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will not return my refund

I ordered a breakfast nook from homedecorators.com, I was not satisfied with it and returned it for a guaranteed 100% customer satisfaction or full refund. They received my return and are telling me it came back damaged, which of course is a lie, and will not refund my money, homedecorators.com is a fraudulent website and business, stay away!!!

  • Pr
    Professor Liz Apr 14, 2010

    I've had the same problems with them. AVOID at all costs! They are a rip off company. Good luck talking to anyone who knows what they're doing.

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They sold me junk!

I recently purchase an entryway bench for storing shoes and had a cushion for sitting while you were putting your shoes on. I hope you know what I mean. This bench was not cheap, but cheaply made. Made in China of course. I ordered a particular color/stained finish. It was totally wrong. Not even close. I started putting it together and found myself trying to decipher the directions, they were awful!! I am pretty handy for a girl and ended up using no directions. Ii got halfway through and the screws/lock bolts did not fit right, they would not turn properly. ALL of the screws they supplied stripped and were too small for the project. Need I say more. I wanted my money back, but only got offered a 35.00 credit toward my purchase, which I never got. So, their customer service department do not want to satisfy their customers, they only want to make more sales. They rate a 2 on a scale of 1-10. Don't waste your money. P.S. I gave them three tries to satisfy me (the customer) THEY FAILED!!!

Rip off company

I ordered two pieces of assemble-it-yourself furniture over the Internet from Home Decorators Collection for a total of more than $320 including shipping and freight charges. The pieces arrived separately; each had a defective plywood back panel. The back for each piece of furniture consisted of more than one panel taped together with a different finish on each section and what appeared to be damage to a section of the back panel for one of the pieces of furniture.

The back for one piece of furniture (bookcase) consisted of three sections taped together, none of which appeared to match the finish of the furniture and one section appeared unfinished with large splotches on it as if something had been spilled on it and eaten away at the surface of the wood or the wood had otherwise been damaged or was defective.

When we contacted Home Decorators Collection at the toll-free 800-number Customer Service number provided online, we were told by the Customer Service Dept. that we would need to speak directly with their Parts Department and transferred to that department, which has proven to be unreliable in reaching. Sometimes they answer their phone and sometimes we get a message that says, 'Due to circumstances beyond our control, the Parts Dept. is temporarily closed.' If we are fortunate enough to reach the Parts Dept., they've proven not to be that helpful.

Therefore, we resorted to e-mailing the company at the e-mail address provided for their Customer Service to request a replacement part for each piece of furniture. We received prompt and friendly replies in a timely manner which led us at first to believe we were being dealt with fairly and receiving truthful information.

We were told in the initial e-mail (which we have kept) that we could receive a $20 credit per furniture part if we were willing to keep the furniture as is. Otherwise, it would be six to eight weeks before we'd receive each replacement part since those furniture items had been discontinued. (The finish was discontinued actually; we'd ordered the pieces from Home Decorators outlet online section. The furniture items were still available through their main catalog but with different finishes than the one we ordered.

It would take six to eight weeks, we were told in e-mails from the company, because the parts would have to come directly from the manufacturer or vendor, which we learned later apparently is in China.

We believed this story -- we saw no reason not to -- and replied that we wanted the replacement parts and were willing to wait the six to eight weeks to receive them. The company replied that the parts were ordered and on their way. We have not received the parts within the timeframe stated, even though we were assured they would arrive when stated in a number of e-mails from the company replying to our requests for the status of receiving the parts.

In addition, the online order status provided by the company regarding our order and the replacement parts that were supposed to be on their way we've come to realize is useless in giving us any honest answers about the order.

I checked with the company, via e-mail, after about six weeks of waiting to make sure all was okay and was told that the first replacement part was in stock and I should receive it soon. I looked on the order status online for our order and it read that the replacement part was in stock. It also showed an 'expects to ship' date of 1/11/08. The first replacement part was initially ordered on 12/10/07. This is stated in e-mails we received from the company when we began inquiring about the status of receiving these parts.

