HUDforeclosed.comtook money from account without authorization

F Review updated: and are the same company and if you quit one the other one will bill you so you can't
get out of the cycle of being billed. So if you buy a 7 day agreement and don't cancel your credit card, your keep on paying even if they give you
a confirmation #. I reported them to my Credit Card company and
it looks like I get a new number and the Fraudulent Department is
looking into the bill because the charge changed names from .com to
.net. What a crooked bunch of so and sos', you think

  • Updated by Ron Blasco · Mar 09, 2018

    Do not use this company as you can see they are criminals.
    They will charge your credit card even if you are not using the services.


  • Ch
    Chris Jenkins Mar 30, 2009

    Hello Vanessa,

    I'm sorry that you were left with such a negative impression.
    We actually do stand by our product and our aim (as evidenced by thousands of happy members) is to provide a valuable service. We clearly did not succeed in your case, and for that I apologize.

    To clarify: Yes, both domains are connected to the same entity. This is just the way our websites are set up, and there is no malice involved. You were only billed for ONE service, the one you signed up for.

    I see in your account that you signed up for our site on August 15, 2008 and last logged in to the member site on September 21, 2008. I see that your account was in fact canceled and won't re-bill.

    Per my notes, Jack at our Customer Service Center did speak with you recently and your concerns were resolved. Should this not be the case, would you please call us at our 800 number? Truly we'd like to see you satisfied.

    Chris Jenkins
    HUD foreclosed

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  • Ch
    Chris Jenkins Mar 30, 2009

    Hello Dorothy,

    I apologize, I just found this and was not aware of it until now.
    Yes, upon checking your account I do see that you signed up on October 6 for the One-Week Free Trial and it was canceled on October 10, 2008, within that week's time.

    We value our customers and strive to deliver excellent value. We have thousands of happy customers. I am sorry we did not succeed in your case.

    Would you please get in touch with us through our 800 line of the contact form on our site? We will gladly address your concerns.

    I have also instructed a customer service representative to try and reach you by phone.

    Chris Jenkins
    HUD foreclosed

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  • Jo
    Joni truman Mar 16, 2011

    My account was charged and i never even went to your site before now, I want my account refunded immediatly or you will be hearing from my lawyer

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  • Ca
    Carmela Salerno Aug 20, 2018

    I dont want this crappy website and cancelled it before the trial period. They charged me 49.60 and havent reversed it. Horrible cust serv sucks. During the trial period, I got nothing useful to my prerences and cancelled. My 49.60 was taken out of my acct and caused bounced checks. NOT COOL. I want my money back...

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  • Ka
    Kar OZ Aug 21, 2018

    I canceled this service back before the trial period ran out and I just noticed that they have been charging me close to 50 bucks a month
    I hope discover will help me reverse charges

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  • Ro
    Ron Blasco Aug 21, 2018

    These people are criminals and will add thing to your account that they say are free and then charge your credit card every week. Stay away from this scam company. I am out almost $100 for less than 30 days of nothing. Watch out what you sign with the unscrupulous people/company. I would like a full refund or I will not be happy.

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  • Je
    Jeanclaude Jean Sep 26, 2019

    Sept. 19, 2019

    As today i want to stop my subscription within your company, and you are no longer authaurize to withdwral money from my bank account anymore.

    Your company is about getting people's money, not to helping them to buy a house.
    I am going to call my bank to stop any further attempt in your part to get my money.
    Thank you,

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  • Is
    Ishouldknowbetter2 May 11, 2020

    Don't sign up for a membership. The only way to cancel your membership is to call (800) 422-6021. They'll put you on hold for 30+ minutes and still won't be able to talk to anyone. Go figure

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