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internet service

This ISP has very bad service.
As an unfortunate customer, I have to pay $96 /month
for an internet connection that isn't reliable.
I started having problems with them since July 13, 2010.
At first, they give you the "red carpet treatment", to lure you in. Then, like my own example shows, the servie goes
Fortunately, for me, I've written down EVERY time the
connection fails. So far, I'm going on three pages of entries.
Listing time and date.
As for the "location" of HughesNet, I do believe they
are operating from outside the U.S.
It WAS partially my fault. I signed my name to the contract. A two-year contract ! I shouldv'e known better.
Hopefully, this posting will save others from being burned.

Resolved faulse advertisment, bad service, cancel service

Hughes net advertisements are false. It clearly states in ads that its super fast internet yet I have been experiencing nothing but issues and extremely SLOW internet speeds (We might as well have dial up)! I am not the only one I have been reading reforms and i agree and confirm everything that has been said on them. This is not just a problem with my own service it a problem with the company. I wanted to cancel expecting to pay a PRORATED cancellation but it doesnt matter if you have had the service 1 day or you are 1 day away from your contract ending its $400! This company is a bad service, expensive SCAM!!! They force you into staying with this outrageous cancellation fee. I am NOT happy with the service so much that even though where we live its our ONLY option I would rather go without any internet service to loose the constant headache!!! THIS COMPANY IS A NO GOOD FALSE ADVERTISING SCAM DIRTY COMPANY!!! In these times no one can afford to just pay out $400.00 its impossible!!! Something should really be done about this company! If you don't believe me read the TRUE comments of their customer not the ones writing my their faulty advertising consultants, just another false advertisement. I have yet to read anything a true Hughes net customer has to say thats good. I want a way out and until one is found (without costing me the full cancellation cost, I will be doing everything to ruin whatever name this company has left and trust me i am not the only one!!!

  • Ai
    Aimee B Oct 27, 2010

    Fistly, your rant reads like something Kathy Bates' character in Misery would have written.


    Secondly, most HughesNet customers have no idea what they are talking about, or how Internet via satellite even works. Hughes has never promised a certain speed, all of their speed claims are estimates only. Due to the nature of Internet via satellite, it's impossible to pin down an exact speed. It's a miracle of modern technology that it works at all.

    All contracts have early cancellation fees attached to them, it's ntot just Hughes.

    As far as the fair access policy goes, all of you are screaming about how uunfair it is, but who ever told you that life was fair in the first place? Whoever it was lied to you.

    Lastly, I am a "true" HughesNet customer (whatever the &#@! that means). I have had zero issues with them. If you people would read carefully through contracts before just signing them, you wouldn't have the problems that you do.

    "Buyer beware" isn't just some snappy catchphrase. Think a little bit.

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  • En
    engineerphd Nov 12, 2010

    Aimee, you are entitled to your opinion. I am also a "true" hughesnet customer--been with them for four long years. Two degrees in engineering and a business owner. But frankly, the complaint has got merit. They are a lousy company to do business with. They have gotten only slightly better, but for a long time they intentionally oversold bandwidth. That is deceitful and dishonest. It wasn't until they got another bird up there working that it got some bit of stability. Fortunately, a coop is running fiber optic to our home next week and we will be done with these jokers. I am counting the hours until I can tell this so-called provider that they are fired.

    They have idiots in India for customer service that just read off a script. After a while, I figured out what they would tell me to do and just do it myself without calling them. And by the way, if something happens to the satellite to knock it out of orbit, it is YOU that will be on the hook for a service call of $125+. It happened to me twice. To anyone reading this, if you are a prospective customer, reconsider. This company deserves to go bankrupt.

