Huggies Diapersdye rubbing off on my babies legs


I've been using Huggies Snug and Fit since the birth of my daughter. She is now 20 months old. Since the last big box of Huggies I bought from Costco, my daughter has had a dye on her inner thighs. It comes off, but not easily. At first I thought it was the new pants I bought her, but it continued to happen and has persisted regardless of the type of clothing. The only consistent factor is the Huggies. There is a blue liner with elastic and also a blue design on the outside of the diaper toward where her inner thighs would rub. I switched to cloth diapers and the dye went away. Huggies is distributing an inferior product and has lost me as a customer.


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    srchng4care Apr 20, 2011

    maybe it was just that package your gonna stop using them after 20 months??? weirdo and cloth diapers seriously the poor thing will have a yeast infection in no time diaper rash who knows

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    GraciousMonkey Jun 13, 2011

    I have been using the Snug n Dry diapers for several months, but now that the weather is heating up, the dye in the diapers interacted with my daughter's sweat and leached into her skin, causing bruise-like stains. So bruise-like, in fact, that 2 doctors were convinced that they were actual bruises. One "bruise" was racket ball sized on her right leg along the diaper line, and the other was golf ball sized on the left leg in the same spot. The on-call pediatrician we took her to on Saturday ran blood tests to rule out leukemia and other major blood disorders. The tests were negative (THANK GOD). I asked if it could be the diapers. He said no because it didn't wash off. It was a bruise. He said he didn't know the cause and my daughter needed to undergo more testing with her regular pediatrician on Monday. I took her in, and of course the doctor was out sick, so we had to see her back-up doctor. By the time we got to the office, the smaller "bruise" had grown and was almost tennis ball size. This doctor was convinced it was child abuse. She asked me the same questions over and over - would anyone hurt my daughter? Has she been acting strange? How does she act when she goes to the babysitter? Do you suspect the babysitter would hurt her? No, no, no... Then she looked at all of the bruises on my daughter's legs with a suspicious eye - when did this happen? How did this happen? I don't know... she falls down a lot... she's a toddler. Great, now I sound like an abuse victim covering up for the abuser. She kept leaving the room and coming back in. We were in there for what felt like an eternity. She said she would run more medical tests but would have to do a full body skeletal scan to check for healing fractures if the tests all came back normal. She was absolutely convinced that someone was hurting my baby. I was devastated. Finally she went next door and grabbed another pediatrician to come look at her. He put some medical soap on a paper towel and scrubbed the "bruises". They began to fade. The doctor that had just accused me (or someone) of abusing my baby started laughing. It was a stain, not a bruise. The soap irritated the hell of my daughter's skin and red patches began to appear. Her skin is very sensitive, so we never use strong soaps and only use mild soap once or twice a week. I guess I wasn't scrubbing hard enough. This has been one of the most traumatic experiences of my life. I will never buy Huggies again.

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  • Jp
    jpsaldana Oct 05, 2011

    The director of my son's daycare called me into her office today and asked me about the "bruises" on his inner thighs. She even had another employee undress him and show them to me, since I could not figure out how he could be bruised down there! To make a long story short, I took him home and gave him a bath...sure enough the "bruises" disappeared. I called the daycare and let them know that the marks were gone, but who knows what they think of me now. I'm so HUMILIATED. After looking it up, I've found stories of the same thing happening for the past 3 years! I'm done with Huggies. I can't manage cloth diapers, but there are plenty of other brands out there that won't lead to accusations of abuse!

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    Mommy123456 Oct 07, 2011

    Oh my heavens! I'm so glad to know this is happening to other people! Last week stange giant bruises appeared on my 6 month old's inner thighs. I was devastated! I though he had bruised himself in his bouncer ( I knew no one could have hurt him) At first I thought, well maybe its dye of some kind. So I gave him a bath with soap and water, and it din't come off, so my worst fears seems confirmed, that my sweet little baby was all bruised up from his bouncer. I put the bouncer away, and was going to make an appointment with my Ped., when I decided to try one more time to clean them off. I scrubbed with a wet wipe, and sure enough dark dye came off!!! I am appalled! Huggies need to recall all these diapers and refund their customers!!! OOOOH Just wait till they hear from this LIVID mother!!!

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    jennahsmom Jun 25, 2012

    The same thing happened to my 16 month old. I've used huggies her whole life and I didn't think it would show up out of the blue but it did. I called 2 hospitals for advice but neither could help me over the phone. I called her doctor and I also got questioned about abuse. I gave her a bath but it didn't come off easily. I had to scrub with a wipe and it showed up on the wipe. I noticed it one day on one side and about 5 hours later on the other side. I started googleing the symptoms and I found many moms have went through the same exact thing. Huggies may be the strongest brand but this is unacceptable

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    Shan81 Nov 14, 2013

    My daughter is 8 months and she got her first rash ever there was blue dye on her that looked liked bruises and heck a red rash like blisters it must be the sweat and something mixed

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