Htc TouchWarranty - No repair or replacement on failure

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I bought an HTC touch phone 3 months ago.
Stopped working. The other party cannot hear when I speak, I can hear the other party
Gave for service and every day they tell me that it will be ready in 2 days
Its been a month now and they are not even answering my calls.

  • Updated by Shaiju Thomas · Jul 15, 2017

    HTC professional trimmer not working since beginning.


  • Ch
    chris Jun 12, 2008

    WARNING - somewhat fragile - I also bought an HTC touch 3 months ago. Screen suddenly started displaying vertical and horizintal lines. Brought to Service provider - They said that it has water damage. I said it has not been anywhere near water. They said a small litmus paper under battery, under the back cover, usually has a cross diagram and when exposed to high humidity, or even perspiration, (don't carry in pocket), the paper will change color and show water damage. This litmus test instantly VOIDS ALL WARRANTIES with HTC.

    I know that I hold the phone in my hand when interfacing withy it and the base sits on my palm. My skin breathes. I'm out $400 + price of new phone because I liked the HTC Touch. OUCH!!!

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  • Ro
    robrah Jul 08, 2008

    same here. my vox is about 5 months old, has never been near "water". got the cell phone equivalent of a blue (3 colours actually) screen of death and won't boot past that point. of course a certain amount of humidity exposure is inevitable in daily usage. took it directly to the agents who quickly took a photo of the limus paper and said that it had been exposed to water and it isn't worth fixing, warrantee void. i think HTC are taking a fat chance.

    very p^ssed off.

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  • Su
    Sudhakara Poojary Baikady Jul 19, 2008

    Any complaints on HTC, I do agree. I have lost all the confidence on HTC after using it for 10 months. I even pulled back from the repair as they charge AED 350 saying it is not covered under warranty !!! friendly suggestion do not buy HTC product !!!

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  • Bm
    bms Oct 07, 2008

    Touch diamond a failure product for many reason and less value for money.

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  • Ab
    Abrar Nov 22, 2008

    Dear Sir

    I bought HTC touch handset last 14th Nov 08 from Chennai(authorised sales shop) for INR 17800(seventeen thousand eight hundred rupees)
    Can provide the address of the shop and owner contact if required.

    I purchased this phone only because of its brand name.

    I dropped the phone on carpet when I tried to make a call.Immediately there was a very minor crack on the top of phone(not on the display, but on the enclosure only).It is not robust enough.
    I am sure I have not dropped the phone on water ever before.

    I had faced following issues right from the 4th day of purchase
    1/ when I put on handsfree, the called party cannot hear me but I can hear the called party
    2/ when I put on speaker phone, the called party cannot hear me but I can hear the called party
    3/ after 6 months, I noticed the software hanged and I could not use stylus.Then after hard reset, it started working normally.After that I faced this problem atleast 10 times.
    4/after 8 months, suddenly the display started turning white and I could not use the phone at all.
    5/ I could not hear from the right ear side of the head set, but only from the left ear side.

    With the above issues, I approached the shop from where I purchased this phone.
    I submitted the phone well in advance(within the warranty period) and they started delaying to attend to my issues.
    Why is this ? Nokia service is far far better.
    What is the reason for taking customer's complaints lightly ?
    I have been advised to go for consumer court and infact I am planning to do that.
    Also, I planning to highlight this bad experience with HTC to the Indian public via news paper and other media. I am going to advice all the new buyers, not to choose any of the HTC product hence forth.
    I am going to take this issue very seriously.
    I am totally disappointed with the sort of support extended by HTC service centers in India.

    I am also planning to send emails to HTC board mentioning their very poor technical service and support in India.

    I want all the above stated complaints to be resolved before 2nd December '08.
    Please note my mobile number: 91-9972 565758.


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  • Jo
    Joe Apr 29, 2009

    I have HTC Touch Pro. I bought it 3 months back and it's touch screen is not working properly. The phone almost always hangs while using it. I have to hard reset almost few times but still no luck. I called HTC few times but they are not willing to replace it. Don't buy HTC!!

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  • Le
    lessence May 16, 2009

    I've owned my HTC for over 6 months and I don't have any complaints other than the battery life. Other than that, it is a pretty amazing phone. I practically live on this thing. I hope reading this stuff doesn't jinx me. I will say that inspite of it's usefulness to me... I blame sprint for most of my problems and wish I had my blackberry Curve with At&t again, if they weren't so expensive I would.

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  • Ko
    kohl strong Jun 12, 2009

    i was riding my bike today, and i kinda fell. anyway, the next time i took out my htc touch from my pocket it was turned off, though i had it on earlier. i tried turning it on. no luck. so i take out the battery and put it back in (sometimes that helps) and pressed the power button. it started to turn on normally, but then when the owner information is supposed to come up, instead the left 1/2 of the screen was black, and the right 1/2 was white with colored lines (green, blue, red, yellow) so i turned it off and tried again. still got the same thing. I've had this for 8 months of so, and i've never seen it before. does anyone have an idea as to why this happened or how to fix it?

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  • Ed
    Edward99 Jul 06, 2009

    I bought the HTC Pro in January. Had it for two weeks when the screen started to act funny. Took it into Verizon and they told me it had water damage. I never had the thing near water.

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  • Sh
    shelby coleman Oct 01, 2009

    I hate my HTC Touch. First of all the keyboard on the touch is small I can hardly text and using a stylus is lammmme, and I like to text with one hand. I NEVER have service, even when I'm in the middle of town; people will call me and their calls will never go through but I'll get the voicemail like an hour later...wonderful. I bought a rubber case for it for when I drop it, but the buttons don't work at all with the case on, but they light up when I hit them, but won't work...This phone was not worth $400.00. what a waste of money.

