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On my first use of the service I noticed that the page for credit card transactions is not secured. So when I called to make my reservation, I guess I was supposed to read all the disclaimers on the website first, which like an idiot I did not so I was extremely surprised when making the reservation that money had to be paid that very moment.

I couldn't even make plans to pay in cash, it had to be credit card, Money order, or nothing. When the Rep had answered the line my dog barked so I didn't catch her name nor did I think to ask at this point. The first thing they want is the credit card information, even before you actually find out if a room is still available or if it's the one you paid for.

Since I was paying extra for a "Pool" view room why hadn't she read this back to me when verifying the room? "It will be noted on my account, right?" I am told "No" they don't guarantee the room, as she went on I was quickly seeing they didn't guarantee anything! I asked her to note it on my account, I am paying extra and I don't want to end up over the parking lot! She says she's just suppose to read what's on the paper and that's all she can do (boy she got that right) she had this attitude like I had interrupted her day and continued to sigh the rest of the conversation until I was getting upset that she could by no means guarantee my Pool View Room. I said I just can't understand how you can be in business and offer No guarantees, she starts laughing at me like I'm a twit. I explain that I really didn't appreciate her laughing, this is my...CLICK!

She hung up on me! I had no confirmation number, no name of the Rep, nothing to verify this reservation, BUT she had my credit card number! I tried for over an hour to get in contact with again, I received "Your call can not be connected at this time" or something very much like that over and over again.

A bit scared as she had my credit card number and I had nothing, nil, nada, zilch - I called my bank, she had already charged my account the charge for the two nights, over $150! While on the phone with the bank we tried yet again to get through to customer service at only to find that to verify whether she made the reservation and I didn't have a booking, reference number they asked for my credit card number again! So now it's twice and to two people I've given my number (Nothing is secure on their website for credit card transactions so I'm not certain that it's safe on the phone either). The lady at the bank asked the Rep, "is this the only way when someone doesn't have their reservation number." "Yep!" he says. Since my bank was with me on this I gave it, found that I did indeed have a reservation for the extra money yet still no guarantee on the Pool room.

I insisted because of the treatment that it be noted on my booking. I HAVEN'T EVEN TRIED TO USE THE BOOKING YET! I cry to a supervisor finally, hours, stress, and emotional exhaustion later and I am told they will give me a $30 break - well ain't that nice, I'm a sobbing rag after all this and I still don't know what I will find on the other end. Five days later no credit of the $30 has hit my bank. When I call I get a foreign voice I cannot for the life of me understand and when I ask to speak with someone else she continues to try to say things in English (I guess anyway). Come to find out, I will get my $30 back within 30 days!!!!!! They demand their money the day of, yet I will wait 30 days before I will know if they will actually refund 30 measly bucks.

My trip is still a month away. This is/was the last time I will ever use this service and I will dissuade others! Wonder what I will have to go through and what the hotel ACTUALLY has - what a way to ruin your business. Surely the rich people who use this service over and again could care less about a few bucks and their room is most likely a suite., I know you won't miss me, but you might miss some of the people I tell about my experience.


  • Do
    Douglas Chase Mar 27, 2007

    Itinerary # 1658013600

    Deceptive practices:

    We prepaid our vacation,. Hotel La Jolla at the Shores attempted to charge us $10 a day on-site parking. After 2 days they charged my debit card a deposit of $300. This was returned after a huge fight. They said due to the misunderstanding they would only charge me one day parking fee. We specifically asked your company for a smoking room twice. It doesnt say online with anything about a smoking room or credit check for the rental car. Wow, isnt that convenient, wait until we arrive at our destination or after we leave and getting slapped in the face with deceptive business practices that sound like the makings of a good Class Action Lawsuit. La Holla Shores told us to smoke on the room balcony, we did. After checking out March 11th, with a complete settlement of INCIDENTALS, they deceptively charged me $70 on my debit card causing bank account to be overcharged and 2 $34 overdraft fees. They said we left evidence of smoking in the room and charged us an additional 2 days parking. La Holla Shores says they are refunding me $20 parking fees, but keeping $50 for a room smoking fee.. I talked to my wells fargo bank, they are disputing the charges, but are limp in enforcing my victimized deception practice by La Jolla Shores Hotel. Hertz rental car service upon my arrival turned us down for a car based on my Credit Report, luckily, Sarah the Mgr there did it manually for us to rent, but Hertz also put a $109 deposit on my debit card. It was eventually refunded, but it still put me through serious financial distress because of $109 less to spend while in La Holla, I am a %100 disabled veteran, who was in La Holla to enjoy my sons wedding and didnt need the crap deceptively done to my finances by, La Holla Shores and Hertz, especially since I PREPAID ALL OF IT!!

    Obviously if doesnt correct and compensate us for all this misery, we are not going to use their services again, and we do travel internationally to Europe, and Israel, besides to friends and family in the United States.

    Thank you
    Douglas and Rinat Chase
    1255 Crocker Street, Coos Bay, Or 97420
    Phone: 541-888-6714
    Cell Phones, 541-999-6040, or 5177

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  • Er
    Erick Jun 13, 2008

    if you don't have enough money, just stay at home...

