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HomeServeRefusal to fix drainage problem


I have held 3 seperate policies with Homeserve for the couple of years. We had a blocked drain which was causing our toilet to overflow. Homeserve sent out an engineer who agreed that the drains behind the toilet must have some kind of blockage. The drains were behind a tiled wall. We are getting a new bathroom fitted and the tiles and wall were taken down. Our Bathroom fitter advised us to get the drains fully clear before we install our new suite so that there would be no repeat of the flooding. We reported the matter to Homeserve who were dismissive and said that it needed to be an emergency before they would send anyone out. I said to their representitive that if we install our new suite and tile the wall behind the toilet the same thing would happen again. He agreed that if the toilet was to overflow then they would send an engineer to fix it. This chap was actually telling us to install the toilet, wait for it to flood and then they might send someone out. I have checked Homeserve's website and it clearly states that an emergency = anything that creates a risk of or damage to your home. A blocked drain which Homeserve clearly knew about would create a risk to our property but they did not want to know. I would advise everyone to cancel their policies immediatley because this company gladly takes your money but does not want to help when their customers need it.


  • Mm
    mmmmmeeeeeeeee Dec 10, 2011

    As a former employee of Storm Heating Services Ltd, i have nothing but sympathy for anyone who has had the bad luck waiting for an engineer. My time there was very depressing the staff, well some of them, did try their best and it was frustrating when you promise a customer one thing and you fail to deliver. The engineers are all jokes, the manager Chris Davis just wanted the money, he would give engineers anything up to 30 plus jobs a day, anyone knows that is not possible for anyone to do a good, safe job for the customers. The managers at Storm don't care they avoid speaking to the customers and pass the busk and leave the blame with the staff answering the phones. It is a family run business, but they only care about money, as they would never see themselves without heating and hot water. Chris Davis has now moved onto Solar Power heating so please be aware and steer clear, he just about passed his exam on this so please be warned. The staff there were subject to being sworn at called names, females that work there are discussed like objects its a very sad and unprofessional environment to work in. The complaints manager is not even trained in customer service, he is fresh from finishing a Marketing course ??? how this will help a heating company deliver a professional service i have no idea. They have now lost the Homeserve contract and if you have a policy and Storm is ever mention please please stay away, parts don't get ordered and customers are left waiting for very long periods of time. I'm so glad i do not work for them no longer and it made me feel like a failure as a person. I hope you take heed to this statement and stay away from the cowboy company that Storm really are,

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  • To
    Torquinian Aug 09, 2011

    I have just got my renewal papers from Homeseve for water supply insurance. Up from £42 to £114, so goodbye Homeserve.

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  • Mr
    Mr KNIGHT Dec 29, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have just sent the below letter to the South Staffordshire Water Board who are using 'Homeserve' as their service providers.
    As you can see I live in your area of supply.
    My complaint is not directed at your company but more of the fact that I note that you are using a company by the name of ‘Homeserve’ as being your provider when offering Service Cover for any faults. I cannot emphasise strongly enough how concerned I am at you using this company.
    I have had a number of dealings with them as to their inefficiency and, what I regard as, ‘Inappropriate Practice’ when dealing with its customers. Their actual practices must also be called into question, I believe to be deceiptful.
    By associating yourself with this company may result in your company being ‘Tarred’ similarly which I would not wish that to be the case as I have nothing but praise for the manner in which I have heard that you deal with complaints.
    I have actually had them found at fault by the ICO (Information Commissioners Office) for breach of Section 7 of the Data Protection Act where they failed to provide me with certain information I requested to substantiate a complaint I made against them to the FSA, thereby minimising the actual content of my complaint to them.
    I see that you offer a sum when you fail to respond within a certain period for complaints. Had this been the policy adopted by Homeserve they would be out of business by now.
    I would suggest that your Directorship look at the ‘COMPLAINTS BOARD.COM’ site to see the extent of the problem as well as the ICO site to see examples and statistical information as to the problems they cause.
    I look forward to a response.

