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we bought a pack of huggies dry comfort nappies, when we opened the pack there were no valcro stripps on the nappies, they sent me a voucher for new nappies, I went to get a new pack of nappies and for the second time all the nappies again had no stripp on I complained again and they said they are going to send me another voucher, but it is not good enough. I have to go and borrow money to buy nappies, please let me know what I can do


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    heather85789 Dec 13, 2009

    I have bought 2 packets of huggies natural fit packs of 56, i have found that nearly every nappy is faulty i have found that there seems to be no sickt tag on 1 side of each nappy i bought them today and i am only able to use about 8 nappys out of a possible 112 i am really disappointed as i have always used huggies nappys for all my children and have never had a problem with them and now it seems i have 2 packs of 56 faulty nappies which i bought from boots as i normally do please could u email me to respond to what i should do the bar code on 1 of the nappies is 288081259. and on the other pack the bar code is 5029053527994 on the side of the outer packaging. my name is heather hill if you would like to write to me then my address is 43 greenway street darwen lancs bb3 1er. or u contact me through my email address which is [email protected] i hope we can resolve this problem as soon as possible as i am now going out again tomorrow to buy another pack of nappies again. kind regards heather hill

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  • Sh
    shabz Dec 14, 2009

    i bought huggies dry comfort pact of 38pcs in tat almost 8 of the pcs were without grip strips i called sent an e.mail and also a sms but the company dint even response for totally disappointed me dont where to find answer for this...all is waste of money...

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  • Ha
    hate huggies Jan 04, 2010

    I got a pack extra dry as we go through a lot with our son and the sticky bits are there but tear off when trying to fit to the kid . Also after one wee wee it leaks all over him we are changing him everytime as he cries due to this fact . STAY away from huggies as they are a problem is the best bit go over to pampers . Worth the extra money and time . Saves on changes and for every 3 or 4 huggies we use one pampers active fit .

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    Dee M May 09, 2010

    I recently have similar problem with huggies, bought a pack and towards the end of one batch it was leaking badly and I opened a new pack in the beginning of the batch it was still bad, but towards the end it got beeter., called customer care and they helped me quite quickly.They came to fetch 10 nappies so they could go and test, and I got the voucher within three days.I am going to use the voucher but will change permanently to pampers due to these.I will still use their wipes though cause I am a fan of huggies but i was dissapointed by the substandard quality

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  • Em
    emma paddington Jun 21, 2011

    i have gone and got 2 big boxes of nappys for my children and i must say how rubish huggies have got opend a brand new pack and all the nappy was hard in areas of the nappy like it had got wet and dryed also find when i use them it all ways leave a bad rash on the children and for huggies wipes allways rip trying to get them out of the packet i am really not happy as they charge u 11pound a box so i wont use them again pampers seem 2 do it for me

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  • Vi
    Victoria McHale Aug 30, 2012

    I always buy huggies nappies but recently i found that the quality is reale poor, its very thin and on two occations her urine came through the sides of the nappy.Also she now has a very bad nappy rash.I am very unhappy a
    bout this and i dont think ill be buying huggies again.

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  • Ki
    Kirath Feb 20, 2013

    We purchased a pack of Huggies which were defective as they were missing straps at first I didn't think much of it as it was just 1 or 2 and as we continued using them it got worst were when strapping the nappy the strap ripp of.we happy with the brand however iit becomes a concern when more than one nappy is defective.clearly this is a problem for the past 3 years as I notice other parents having this problem since 2010.I would like a representative of the company to contact me as this is unexceptable and a waste of money.

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  • Su
    Sukraj Jul 24, 2013

    Ever since huggies dry comfort nappie packaging and design changed my son has devloped a bad rash I have been using dry comfort for a year now and never had a problem till they changed the design of the nappie this year june now I'm stuck with 3packs of nappies a very sore and unhappy baby.I'm really dissaponted!

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  • Lk
    LK7 Aug 13, 2013

    I bought a 56 pack of Huggies Dry Comfort for my son (size 5's) and they are staining his skin blue! The dye in the print on the nappies isn't waterproof and the dye leaves blue marks on either sides of his legs and on some of his clothes! I have been trying to contact Huggies via e-mail to complain - however it is virtually impossible to locate their e-mail address! If anyone can provide me with an e-mail address so i can lodge a complaint, I would appreciate it!

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  • Yl
    ylene Nov 11, 2013

    I also want to complain about the quality of the Huggies boy and girl gold nappies. The side bands/straps (sticky bit) that attach to the main body of the nappy during application detaches itself when I pull the strap to put a new nappy on my child’s bottom.
    This is also not the first time this has happened but the 3rd time and considering the price you pay for a pack, I am not satisified at all. It is costly for me to keep buying Huggies and the straps/side attachments are faulty. Besides this problem, there are other minor problematic issues with nappies that leak or burst after an hour of wearing them and all the jelly comes out. This weekend alone, I had to throw away 15 unused nappies as the straps had broken upon application. Sometimes I am able to apply a nappy but after 30 mins the sticky side strap comes undone and the nappy is rendered useless again. And it is not even properly wet/soaked yet.

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  • Ch
    ChazJerry Dec 09, 2013

    I'm so disappointed in Huggies! I changed from Pampers to the great cartoon dry comfort huggies! My girl love the cartoons on it therefore I change! But no Thank you I'm disgusted with wat I saw in the bag, what a waste of hard working money! I sEe many complaints trust its been resolved by huggies in a special way! Best Regards to huggies but I got to go back to my number 1 nappy pampers!!!

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