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Horizon Card Services Complaints & Reviews

Horizon Card Services / False advertisement

Jacob Hebert on Feb 14, 2017
They started me with 29 dollar fee and told me that they report to equifax. well after 3 attempts to cancel my card they told me they would only charge me 6.95 a month and increase my credit line to 1000.. well after 3 months of them not reporting to equifax I called and finally canceled...

Horizon Card Services / Did not receive card

Kourtnykym on Feb 7, 2017
I have not yet recieved my card yet and they have been taking out 24.95 every month. And its bothering me that they are taking my money but never sent my card to me.? I was excited for me to get approved but when its been 6 months since i applied and still have not recieved my card it...

Horizon Card Services / Horizon card fee monthly

Cassandra Bebber on Dec 12, 2016
I am Cassandra bebber. I called earlier today and talked to a few people and my checking account was negative and I had no idea you guys were taking a fee of 19.95 out of my account each month. anyway I got a refund for two months but this has been going on for over a yr. anyway I want my...

Horizon Card Services / Horizon Gold Card

don'tworrybehappy on Dec 6, 2016
I have a very low credit scores which is why I was kind of excited for this offer especially since it came right before Christmas. I'll be honest here, I haven't yet received the card, nor been to the "store" to see what their offers might be, I won't find it to be disappointing as I've...

Horizon Card Services / Fraud

Amanda Oden on Jul 5, 2016
Apparently in December 2015, this company claims I ordered a card from them. However, unauthorized charges started to appear in May for 29.95, and another later in the month for 29.95. Then in July again, another charge for 29.95. They would only refund me for the last charged so I told...

Horizon Card Services / Unauthorized monthly credit card charges

Nini Germolus on Jun 13, 2016
The department of child support services issued me a master card in which my child support is deposited monthly. I called to check my balance because a deposit was just made & it caught my attention because the amount was an odd amount and some change. My deposits are always the same...

Horizon Card Services / Ripping off people

Reena Schulz on Oct 24, 2015
They make you believe you're getting a charge card master/visa type for $29.95. That's worth it to build up credit. You get the card go on line with it and it's a store. Then if you buy something, they make you use a debit/credit card and then make you pay for the highest...

Horizon Card Services / Fraudualnt claims

Kathy Br on Mar 10, 2015
I would love to provide as much detail as possible. But since this company is so damn fraudulant...all i know is they are not what they advertise as. This is not a credit card hy any means. Its a Store Credit Card. U Cannot use it any where else. Understand that!! And then the piece of ###...

Horizon Card Services / COMPANIA ES UNA ESTAFA

DAVID CARIAS on Jan 13, 2015
Recibi la tarjeta de credito, despues de hacer un pago de $29, 95. Y resulta que dicha tarjeta no sirve para nada, la compania, no contesta y su sitio web tampoco responde, visite el forum y veo mucha gente muy enojada al igual que yo. Por haver sidos estafados por esta compania y la...

Horizon Card Services / Non-Legit

Germanlover01 on Dec 18, 2014
Like others on here I thought that this was a legit credit card i was being offered and sent. However, it is not, it can only be used through them and for certain services. Their customer Service is awful. When I called twice to have the account closed I never actually got the account...

Horizon Card Services / Fraud

tigereye0026 on Mar 17, 2014
I received the Horizon Card in March 2012. I never used it as it was not an actual credit card. A few months later I started receiving bills from them for products I did not receive. They called me a few months later, since I would not pay the bills because I did not purchase the items I...

Horizon Card Services / Fraudulent Company

Deanna409 on Oct 29, 2013
This website claims they will help you build your credit and you will receive a credit card with a $500.00 limit. However when you do, it's for an online shopping network through their company only. I didn't even know what it was when I got it. I thought I was receiving a legit...

Horizon Card Services / no understanding

datdude on Aug 30, 2013
i just got this card in the mail today and i didn't even have money on my card to buy it, but i get this card and don't understand why so i called the company and they automatically increased the credit to 1000 dollars because i'm asking questions then try to give me a free...

Horizon Card Services / Fraudulent charges to my account

Carl-CA on Jul 2, 2013
I briefly looked at their website and got partway through the registration, but I never clicked accept as it looked to much like a scam. I closed the browser window and moved on. I was never sent a card, as I shouldn't have, but I've seen a charge on my account 3 times from...

Horizon Card Services / cancel my card

bluidvirgo on Aug 24, 2012
I don't want this card anymore they lie. I 29.95 has been withdrawn from my debt card two times with in the last 5 days

Horizon Card Services / canceling my card

Jeanette Pedroso on Jul 31, 2012
I can not cancel my card...I do not use it and i would like them to stop taking money from my bank account.

Horizon Card Services / I was told I was getting a secured credit card with $500.00 on it. I would pay them $24.95 per month and build my credit.

Joy Yates on Apr 13, 2012
I was lead to believe I was approved for a secured credit card with $500.00 on the card. I agreed to pay them $24.95 a month and it wouldchelp rebuild my credit. I never recieved anything from them not even a note or an empty envelope...nothing. They have taken $24.95 from my husbands hard...

Horizon Card Services / money out of my account

L oyanguren on Mar 20, 2012
These people are taking money out of my account and I never signed up for their card! I need to contact them, but can't find a way to email them or a phone number. Does anyone have that information? I'm very upset.

Horizon Card Services / I want to close this account and terminate the payment of this monthly amount of $19.99

Nanette M. Towler on Jan 7, 2012
I want to terminate this false card and cancel the monthly payment of $19.99 per month now. This payment should be discontinued now.

Horizon Card Services / Unauthorized debit card charge

APRIL LOPZ-ROQUE on Aug 7, 2011
I received a postactrd in the mail for a guranteed $500 unsecured Net First Credit Line. I went on line and applied for the credit line and it was required that I provide my credit card number and was told that I would not e billed but that is exactly what happened. My debit card wa...

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