Honda Financial Servicescustomer service is horribly rude, honda financial is crooked and steals money from the pockets of loyal honda customers


We have been loyal honda customers since 2003, we have owned 2 honda civics, 2 honda accords, and a honda element. When calling in with questions about the recent $1700.00 lease turn in bill we were given, customer service is rude, raises their voices and becomes combative. We are being charged a ridiculous $300.00 each for tires (Which by the way, the vehicle only has 24, 000 miles on it and the tires were regularly rotated, the tires should not even need replaced at this point other than the fact that accord quality has gone decidedly downhill over the years). I am in the automotive industry and found the exact same tires for $159.00 each. I called as a customer to multiple honda dealers and simply asked for a tire quote on these exact same tires and the most expensive quote I received was for $174.00 each. Clearly, honda does not care about customer service, being polite, explaining costs, or keeping in line with standard prices. We will never purchase a honda again and will be sure to tell everyone we know, through conversation and social media, to stay away from honda. I am a customer experience manager, a service manager, and a warranty administrator for another manufacturer, and we would never treat our customers the way that honda has treated us.

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