Hotels Combinedhotelscombined affiliate accounts

D Oct 04, 2019

Hotels Combined get affiliates to sign up, but when I reach the $300, suspended the account own by me. I just started to do SEO and Facebook marketing to promote the website. I spent more than $500 for setup the sites.
I read the other threads about this is scam.
I think first place, have to inform relevant authorities and educate web developers on Upwork and other freelancers website that not to promote Hotelscombined scam.
Because, I new about this program from them.

"The explanation from Hotels Combined is that the traffic that we send to their hotel partners, doesn't convert. Therefore, they suspend your account, and do not pay out anything"

I personally made booking for my friend through my affiliate website, unfortunately it is not reported on Hotelscombined side.

This is most certainly fraud and a scam, and would NOT hold up in court. However, they are smart enough to only do this once you reach US$100 payment threshold.

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