Hotels.combad customer service & no refund

I made a reservation through hotel and it got accidentally canceled. I chatted with several agents over this issue and said no problem checking in and told me I can get a refund for it if I make another exact same reservation on And I got a confirmation email from the hotel and then when I rechatted regarding this, agent said I need to wait for few hours to make another reservation for the same dates and this another reservation did not work even though I kept watching and trying to make reservation on the site.
And they said the only date I could make reservation is on the day I cannot make it.
Because of this, I had to get on 15 hour ride on the bus to get there without hotel to stay. I could look up another cheap hotel to stay but stilll i was embarassed about this. my mom got sick due to a long bus trip. I am very upset about this not able to get a refund and make another reservation.

Oct 10, 2019

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