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HomeAway Case No [protected]

We had what we regarded as a serious health and safety issue at the property we rented, last week. The property had a infestation of Hornets. The owners would not take sufficient action to resolve the matter and the property also fell short of the listing in many ways, including poor hygiene and loose flooring.

Despite following all laid down procedures, we were left with insufficient support from HomeAway. Consequently, we felt we had no choice but to leave the property, for our well being, and pay for a hotel, elsewhere. The owners refused to talk to us and HomeAlone fell very short by not supporting us or responding to many communications from us. This has continued to be the case since we returned.

They acknowledge they primarily just host a website. In their own words they are only an "online marketplace". In my view, HomeAway are effectively "eBay for holiday rentals". The risks appear to lie with the purchaser. Feedback ratings are all they seem to offer. Not a lot of use if you've had a bad experience.

We have been left substantially out of pocket from our holiday, having had to pay for additional hotel accommodation when we needed to the level the property. The owners will not engage in communication with us, so we ask for reimbursement from HomeAway.

Below are a few of our many pictures of our accommodation and a video of some of the hornet infestation when we left the property. We have deliberately avoided any pictures which would identify the property for confidentiality.

HomeAway can open dialogue with us via our Case Number, issued by HomeAway last week: [protected]


Oct 01, 2019

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