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Hi, on 8/09/2018 I booked a rental car via online. Selected hnl then date of rental along w/ times needed. Booked this rental only to find out on my confirmation e-mail this company ace rental does not open till 8:00am - 8:00pm. Instantly I call the local # to see if I can get the time changed for i'm arriving @ 6:00am on 8-30/18. Spoke to ted ask him why did the online not tell me 1st the company i'm renting from and the time of business he tells me he does not know why. I proceed to ask him if I can cancel my reservation he tells me no. So what do I do I ask when my time of p/u & d/o is 12:00 pm to 12:00am totally not going to work for my trip. He tells me he will change it to 8:00 when they open and he will take care of it. I go on my trip on 8/30/18 and wait 2 hours for the shuttle to pick me up only to be told again by ted you are early but he will sent the driver to get me. I arrive at ace rental on 30-60 ualena st unit #b. Ted tells me the car I reserved is not there and he will gve me another one ok so in the mean time he tells me if I had waited 1 week later I could have gotten this rental for 1/2 the price what a stupid thing to tell your renter sitting in front of you. He checks me out and I revieved a nissan sentra of i'm pressed for time to get my mom to her appt. Still need to go and pick her up. The reason I traveled to oahu was to help my mother. I take a walk around the car and notice one of the hub caps is missing ted tells me "as how" the last renter lost it really! So I leave and notice the ac is not getting cold but I need to pick up my mom so I continue on well ac does not get cold it's warm and about 3 hours into the day the passenger side seat belt is stuck and seems to be in a lock position we cannot get it to unlock. I call ace rental and tell them what is going on and ask to speak to ted. He does not come on the phone but tells me to come back and he will switch out my car for another one. So I return to ace to exchange the nissan now they are giving me a volkswagen jetta and this car is black and has alot of stratches on it bu, t so be it we need to get to the next appt. Well I put my mom in the car and it is so hot the seats is unbearable she won't sit it's too hot it burns her hands to touch. They didn't even take the time to check out car or cool it down knowing how hot it is at almost noon terrible. I turn the ac on to cool car down before we leave then I notice the the enging malfunction light is on. I get ted's attention and point out the malfunction light and tell him this is not right. I know this because I work for a car dealership and this is a safety issue. Ted in turns tells me that it is fine they "ace" did not have time to take care back to the dealership to have light turned off. I tell him if anything happens this will be on him and to note this down on my contract. He assures me it's fine I have no time to waste need to get my mom to the next appt. So we leave ac works fine but as we are driving there is a ekking noise coming from underneat like the brakes is dragging. I let it go thinking it will pass no it doesn't it gets worst by the 3 day mind you i'm on the other side of the island. Well by sat. 9/1/18 the brakes is making a louder noise like I the brakes needs to be changed. Cannot see my self going back again when I have 2 more days and then i'm leaving. Just dealt with the noice w/ the windows up and the ac on high. It was bad for people reacted to "hey you need to change those brakes" how embrassing but I was planning to return the car early on the 3rd before they close so I could tell them all the problems. What a terrible car so I return the jetta on mon. @ 7:28 pm and had to make other arrangement to get to the airport the next morning for I did not have a car. Stayed at a nearby friends house with no car caught a taxi to terminal. Any who's when I go to return this jetta I tell the check in agent dang here you go you can have this [censored] ass car back because it sucks. He didn't get his name and it is not on my contract he telsl me"oh no" they should'nt have rented out this car to you for it has alot of issues. I tell him yes the malfunction light is on & I did tell ted and the brakes is making a hell of a loud noices. He says yes and how sorry he is this does not justify the fact that you guys knew this and still rented this unsafe vehicle to me. He tells me he is sorry again and thank god nothing happened and he is glad we are ok. [censored] what the hell now i'm really upset and he goes on to tell me he will talk to ted and that he will write a do not rent out on this jetta. I am a avid renter of cars and for once I decided to go with a good deal which I thought I was getting only to be the worst rental ever. My safety as well as my mother was on the line for 4 days. I demand to know what will be done on this irrisponsible part of hotwire & ace rental this is so unexceptable and I will report this to bbb if no one response back to me. I am due a credit for this rental that was so unsafe from the get go. Serioulsy I could not see retuning the jetta to get another car and take up my much little time I had there to take care of business.


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    Burdin Sep 15, 2018

    My car broke down, it was necessary to rent a car.
    I found an excellent service where all the car rental offer is collected in every part of the world.
    Exactly what I needed.

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