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excessive charges

Eight months ago, My daughter lost her job, and had to move. To help her out I told her i would provide internet service for her. I contacted Hughes Net online and was told that I could get internet for $39.00 a month. I agreed. Then I was told that I would have to pay them another $99.00 for a router so my daughter could use her laptop. I did. She could use her PC but the laptop never worked and the tech was unable to make it operate. So my daughter could only use the PC. At the end of the first month I received a bill on my credit card for $70.00. I called in and complained, was told that they would fix the problem and give me a rebate. Next month, received a bill for $70.00. Called again, told they would correct the billing and give me a rebate at the end of the third month, they did charge me the $39.00 ($43.00+) with taxes. but I never received a rebate or credit. Enough is enough so I told them to stop the service. They told me I would have to pay a charge of $400.00 and less than three days it was entered on my credit card. I called back, and was told that along with $400.00 I had already been charged that if I did not send the receiver and another part back to them, they would charge me the cost. I tried to explain that I was 76 years old and could not get on top of my daughters house (42-miles away) to dismantle the part thery were asking for. I hired a man to remove the part. I called and talked to four different people in the Phillipines, but none could give me the address to send the parts, nor cxould I get the phone # to talk to someone in the U.S. Credit card came, they charges me $214.50. I received my credit card Monday, Yep, they charged me another $107.25. That makes a total of $721.75 that they have charged me since I stopped the service.
Beleive the old adage, "Buyer Beware" if you are going to be crazy and use this company's services. I am sending a copy of this to their local BBB, the State of Maryland BBB, the State of Texas BBB and thew Federal Trade Commission. LEARN FROM MY MISTAKES!!! dO NOT DO BUSIN NESS WITH HUGHESNET!!! Don Mosely, ([protected]

false advertisement

On 06/23/2010 I called HughesNet to order the service cause I didn't think there was any other internet available here aside from dial-up. On the 29th, it was installed. That is, after waiting for the installer to get here about 2 hours later than he was supposed to be here, and an additional 3 hours for him to install it. The installer guy had so many phone calls from his wife, etc. the whole entire time he was here that I still can't see how he ever got done. That aside though, he stuffed so much cord into the wall where he drilled the hole that in order to get it out the hole is now twice as big. Still gotta get that fixed up. When he left, 2 of the 3 computers were connecting, I had to fix the 3rd myself. Let's also keep in mind here that this idiot had never seen a wired router so he had no clue about that and I had to do that myself also in order to get any computer to connect. Anyway, they do seem to think that if you sign an installer's paper, it magically is a contract. Even though, nothing on this paper says a word about contract, or 2 years, and so on. It does talk about their FAP (Fair Access Policy) but see, you don't know anything about this til after the fact. You don't see this paper til it's all installed and the guy's ready to leave your house. I, myself, play World of Warcraft on a daily basis. Um, people! This is not a service to use to play that game. lol You will have latency normally around 1100. You will see it higher, guaranteed. And this to me, is actually the only guarantee involved here, aside from not being able to stream video like they say you can. My highest latency I saw was over 24000. That renders the game unplayable. I thought I'd throw that in for anyone who sees this and also plays the game or is thinking of playing it. Also for anyone who has never tried HughesNet and wants to stream video. Ok, on with the story. lol It was down more than it was up. There were 2 full 24-days that it didn't work at all. I only used the service for about 3 weeks, we finally found out about our local cable company here who have "Xipline" which is very similar to Comcast's internet formerly known as "RoadRunner". It's available here and so that's what we have had ever since July 21st and very happy with it. Anyway, I called HughesNet the night before Xipline was to be installed and canceled my account, or tried to. The only good thing about this phone call was that by some miracle it only took 11 1/2 minutes total on the phone with them. That night HughesNet was completely crap, nothing worked for so much as browsing so I decided to cancel that night. The guy who I could actually understand when he spoke (shocker), named Mike, told me it would be closed on the 29th, 2 days ago. I did check, and it does say it's closed, but yet I can still login which is completely screwed up in itself. The 29th was the end of the trial time so I was ok with that. He also told me they would send me an email ON THE 29th with return instructions and an ID number. I have to put the ID number on the address when I send the equipment back. Here it is the 31st, and still that email has not come. Mike told me my 45-day time window for sending the equipment back would start from the 29th also. I emailed them on the 30th asking them to send this email to me. What do they do? They reply and send an email asking me "If it's not too much of an imposition, would you mind telling us why by answering a short survey?" (this was in the email after stating they'd seen I'd terminated my account) Uh, yeah ok, I figured I'll tell them why, I'll answer their survey and then maybe, just maybe, they'd send me my ID number. Still nothing! I guess they didn't like my answer. lol I mean, after all, I had already told Mike why I was canceling. When he asked what the reason was, I asked him "which one do you want?" lol He of course tried to get me to take a "complimentary" extention on my first month, which they can't even say is a free trial cause it wasn't free. I'm out about $170 bucks with them. He asked me if I wanted to upgrade and I stopped him and said "NO, I don't wanna upgrade, I just wanna cancel it!!" When I called to order, the rep I talked to then said that my installation of $99 would be free by mail-in rebate. Well what he didn't tell me was that in order to get that $99 back through the rebate, you have to have 2 invoices to send with it, not just a receipt or first invoice. And with that, having 2 invoices means also that you're locked into 2 years of hell. So I'm out that $99 bucks. I canceled my debit card before I called them to cancel just in case they decided to try to bill me for something else. They're not getting another cent from me! They also don't tell you what plan you have either, only a price. The papers the installer gives you doesn't list that either so I can only assume at this rate that I had the lowest possible plan which allows for a whoppin' 200mb per day. That's crap! Their highest package only allows for 500mb per day. So with that, you can forget about streaming anything. They slow you down before that's used up too. It's so slow that simple browsing doesn't work, it's worse than dial-up. If it's so much as cloudy, it goes down, and if it storms, you might as well just turn off the computer and watch TV all day. Anyway, I filed a complaint with the BBB about them today before I came here to post my story. I'll update later when and if I ever get the email or get anything done. I told the BBB also that HughesNet should be shut down and put out of business for false advertisement. If I had the money to do it, I would file a class action suit against them, considering all the complaints I've read on this site, among other sites, it seems thousands of people are having a problem with this company. As for this so-called ID number they're supposed to send, 2 days late now and counting, I'll give them some more time to send it. But, if push comes to shove, I'll write the account number on that address and send their crap back to them that way. The ID number probably is the account number and they just don't say that. So I'll just guess at it if I have to. I'm thinking that they're purposely not sending it thinking that I'll wait for it and then after that 45 days has gone by they're thinking they'll get that $400 bucks outta me. I don't think so. That's my personal opinion of it so don't quote me. lol It would make sense though that the ID number and the account number is actually one in the same. They really don't want me to have to call them again about it, they really don't. I was nice the first time, as much as was possible. I was nice with the email asking them to send the ID number/instructions. If I have to call them again, it won't be nice for whatever foreigner with a normal name answers the phone next time.

