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Hughes Net Satellite Internetslow speed - limit on usage

Although when we signed up for this service, it was the only high speed internet available, it is no longer high-speed.
We have been on Hughes Net for 18 months. Our usage has not changed in any discernible way. Yet, in the last 8 weeks, we continually are being moved to a worse than dial up speed because we are said to have "exceeded" our 200 MB download capacity allowed per day. This limit was never pointed out to us when we signed the two year contract. The enforcement of the limit is obviously something new, or we would have encountered the problem long ago. Our guess is that Hughes Net cannot afford to invest in additional capacity for all the customers it is attracting, and is now putting a band aid on the problem by limiting the amount of download its customers can accomplish. Eventually, they will be forced to invest more in their infrastructure, or go out of business. However, now they will collect all the $5.00 extra fees to restore service each time the "limit" is reached. We are already entitled to this by virtue of our $75.00 per month fees. Just recently, Hood Canal has come in and put cable in our area. When our two year service contract expires, we will immediately go to Cable. And hopefully, hear the last of the Calcutta Customer Service people!


  • Ih
    Ihatehughesnet Aug 31, 2010

    I have also noticed a large decrease in speed. I have come to terms with rediculous 200mb maximum download size, I now go to a family members house do all my laptop updates and any other firmware updates I have to do cause if I exceed my 200mb download threshold the HUGHESNET High Speed internet is unusable (slower then dial-up?, no, unusable). Now for the past few weeks my internet is about the same speed as dial-up and I haven't exceeded the "fair access policy threshold" as they call it, this is just normal browsing. When I first got hughesnet it was fast, almost as fast as cable, I had no problem with it. But now whats the point in paying $50 plus a month for high speed internet when its as fast as dial-up. I think its time to put $30 back in my pocket each month and go back to dial-up.

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  • Td
    TDWyatt Oct 18, 2010

    It sems hat now that my daughter has entered the digital age, we routinely exceed the FAP limit; what does it take to get unlimited fast Internet? I have my household set up with a wireless network, but must disconnect it during the day to keep from using up my FAP bandwith. I need a use a usage dial for each computer in the house. The gauge that Hughes downloaded does not recognise my modem... so what am I supposed to do?

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  • Ma
    Marty-240 Jan 07, 2011

    I have been on Hughesnet for years. FAP, Fair Use Policy has always been in place. Most people never hit it unless downloading large files or watching streaming media. Size of files on the internet have increased over the years but HughesNet's policy hasn't. A virus will cause the limit to be exceeded as well. It sucks as far as I am concerned. I have purchased the $119 package which is faster and allows for 500mb of download. Still no movie watching for me. They do have a download manager that allows for scheduling downloads between 2:00 and 6:00 am which is a free time and will not show up on usage, unless downloading large files on a regular basis.. There is also a download for a monitor that displays usage. I will be the first one off of it when something else becomes available but for now I am stuck.

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  • In
    intrepix Jan 30, 2011
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    Shaw, Rogers, Bell have just been given the green light from the CRTC to bill whatever they like which has brought on ridiculous billing increases. I will not sign any cell phone, tv or internet services with any of these companies as they are all gouging consumers. Telus has said they would do the same but as soon as I get a bill for extra bandwidth, I'll be cancelling their internet service and start talking to some of my neighbours about setting up a group internet system which we all pay a monthly share of a single bill. If these providers want to gouge and abuse me, I'll return the favor by opting out of their services entirely.

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