I was told in an e-mail from the company that the first part should arrive the last week of January, which was the eighth week in the six-to-eight week waiting period we had been told earlier. When I checked the order status online again for the first replacement part we were expecting, it showed an 'expects to ship' date of 1/25/08 and no longer stated that the part was in stock. The week came and went without us receiving the part. An e-mail midweek asking for reassurance from the company that the part was on its way brought a boiler plate reply that the part will take six to eight weeks to arrive.

A check of the order status online showed yet a new 'expects to ship' date -- this time of 2/1/08. It changed to 2/4/08 when I checked again on the following Monday. (I've printed these statements and have them for my files.) When I called the company's Parts Dept. on Tuesday, 2/5/08, (and was actually able to reach a person), the representative told me that both replacement parts should ship March 17 and arrive about March 20 or so -- that we would get them at the same time -- what amounts to eight weeks from my phone call that day. That was the ninth week of our wait for the replacement parts.

I was told there was a delay because of the Chinese New Year just starting then. (Apparently these parts are coming from China.) The Parts Dept. rep could offer no explanation on why we had not already received the replacement parts or why we were told the first part was in stock when it obviously was not or why the 'expects to ship' date on the order status kept changing -- why in short we haven't received these parts already within the timeframe we were given.

I canceled the replacement parts order in that phone call 2/5/08 and told the rep that we are returning the furniture and want a full refund. She gave information regarding the return procedure and said that the furniture can be returned and that we would be given a full refund and that we can return the furniture at 'no cost to us' regarding shipping, etc. She told me to expect the Fedex return label stickers and additional instructions for returning the merchandise within the next three or four days at our home address. Not surprisingly, we haven't received that yet. The company has a number of stores, one about an hour from us, and we may try to return the merchandise directly there, but I expect it will not go easily. We may have to seek legal action in all this.

What's especially puzzling is why this company's Customer Service chose to string us along all these weeks instead of being honest with us and telling us these parts were not available and dealing with the returned merchandise then. We've clearly been lied to and repeatedly and the lie extended to continual 'updates' of the order status online. This is not only bad business but a deplorable way to treat customers and people in general.

We had placed two orders with this company previously and have three pieces of furniture from them that we are happy with. We've given them hundreds of dollars of business. These two pieces in this order represented our fourth and fifth pieces ordered with them and were planning on ordering more. (I had been regularly going through their catalogs.) They've lost our business now and in future and risked legal action not to mention complaints with the Better Business Bureau and a consumer fraud complaint with the State Attorney General's office (my next steps in this process).

I can only warn others not to do business with this company. I have since discovered in a check with the BBB (which only took minutes) that this company has an unsatisfactory rating and that there have been numerous complaints by consumers about this company, many with the same types of complaints I have (saying a part or furniture item is in stock that it turns out is not, not getting an item in a timely manner no matter what was promised, and difficulty getting a full refund or returning furniture, etc.).


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Worst shopping experience

Worst on-line shopping experience ever. Worst customer service. They'll never let you know if their stuff is actually out of stock. When the shipment date reaches, they'll send you a nice little email, oh by the way your couch won't be arriving until 2 months from now and 2 month later, you'll receive another email, telling you pretty much the same. I ordered two little pieces of furniture (a file cabinet and a console table) back in may and still haven't received any. When i called, they said some time in september!! I should've just gone to staples and picked up a stupid file cabinet myself and call it a day and the best part is if you try to return any, they stick you with some certain charges that are not refundable which are hefty amount. I WOULD STAY AWAY FROM THIS STORE!! I WILL NEVER ORDER FROM THIS STORE AGAIN. I JUST WISH I CAN GET ALL MY MONEY BACK AND NEVER HAVE TO DEAL WITH THEM AGAIN.

  • Sa
    Sandy Brugger Aug 11, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I totally agree, I ordered a desk in February - it is now August and I have yet to receive all the parts - it arrived with half the parts missing and the top of the desk is dented, scratched. Their customer service is the worst - they don't really give a damn - but they are good at sending e-mails to tell you your product is out of stock or will be shipped two months after you order it. I will NEVER order from this company again - and I advise everyone else to look elsewhere for whatever they need..

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  • Sb
    sbreble Aug 25, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I also agree.
    I bought a bathroom cabinet set in March and only half was delivered.
    They keep delaying delivery every month.
    It is now August and they say they will deliver in October (7 months after the order) but I just can't trust them anymore.