  • Ma
    Mary Paxton Feb 18, 2013

    I'm having problem getting away from Hughes net. They systems suck, i also tried to cancel but they told me i have to pay $400 . Hughes net is a fraud and they won't give their address to give their router back. so i know what you going threw .one way are another Hughesnet getting this junk back that i have. hughesnet lied to me and my Internet goes out and speed suck!!! Mary from Texarkana Texas

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service and cancellation

I signed up in Sept. 1009 for Hughes Net Wireless service in the country near Easterly, Texas. First off there was a very hefty sign up fee, then out of the blue a $147 fee for the post the satellite went on, then $`115 a month for service (not including anything but the internet). The service was awful. Six to eight hours a day the Internet was down. The service number they gave me wasnt even in service and I NEVER reached anyone who could help me. Due to an unforeseen problem I had to move the last week in December and agreed to put the service on suspension for six months. At the end of six months they began taking the 115 out of my checking account again. When I called to cancel because I wasn't even in an area they serviced anymore they told me they would cancel for $400. I asked for help with that because I am now in a nursing facility and they told me very strongly that I would pay the $400 and there was "no way out of it." I told them I was willing to pay them an early termination fee but I thought the $400 was ridiculous and got three people on the phone all of whom told me I would pay that amount. These people need to be investigated first for the bad service and second for taking advantage of senior citizens.

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Resolved fap

I was under the impression that for the price I was paying for HughesNet, unlimited high speed, all the time. Now after installation, which they claim is free, isn't. Had to pay for mounting. Also pay extra to outside company for the pole to mount it (dish)on.

Was not made aware of the FAP, until AFTER...As I was using the Internet, and then I didn't have any.
On top of the "price per month" you have to pay additional fee's (tokens if you will) to keep doing what I normally do. I do not download, music, movies, etc. I pay bills online and read emails.

My meter starts just sucking down. They are misleading and a sham. I have informed HughesNet to come and remove all equipment immediately, but all they do is send DONOTREPLY emails.

I have had it with this company.