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  • Pa
    pat b Apr 11, 2009

    I called and wanted to use one credit card for the major portion of my charge and the balanced placed on my debit card. The representative after taking all my card numbers, etc. then informs me that she cannot use two cards for the reservation. I then tell her to cancel the request. I hang up and place my reservation directly with the hotel. Later that day I find a confirmation of my stay emailed to me and that my debit card has been charged for the entire amount. I called and got an uncooperative agent named Jen who cancelled the order but then informed me it could take up to 30 days before my funds could be replenished. I repeatedly asked to speak with a supervisor and she continuously refused to let me speak to one. I explained to her that I felt I was a victim of fraud and wanted to file a complaint against the original agent I spoke with. Again and again she refused. Finally in exasperation I told her to take down my number and have the supervisor call me ASAP. Of course, no one ever called me back and I am out of cash thanks to the original agent. I will never call or use Hotels com again. I realized that the call center must be located outside of the US and honestly I know they could not care one bit about the type of customer service they had extended. I am a victim of the agent who probabily earned a commission or bonus for taking my order and fraudently placing it.

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  • Al
    al pacitti Jun 27, 2009

    We booked with There were things promised that never materialized. There were hidden costs as well. We were told there was a hotel restaurant, but there was none and the bar was only open one night. The hotel was noisy. The beds were hard. Located near the courtyard, there was too much light at night. But, most disturbing of all, was being charged thirty dollars a day to park. Had been told, we would have not accepted the plan. The hotel was nice and the staff friendly enough to say something positive. I should get a refund of some sort.

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  • Al
    al pacitti Jun 27, 2009

    I have to refile my complaint, as I left out vital information. Booked at the Wave Hotel on Miami Beach June 24-26, 2009. Confirmation number is 69147712. There was hidden costs and misleading. Had we known, we would have not booked at this hotel. There was promise of a hotel restaurant, but there was none. The bar only had one night open. The beds were hard. The hotel was quite noisy. The cable came in poorly on channels and not many channels.But, mainly, what really bothered me was the hidden costs of parking, which was inquired about, because it was rather high on our first inquiry at another hotel. We turned down the first hotel, because we were told about parking costs. We were not told about any on this hotel, so we took it. So, we get down there, and told it is thirty dollars a day! Plus taxes, of course. So, there was sixty five dollars extra not planned on. If we knew that, we would have booked somewhere else.I feel there should be some type of compensation. On a positive note, the hotel was nice and the staff friendly. Thank you.

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  • Li
    lizmvr Jul 21, 2011

    I have spent countless hours of my life on the phone with people from, their Canadian package booking organization, and other people that I can't understand when they seemingly try to tell me for what organization they work.

    United is stupid. Sunny, who is in India and who has never, I'm sure, heard of Bismarck, kept telling me that he apologized and understood how frustrated I am, but I'm certain he has no idea of how frustrating it is to deal with United or any of the other travel organizations involved in this horrid trip. I'm sure he has no comprehension of what it would be like to sleep outside in Bismarck because nothing is open 24 hours and there are seemingly no hotel accomodations to be found within a 160 mile radius of the town. I'm sure he doesn't understand how humid and mosquito filled it is here or that having no hotel or place to stay means that I will surely get on the plan tomorrow, as long as it's not cancelled, too, dripping in sweat, feeling gross, and smelling.

    I think United, Expedia, and are more interested in hiring parrots than they are in hiring anyone who actually helps customers who have been screwed by ridiculous cancellations and other poor management consequences. I don't know how many times I had to tell people itinerary numbers, my name, my email address, etc., only to hear them repeated back to me with no further information or assistance given. I already know all the information I'm providing--why does anyone, any individual or any company, think that repeating something back to the provider is at all helpful, especially when it's almost 2am and no actual questions are being answered by the customer service rep? Far less are any solutions actually being put forth by them.

    The only people who could speak fluent English were the ones in the group that handled my initial hotel cancellation, but of course, they couldn't help me with finding a place for tonight. I just was passed on to other phone numbers, with wait times of 30 minutes on average, only to be then answered by one of several foreigners who not only could not understand me, but also managed to disconnect the phone line a surprising number of times. Then when the phone line didn't disconnect right away, I would mention the prior disconnections, which not being met by a solution or address of the real lack of hotel for tonight, would instead incite multiple excuses and recaps of policies that hanging up or disconnecting was not intended and would never be done by one of these call answerers. Of course it was done, whether by malice or incompetence, I don't care. I witnessed every disconnection.

    It's ridiculous, and despite the passing of at least a full day since the cancellation notice of my flight back to Denver, despite hours spent on the phone, at the airports, both in Denver and in Bismarck, and despite emails to and the package booking agency, I still have no place to stay tonight and no true offer of help from anyone involved in the reservations, confirmations of reservations, or booking agencies.

