Hooters of Americaproduct/staff

D Nov 15, 2017

First let me start off by saying I loveeeeee Hooters.. it atleast used to. I live less than a mile from the Hooters on lakshore Dr. In Birmingham AL so ofcourse I go there several times a week. I am a veteran and I just got back from a deployment 3 weeks ago and like always I went to hooters for veterans day. Well... while there trying to watch the Alabama game a staff member came from the kitchen and at the top of hiss lungs yelled "bama sucks.. which one of yall wants to fight about it" I mean... What the... What personnel are your managers hireing.. the manager was sitting no more than 15 ft away in the office.. I know because I was at the corner bar seat. The waitress staff knows me by name. The old managers knew me by name it was so heartwarming. Since they left.. the food quality... I mean cmon it's so bad. Wear is the quality control.. the expiditors running the kitchen.. I'll tell you sitting in the office with full tables packed... on veterans day. I sat there and watched it. It's like they fry wings then sauce then refry... the sauce is non existent after that.. You always have to ask for extra sauce.. then what? Pay extra extra for it? Why it makes no sense... I only wrote this much because I'm so involved with Hooters as a customer.. as a veteran.. as a consumer.. this one whent downhill quick.. and it is very apparent why. Please help with much love Daniel j. Phelps. Ps. The photo I added is ove breaded original buffalo... if your unfamiliar.. look at how you guys used to make them

Hooters of America

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