  • Di
    Dianne Clewien Jun 18, 2009

    Like so many others I wish I had found this web site before sunscribing to Hughes Net. The service is not at all as ddescribed in their ads. The so called FAP (Fair Access Policy) is anything but fair. It seems every day I am "punished" for being over the FAP when in actuality I am not close to being over. For example, I am currently locked out of my email and am no where near in excess of the FAP. We have all but stopped any downloads because of the FAP.
    Again like so many others when calling for tech support you get someone using an American name but can not speak English well enough to offer any assistance. Besides the fact the only assistance they can offer is written on a card for them. Forget asking for someone who can actually speak and understand English. I have even gone so far as to write letters of complaint to the 2 addresses for the Corp office that I could find. They have called me and refunded a month of service. They will agree with you that the tech support stinks and needs to brought back to the USA from India but that it will probably never happen and the service still stinks.

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  • Di
    Dianne Clewien Jun 18, 2009

    I don't know if this allowed or not but here are the 2 addresses I have for HughesNet Corp.

    Hughes Network Systems
    100 Lake Forest Blvd
    Gaithersburg, MD. 20877

    Hughes Network Systems
    11717 Exploration Lane
    Germantown, MD. 20876

    I know these are good addresses because someone has responded to me.
    Maybe if we flood them with letters of complaint something will be done, at least for the customer service portion.
    I will be mailing off 2 more letters to them this day because they once again have me locked out of my Hughesnet email account.

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  • An
    anarchistbigred Apr 21, 2011

    Hughesnet and other companies have this Fair access policy where you have a download limit, after moving to an area with nothing but dial up I had no other choice. if monthly payments and latency issues didn't get me the FAP did. if they would remove that FAP they would have more customers until then they will continue to lose customers. I have had skywayUSA which is alot better than hughesnet with the latency issue but still has all the issues. I still think hughesnet should get rid of the FAP and switch to a 2 way signal then i soups use their service until then I am switching to dial up.

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Resolved poor service misrepresentation of product

My husband and I signed on to Hughesnet in 2009. The installer came and set it up, all seemed well except we...

they claim speeds of 150kbs/sec but I have never seen above 30kbs

This is possibly the WORST company on earth. they claim speeds of 150kbs/sec but i have NEVER seen above...


As of the 18th, I will no longer have internet service. ----- Original Message ----- From: mark...

Resolved charging after cancellation

After SIX months of fighting with HughesNet's customer "service" department, I finally filed a complaint with the BBB. I had read one of the complaints on this site where a gentlemen had success with the BBB complaint he filed, so I decided to follow suit. Oddly, when you look for HughesNet on the BBB, they have an A+ rating!!! If you're on here, I'm sure that's a complete shock to you, as it was to me, because everyone on here would probably give them a big red F! BUT... I implore you to file a complaint with the BBB. HughesNet obviously doesn't care about its customers being harrassed and bullied by its customer "service" people, but they do care about their BBB RATING. I filed my complaint after being sent to collections for money I did not owe. A week later, I got a call from the executive office (based in America of all places) and was told that my account was zeroed out and received an apology for the mishap. Filing the complaint is very quick and easy online, so get on it! Good luck!

  • Ew
    ewood99 May 15, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    When I cancelled my Hughes Net account you sent me a box to return the Radio Transmiter (receiver) the Modem, and the wires. Everything had its place in the box. I am 68 years old and I climbed up on my roof followed all the instructions and took the transmitter off the dish. I immediately went in the house and packed it ALL in the box for shipping.

    Using the pre-printed ups mailing label, I labeled and sealed the box for shipping. The next day, around the 19th of March I took the package to the shipping store and dropped it off. Since it was all pre paid I didn't receive anything when dropping it off. ie: tracking # etc. you just took $324.75 out of my account saying you didn't get the receiver. I was told today you got the box with the wires and the modem in it, but the receiver wasn't in there.

    Like I said I am 68 years old, and on a fixed income SSI retirement & Military disability. I cannot afford for you to steal my money like this. I have been in missionary work for over 40 years and am not in the habit of lying, or doing anything to cheat or steal from anyone. That receiver was in the box. I know it was, and my wife knows it was. If you say you got the other two items you had me send, then you got the receiver. Somehow you made a mistake, and I can not afford to pay for it. I guess I can and will have to mark it up to a lesson learned, but I will assure you everyone I know will learn this lesson with me. I am very disappointed in Hughes net and how they would take advantage of individuals who enter contracts with them and do all they are asked to comply but due to your mistake you take my money. I am terribly disappointed and dissatisfied with Hughes Net and telling anyone who will listen to me about Hughes Net.

