Homemarkelectric hoverboard with handle

I Jul 17, 2019

I purchased a ride on hoverboard from the Chatsworth branch. The unit went faulty. One wheel completely locked up at full speed causing my son to get injured. I took it to the store on the 9 Feb 2019. The staff booked it in for repairs. I went back a few times after to check on it and staff informed me that it was still not back. Every time I went back to store they would indicate that the previous staff had left or was fired. In May I spoke to a Nikita. She indicated that the scooter was not even booked on the system. I sent her all my documents and she promised to get back to me. The store does not have a phone so all correspondence was through email. I then heard after sending a new email n the 1 July that Nikita was gone from the store and again noting was done about my hoverboard (2 months later). Kuben the new Manager tried to help. Again I sent all docs to him. Sifiso from Homemark (head office) then phoned me and notified me that they cannot find the hoverbaord and homemark would send down a new replacement to Chatsworth. I described the hoverboard and that it was the type that is like a Sedgeway and it has a handle. I went to pick up last Friday 12 July. The wrong device was sent. I spoke to the Divisional Manager at the store (Shamit) and we adviced that we would like our money back. He said he would phone us on Tuesday the 16th. Today we phoned him but he had no answer for us and promised to phone an hour later. He did not phone back. I then tried to phone him. Someone by the name of Kustab (Divisional Manager) answered Shamit's phone. He knew about the hooverboard. He adviced that they can't give back the money but that a replacement unit will be received in a weeks time. I would still like my money back on this purchase. We have been without the item for over 5 months now. How are we to buy another product from this store.

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