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  • Mr
    Mr KNIGHT Dec 29, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    At the beginning of this year I had a complaint against Homeserve regarding their failure to respond to my boiler not working for a period of 13 days in, what was then, the coldest period in recent history.
    I made a Subject Access request for them to reveal all of the 'Personal' contact I had made to them over this period. 'Conveniently', they failed to send me @ 15 to 20 of the complaints I made on their 'CONTACT US' form. They gave me the excuse that there were Technical Issues and that the site was, in effect, down for 2 weeks !!!
    Having made a complaint to the Information Commissioners Office, only now, some 10 months later, have Homeserve 'Responded' and 'Mysteriously Found' my missing E mails. Quite obviously they have only been found due to the intervention of the ICO and they were, in my opinion, Witheld to 'Minimise' my orginal complaint to the FSA.
    They are deceiptful and cunning in what they do so watch them. They even denied receipt of a Recorded Delivery letter UNTIL I gave them the evidence from the 'On Line Tracking' facility !!!

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  • Mr
    Mr KNIGHT Dec 29, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i suiggest that you make a complaint to the FSA as we MUST continue to bring down this company. Not that anythingthing will be done by them BUT it will ensure another FORMAL complaint is registered.
    I live in South Staffordshire Water Authority area and see they they are using them to act as their 'SERVICE (Joke) PROVIDERS. I am making representation to them as to what they are getting involved in !!!

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  • Me
    meddleman Dec 29, 2010

    Further to my earlier comment, the engineer did not turn up and I heard nothing from Homeserve. Clearly, they are an entirely dysfunctional company and their 'customers' atre merely making a donation to them for non-service. DONOT USE HOMESERVE!

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  • Me
    meddleman Dec 20, 2010

    On Saturday afternoon December 18th., I reported a drain blockage and was given an 'appointment' between 0.800 and 13.00. today, Monday. No one appeared during this time and no one contacted me to inform me they were not coming. I rang Homeserve at around 1.10 and was assured that someone would be out to me before 6.00pm. You will not be surprised to hear that no one appeared and no one contacted me to say they were not attending. I rang again shortly after 6.oo and despite ' my call being very important' and an advisor would be with me 'shortly', it took the concerned advisor 17 minutes and 30 seconds to answer.
    I do not like wasting valuable time, especially before Christmas, and during the day I was supposed to be checking on my 96 year old mother but was unable to because of Homeserve's incompetence. I also do not appreciate being lied to and it is my belief that there was always very little chance of an engineer attending today. I now have another 'appointment for Wednesday betwen 1 and 6 and will be astonished if anyone turns up. My policy is due for renewal in September which fortunately gives me ample opportunity to research alternative cover with a company that will take charge of the problem (which is exactly why people like me have this cover) rather than Homeserve's apparent policy of leaving the problem entirely to the customer. The service I have received from Homeserve in this matter has been woeful and I shall ensure that as many people as possible are warned of the foolishness of taking out a Homeserve policy. A cursory look at some consumer blogs today (while I was waiting for the phantom engineer)revealed that lots of other people have had similar experiences in the past.

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  • Ri
    Richard_Harpin Dec 12, 2010

    As a former employee of Homeserve I would add that all of these comments are common to my own experience from working in their offices in Walsall and Preston. They do not care about emergency call outs, they just want to take your money for none existent cover and hope you do not claim. If you do claim they will try to screw you every single way, they will always say a boiler is beyond repair. They have saturated the market in the UK and are now expanding into the USA and Europe. Their subcontractors are all numptys and they are not bothered as they get the lowest rates for 'fixing' your jobs in the entire industry.

    The whole business is in chaos, their systems are totally useless. They have grown on the back of stuffing a leaflet in your water bill, and have saturated that market. Last year they sold their emergency callout business, yet straight away started a product called One Contact. Within 12 months the director of that part of their business was fired and that scheme is now being disbanded.

    All the staff are currently going through a redundancy process, no wonder they do not care about you or your plumbing.


