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Placed an order on June 20th for a sectional that cost over $4k and was told multiple ship dates in a 3 week period made numerous emails and phone calls and was told different things every step of the way. Finally cancelled order that never shipped mind you nor did it finish processing but hit me with a restocking fee of 20 percent which do the math is pretty hefty for something that never left their warehouse or was even completed by the maker they claim it was a special order however I ordered it exactly how their website displayed it??? I have followed up with at least 6 additional emails asking for the restocking fee to be credited as they haven't provided me one piece of evidence that my order had even started to be worked by the actual furniture maker as they claimed my stuff had to be "made". Long story short they are a joke and come across as scammers to me. Buyer beware buy at ur own risk. Once they have been paid they will find any reason to keep your money! I have even filed a BBB complaint on them as they have a history of doing this but ya know I was hoping our order would be different obviously not!

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