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The Better Business Bureau has contacted Hotwire and has been very helpful with continuing conversation with this matter. Since I cannot get a refund and Hotwire appears to be unwilling to give any compensation or credit even though I immediately tried to fix an apparent "double booking" I have been advised to have counsel to represent me. Under the advice of counsel, I'm told to attempt to resolve this issue one last time. The date of the van use has passed, I didn't use one (1) of the three (3) vans booked on two different credit cards but on the same days and time. One being a mistake that I quickly tried to remedy. Considering, of course, I can't drive two vans at the same time and Alamo doesn't allow one driver for two vans at the same time. Also, Hotwire would not have lost any money because when I originally called Hotwire, they suggested that I call Alamo which I did. Alamo, on the other hand, said to call Hotwire. The apparent "run around" did not help me what so ever. And after my trip when I used two (2) of the vans along with a 2nd driver, Hotwire still does not want to help the customer. This seems to be unethical as well as not very customer friendly.
I understand that Hotwire is trying to prevent the customer from shopping around for lower rates which was never done or intended and vehicles were still booked and used at the same days and time. With all the issues, I will use social media to help get the word out about my ordeal and the other reviews that I have read against Hotwire. I believe this will make others aware of Hotwire's business culture and how the customer seems to be taken advantage of from a company that is either unwilling or refuses to work with problems that may occur and only want to take your money with no consequence to increase their own bank account. This issue occurred on Aug. 11, 2019 long before the actual use of September 20th at around 7pm.

Shawn McWhorter

Oct 05, 2019

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