    Thank You for your interest,

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Resolved cancellation of service is I guess ok if that is the ONLY other option other than dial up that you have. Word of caution-If there is a possibility that DSL, cable or ANY other option may be available within the 2 years that you are in contract with company then wait. I did not mind paying the $400.00 disconnection fee because I would recoup my money in less than 6 months with the price difference with DSL. was quick to bill me for the disconnect fee but when I called them to find out when someone was going to pick up the modem and take the dish off the roof I was informed I was to mail them back. First off there is NO ONE to speak to in America. I spoke to 3 different people. 2 in billing and one in tech support. Do yourself a big favor and DO NOT call tech support!!! This man I talked to had no idea what I was asking. He asked me several times if I wanted the address to mail this back and apparently did not know anything about removing the "nob on the dish". When I asked if there was a number someone in America, I was told there is not a number for in America. I finally got someone on the phone that spoke and understood english. She told me that I was emailed a manual to return this equipment. I told her I never recieved this and could she resend it. She said she was not allowed to send out the manual. ?????? She did tell me how I could view it. I got tickled when I pulled up the manual and this saw...
If you have questions...
If you have questions or need help, call Hughes Customer Care, toll-free, at [protected].

  • Au
    Aubrey2003t Jul 28, 2011

    I just got hughesnet 2 weeks ago and can't seem to do anything except check my emails. Every morning when I wake up, it tells me that i've already exceeded my daily usage. I have yet to download anything at all because of this.

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poor and no service

I have been told I am exceeding my down load limit, and spending 5.00 on restore tokens, and for example last...

Want to sue

I just wanted to let everyone know that after my own problems with hughes net and reading complaints on thi...

Resolved tech support

I has a home office with internet service hook-up via Hughesnet satellite. When I have had reason to call tech support, I have been connected with someone in India, someone who speaks English with a heavy Indian accent, making it difficult to understand said person. In my experience with these tech support people, I am made to feel that I am somehow at fault. I am talked down to, as if I am either a child or a person below the technician's station in life. I personally believe that something like tech support should be handled by someone who speaks English with an American accent. Perhaps I should say that when a company covers multiple countries, the tech support in each country should be privided by people inside that country, who speak that country's major language as a first language. American companies do damage to themselves when they outsource phone support.

hughes net is the worst company I have ever dealt with

Hughes net is the worst company I have ever dealt with bar none. The customer support is in India and the service is terrible. I was a customer by force for 7 years because of my area. I had no other choice. They are a little faster than dial up but about one tent the speed of anything else. If you have a problem the tech support can’t even speak or understand good English. If you have any other choice take it or you will regret it. After 7 years they treated my like crap over a system hardware problem and after a month of no service I found that I had a DSL available in my area. The speed is night and day difference and 1/3 cheaper. If you can avoid using them you will be much happier. I would not trade my DSL if they gave me Hughes net for free.

  • Valerie Jul 22, 2008

    Lightening knocked out my service with on Sunday, May 25th. We had a two day service agreement with them. We were told that a repairman would come out on Friday, the 30th. Friday morning he called and said he was sent to another job and would come out on Monday, June the 2nd.. Mondaym he called and said he was sent somewhere else and would come out before noon on Wednesday the 4th. After he didn't show or call by noon, we called Hughes. I was on and off the phone with them for about four hours and could get no answers. I finally cancelled my service with them. Later that evening, the repairman called and said he would try to come out on Friday. When told we had cancelled our service, he said that Hughes always put off private accounts when they had comercial accounts to take care of. I had to get dial-up service from our local phone service.

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  • Hu
    Hughes Satellite User Oct 24, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This is a VERY deceptive company with terms of service you only learn about after your 30 day trial! If you exceed your download limit they subject you to THEIR Fair Access Policy (FAP). It is for 24 hours and if you continue to use the internet this can be extended indefinitely. They are totally useless as far as customer service as they can't fix anything or tell you anything.