    While many of the messages repeated to listeners waiting on the customer service lines state the companies' goals of serving customers well, it's explicity apparent that none of them actually know how to serve the customer well, and I'm fairly certain through this experience that once they had my charge card number, they didn't care to actually follow through on any promises.

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  • Sp
    sparklekent May 16, 2016

    We have booked accommodation in Greece for 2 families for summer holidays - booked Nov 2015. Han email today from expedia (not but now know they are part of same group) to say hotel overbooked. Called and had answer phone message that said " all reservations are guaranteed" and no need to reconfirm. Obviously ours wasn't guaranteed. Very difficult to get to talk to anyone to sort this out. We will never use them again and strongly advise that others do not use them

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  • Ah
    Ahmedsamy Aug 15, 2018

    I made booking for villa in el gouna Egypt and i found it is fake villa i save conversation with customer service took my money

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  • Co
    Cody white Aug 15, 2018

    I booked 2 rooms at a hotel and when I showed up to check in had only paid for one. It took 2 hours, several calls to people who I couldn't understand, and a bunch of frustration. In the end they offered me $80 off my next booking, I will never use you jerks again!

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  • Su
    Susan Richardson Aug 21, 2018

    I have a free night with them they refuse to unlock even though they know full well that I stayed the night they did not count because their reward dept isn't open on weekends. And now I'm stranded in Baltimore WTF . Why would a crucial Sept be closed on weekends?

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  • Mb
    mberran Sep 01, 2018 did not process my reservation but provided me with a confirmation number. The confirmation number was wrong at the hotel and I was lucky enough to get a room. They did not help me, and told me more aless Oh well. Rude staff and customer service is horrible. Will never book again.

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  • Ma
    Marek Kozlowski Sep 18, 2018 claimed to 'Pay at hotel' and then charged my card.

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  • Gi
    Ginetta Szulhan Sep 19, 2018


    I am still awaiting a refund from them even though I have cancelled. I

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  • He
    Hellou Sep 20, 2018

    Purchased smoking room, had roaches, they wouldn't give us a refund so they forced us to accept a second room that we weren't allowed to smoke in had ants, when we woke up roaches were crawling up the wall.

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  • Sa
    Saurav Prakash Oct 16, 2018

    I booked a room with in HK and requested a double bedroom

    Booking 151635777982

    When I checked in the hotel gave me a twin room converted to double and upon request, refused to change my room

    This is unacceptable and I hold responsible for such pathetic service standards

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  • El
    Elaine Sonner-Robinette Oct 28, 2018

    On May 22nd I reserved a hotel room on The next day I received an email from informing me that they cancelled my room. I immediately called their customer service asking why. All they would tell me is there was nothing they could do for me. Complete BS! Now I'm stuck!!

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  • Ro
    Rosylon Oct 31, 2018

    I booked a reservation with a company doing business a Travel uno I booked a flight with them using gift cards and they booked the flight and sent me confirmation then cancelled it and transferred funds to another gift card. I was told they can only refund bought online not at a retailer. I need my $199 dollars bac

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  • Ca
    Carlford13 Oct 31, 2018

    Budrim Motor Inn keep away rust mould rising damp rotted wood loose hand rails. Looking for what other site i can send complaints too. Not just my room we where there with a group saw 6 rooms list is endless. Its currently 6am and these are pics of just my bathroom and entrance worse outside

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  • Ja
    jackster_0077 Nov 19, 2018

    I cancelled a reservation with the hotel because I could not find a
    phone number for hotel .com I still was charged $197.95 for only 2
    hours reservation. they said it was a no show. what a RIP OFF.

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  • Du
    duy nhut Le Jun 23, 2019

    - Confirmation Number: 1523-5681-4752
    - Check-in Feb 22- 2019 for 2 nights
    - Payment collected by AUD 42.82
    -Property: TATA HOSTEL: Address: 24 Moo 2, Vieng Chiang Saen 57150. Tel:+66.88.964.2995
    My name is Nhut Duy Le, Email: [email protected]
    They say: 'we have no deal with We don't know who is''.

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  • Mo
    Mohammad Sawaftah Aug 22, 2019

    I make a reservation by for History Hotel in Istanbul and it's covered airport shuttle but hotel's team refuse to book a car for me.

    Reservation number: 8134158754791


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  • Ju
    Juan Saavedra Aug 24, 2019

    People work hard for there money i was skimmed 70 dollars form this company. Hotels .com ive been using this app for 6 years or more just so they can steal money ive worked for ...i complaint to customers service anda. .

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  • Mi
    MissMT Sep 16, 2019

    I don't appreciate a commercial with a woman in the bathtub, a man on the toilet, and then Captain Obvious walks in. I'm surprised you didn't show the toilet guy's penis. This was crude and unnecessary. There are other traveling agencies.

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  • Pm
    Pmtaylor Nov 09, 2019

    I booked the grand Sukhumvit hotel with you on 27th -3rd October 2019, they took 5000 baht deposit on arrival, deducted 50 baht for a water, but i still haven't received the payment, i have been in contact with the hotel many times and they keep saying they will get back to me but haven't?

    Paul Taylor


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