Home Depotthere was no service, needed help finding bathroom vanity


Hi, I was shopping in your south portland Maine store this morning around 8:30 am. I am in the process of redoing my bathroom so came in to order all of my supplies. I was looking at bathroom vanities for about 15 minutes, with many employees walking by me, not one asking if they could help me. I had a lot of questions since I was buying all new fixtures. I finally had to walk around the store to find help and there were 3 people sitting at desks in the kitchen area. When I walked over, I had to say "excuse me" to interrupt their conversation and just a got a look, I had to ask for help with the vanities. They all looked at each other like.."who is stuck helping her"..Finally the woman put her yogurt down and started coming over, I thanked her and said I needed a 42inch bathroom vanity. She stopped in her tracks and said.."We don't have have to go on line" Really???? I had been on line for a week which is why I chose your store. My hope was she could educate me on the features and benefits and show me what you had and SHE could order it for me. I needed everything including a new tub. I was so disgusted I told her I was going to lowes. She then said .."no, I can help you." But I was too mad. It's upsetting when you go into a store ready to spend thousands of dollars and get treated like you're a bother. I did, in fact, go to lowes and was helped right away.

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