    We were on FAP after two UNSUCCESSFUL attempts to download software updates. We didn't get the data and yet it still counted against us.


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  • Mz
    Mzmerz Oct 22, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This was the only internet choice we have, so they basically have us by the short hairs. The Fair Access is a joke. I can use their internet at "high speed" for a little less than 2 hours. I laugh when I see their TV commercials that state you can download a video in seconds. Sure, and that's all you get for the entire day...unless you buy a token for $7.50, and get one more video. This company is a complete rip off.

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  • Su
    sugar3000 Nov 02, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The system was installed 7 months ago and I paid 90 bucks. We were insulted by him when we requested the dish to be placed on the pole he got high strung and half did his job. We saw him place it on the side of the house over our central air unit. Well a few weeks later went by the all hell broke loose when water from the steam of the central air until got in to the eye of the dish. It crashed my hard drive a TB HDD a 300 buck drive and those nice gentlemen who repaired it was kind enough to let us know secrets and that s 2 things. 1. The incoming transmit and outgoing transmit lights on the HN 9000 Modem blinks even when pc is off to run your download allowance down to 0 so it gets slow and crashes pc. 2. The download meter sucks they said.

    My contract is up in 13 months and I can't wait to go to ATT UNIVERSAL. DSL A couple years a go my best friend (my sis-in-law) order a install of HUGHES NET They were lost for hours and they were dirty, drunk, half drunk, rude, disorderly, and offended my granny and my 3 year old niece. Sissy bug was in a college class so me, bubby, and granny waited on them for her. They were half dressed trying to play with each others privates, they didn't know what they were doing, Had body fluid stains on clothes. NO ONE SHOULD GET HUGHES NET EVER. I tried contacting the CEO, but unable to. Sue them if you want because I would.

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  • Rl
    Rlperry Jan 21, 2013

    Copy of my letter sent to HUGHES NET, January 21, 2013

    Account # DSS713****

    To Whom It May Concern ~ And I can only hope that this letter will fall into the proper hands!

    I am begrudgingly sending you this payment. I have NEVER been as disappointed in a service of ANY kind as I have been with Hughes Net! But we are honest people who pay our bills so, although you have NOT delivered the service that you advertise or that we have paid for, we will pay what you say we owe!

    A couple of weeks ago – in total frustration – I made YET ANOTHER phone call to your service department. I was on hold for ONE AND A HALF HOURS! And then when I finally spoke with someone, her accent was so “foreign” I could hardly communicate with her. And since she was reading from her “prompt pages” she was unable to answer any questions that veered from her prompt pages.

    I had called because we wanted to DISCONNECT our service. We have been a customer since 2007 and have had COUNTLESS interruptions in service! Your records that indicate how many times a service man has had to come to our house is NO INDICATION of how many times we have had problems! Nor does it indicate the MANY times we have called and got tired of “holding” and we hung up! Your Customer Service Phone Center is absolutely the worst! There is NO excuse for a customer’s time and business to be so disrespected and disregarded! HIRE MORE OPERATORS… and preferably those who can speak the English language properly!

    Honestly, we cannot estimate how many times we have been on our hands and knees under our desk disconnecting and re-connecting cables, rebooting our computers, or running to another person’s house to use THEIR internet service so we could take care of business and / or school homework! I can’t help but wonder if I could legally CHARGE YOUR COMPANY for “not delivering”, and for our time and our inconveniences! I would be embarrassed to know that any of MY customers were receiving such poor service!

    For years, because of our location, we have had no other internet alternative, so basically we were at your mercy. Recently AT&T was made available to us and it came at a perfect time because Hughes Net was disconnecting constantly! Our college daughter could NOT do her homework nor could we take care of business at home. But to be perfectly honest, I dreaded making the phone call to disconnect because I knew it would mean more frustrating “hold time” and speaking with someone from “India”. However, I braved the call and after a ONE AND A HALF HOUR HOLD, I did get a sweet lady with a strong accent who kept repeating the same lines regardless of what issue I was trying to address. When we FINALLY got around to actually beginning the “disconnecting process”, she discovered that the account was in my HUSBAND’S name so she was not able to complete the process. I was told that HE had to make the call! I laughed. He would not nor will he ever be patient enough to be on hold for more than 10 minutes! And here’s the “kicker” ---- Your records show that the account is in HIS name therefore, you could not make adjustments to our account without talking to him --- Well, how odd that the BILL COMES TO US IN MY NAME!!! You cannot make changes to our account because it is in HIS name, but you can send the bill and accept payment in MY name? Literally – just shaking my head.