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  • Gr
    gray69 Oct 20, 2010

    Home serve are absolute wankers, avoid like the plague.

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  • Ha
    Hazel paterson Sep 13, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My boiler broke a week last saturday. The Storm Heating engineer came out and said he had ordered the part ( the exact same part that broke 6 months ago and Storm "fixed" it). I have been messed around and lied to by both Storm and Homeserve for over a week now and still no boiler. I am disabled and can't carry kettles of hot water upstairs to bathe etc. I'm still waiting for heat and hot water. Its now Day 10.

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  • Ku
    KungFuMagic Feb 23, 2010

    I have a boiler contract with Homeserve.

    My Glow-worm Enerygysaver 60 boiler started playing up so I contacted Homeserve.

    They sent a engineer to take a look (STORM HETATING, DUNSTABLE).

    He found a leak and said he will order a part.

    A week later I got a call from Homeserve saying that the parts will cost too much and they offered me £200 towards a new

    boiler and they would cancel the contract.

    The parts they said it needed were: Main heat exchanger [protected] £446, sec heat exchanger [protected] £465, burner

    S203154P £165, gas council number 4131994. My bioler only cost me £800 NEW.

    Its seems that if the cost of repairs is above £200 then Homeserve will not attempt to fix it but just offer you £200 for a

    new boiler and cancel the contract.

    You are better off putting the money aside instead of paying Homeserve.




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  • Te
    TERSE Feb 23, 2010

    I have aslo had problems with Homeserve and guarantee's on a Land Of Leather suite, cost £200 for the cover. Now Suite is splitting and peeling. Called Homeserve who sent a guy round a few days later who confirmed the splitting / peeling and advised me they would be in touch to arrange repair . A week went by with nothing heard so I rang them again and they advsied me that it was wear & tear and not covered on the insurance. When the insurance was taken out (its only 2 years old) they assured me that it would cover everything. They as far as I am concerned have taken my money under false pretences (their is another word for it )


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  • St
    Stuart Knight Feb 02, 2010

    Hi, Me again, the person who wrote the last two entries. I am now being contacted by Homeserve contractors, PH JONES from Chorley who state that they cannot now commit to my Pre arranged appointment to visit and repair my boiler after 4pm today !!! I am now more than frustrated and now extremely angry. Despite continued complaining to Homeserve they are not responding. Again HOMESERVE My Job Ref is HSCC [protected]
    Mr KNIGHT I am now off to the Solicitors

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  • St
    Stuart Knight Feb 02, 2010

    I suggest to all disgruntled parties who have had unsatisfactory dealings with Homeserve and who intend to gain evidence to progress their complainst further, to do the following :-
    You have a right to request details of any personal information held on you. Details and guidance are available from the Information Commissioners Office which you can Google and look at.
    The legislation concerning your personal details, the responsibilities of those holding them and their legal obligations, together with YOUR RIGHTS to access them, are subject to the Data Protection Act 1998.
    I Suggest that, should you wish to obtain this evidence, you make a request to Homeserve for all details of the information held on you, AND request either a transcript, or a copy of their recorded messages relating to your calls. You are more likely to get a copy of the tape as I cant see them 'Bothering' to supply a transcript.
    I am getting an 'Itemised Billing' of the times, dates etc that I made my calls and make a request as I have stated. This may cost you a little BUT, it may create considerable work for Homeserve and make them appreciative that they cannot 'Dismiss' complaints as they appear to be doing. Certainly that appears to be the case with me.
    For the information of Homeserve should you read this, my reference is JOB Number HSCC [protected]

