money.
    HughesNet probably get a kickback from this scam. As soon as my contract is up, HughesNet will be fired.
    Another thing to watch out for, is your contract. If you don't cancel it, once it is expired, then the contract automatically renews, and you will be stuck with their inferior, pathetic service for another two years. They have every angle covered. Oh, and yes, you get a "download quota" so that you get the minimal service, for the maximum cost.

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corporate office contacts

[HN9000] HUGHESNET Contact Information Hughesnet Executive Customer...

falsely accused customer of sending out: spam-account locked

On 10/15/09 Hughes contacted me with allegations/charges that I was in review for possible violation of the Terms of Service Agreement. ( I have already used 1yr., of a 2yr., contract), for sending Spam being sent from my IP address, so this type of activity is a breach of thier Terms of Service Agreement and is considered a Severity Level1 Violation of there terms! 1st offense is: Account Lock! 2nd Offense would be a Account Termination. I currently was charges with Status of Severity Level 1!! Notice that in the beginning of the letter is states that my account was UNDER REVIEW FOR POSSIBLE VIOLATION OF THE TERMS OF SERVICE AGREEMENT!!! Yet I am Charged and penalized with having my Account Locked! Hughes net doe's not have secure Web Mail Protection at all, I receive 30-40 Spam mailings every single day from them and have complained! All I can tell the Consumer is: 'BEWARE!!" I DO BELIEVE THAT WITH SOME OF THIS SPAM MAIL THAT I DO GET DAILY FROM THE WEB OF EMAIL FROM HUGHES.NET, THAT POSSIBLE A WORM OR VIRUS CAME ALONG WITH THEM, ATTACHING TO MY EMAIL ADDRESS BOOK THEREFORE SENDING OUT MAILINGS??? BUT THAT IS A GUESS. MY ANTI VIRUS IS PC CILLIN WITH TREND MICRO, AND I HAVE ALWAYS KEPT MY ANTI VIRUS PROTECTION UP TO DATE AND SCANNED MY COMPUTER COMPLETELY ON A DAILY BASIS, AND NEVER SHOWED ANYTHING BUT "INFECTED FILES FROM HUGHES.NET AND THIER EMAIL CONTRACTED COMPANY THAT HANDLES THIER EMAIL: MOTIVE COMMUNICATIONS. I HAVE ADDRESSED THE CEO OF THE COMPANY AND SENT LOGS OF THESE FACTS. OF COURSE NO RESPONSE! IN ORDER TO HAVE MY ACCOUNT OFF LOCK, I MUST SIGN A LETTER FROM HUGHES, SIGNING WITH MY SIGNATURE THAT I HAVE ANTIVIRAL SOFTWARE IN PLACE AND RUN A COMPLETE SYSTEM SCAN TO DETECT ANY VIRUSES (INTERESTING SINCE I SUSPECTED THEM TO HAVE SENT IT THROUGH SPAM!!) IN ADDITION, I HAVE TO CHANGE MY EMAILL P.W., ALONG WITH MY DSS PASSWORD. IN THIS EVENT THAT WE DO NOT RECEIVE A WRITTEN RESPONSE FROM ME, THEY WILL NOT UNLOCK MY ACCOUNT. THIS IS AN ENFORCEMENT OF THIER TERMS OF SERVICE AGREEMENT!!!


misrepresentation of (fap) fair access policy


Per Hughesnet Customer Care...

Hughesnet Customer Care: What activities may cause a subscriber to exceed their download threshold? Some activities are more likely to exceed the download threshold and trigger the application of the Fair Access Policy. Several examples are listed below.

Hughesnet: Full-length movie downloads.

Horizon Entertainment: This is an untrue statement. According to various Hughesnet representatives I've spoken to at Hughesnet, you can exceed the FAP in just 7 or eight minutes of download time.

Hughesnet: Continuous downloading or viewing streaming media content such as audio or video programming.

Horizon Entertainment: This may actually be a true statement, however, according to Hughesnet representatives I've spoken with. the FAP can be exceeded with just viewing less than 10 minutes of streaming media content.

Hughesnet: FAP limits can easily be exceed simply by the hosting of server devices such as email, FTP or Web servers.

Horizon Entertainment: According to the Hughesnet representatives I've spoken with, simply using an internet server for your business will greatly slow down your internet speeds, as well as greatly increase the liklihood of exceeding the Hughesnet FAP limits (which includes "Automated computer to computer connections used for the archiving of local computer content")

Hughesnet: Simultaneous downloads.

