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Please forgive any typos.  I am working with a broken laptop.  This is the 4th time that I have typed and lost all of my information.

First round of asking for help

On 6/26/11 I walked into my home to find that it had been burglarized. I had been in and out of town, and
it is an unusual case, as the police say that someone had been living in my home. I have an insurance
policy with USAA insurance. I have been through 4 or 5 adjusters; I have given way too much information
about my life, I provided information from slavery, on all four sides of the family until now, as I was asked by one adjuster, and I have it in writing, "how could people of color afford such things" and that of my February of 2008 to help care for my mother. Janice McMillon, my mother,
passed away in July of 2008. My sister, Holly Steele and I cared for my Grandmother at home until  my sister moved
back to Michigan to work for the Department of Commerce in October 2009. I stayed in Missouri and
worked for US Bank through Kelly. After  my job ended, I traveled around. I helped my sister pack up her
apartment in Michigan and move to Atlanta, GA in January 2011. I traveled back and forth between,
Michigan, Georgia, and Missouri. In February of this year, my step-grandmother, who had lived in my home until she went to Beauvais,
after  my mother's passing (she lived in my home, un l October 2009, at that pointt she moved to Beauvais
nursing home, on Magnolia, in Saint Louis, MO)--in February she passed away. On the same date of her
funeral in March, my maiden aunt, Barbara  left  the funeral for the emergency room, where she was
diagnosed with Uterine Cancer and subsequently had surgery. She has been going through chemotherapy
and my sister Holly and I have been up and down the highways taking care of her, as we both work to
rebuild our lives. On June 26, 2011 I returned to my home to find that it had not only been burglarized, but it
appeared to have been lived in. A realtor who was selling a home down the street had a sign in our yard,
with a for sale sign, with the arrow point ng to a home down the street (it gave the appearance that my
home was for sale). At one pointt, I let the mail collect when I was caring for my aunt, and the post office put
a vacant sign on the mail box. We think that this is when thieves moved in and burglarized and trashed the
place. I have neighbors who have witnessed strange people and reported this to the police on the day of the
burglary and have called twice since to report people lurking about my home. My mother was an OCD
neat freak and the house was so torn apart that it looks like an episode of Hoarders. I had many high end
handbags, as did my mother, lots of crystal, and Jewelry. I inherited a lot from my mother and grandmother.
I have answered ques ons about my lifestyle, worked with USAA's insurance investigator; I have receipts for
over $14, 000 of jewelry that I purchased when I worked on Wall Street. I have bank statements of things
that I owned, credit card statements of what my mother owned, and copies of credit cards that my
grandmother had. I have provided pictures. My sister Holly has answered ques ons (she had to
establish that she had a home in Michigan), answer ques ons about what she received and why it looked
like I had more (I did not, Holly's things were not stolen, mine were). My mattresses have been slashed, the
fridge broken, the oven broken, thousands of gnats in my home, as USAA asked me to keep the broken
fridge, as I went through 5 claims people. I thought that I provided way too much information on. In some
instances, I have the receipts for items, pictures, and have located them on the bank statements and have
been asked to provide more documentation. My home is unlivable.  If the city came in they would condemn it, the thieves left urine, chemicals (perhaps Meth) fecal matter, and more all over the entire house.  The house was black and thick with gnats.  18 bug bombs later, millions of gnat bodies covered everything in my home, and the poison permeated everything. , and now my aunt, in
addition to the chemotherapy that she is enduring, has diabetic issues, that may cause her to lose her legs.  As an update, her leg was amputated, and she has since died.
My sister Holly and I are her only relatives. After the tornado, here in Saint Louis, I looked at my policy and
upgraded it. USAA sent a letter to homeowners advising that we do so. I think that between what I
purchased, what my grandmother and my mother left me, I had $100, 000 in jewelry...I may have had
$10, 000-$45, 000 in jewelry coverage, when I upgraded the policy, I added the jewelry on.  USAA sent a letter that do to my credit they were disallowing the jewelry coverage.  After reading my policy I pointted out to my public adjuster that this was illegal in the state of Missouri, over $20, 0000 in silver was taken - I may have had $10, 000 in
coverage, it would depend on how the multiple policies that I paid on the same residence plays out. I had a total of $299, 000 for one policy  of coverage for personal items and with damages my claim may be
between $270, 000 - $280, 000. The claims investigator is telling me everything is in the hands of the adjuster,
just get in my receipts and pictures, and the adjuster is sta ng that he must turn everything over to the
investigator first. I have spent me, that should have been spent on family and ge ng my home and life
back in order jumping through hoops. I would like to retain your services, as I have made a commitment to
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get everything to the claims investigator and the insurance company over the weekend. I do not want to do
this all in vain, I feel like I have been violated twice. You have a good reputa on and I would like to hire your
firm to assist me in finishing this claim.
I was contacted this morning, Friday, September 30, 2011 by another Claims Investigator, out of Las Vegas.
This will be my 3rd claims investigator assigned to my case. To date, I have only spoken to one, Kyle, and I no
longer feel comfortable communica ng with the insurance company without someone on my side. I have
had coverage with USAA since 2006, however, the day a er the tornado in Saint Louis, I updated the policy.
As you will note, I did not adequate jewelry, silver, or fur coverage,