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  • Mr
    Mr KNIGHT Feb 01, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The press has reported this as being the coldest spell for 10 years, possibly 30 !!! A week last saturday I had a serious leek to my boiler. Reported it to Homeserve who took £50 from my account on the 'Promise' that an Emergency Plumber would attend between 9pm & 11pm. I waited until 1am. NO SHOW.
    The following day I called again and they asked if I wanted an Emergency Plumber !!! I told them they obviously didnt rehard it as an emergency so please send a heating engineer. Following confusion (On their Part) and numerous calls, I got a vist at 4pm the following Tuesday. Fault diagnosed and part 'Ordered' GUESS WHAT ? it is now Monday of the followinmg week and, despite being promised an 'Update' as to the progress of my complaint. GUESS WHAT ? No update until yesterday (Sunday).
    I am now, once again (Dont hold your breath) awaiting yet another of Homecares promises that the engineer will attend tomorrow.
    I did explain that I am disabled and transplant recipient and that EVEN OVER CHRISTMAS WEEK I had ordered a Breadmaker from Amazon and that was delivered withing 24 hours !!! I have contacted Baxi who tell me that they could deliver the part, by courier, within 24 hours !
    I am disgusted at Homeserve, the lack of service, the failure to respond to promises they make and I will NEVER again use their services once my contract has finished. I own other properties and will do similarly with them.
    I had heard previous bad reports about them but, regretably I ignored them and gave them a chance. WHAT A MISTAKE. Since them, even in my limited social and professional circle, I have heard other horror stories.
    I WILL BE PASSING ON THIS MESSAGE IN EVERY POSSIBLE FORUM. (At least I keepo my promises Homeserve, if you read this !!!)
    JOB Number HSCC [protected]

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  • St
    stupidhomeserve Dec 19, 2009

    Homeserve are crap and their contractors are ******

    My boiler broke over 24hr s ago, I have an insurance policy with nationwide, who contract all work and problems for homeserve to assign or deal with.

    My policy says 24/7 callout, its 10pm at night I decide to call for emergency heating engineer as I have a 2 week old baby who obviously cannot keep sustain her temperature by herself. I called Nationwise the chap on the phone said because of the wether and high callouts, I will get attendance tommorrow morning guaranteed. I thought ok no point arguing as he was really polite and left it, me and my mrs kept the baby cuddled up between us, first thing in the morning get a call from Homeserve advising that they have been passed my details and somebody will come out to us between 8am-2pm, still no worries thought ill be patient.

    Keeping the baby warm by wrapping up in blankets, cannot have a bath or anything, my house is the bottom of a hill and so all the cold rushes down to this house, I know this as I have another h0use at the top of the hill. Also its december and snowing for the first time.

    This company Storm heating, call me at around 11.30am to confirm the job, but say " we cant come out to you today and we will come tommorrow, I obviously get annoyed and say "NO I have a 2 week old baby and I cannot wait I need somebody today, they advised they will speak to engineer and call me back. I waited until 1.30pm and decided to callback myself, The lady I spoke to advised me that I had cancelled the job until Tuesday (3 days away) I get irate and say NO NO NO, I give all the details of who I spoke to and insist on speaking to a Manager, they hang up, I call straight back and was advised that they will send somebody out to me at some point today, this is within like 10 seconds, I advise that I want a call from the engineer or his number to verify as I dont want to wait any more and then have them close their offices. I get put through to the manager, and advise him of whats happend, he thinks I should be more than grateful that they even accepted my job and starts giving me a lecture, I tell him where to shove it and call homeserve.

    I advised them that their contractor is not helpful and to sort them out as I have a baby in the house otherwise I dont care, I dont mind even if a temporary fix is made so I have the peice of mind that my kid is warm.

    Homeserve then advise they will call me back, i wait 3 hours and then recieve no callback and call myself, after spending 40 minutes on hold, I get told that they have issued the job to N Power, N power advise they will be out for me on Tuesday ( WTF) I tell homeserve not good enough I need somebody today, They transfer the job to another company and advise me they cannot do anything more as all contractors are busy. I then asked for an customer services manager, and was advised I will get a callback in 90 minutes, I waited 140 minutes, no callback, I call Homeserve and wait another 50 minutes to speak to anyone, I get told that they cannot promise me anything even though I have baby, and promise that somebody will call me between 8AM- 1PM the next day, I advised that I dont want a call, I want a contractor, they said that's all they can do, I then asked them to get a manager to authorise the costs of me getting a private contractor since they cannot provide one, they said yes but keep the receipt and see if you can reclaim it, but my policy states I cannot reclaim any costs unless they agree to it in advance. I AM SCREWED, spent all the money on the baby stuff, and dont get paid until 23rd. my wife then found an old hair drier and is trying to keep the baby warm with that, but that shortly ran out of life.

