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Huggies - huggies little snugglers size 2

I just bougjt a big box of huggies little snugglers. I have used maybe 5 diapers out of 174 and every single one smelt really weird! What can this be and how do i resolve my problem i will never buy huggies again. I have never had problems with the diapers before but no diapers should have a stench the way these ones do! I hope my problem will be solved

Apr 03, 2017

Huggies - little movers size 2 and wipes

I have used wipes fresh scent and little movers diapers with all my kids my daughter is 4 months old And she is in size 2 the big box of diapers I baught ripped when I pulled the sticky apart to do her diaper up on over half the box and more than half a big box of wipes felt like sand paper I wanted to inform u all of my problems never have I ever had a problem with ur products...thanks


Huggies - baby wipes box

I bought the box of baby wipes so that I could refill and reuse the box. However what's happening is that when I pull out a wipe the next wipe doesn't catch in the squiggle thing they come out of. I end up having to open the box all together to get s new wipe out. I am highly unsatisfied. I purchased the box and then also got the one and done refills.


Huggies - huggies snug and dry diapers

I have always used huggies with my son and he's is 2 years old now but this last box I got the Hugh value 152 count sung and dry ultra for $35 at Wal-Mart and I have been unable too use them they have broke my sons bottom out horribly and I have I was hoping it was just a bad batch so I went and got a small pack and he could use them just fine i so I guess it was just a bad batch so I had too throw them out.

Mar 29, 2017

Huggies - huggies little movers

I purchased a box of Huggies Little movers it is the diapers I have chose since my little one was born I have had an issue once before with the tags that secure the diaper ripping off so I'll let you guys now .I get have another issue I called about this morning in regards to black spots on brand-new diapers out of the package I'm not sure if it was mold burn marks oil I'm not sure but I've already dealt with someone in regards to those diapers and she was extremely friendly and helpful and made me feel a lot better . She told me to come home and check the other diapers and when I did I found much more to complain about I am completely unhappy with the fact that I put my daughter in these diapers . I have submitted a video along with this comment for your review and would like someone to call me . The issue I came home to today was more then when I called for earlier this morning as you could see my video I explain the difference with the texture of the diaper the ones I purchased just recently or extremely hard with very hard pieces throughout the diaper . Did you guys make a change in your fabric that you use .please have somebody get back to me as soon as possible I am very irritated and I do not want to put my daughter in your diapers until I speak with someone


Huggies - my huggies must be old

So this is my third box of Huggies an my baby have peed right threw them an the whips were dried out I used the pamper for four month's an this has never happened to me I can't us any other pampers because that break her out and I personally love the pampers an whipes but they products are not cheap I'm not working so I can't keep affording to buy dried out whips or old pampers. I'm really starting to get up set with this.


Huggies - the big box of huggies 11 pkgs of simply clean wipes for $14.99.

This is the 2 ND box I have bought that there has been at least 3 packs of wipes in there that when I open them they are completely dried out...These are not the cheap brand wipes I am buying...I expect to get what I pay for.. I use Huggies diapers on both my kids and wipes...But u am about ready to change to another brand...I don't know what you can do at this time but if it happens again...I will be telling everyone I know to stop buying your brand...

Huggies - little movers size 3

I purchased a box of 128 count Huggies Little movers earlier in the month from Walmart. I had to throw away 2 diapers for defects and these diapers are not cheap. By the time I got to my last diaper waiting on my Jeep to get out of the shop...The last diaper was also a defective waste of money. The Velcro was seen into the side making it impossible to use. This is something I would expect from a cheaper store brand diaper but not out a company know to be the best diaper manufacturer in the country. This is ridiculous and unexceptable as a computer or a human error. Someone should be inspecting these diapers before they are packaged to go out to parents and we have to throw away money as well buy more diapers.

Mar 16, 2017

Huggies - size 3 snugglers

This is now the second box in the past 2 mos ive bought where ive thrown away probably at least 10 - 15 out of each box bcuz the diaper is messed up. The velcro tab on the side falls off when you go to stck it to the other side. These diapers arent cheap and i spend $40 on every box i buy. Im worried to buy another box bcuz im losing money and diapers...

Mar 16, 2017

Huggies - huggies snug and dry

I purchased a 66 ct box of huggies snug and dry pampers. Upon opening the box everything was fine when I got to use my 5th diaper I noticed the seal things weren't on the diaper. However, when I looked through the box I found 3 other diapers the same way, I disposed of those defective diapers and I am continuing to use the remainder of the pack. As I am a first time mom I am a little skeptical of buying huggies again out of caution of experiencing the same thing, I want to keep purchasing huggies products because I've heard nothing but great reviews about the products.

Mar 10, 2017

Huggies - huggies little movers diapers

I started with the huggies little movers size 3 about a month ago and my daughter started getting fussy when I would try to put a new diaper on her. I noticed she had red raw marks at the top of her...

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Mar 09, 2017

Huggies - huggies snuggles size 2 32 count

I have purchased a few packages of Huggies snuggle size 2, 32 count diapers over the past month or so. The first package I opened had a defective diaper but I did not think anything of it. The second package I opened had a few more diapers and I noticed my sons bowls were coming out around his thighs. The final package I currently opened so far has 7 diapers that are defected. When I open the diaper up it opens flat like a piece of paper. There is no stretch in the thighs for the "snuggle" aspect of the diaper.
I have taken photos of the diapers, package -front and back, and bar code of all the ones I have found so far. I am NOT happy with the quality of diapers and they were not definitely not cheap to buy.

