Huddle Houseunfairness


Huddle house in dillon is very very nasty with roaches that crawl on customers. Management suck sherry mcroy. Sherry mcroy is a very greedy manager that only cares about her family at huddle house in dillon. I was fired and was not told of my fired dude to I couldn't come in which I informed the manager sherry a day ahead. Not only that sherry is allowing her kids to work there with one I know is making more than any other employees except for assistant after he left and then came back thats not right. She is allowing her kids to take days away from other employees which is not fair. I also have work more than 40 hours but was told that I could not receive over time because they didn't have to pay. She allows her kids to eat whatever they chooses without pay. She also has sent her kids in without training to work when someone couldn't come in. Her kids are allowed to walk behind counter and prepare meals in street clothes along. Sister in law can work as she pleases no weekends. She allows her friend that works there to make her on schedule. Not only that I she has moved the waitress out and working the days and getting the tips among her self and son. Garrulity has been given and I feel I have been cheated. Manager is not allowed to work weekends along with kids not allowed to work any 3rd on weekends. Manager want rotate shifts not unless it benefits her and family. I feel as its not right and along with me the rest of the people at huddle house in dillon. Its not fair and there is nothing being done about the matter. Customers are talking as well and they don't think its right how we are being treated.


  • Brenda* Jul 31, 2012

    Employees shouldn't be discussing personal business with customers.

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  • My
    mystique2002 Apr 05, 2013

    Is it any mystery that Huddle House is continually downsizing?

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