Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India (HMSI)faulty new headlight (caused horrific situation at night)

M Apr 11, 2019


Last month (07.03.2019) I got my Honda Activa 4G serviced from the Ghani Motor's, Kadamkode. Since my purchase of this Vehicle on 02.06.2017, there was no need for headlight change until 07.03.2019 - the day I bought for around 300 rupees including all taxes. This new headlight stopped working today on 11.04.2019, which is just 35 days after my last service at Ghani Motors, Kadamkode. I was shocked at this terribly. This is not just about losing my money, this is about the "huge trust" I have been keeping on Honda Products and Services for a very long time. The first bulb lasted for 643 days whereas the Second bulb, which is also the very first bulb from the Honda Service Centre, Kadamkode (Ghani Motors) lasted only for 35 days.

I was traveling with a pillon rider rider. We started our journey back to home after attending a marriage function today just after the sunset. As it became darker and darker, we realised that we driving without headlight. Even there was another small bulb glowing inside the headlight, we couldn't see a tiny bit of the road. We couldn't stop the vehicle in a strange place to come back home or to look for a workshop. We used the left and right indicators to finish the whole dangerous journey. Our lives were at stake with your faulty headlight. We love Honda. But if it tries to take our lives, how can we have trust in Honda. We are afraid if the 3 month regular services go vain... We doubt, not all the necessary works are done properly.
This is like we are paying for "no work" or "incomplete work" or "improper work".

Those fourty minutes of journey back to home was the horrible moments in our lives. We were not just worried about money, our main concern was our lives. When the headlight stopped working, all those slippery parts of the roads, the pits on the roads, the humps, a barking street dog, all the people walking on the roads, the people at the other vehicles were all trying to kill us. Also, we could possibly damage other lives or properties. We also found Police watching us at point. They could even charge us fine or scold us for riding with faulty headlight.

Please do the needful, before this and much more could fly into the social media.

Hope you will warn the one's who are responsible and they will do proper work hereafter.

Thank you,
Manoj Kasumani

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Mobile: +91-[protected]

faulty new headlight (caused horrific situation at night)

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