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  • Le
    learnfromthis Mar 05, 2011

    Am in the middle of this same scenario. I ordered a desk and received it with no instructions, black smudged hand prints (white desk) on panels, only half the hard ware to assemble, a broken computer drawer, and a cabinet door that was touched up with spray paint as the finishes don't match and there is obvious over spray on the hinge. I am guessing that this was a return and it never should have left their warehouse. I too was given the runaround on all these issues. Received two Emails that the replacement parts were on route. When I didn't receive I called and was told that they wouldn't be available for 90 days. WTH! I said that was not acceptable and that they would refund but I am fighting for the shipping charges which were $70.00. The next ad campaign after I received the desk advertised FREE SHIPPING, so I don't know why they won't refund the shipping charges. I will go to the Better Business Bureau if I have to. Wish I had read this site first.

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My warning experience to others!

I am writing to report my experience with homedecorators.com. I bought a desk chair from them ca. 4 months ago, which fell apart about a week ago. They have refused any help or adjustment. If nothing else, my experience may serve as a warning to others!

Quoted below is an e-mail exchange that is pretty self-explanatory. Having spent $ 150 on a chair that fell apart a few days after the return period (90 days) ran out is annoying, but what really makes me mad is the blithe refusal to take any responsibility.

Regards, Klaus Theopold

At 3:12 PM +0000 3/22/07, Nikki wrote:

Dear Dr. Theopold,

Thank you for your email.

Please accept our apologies for failing to provide you with the quality you expected. I appreciate you informing us of this concern. Our return policy states that items need to be returned within 45 days for a refund or within 90 days for an exchange or merchandise credit. Therefore, we are unable to accept the return of your order or issue replacement parts.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions or concerns. Thank you for shopping with Home Decorators Collection.

We appreciate your business.

Internet Representative

--- Original Message ---
From: Klaus Theopold <theopold AT udel.edu
Received: 3/19/2007 11:14:16 AM Central Standard Time (GMT - 6:00 )
To: home_decorators AT homedecorators.com
Subject: Home Decorators Collection - Return/Exchange - [protected]

Order Number: [protected]
Item Number: [protected] (?)

Dear Madam/Sir, I am writing with regard to a desk chair that I ordered from you in November 06. It turns out that this item was either very poorly designed, or - more likely - defective. The armrests on the chair have broken off, and it is apparent that the welding that secured them to the frame of the chair has just come apart. I think this should not happen under normal circumstances of use, such as pushing down on the armrests in the process of getting up from the chair. I have called your customer service number, and while the agent was friendly and sympathetic, he also insisted that after a 90-day period there was nothing he could do for me. I am writing in the belief that you may want to reconsider this stance. I am open to any suggestion you might have to address this problem. Failing any attempt at resolution, you will certainly lose me as a customer. I look forward to your response.

Regards, Klaus Theopold
Consumer Follow-up Message
From: Klaus
Date: Tuesday, 27-Mar-07 12:26:01 CDT

Dear Madam/Sir,

I wrote to you (see below) a few days ago. At the same time I also lodged a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, which has led to a rather dramatic turnaround in this matter. In brief, I have now been promised a full refund of my money, and I consider my problem resolved. Under these circumstances, it might be appropriate to remove my complaint from your website (where I was pleased to see
it), or to make a note of the eventual satisfactory response of Home Decorators.

Regards, Klaus Theopold

  • Re
    Regina A Williams May 27, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dear Home Decorators

    I ordered city lights settee set before easter. It not only arrived way after the ruined celebrations but with the couch so damaged I had to return it. I called and requested an exchange for a second love seat instead of the couch - guess what , not only did a wrong item arrive several weeks late, but all busted- again I returned it. I am fearful to request another exchange (which may arrive before xmas) and would like to have my funds refunded.