    And please allow me to interject here ---- My husband has HUGHES NET at the office on our farm and he recently upgraded to your Gen 4 and has already complained of having to disconnect and re-connect his cables every time he turns his computer on!

    Enclosed, you will find a check for 1 month of “service”….and I use the term loosely. My bill is for 2 months of service. According to the Customer Service agent I spoke with this morning I owe for November and December. However, my records show that you received the November payment! So I am deducting 64.99 and paying only 64.99 for the month of December. If there is a discrepancy…. Well, I do not know what to tell you other than simply, you will not receive any more money from us. The agent was able to look at my “usage” and granted, you may see a day where there was 4 or 5 hours of internet service, but please pay close attention of the NUMEROUS DAYS that internet was NEVER USED!

    We have changed to AT&T and I had no idea that I could actually experience such fast and uninterrupted service! It has been delightful! No doubt my husband – should he brave a call to your Customer Service Department – will also be changing his farm office internet service as well.

    In closing – I have NEVER written a letter like this to any business. I take no pleasure in it for I am not a cruel or vengeful person. But I think it is in YOUR best interest that you be made aware of poor service and unhappy customers so you can make the necessary changes. I trust this will be the end of my dealings with your company. If you haven’t disconnected my service, you need to do so NOW, with or without my husband’s phone call. His signature will be below! Thank you.

    Perry’s from Louisiana

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  • Mi
    Miss Dis Gruntled Feb 05, 2013
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Just wondering: Have you tried complaining to the Attorney General in your state?

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Resolved scam, horrible service

I recently was sucked in and got hughes net. After 2 weeks I canceled ( still in my 1 month trial) because it was horrible. After canceling with them it has been worse than the internet. No on said anything about returning the equipment myself?! A few stray debits of a few dollars went through on my account from them but it was no more than $8 so I didn't think anything of it. Then after being without them for 2 and a 1/2 months they charged my account $315 (2/11/10) When I called them to find out why I was being charged this they told me it was because I had not returned the equipment in the 45 days that they give you. I explained to her that I did not know I needed to return the equipment myself and I was told that I should have called and asked them and that it was my fault. In the end they extended me a week or so to return the equipment. When the received the equipment and if it was in good condition they would return my money immediately.

After figuring out how to get on my roof and remove the antenna from the satellite dish, risking radiation poisoning, I was ready to send the package to them.

Of course I did a receipt of confirmation of delivery and insurance on the package. Now when the receive it they tell me that they haven't days later. There is no record of it. When I tell them I have a confirmation they "find" the package. Now they tell me that it will take 30 days for them to find out if the package is in good condition and then they will refund $300 of the $315. Also if the package is not in good conditions they will NOT notify you... Thanks hughes net.

10 days later after receiving the package I call back to check on the status, let them know that I am not going to forget about it. They tell me that they still haven't received my package. We go all through it again, and again mysteriously they find it.

Now they are telling me that they are not going to return me my money because I am not under lease they will not give me a refund. I was mad at this answer and I could barely understand this person so I hang up and call again.

This time another representative tells me that it is 7-10 days to process the package. 30 days to check and make sure it is in good condition, and 30-45 for the money to be debited back to my account.

So at least the last person told me that I would be getting my money it is just now going to take a lot longer than I first thought. I want to file fraudulent charges on there behalf with my bank, but I am trying to work with hughes net. I only have 90 days after the charge has been charged to my account to file fraud.



Resolved slow speed - limit on usage

Although when we signed up for this service, it was the only high speed internet available, it is no longer...

