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Huggies - poor quality

I have been purchasing Huggies Gold for Girls 4+ and it gets so wet when my daughter doesn't even urinate so often and then it hangs and gets extremely heavy, also i have been putting the nappy on and the straps have been easily tearing off completely which results in the nappy becoming useless and me not been able to use it.
Please urgently address, we spend a fortune on the diapers and i feel its a waste.

Huggies - snug & dry

I bought a 180 count size 3 pack of huggies snug and dry for my 18pound baby and have had nothing but problems in the week we have been using them. Shehas had constant leaks through her clothes during the day and night. I'm very disappointed in the product that I have been using since forever . Idk if the diapers were a bad batch but something has to resolve, because It has happened one too times.

Huggies - huggies size 4 snug and dry

I purchased the diapers a could of days ago and when I went to use them for my daughter More then half of the diapers stuffing was out and the plastic on the end of the diaper was sealed together on one side. this is not the first time this has happened. it happened more then a few time and I had to buy a different brand which I hate because my daughter gets an allergic reaction with all the other brands but huggies but I still give huggies another chance because My daughter don't get a reaction to them. Just please try to fix that.

Take them to the store of purchase along with your receipt for a replacement or refund.

Huggies - huggies overnight

I bought two boxes of the overnight size 5 diapers for my daughter which she wears strictly overnight or for nap time and every morning we've woken up with a diaper Falling apart or one that ha...

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Huggies - snug and dry

Very disappointed with huggies diapers quality, wal-mart and how each big time big money business handled my situation. I have 2 boys and was using huggies when my 1st son was born for his first year until they changed the design of the diaper, as soon as they changed it he could no long wear them as he would get chemical burns from the diapers (Is what the dr called it) so I switched to pampers or honest co diapers which ever was on sale. Well 2nd son later (6 mo old) & my 1st is 2 and half now, well I fell on hard times and spoke with a few if he mom's at day care and they stated they had the same issue with huggies when they changed the design from red/blk mickey diapers to multiple color mickey diapers, where they would leak after half hour, rashes etc... Well to get back on track biggie went back to huggie and leak leak leak leak leak... Ive had to change my babies every 20 min and do extra laundry bc they soaking clothes, sheets even my couch when they sit just soaked straight thru the diaper. No protection what so ever. Go to walmart... Will not exchange because huggie don't have guareenteed (As per walmart) or money back like most brands... So i'm stuck with 2 boxes of size 3 and w boxes of size 4. Call kimberly clark huggies... Wow they was I was talked to and how they handled my situation said i'm leaving my kids in their diapers too long... What!!! I was so mad. Half hour to 45 min my 2 year old will be soaked and the baby maybe a hour. Terrible terrible terrible service and product on huggies part and wal-mart. Going to to honest company or pampers premium. Also spreading the word at the day care, school I work at and fellow mom's at our "mommy and me" meetings and play dates.

Huggies - huggies pants for boys

Good day, i recently bought a packet of huggies pants for my son.Only to realise that the stiching was faulty on all of them.i email your website a few times but got no response to date.I have been a...

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Huggies - size 6 pull ups

I recently bought a pack of the lightening mc queen pull ups for my son who still wears one of a night, first night he complained that they were hurting him but encouraged him to leave it on, next day he was a little itchy but no signs of why so again I put another on the next night, to wake up to him crying through the night pulling at his pull up saying they really hurt him. On closer inspection my son had a rash all over his thighs, back and stomach but only were the pull had been, and plus a very sore irritation where the pull up had been just under his belly button. These have affected him all day complaining how sore they are and inching.

Huggies - huggies and wipes

In been buy Huggies for 12 years and every time is getting wors the leak my sin weight 31 lbs with special needs and that the only brand he can use but of every box some of the daipers are damage from the stick belt and the leak is bad I buy six boxes of size 6 a month and also your wipes are tour every time I tried to get it out from the plastic container and when I used and clean my son tour when I clean him and my fingers get dirty


Huggies - huggies snug and dry

I bought a 180 count size 4 pack of huggies snug and dry for my 26 pound baby boy and have had nothing but problems in the week we have been using them. He has had constant leaks through his clothes during the day and night. You claim to have 12 hour protection but we can't even go two hours without a leak. I have used huggies products before such as the little movers brand and loved them since we hardly had any leaks. Sadly the store we bought the huggies snug and dry from didnt care any other brands of huggies and are now left having to waste money changing my son's diaper more than normal, loss of sleep waking up to change his diaper so he doesn't have a wet bed or clothes and extra laundry with all the wet linen from leakage.

Huggies - huggies snug and dry

My son is one I have used Huggies little snugglers the entire year no issues. I than switched and bought the Huggies snug and dry he's had to go to the doctor twice from almost burn like rashes from them and on top of that they leak like crazy I was having to change him every 45 minutes or he'd leak all over his clothes. This product needs to be off the shelf. What ever chemicals are in it are clearly dangerous and I have half a box of 30 dollar diapers that I couldn't even use because of all the issues.