Mar 07, 2017

Huggies - huggies wipes

For my baby shower I was given a box of 1160 natural care baby wipes and I opened one of the packages before my baby was born and filled up the wipes case, once my baby was born I used the wipes and saw it was leaving tiny bits of white dry wipe on my baby. I thought well maybe they dried out so I opened another of the 4 packages left. To my surprise all 1160 wipes were super dry and all leaving white dry pieces everywhere. They are brand new and not expired. Completely disappointed in Huggies.

Mar 04, 2017

Huggies - huggies sung and dry

I purchased a pack of Huggies snug and dry. I have never used these ones before only the huggies little movers. My baby of 13 months got a very bad chemical/diaper burn on his hole bottom area. I paid 15$ for these on a very tight budget and I am not happy about this product and that it did that to my poor baby he had to go a full day with no diaper on in a lot of pain. Please let me know what you will do about this. I did research and a lot of my friends as well have complained about this brand you have. Please contact me about this.
My name is tabatha pyykonen I live in Calgary Alberta Canada.
Email is Tabatha.k.l.[protected]
Phone number is [protected]

Mar 01, 2017

Huggies - swaddlers size 2

I bought 14 boxes. I'm going on 3rd box and it seems the design just isn't right. The tab tears so easily. My daughter sits and it'll tear. Most times, I'd grab the tab to attach the diaper and it rips. She has had blowouts and leaks all month. I have to change my sheets daily. It was made so cheaply and poorly. The diaper leaves lent in my child's private area. I have about 10 boxes left and I'm forcing myself to use them because I bought these when I was 2 months pregnant. My daughter is now 6 months old. So over a year ago. Now, I'm stuck with all these boxes of diapers I can't keep using.

Update by BobbieWinn
Mar 01, 2017

*Little Snugglers*
Comparable to Pampers Swaddlers

Feb 22, 2017

Huggies - huggies hands & face wipes

These wipes are not delicate on a baby ir toddlers face or bottom, it scratches your face with somekind of little pebbles or sand paper so upset that I got four boxes from my babys birthday and now unable to return them because I have no reciept..I tried taking it to a few places but they said they needed a receipt. I hate tgese and refuse to use it on my toddler! I tried running it on my own face and immediately I felt like little scratches on my face..why does huggies continue selling this? Poor kids cant speak for themselves..being scraped on thier face and bottoms and private areas..I cant imagine the pain..horrible item..shouldnt be sold!

It sounds like it may have been a bad batch. I and many other people I know have used them and been satisfied with the product. Though I currently do not use them, what I have received has been comparable to other wipes.

In regards to returning them, I would ask whoever gifted them where they purchased them. I would then ask that store for a store credit, however much they will offer.

Feb 15, 2017

Huggies - huggies little movers size 4

I have always been a huggies lover and never had an issue with them until recently. A few weeks ago I had a diaper explode little beads all over my floor when I was carrying it to the trash can. I thought it was just the way I wrapped it up but then today I got my daughter out of bed and when I unzipped her sleeper to change her there were beads all over her! They came out of the top front of the diaper and they were really hard to get off of her skin! I'm on the verge of switching to pampers because it's getting ridiculous, with a 12 month old baby I don't have time to clean up diaper beads every time I change a diaper! I don't know if this matters but I buy my diapers at sams club and my email is [protected] I'd like a follow up.

Huggies - diapers size 2

The diapers say for 12-18lb babies on the package. My daughter wears size two in pampers but these new "leak proof 12 hour protection Huggies " are entirely too small. So now I am stuck with a pack of opened diapers that I cannot use and have wasted money on. Is there any way that I can return them or even just exchange them for a bigger size? They were purchased at Walmart in Lexington Kentucky on Richmond Rd.

Feb 09, 2017

Huggies - huggies little movers slip on's size 3

These diapers left scratches, a rash and welts on my son's outer thigh. His little legs are in a lot of pain due to this issue. I called the Walmart store where I purchased the box of diapers and the store will not refund my money or let me exchange them because the box is open. Now I am out the $28 that I spent on this box of diapers. Please help.

Some kids have allergic reactions to different types or brands of diapers. It happens. You could try contacting Huggies but there might not be anything they can do for you.

Huggies - little movers

This product is the most overpriced wonderous pile of #### I've ever had to deal with. We normally use luvs, which are an amazing brand, recently upon moving to a new job I've been waiting for my new payroll to start coming through. My grandmother got these Huggies as a gift to help out and there completely worthless. One day of using them and I've had to change my child's clothes 4 times because she's covered in piss. I may as well not use diapers at all at this point. These things stop nothing it's ridiculous. Now I have to scramble around to come up with money to buy the brand that'll actually work, luvs. So my grandmother now wasted her money, I'm having to waste more of my own rebuying something that doesn't even do its job. Completely ridiculous and extremely upset that a company advertising the highest priced diaper is ####Tier than bargain brand. At least the bargain brand doesn't leak after she urinates one time. Jesus.

Not all brands work for all kids. This is obvious. You learned Huggies didn't work so you will buy another brand. Move on.

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