Second round of asking for help
Details of complaint: My original policy began with USAA in 2007. Since my emails to Mary the state of Missouri Department of Insurance Regulation.  They have not been able to help much either way, to date, although USAA has retaliated, and although they have stalled, said they were too busy with other perils of nature, they are now trying to put me out on the street, although my home is unlivable, and put me out for Christmas and New Years.
They also went in and purged much of the data off of my web account, including emails and policies. all the policies have been purged. I purchased this home in 2005. At the time I lived in New York and had renters
insurance on my New York Apartment, my mother lived in the house full time I traveled with my job an I had a policy on
the house. In October 2007, my mother was diagnosed with ALS, Lou Gehrig's. My sister lived in Michigan and had a
ranch style condo covered through USAA. All USAA policies held by my sister, my mother, and myself, fell under my
dad, Ronald . My sister walked away from her job to care for my mother. During that period the pipes
burst. USAA paid her about $15, 000 and then dropped her, and her claim, stating that their was an invoice from the
cleaners that had a weight on the UNsave-able clothing they returned to her. For that reason they dropped her claim,
stating that she added an UNsave-able clothing box, even though USAA sent her the invoices. They closed her banking
account, everything. As my sister was the only one caring for my mother, she lost everything and had to declare
chapter 7. My Dad, a diehard ex-military man had USAA on his two homes and 5 or 6 cars. There was never a claim.
On February 14, 2008 I walked away from my job in New York to help care for my mother. I notified USAA. In July 2008
my mother, a nurse, passed away. I notified USAA and continued to care for my grandmother in my home until October
2009. At that time my sister got a job, as the assistant manager for quality assurance in Dearborn, MI. She did not have
much to move, as she lost everything to water and mold when the pipes in her home in Michigan broke in several
locations. Holly got a Uhaul and moved her things to Michigan. Holly has a lease, a business card, and paperwork,
from December 2010 where the moving company picked up her furniture for storage, and then where to deliver it when
she found a place in Georgia. My grandmother was 110, she loved Xmas. We left the Xmas tree and lights up from
Xmas 2010 and had a special 2nd Xmas for her and my Aunt Barbara, the cancer, in February 2011. Holly and I actually missed the first Xmas in
December, we were in Michgan packing her apartment. Lena was staying in Beauvais Manor by that time, but she
she could come for a day home as well as my aunt who was utilizing rehab to get better. My step-grandmother is in the photo below along with how the house looked just months prior to the
break in. There was a lot of sorrow. We lost my mother in July 2008, my sister Holly  paternal Grandmother
(who always treated me as a grandmother) six weeks later. In October, 2008 we lost Holly's paternal Uncle. Then in
July 2009 we lost Holly's paternal, youngest aunt, it was just too much. Holly's job was over, I came to Michigan for a
while in April, I had been working for US Bank in Saint Louis and working through Kelly Services so I was in the home
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alone. Holly decided to move to Atlanta. Her things were picked up by the movers and were to be placed in storage
until she found a home in Atlanta. All this information was given to USAA. After the death of my grandmother, on the
very same day as her funeral, my Aunt Barbara Golden was diagnosed with Uterine Cancer. Literally, we left the funeral
for the emergency room. My aunt had surgery. After a recovery period she was to start chemotherapy. I joined Holly,
who was living at an extended stay hotel to find a home. She decided to find something that my aunt could stay in. I
went to Michigan with her, helped drive the car from Michigan to Atlanta, and we looked for a place for her to live. After
finding one, we returned to Saint Louis as my aunt was starting chemotherapy or had started and I was taking her to
her chemo sessions. So I was back and forth out of town a few times. I do know that in April there was a major tornado
that hit Saint Louis, Missouri and ripped the roof off of the airport and left devastation following highway 270. I received
an a letter from USAA about the tornados and asking if I had enough coverage. I really took that to heart and I changed
my policy. The primary changes were for the structure of the house, but I did add a jewelry Ryder. I inherited much from
my maternal Grandmother, my maternal step-Grandmother (she is the one who passed in February 2011) and my
mother, as well as my own things. I received a call asking if I was going to cancel the other policies on the home and
the renters insurance. I let them know that had been cancelled long ago. The customer service person indicated it was
not. USAA will not send a copy of this update. I did add $40-$45k in jewelry coverage and was still woefully under