Not all diaper brands and types work for each child. I have personally had very popular diaper brands give my children rashes while others are just fine. It's not uncommon.

Huggies - huggies no2

Im not one to complain ever but this has hurt me deeply. My first son just hit the 2month mark a few days ago and I convinced my fiance to change over from pampers premium care to huggies gold which ive always believed was the best until my little one started with rashes which you can clearly see are caused by the nappy. Im sorry to say this but the advertizing of the nappies quality is a load of rubbish. My baby boy is in constant pain due to his legs and pelvic area being inflamed because of the huggies gold range.


Huggies - huggies slip on

Dare if incident: 9/29/2017
Description: I was coming home from work, my dad sent me pics of my 2 year olds slip on diaper. Inside I saw a thick piece of wood lodged inside the buttock area. I was shocked bc we've only used Huggies for him and was shocked that is what we found. It could've really damaged my son in so many ways if my dad proceeded to put the diaper on without looking inside first. I have been contemplating about getting a lawyer

Resolution: Free diapers for a year plus a refund.

Huggies - little movers

So I got two boxes of the little movers size 5. And well I noticed my daughter had a red rash 20 mins and so I changed her and she went again screamed and started to pull her diaper off. So I let her run around with little underwear on completely fine. I put a diaper on she pulled it off. So I tested it out with luke warm water and cold water it honestly got warmer and warmer 40 mins later still warm even the cold side did. So I won't be buying huggies anymore!

Huggies - I bought 8 packages of huggies little movers

I bought 8 packages of huggies little movers because they were on sale, but I just open one package and 2 diapers were missing the tap or strap from one side on the diaper and I throw them away I was not able to put them on my baby. I was wondering if the rest of the diapers were the same, missing the tap of one side of the diaper. Should I just go to the store and return them? Thank you

Huggies - diapers

I've always used and purchased huggies brand name diapers and wipes! This 1 particular day i purchased a box diapers for each of my 2 boys and I've noticed that their were a few of the diapers that had the straps broken/tore off and when they peed in the diaper, some of the particles from the diaper was left/stuck to their behinds! I've never ever experinced this issue before with huggies diapers.

Huggies - huggies gold for girls

This is the 2nd pack of Huggies Gold diapers for girls (size 5) that leaks. The diaper is not even on for an hour, when it already leaks. I hereby request 2 packs of diapers of good quality AND not leaking/faulty. Purchases were made at Clicks (Pretoria CBD) on Thursday, 12 October 2017. The diapers also appears to be thinner, and not of good quality.

Huggies - huggies little movers plus

My son is 10 months old and from birth he has used huggies diapers all other diapers have given him a rash or just plain did not hold well.. my husband and I tells all our friends and family who are expecting to use huggies only but these last 2 boxes we got from walmart of size 4 180 CT was a disappointment.. the 1st box we were missing diapers we went ahead and called the store they said nothing could be done especially since we bought them brand new the box was still sealed shut we let it pass since we have never had a issue before.. the second box we bought about 2 weeks ago has been nothing but trouble the tags on the side would barely hold we would keep having to check him as well as every diaper he has leaked through them nothing has changed with my son he is still the same weight still drinks the same thing I hope I am not ignored as I am a huge supporter of Huggies and hopefully something can be done about this being I have purchased 2 big boxes over $50 of the 180 count so that I can still be huge supporters of the brand including you all are the only brand my son can wear I no longer have either box that the diapers came in my husband is very OCD and we get things and open them right that second and throws the box or containers out we never keep anything

Huggies - diapers

I have bought 2 of the big boxes of huggies snug n dry size 5 (152 count) and have 3 boys in them (ages 1 and 2). Many of the diapers in both boxes have come apart in the back. The outer layer peels from the rest of the diaper. With the first box i thought maybe i just got a bad box and so i bought another and they are almost gone and it has been the same thing.

Huggies - huggies size 5 little movers

I had bought the big box of size 5 120 count huggies little movers at walmart. I had opened them last night and out of a quarter of the box I have pulled out MAYBE six diapers that I am actually able to use. The others have been made incorrectly and are missing tabs all together on the right side. One had two tab sections on the left side. I'm unable to use them! This is a HUGE waste of money. I've bought huggies products for years. I now have to see exactly how many more are defective and have to throw them away as well! I am truely disappointed as i now have to go purchase more sooner than i should have due to just throwing them away!

Huggies - pull ups

I decided to try huggies pull ups as they were on offer at tesco. Later my daughter was very upset and pulling at her pull up. I checked and she had a bad irratation from the inside of the pull up she was covered in a rash and scratchesFrom the velcro part of the pull of wich has a sharp edge.
Very dissapointed and these are not a good nappy especially on a babys delicate skin.

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