    ### HOMESERVE. ### N POWER, N ### STORM HEATING SERVICES in dunstable, They will rather see your kids die and if mine does I swear I will burn them all to the ground. Oh by the way even after all that their managers wont talk to me.


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  • Ju
    jules1969 Oct 05, 2009

    HOMESERVE are a nightmare, stay clear, They will say you are not covered even when you are, If you call them have your policy handy and check ALL what they say, Their conractors are useless and how the electricians ever got their qualifaction is beyond me...


    Called Homeseve because consumer unit crackling and sparking, Assistant said sorry your not covered as it is not an emergany WHAT!!!, spoke to supervisor and said cancel my cover, Oh ok we will send someone out, 2 HOMESERVE electricians later, no fault found, Oh ok, I will try an electricion out of the phonebook, 2 minutes in the property and identifies problem, consumer unit very dangerous and could go on fire any time now WHAT!!! cue call back to homeserve whilst my emectrician still in property, Sorry your not covered for consumer unit, OK so your electricians put my life in danger by not identifying problem and my electrician takes two minutes to identify, My electrician speaks to HOMESERVE, (himself angry at what they have done (OR NOT DONE) OK
    we will come out and put new consumer unit in free of charge Great...
    Job Done, just to be on safe side my electrician pops back to check on work, UH OH consumer unit not earthed, This is in regulations that they must be, Cue call to homeserve, Not our responsibility its upto you to earth unit... WHAT!!! another argument and complaint, electrician comes out no problem it will be fine, OK now I am losing the will to live, just leave it as assured not dangerous... 2 months down the line, BANG, all sockets blow, I know!! call HOMESERVE, sorry your not covered you have called us out 3 times this year that is the maximum, BUT could it not be a fault with the consumer unit (STILL UNDER GUARANTEE) and also sure policy states UNLIMITED electrical call out, Speak to supervisor, NO sorry I have read the policy document YOU ARE DEFINATELY NOT COVERED, Ok so I have the policy in front of me there it is in black and white UNLIMITED CALL OUT... Oh right we will get electrician out... She arrives (same one as other times) Its your dishwasher, dont use it and buy a new one, BYE... Ok suddenly a thought, I will just try another socket just in case, No Bang, dishwasher fine, ok I will try another appliance in that socket BANG, Its the socket NOT the appliance... Call Homeserve (This was Saturday just gone) explain problem, Ok I will find the details and call you back in the next twenty minutes. Guess What I am still waiting, Cue call to bank cancel D/D, an E-Mail to Watchdog, Complaint to homeserve, and I will tell everyone who will liste,

    Thankyou and sorry for the long long message

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  • Ma
    marky1000 Jun 18, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    homeserve are a waste of money, brought a three piece suite from you guessed it land of leather, what a mistake paid n extra £250 for waranty. leather has split cracked peeled and then there is the leather match, its peeling like a banana
    tried to make a claim and they sent one of there engineers out to look at it took photos and then said he would be in touch 5 days later letter arrived guess what??...not covered ...its wear and tear and its because its old...what i say it's only just over 12 months old, ok i phone them might as well as asked for petrol to be reduced so i write complaint letter got a reply today after 7 weeks

    sorry looked into your complaint and cannot help (do not use homserve) they take your money and run.. please if you read this don't use them

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  • An
    annonymous Jun 12, 2009

    the homeserve policy which you're referring to, is called "plumbing and drainage" policy. This policy clearly states in the terms and conditions that the purpose of this policy is for emrgency cover only, therefore preventive and maintainance work is not carried out under this type of cover.

    please read terms and conditions of the policy carefully.

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