covered. I received a letter stating that due to my credit history, which took a traumatic hit during my mother's illness,
the policy was changed. What I did not know was that I continued to pay for 3 policies after USAA was told time and
time and time again. After the report of the theft, I was under investigation for 6 months. I was never notified officially
and I cooperated spending time, that I was told that I would be reimbursed for, due to my cooperation. I was paying out
of pocket for everything. I sought assistance and got a Public Adjuster Inman and Associates, who have been a sad
disappointtment. It has been 18 months since my claim. Missouri law and my own policy have not been followed. Since
USAA does not give money back, but gleefully took it and continues to take it, then I should have additional coverage.
As credit score cannot be utilized in Missouri, my jewelry Ryder should be acknowledged. USAA has had a spreadsheet
of stolen items for 6 or 7 months. The public adjuster and Chris Kelley are still ambling around on the dwelling. This is
my claim and I want to replace my stolen items. I would like my ALE that is due. This company has put such a financial
strain on me that it has taken it's toll on me, my sister, and my aunt, who passed away November 19. Additional family
members six of seven have passed away during this time. Our Aunt was our mother's older sister. I do not want to
spend another Thanksgiving (which ended up being a trek to get my aunt's body. Medicare wanted to know after her
amputation that she had a place to go (prior to all of this she lived on her home). Barbara had too many steps to return
to my home and it has been 18 months and Josh Newton is is charge of stolen items. It has been 18 months since the
theft. The criminals were living in the home, they defecated, urinated, stole the motors or some workers from all 3
fridges in the home. Since it took USAA 3 months to come to the house it was filled, like a horror movie, with millions of
gnats. Over 18 bug bombs were set off, there are gnat bodies and poison in everything. The police found tons of
medicine boxes and pots with stuff stuck in them, I was told my home was possibly used for meth. ARRS the
restoration service deemed almost everything as unusable. Now USAA is questioning ARRS and there has been no
movement on the home. Furniture that was in the home was broken and almost ALL household items placed in the
garage. The gnats are back. If items were save-able, they are not know. All furniture in the home down to the dishes
were purchased new when I bought the house for my mother. Her partner and fiancée had died and this was a new
beginning. The only things not new, were the dining room set, the master bedroom set and the 2nd bedroom set and
one television in the basement. All other furniture was purchased in 2005 along with the carpet for the basement.
Except for the china, all dishes, mixers, toaster, microwave, pots, pans dinette set, living room furniture, basement
furniture and patio furniture were new. As well as all decorations. My grandfather fought in WWII, the Korean War, and
the Vietnam War. There were many heirlooms that he sent home. I had photos and I had to show what I inherited
verses my sister. There was much silver, Waterford, and Japanese ivory and such, there are pictures of the items in the
home, and I had to account why I had photographs of the items and the photographs were clearly years old. USAA has
put me in a financial bind. I could loose this home. I want to know why we cannot work on replacement of theft which is
what I asked for from day one, the house really needs to be gutted, disinfected and fixed. I need to know how much I
have in coverage since I was paying for 3 policies. I have read the policy and found all the breaches, not Inman and
Associates, my public adjusters, they seem to be inept. I am begging for any assistance as rules in my policy have
been ignored, Missouri law, and it is 18 months, this is crazy. I don't want to live in a hotel anymore. I want funds
immediately for replacement of stolen items and a clear answer of how much coverage I have since I was paying for 3
policies up until 6 or 7 months ago. I will email all information instead of attaching it. USAA has been busy since I
contacted you purging documents that have been on file since 2007. I believe Josh Newton may have gotten rid of
everything with his name on it. I had American Greeting and Carlton Ornaments that were broken, the dining room table is damaged beyond repair. There is fecal matter, urine, chemical, and millions of gnat bodies over every surface of the home. The home is not inhabitable. The last two photos are the home prior to the theft. I need help. I have unlimited dwelling and USAA is trying to put me out over the holidays.

Failure to resolve a claim in a reasonable time
Failure to resolve a claim in a reasonable time
Failure to resolve a claim in a reasonable time
Failure to resolve a claim in a reasonable time
Failure to resolve a claim in a reasonable time
Failure to resolve a claim in a reasonable time
Failure to resolve a claim in a reasonable time

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