HRRG Collectionscollectiion practices /extortion

C Review updated:

Hrrg has been harassing my phone line with repeated excessive calls since march of 2010 this is nov yes.
Leaving automated messages ab 10-15 a day.
After rading the similar illegal practice abusing good people.
There is no legitimate document they can provide therefore it condsidered a fraud. Beside they rude and arrogant using abusive
Language at 1st conversation we had with jack demanding social sec number.
Thay have been told that there is a legal process has been started regarding their practices. They don't seem understand english and they keep calling still today.
As a message I am sending it to all those who had been abused harassed
By these people excercising the 1st amendment
I am escalating the complain in to extortion as a criminal charge.


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    Kelly47 Jun 14, 2013

    They're doing the same thing to me! However, does that constitute harassment under the law b/c they keep calling & calling? Of course the automated person isn't rude or yelling at me but I never answer. I have one of their #s saved in my phone but they call from other numbers as well. If it is harassment you bet your a** I'll try to sue them. You can collect up to $1000 & your legal fees are paid for (according to an article I read). I've never spoken w/ them but I can tell from this site they're rude.

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  • Ri
    Richard F15 Aug 30, 2018

    This "Outfit" is very bad news & nothing about them is professional. Just the opposite! They continue to call my Austin, Texas cell phone number constantly. I have stated before I have NO medical debt that would have to do with "Healthcare Recovery Group" OR parent company "Team Health". As stated before by others, calling them to remove your phone number can only escalate their harassing NON STOP ROBO CALLS!

    I have no clue as to WHY they selected MY NUMBER to constantly cause me such annoyance. Sadly, legal action is probably what I need to do. Frankly this route is also time consuming on my part. I simply want them to leave me alone. If anyone on this forum has a simple way to stop their telephone harassment, I would greatly appreciate your thoughts. This "Outfit" sounds they use bully tactics to get money as they are a "Collection Agency". Many of these places employ bullies to make their profit legit OR bogus. With me it's FALSE AND BOGUS.

    I do not want to make a bad situation worse than it is already, yet this has got to stop. Why it suddenly started is a mystery to me. They are going after someone who owes NOTHING. That sadly is ME!

    Again, I am documenting every call, date & time they are sending these automated voice messages. Maybe they read these posts & realize their practices are harming innocent people. Doubtful though.

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  • Ri
    Richard F15 Aug 30, 2018

    I don't owe any money! This company is harassing me on my cell phone multiple calls per week. A recorded message from HRRG Collections AKA "Healthcare Revenue Recovery Group". These are Spam/Scam Calls that won't stop. My phone number was assigned several years ago. UNTIL HRRG Collections began harassing me, my phone was getting no unwanted calls. I have NO debt. These calls are bogus. I am keeping a records of each & every call. I would call THEM asking them to stop, BUT I hear that won't work, that they just keep calling regardless.
    I see lawyers that will sue them for harassment per unwanted call. I will probably have to take that route. It's time consuming & a hassle for me.
    This company is causing me unneeded stress. WHY ME? I Owe NOTHING!
    Hopefully they will go away & go after somebody who owes them an unpaid debt.

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