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  • Ht
    HTC Oct 05, 2009

    I bought an HTC touch diamond about 3 months ago and bought the extra warranty, i dropped it one night and it stopped working, but no big deal because of the warranty right? well i took it to the telus store where i bought it and they said it was water damage, ###...never had it in water!
    my opinion... HTC should consider changing where the indicator strips are located so that they are not so easily tripped by rain and other liquids.

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  • Ho
    honesthenry Nov 10, 2009

    Very pissed off!!! The G3 phone that I got went completely black in the first few months. So I sent it in for repair and it took over a MONTH and they still haven't told me what the problem was. So I called in and they said my warranty was void due to the removal of the sticker. WTF, I've never even touch the POS since it was brand new. I been reading forums after forums with the same ### customer tech department playing dumb. So I tried calling in, waited for like an hour and it finally HUNG UP!! Some more serious unethical type of business. So now they charged me $39 for returning my ###, what a bunch of bs. NEVER GETTING ANOTHER HTC or dealing with them AGAIN, EVER!!!

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  • Ch
    christie333 Nov 03, 2010

    HTC IS A RIP OFF They said my almost new phone had "signs of water damage on the motherboard" so I am guessing my sticker must have been OK. I never had it in or near water EVER . The ringer just stopped working one day so I was missing calls. Cell Com sent it to HTC after just a few months of ownership and it took me almost 3 months to find out today, HTC wont warranty it because it appeared to have some water damage. DO NOT GET A HTC product unless you want to lose your photos and 500 bucks. They are either lier's or their equipment is faulty and too sensitive for human hands. Mine did not have water damage and Im now out a phone without recourse. They did not even ask if they could just install another motherboard (what could that really cost them 5 bucks) and at least recycle the outsides (which were new), no they just said to buy a new phone. I will have to, but not from them.

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  • Ht
    HTC=Hates Their Customers Dec 23, 2010

    Agree with christie333. The phones are a joke as is the tech support and customer service. How can all these people, including myself, have water damage from every day things like perspiration, humidity etc? It sounds like a complete scam that HTC is running to get more money out of the consumer. My story: The SD card holder was bad, sent it in for repair. HTC sent back my phone to me with the WRONG operating system on it. I sent it to them again so they could install the correct system on it, and now they claim I must pay for "water damage." WTF? When did this so-called water damage occur when the phone's never been near water??! I declined, and they refused to correct the operating system mistake THEIR careless techs made, and have forced me to pay $28 to get my phone back! Never again will I buy an HTC product. I'd rather use this as a decorative paperweight and put my money elsewhere. If you value competent service and a customer-focused company, DO NOT buy HTC.

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  • La
    laiwolf Apr 12, 2011

    This is my exact experience. I cannot believe that crap that I have been through with this phone. Sent it to HTC over a month ago, phone was lost, couldn't find my account, got different answers from different people, was disconnected, no clear answers. Finally, I was able to speak with a supervisor who told me there was water damage to my phone; it was never around any water. I think this "water damage" claim is HTC's way of getting out of their warranty. I paid over $400 for this phone less than a year ago and now I had to pay them $28 to send it back. Unbelievable. I will NEVER buy an HTC again. I will also be filing a complaint with the BBB and my state attorney’s office. Way to go HTC.

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  • Ji
    Jim Harris Oct 06, 2011

    TICKET ID 11GBD270000208 After waiting nearly four months to have a mobile repaired htc gave me a new mobile'' Great well no!! It was delivered to the wrong address' I have had to take a day off work and drive 100 MILES TO PICK THE MOBILE UP. Guess what IT DOES NOT WORK!!! Ups are picking it up yet again tommoorw to been repaired!!! Lets see how long it take this time!!! Being left this long without a mobile is an insult four months and still counting. I have spent nearly all morning on the telephone trying to sort things out. The UK HTC repair centre is a joke I will never buy from HTC again I would sooner use a pigeon to send messages it would be quicker or maybe jungle drums would do the trick or smoke signals any would be better that a htc uk mobile!!

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  • Sh
    shafimuhammed Aug 21, 2018

    my mobile is fell down and damaged the display so please let me know the procedure and kindly do needful i am waiting for your replay

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  • Lo
    Lok Bahadur Sep 18, 2018

    I received HTC Mobile ONE M7 (Order code : 481-9774688)

    now mobile not working

    I request to change this mobile

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  • Ak
    Akung Koshal Oct 02, 2018

    hii my name is koshal akung and i am complaining about the version of my HTC E9 PLUS phone. i still don't have the latest version of oreo in my phone. It is still running of lollipop version. I request you to provide me the version oreo because my phone doesn't update. It is stuck in the old version.

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  • Ni
    nikkuu Oct 15, 2018

    I have purchased etc d 728 for first 3 months I dint have any problem
    n now m getting my phone to much warm (hot) n battery drains quickly so please get to my complaint

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  • Sh
    Shaiju Thomas Oct 21, 2018

    HTC professional hair clipper not working since beginning. I already tried to register complaint but not yet get any call from your end. so again trying today.

    I called your customer executive, he told me to raise it again. if the complaint active they may provide a ticket no.

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  • Wi
    William Hooper Oct 27, 2018

    I was lied to after 2 months of waiting for an exchange HMD Vive.

    I bought it during the anniversary sale and it arrived crushed, I was told an exchange was fine, after 6+ weeks of waiting I was told I had been refunded. Blowing the sale price and wasting my time waiting. I feel cheated and lied to.

    Worst Customer Service I have ever experienced

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  • Mo
    Mostafa Deifallah Mohamed Nov 11, 2018

    Ref to TT # #8470790

    Order #1097157598869


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