Horizon Entertainment: While this is also a true statement by Hughesnet, simultaneous file downloads are completely unacceptable to Hughesnet and doing such downloading will likely cause you to exceed the FAP set forth by Hughesnet.

Hughesnet: Downloading large files will cause you to exceed the Hughesnet FAP (i.e., file sizes that are close in size to the download threshold of your service plan):

Horizon Entertainment: I would simply say that downloading any streaming video or such files, of any kind, is very likely to subject you to exceeding the FAP limits set forth by Hughesnet. Remember, according to Hughesnet representatives, downloading 7 or eight minutes of streaming video or such types of information will automatically subject you to exceeding the Hughesnet FAP.

Hughesnet: Excessive downloading or use of the services described above may cause subscribers to be affected by the Fair Access Policy, or in severe cases, to be terminated from the service:

Horizon Entertainment: Again, this is a true statement, but the Hughesnet definition of "excessive downloading" is very narrow and very, very, limited.

Hughesnet Customer Care: What will my Internet access be like if I exceed the download threshold?

Hughesnet: When the download threshold is exceeded, you will experience reduced download speeds for approximately 24 hours. During this recovery period, the HughesNet service can still be used for activities such viewing emails and Web surfing, but speeds will be significantly slower than your normal browsing experience.

Horizon Entertainment: Based on my experience, this statement is completely untrue, which in essence, is probably my biggest complaint against Hughesnet, their advertising, marketing and their Customer Care Statement.

Horizon Entertainment: During the FAP you will simply not "just" experience reduced download speeds. This is an almost complete misrepresentation of terms. Nor during the Hughesnet FAP recovery period, will you be able to continue receiving emails ... This is simply NOT TRUE. For example, today, during the FAP recovery period, I have NOT been able to retrieve ONE single email.

Horizon Entertainment: In regard to Hughesnet saying that internet speeds will be "significantly lower, " surfing the Web is virtually non-existant. During the FAP recovery period, internet speeds are much slower than dial-up and sometimes, internet access does not exist at all.

For example, the Hughesnet Customer Service representative that I spoke today said that with my current Hughesnet plan, I am normally able to dowload approximately 60 MBs in one minute.

The Hughesnet Customer Service rep went on to tell me that I DID HAVE internet access, because throughout the day, I was able to download a couple of 2 MB and 5 MB files.

When I told him that (according to what he just said) I had been able to download less in ONE day, than I normally would be able to in ONE minute, he simply responded by saying ... "Sire, I'm sorry Sir, but you are under the Hughesnet FAP and there's nothing we can do about it (despite the fact that this is completely contrary to how the Hughesnet Customer Care website actually reads and/or would suggest).

Again, based on my understanding of Hughesnet's adverting, marketing and their Hughesnet Customer Care guidelines, I personally feel that things simply do not add or match-up with what Hughesnet promulgates in their advertising, marketing and Customer Care terms of service.

Horizon Entertainment Hughesnet Case #[protected]

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    Jason Ferguson Jan 06, 2010

    As a victim of DirectWay/HughesNet I can only say that for several years we had no issues with the system. Two years ago we were forced to upgrade modems as part of their system update to increase speeds. Since then it has been nothing but a problem from hardware issues to inept customer service based outside the United States. If the customer service issues were not a nightmare imagine our surprise to learn that to go along with an increase in costs the bandwidth allowance was cut in half for the FAP.

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fradulent advertising

File a complaint with the Federal Communications Commission!

Go here:

Here is my complaint... This complaint is regarding HughesNet’s Fair Access Policy. HughesNet’s television ads clearly imply that their service is far superior to dialup internet. Sometimes that is true, but often it is not true. If the consumer exceeds bandwidth usage, HughesNet throttles your account down to nearly no bandwidth at all. HughesNet provides no information to the consumer regarding their current status of use of their bandwidth. None of this was made obvious by HughesNet in any of their advertising

Of course, if you are willing to pay considerably more for your service, you can eliminate this problem. In my opinion this is like a “loss-leader” advertisement. They hook you with one price, only to require a much higher payment to actually receive the advertised service capability.

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    gstan1952 Apr 20, 2010
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    You got that right !!!
    Most of the time, my download speeds go down to 5.4kbps. Which is ridiculous!
    They claim "Fair Access Policy", but when they decide you've exceeded your limit, they
    cut you off from internet access for 24 hours. Even though your still paying for the service!!!


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