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There is a Huggies diaper commercial, where a man takes his baby boy into a bedroom apparently in someone else's house to change his diaper. The baby ends up peeing all over the room, like there's a garden hose shooting out of him. It shows detail of the "pee" hitting the bed, the walls, the ceiling, the nightstand, the person's pictures and items on the nightstand, etc. This is one of the most OFFENSIVE commercials I have ever seen, and if I had babies, I would never buy Huggies.


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    heath2011 Jul 01, 2011

    I have a son and a daughter...My son NEVER did that, my daughter on the other hand, once the cool air hit her tush she was like a fountain...I agree that commercial is over the top

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    redrye Jul 19, 2011

    I, also raised two boys, and this happened on occasion, but this commercial is over the top. It does look like dad and baby are in someone's bedroom, and it is disgusting. And, I really hate seeing it SO often. Huggie's can't you come up with more commercials so that you don't have to bombard us with the same one. It is so monotonous!

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    Henry Krinkle 2 Jul 19, 2011

    I think they got your attention. And that's what they want. Poor taste is stylish in the 21st century. The more tasteless the better. Just look at how people dress these days.

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    maddestttttttt Nov 19, 2011

    huggies is becoming worst brand ever i have been with them 7 yrs but will be switching to pampers as i cant even get in contact with them!!! and change my password on the site why?????????????????????

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    PopTard Oct 21, 2019

    I think Huggies is actually good. and the commercial is even better!

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