Resolved install/uninstall

My current internet was spotty in service and I work from home on VPN, so I was told Hughes net had great speed. I called them and set up an install. At no time did the salesperson advise me that VPN caused the system to work at 50 to 75 % less speed. When they installed, we noticed the speed, installer told to try it. I did for 14 days, bad !
Now, I have a new internet and called Hughes to deinstall. I find out today that I have to remove the equip from my home - a hugh dish that is probably 36 to 48 inches round and ship it back to them. WHAT??? IT IS NOT MY EQUIP. Or they tell me, I have to pay another $ 100 to have someone remove the equip, but I have to pay to ship it back. But they don't want the 48in dish!!! What am I sppose to do with the dish???? None of this was told to me when I talked to the sales person. I am out $ 99 act fee, a month fee of $ 79 - suppose to be the 3rd highest speed, and now $ 100 to dismante THEIR equipmnt and who knows how much to ship back...and have the dish in my yard as trash. I will never recommend this company to anyone...


Purchased new computer with operating system upgrade from Windows Vista to Windows7. Very, very slow service...

Resolved billing after cancellation

I cancelled my HughesNet on 1/7/10 because of the high cost for basically nothing and broadband was finally available to my rural area. They gave me 4 weeks free to make sure I was happy with broadband, and told me to call back before the four weeks was up. I called back in 2 weeks and they told me they had no account for me: not by name, not by phone number, not by address - no account. So I told them to be sure they did not reinstate my account and charge me, and the non-US person on the phone said "well there is no account". Of course, in 2 more weeks, they charged my credit card!! I called again - this time they were able to bring me right up - amazing! Then they argued with me and kept me on hold for 48 minutes!! They refused to reimburse the entire amount, refused to cancel the service until the next month, and then begged me to remain a customer - really!?!?! Finally got them to reimburse all but about $5 which is still ridiculous since they are the ones who screwed up. I filed a complaint with my credit card company, so we'll see.

  • Nu
    nuttyprincess Mar 08, 2010

    I am going though the same thing right now. The took $315 out of my account 3 months after I canceled with them. I did cancel in the 1 month that they give you as a trial; I canceled after being with them for 2 weeks because it was horrible service! It has now been a month since they took the money from me and I just keep getting different answer for when they will be able to give me my money back. How were you able to get the money back? I also wondered what your bank said ... I am planning on filing fraud if I can't get it back.

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  • Ma
    mainsle Mar 29, 2010

    I filed a dispute with my credit card company and they handled it and it was credited back to me. DEFINITELY file with your bank because I can guarantee you that HUGHESNET will not do anything to resolve your issue, and don't wait because there is a time limit for banks but I don't know how long - 2-3 months I think so hurry! I just got off the phone with yet another representative of HughesNet (I actually hung up on her; what's good for the goose you know) because I got an email notification that they were unable to charge my card this month (I Cancelled in January!!!) so would I please contact them to update my card. I contacted them -- again "there is no account for that phone number". No kidding - because I cancelled it! They were able to find my info from the reference number in the email. Then they proceeded to tell me that the service was cancelled in February (although the first time it was January), and that I still had a balance owing. Wrong. Then I went online to email them and the email didn't work (surprise). I'm guessing because I don't have an account number. Man, this is the worst company I have ever dealt with in my life. Good luck and let us know how you make out!

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  • Ma
    mainsle May 14, 2010

    So no big surprise -- after all this mess of being charged after I cancelled, then finally getting my credit card company to refund the charge, then having HughesNet try to charge my card again (which I cancelled to avoid fraudulent charges showing up from HughesNet), they sent me to collections!! So today I will call the collection agency and give them the lo-down on what their client is doing. Hopefully this will be resolved. I've never been late or unpaid on a bill in my entire life. I'll be danged if HughesNet, the worst company I've ever dealt with, is going to screw up my credit score. I'm so ticked.

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  • Cc
    Ccgma Nov 19, 2010

    I am going through this same crap right now! I got hooked up Tuesday afternoon, and cancelled on Thursday. I spent hours on the phone, and about the time I finally got to the cancellation process, we were 'disconnected'. So I had to start over. By the 3rd time I told the guy it BEST not happen again! I'm scared to death to see how much more they bill me for. I'm already out $169. I wish I'd have read comments a week ago!!!

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  • Pe
    Peter_Doe May 31, 2011

    I called 4 days after my 2 year commitment ended to cancel, but their cancellation takes effect at the end of the billing period. So cancelling 4 days into a new billing period I still have to pay another month fore the service. Its just very poor business ethics. The service would be "just OK" if there was no daily cap. Its just too expensive for what it is. Your better off with a Verizon or ATT air-card.

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