HomeChoiceannoying, bordering harassing calls

C Nov 02, 2018

Good Day,

For months now I am getting continuous calls which your consultants are calling "courtesy calls" on my account which is not in the arrears. Besides you wasting my time, your consultants do not care if one is busy or unable to talk as there are other people around. They question you like you as though you are overdue for payment and one of my friends even asked me if my account was in the arrears (which was so embarrassing). Because in a matter of 1 hour, 3 of your consultants phoned me questioning me about when I was going to make payment - it was not even close the the end of that month!!!

Feel free to contact me if I don't make payment by say the 3rd of the month (in order to give the payment time to reflect) but to phone me around the 20th of the month to find out when I am going to pay, is just ridiculous. And as I mentioned, it's not one call. Personally, I think it is a complete waste of time, money and resources.

If my account goes into the arrears, well then call - but to treat your clients like criminals, is a bit extreme. How could I ethically promote Homechoice if I personally receive such awful service from your consultants? I would hate to put someone in a position of having to justify when their account will be paid, before the payment is even due.

Don't get me mistaken, I think Homechoice is amazing when it comes to products and delivery - it's just the service that needs serious attention.

There is a difference between being proactive and just ridiculous. How many hours are your consultants spending on clients which are not in the arrears and how high must your telephone account be? Surely that money could be put to better use, such as upskilling your staff, broadening your range or just on staff well-being.

Customer Service is vital - but when it is working for your good, not against you.

Anyway, long speech over - please stop your consultants from contacting me for no good reason - if I am in the arrears, I will welcome their call - but not until then.

Kind regards,

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