Homeaway / owner had said he did not receive money from me

United Kingdom

Hi there

Property #6219218 was booked from 4/7 to 11/7 in Valencia

I made this payment but had to cancel this trip as my father has to go into Hospital for a operation .

Payment 1(Pending acceptance)Paid

€167.75 .

This owner has not got back to me about receiving this money as he said see below

You have to ask the booking site to reimburse you because it has kept the money.

Romain A. HENRI

And also

The money you paid to Homeaway is at Homeaway. Homeaway did not pay us anything. You must solve the problem with Homeaway.

Romain A. HENRI

This guy is a conman and his property should be removed from your site .

Can someone please contact this owner as he is not replying to any of my emails


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    Looking forward to your quick response

Jun 14, 2019

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