Honda Financial ServicesPayment

My name is Asha Nair. I have been a customer of Rusty Wallis Honda since 2007 with my parents buying cars from there. My car was towed this morning (October 9, 2019) at 1:43 am. I called the Honda Financial Services and they told me that my payments were behind but I was never notified about it. They said that they mailed me papers, tried calling me and the only calls that I have received are from Scam Likely and numbers from Illinois about student loans. So unless it's coming from a Scam Likely number (which I don't answer at all). They said I never paid amounts from July 2019 onwards. But on my bank statement, there is a July payment. I would like to be reimbursed for all the fees that I have to pay for my car to get it back. I have an 8-day old baby who's car seat base is in the car. Also, I would think that under certain circumstances that you would try to help your customers out in expediting things and trying to help the customer out so that you can keep our business. Please help your customers out in their time of need.

Oct 09, 2019

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