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J Aug 02, 2018

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Check in 7/27/18
check our 7/29/18

This was a horrible place to stay. No way was it worth $201.32. It was not worth $50.00 for 2 nights. I am very disappointed in for this booking. I thought your integrity way higher that this place. It was dirty, only had 2 towels and they both smelled musty, there was hair in the sink when we first got there, pubic hair on the wall in front of the toilet that wasn't even 2 feet away from the toilet. Something brown on the wall that looked to be feces. Floor was hardwood and very gritty you would think you were at the beach not downtown Branson. Brown Recluse Spiders.
Beds were very uncomfortable. Needless to say we did not rest staying in this establishment. It is very outdated, needs to be renovated and get rid of the rabbits. Stuffed rabbits in the room, statues of rabbits all around the outside. They even had a chicken coop with chickens in downtown Branson. Assigned parking and someone was in our parking space we couldn't even park until he found out who was in our spot.

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