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  • Ji
    jimmy the kid Aug 08, 2009

    most these companys are companys all bty same warehouse called drop ship they sighn up start small home based easy to do order magazines after reviewing all items they want be selling example furniture and home good ok then you order they get payment made say 300 of you order auto goes to a warehouse that does this for hundreds of company's all different names slaps there name on box ships to you called drop ship there selling someone else product why takes so long they are middle me/women do nothing but make sure keep updates on prices and website is ran by a webmaster on most due they don't have a clue but getting back reason comes from the first supplier like buying from a friend that got it from a friend for you he have go back plead your case and see what they say now they have probably thousands of company's a day calling faxing request takes forever it sucks bit the govt lets them due this drop ### just putting any name you made up as a company on there warehouse full of crap probably ran by the govt i did research find owners on this huge warehouse in virginia way in the sticks factory is almost half mile long full items brought in this country from china alll over i found 7 same businesses who knows how many more they own no owners name 2 who has that type money back 1 warehouse this big guy did underground research on anarchy.com said billion and billion of dollars in item seen military i mean who has this power why are country is going to ### buying from people u think are Americana company s fronts for govt trade but you stop company through drop ship they send you like 300 magazines full of stuff lamps example 4.00 tells you you can get 100.00 for it and thery due people pay all name brand crap just if it is govt they be getting it for penny's die for trade policy and they need do this so easy way public don't ### start company were Americans sell through catalogs like they have it i found 1 was a 19 year old kid not i item as he is in college will not say he probably be thrown out he was having them print his catalogs after going through all books picking his 1000 items to sell put price next to them he wants add his checking direct deposit sit back they do almost all why? ask yourself why? why sell i pod touch to them for 30.00 and they sell for 300 say example they need keep good on policy .best way get people only certain people get accepted not credit either my boy own 5 shops and has lots and he got denied told him he was not qualified. why? no see more more drop ships sneaking in now it from them to another company drop ship leaving no trace no they cleaned it up more now you have 4 people get by its bull people govt is screwing us daily and we just bend over take it deep and how they want i am no ### just see what is facts truth proven seen stuff pics people were employees military why military they protect the us govt not some Joe smoes warehouse way out in the sticks and all factory's found remote locations deep in forest areas boonies all military guarded .all are almost half mile in servaying them from distance probally bigger and just as wide i mean think building fit 1 million cars in its unreal well its true look up drop ship they are popping up everywhere read what they do... stop then think whats said here .

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  • La
    Lady Bee Dec 29, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I purchased a desk from homedecorators.com and the desk parts were all scratched, the instructions were backwards (some) and some parts were mislabled. They supposedly order replacement parts but they have not come yet and it's been a month. I tried to post my rating on their website three days ago but it has not posted yet. I believe they monitor that so people are not informed. Here is my comment: "This was the third item purchased from Home Decorators. I was very disappointed. The first box arrived and all pieces were fine, looked great. I unpacked, check, and arranged them awaiting for the second shipment. Second box arrived the next day. Ever piece was scratched except the top. I was heart broken because I had such high hopes.

    I called customer service. They were supposed to replace 4 of the scratched pieces. This was 11/25. Finally I got tired of waiting and rubbed Old English scratch cover. This worked. I put the desk together.

    Several parts were mislabeled…if you are not a handy person, you would have a difficult time putting this piece together.

    The tracks for the drawers were misaligned so the drawers went in crooked (especially the left drawer above the computer cabinet). I had to completely adjust the tracks in the left drawer. A few imperfections on the top. But I had to keep telling myself that it only cost $279 + shipping.

    Considering the cost and the quality of wood (which I think is good) it is an ok buy. I believe they bank on customers not putting up with the hassle of returning such a huge item. As much as I wanted to return it, the thought of loosing my shipping cost and the cost I would have to pay to return ship. Heck, I was better of keeping it. I don’t want to feel that way about something I purchase.

    I wanted to purchase the file cabinet but it will have to be really discounted before I purchase another thing from them. I told customer service about my trouble an they offered me $10 off my next purchase (what an insult).

    They also sent me an email with a 10% off my next purchase but when I click through the banner I cannot get the 10% to work."

    I hope my desk does not start to fall apart like I read above. If you cannot get anything resolved I suggest you contact the attorney general in your state.

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  • Je
    Jenilee Oct 16, 2018

    My product came as a manufactured defect. In the beginning, i thought i did something wrong while building it but result to some damaged planks so i ask replacements. But still the problem doesnt resolve. The replacement came defect again. Your product is not a good quality, the wood damaged easily.

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