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Oct 20, 2015

Holsted Jewelers - 2 free rings

I see lots of complaints about unauthorized charges after ordering the 2 free rings from Holsted Jewelers. I am lucky enough not to have given them my information before reading these reviews, but after looking into it, I've noticed in their terms and conditions it says : "A new item that coordinates with each FREE ring will be sent to you in about four weeks. For each upcoming piece you receive, you'll pay just $59.99 plus $1.95 shipping and handling, and you can decide whether you’d like to keep it, or send it back in exchange it for either a new piece of jewelry or a merchandise credit." So what they are doing is TOTALLY LEGAL once you agree to the terms and conditions. It says you can cancel your membership via a phone number you receive with your shipment, but I am not willing to risk it since many people have said they had problems getting a hold of this company.

Oct 12, 2015

Holsted Jewelers - Unauthorized charges on Debit Card

Free rings I received a card offering free rings, two of them and, the trick was you have to pay for the shipping and, handeling on each ring. They charged the following: 09/25/2015 CARD HOLSTEDJWLR 800 $1.00 09/25/2015 CARD HOLSTEDJWLR 800 $1.00 09/25/2015 CARD HOLSTEDJWLR 800 $2.99 09/25/2015 CARD HOLSTEDJWLR 800 $2.99 Then I found two(2) charges pending on my account on 10/12/2015 for $66.98. I Did know who Holstedjwr 800 was and searched the net to find out what was going on. Tried to call bank, but today was a Holiday. I found Holsted Jewelers telephone number on net: [protected]. I called and spoke to some one who verified name and address. Then She told me that the charges were for two(2) sets of earing they had shipped that match the free rings I had received. Apparently I was a member and every month I would receive jewelry and be charged, The catch for me was that before I received the next item I had to tell them I didn't want to be a member any more Of course I had already would have been charged for that months item. Well I told her that I wanted the current charges refunded. First she said they had been shipped already and I would have return them. I kind of got a little upset and said I would call bank to stop payment and if I couldn't I would call FBI to make a fraud charge against them . She told me that I wouldn't let her talk so she wouldn't say anymore. I apologized for interrupting and she explained what it was about again and I told her that I heard her the first time. Again I express my my felling and she said that she would stop the shipment (remember, already told me they had been shipped). She said she would refund both charges of $66.99 and to give her 72 Hrs. Then she told me that I would see the results in 3 to 5 days, because that is the way the system operates. I thanked her and she thanked me for calling. Guess it is awaiting game to see how sincere she was.

A friend of mine ordered two rings from this coming and they deducted. $8.98 from her card and haven't recieved not one thing fron them. Called customer service and they are giving her the run around about her money. This is a scam so please do not answer or like on facebook. Talking about it takes 3 weeks from now. How are they getting peoples information when they change their cards?

I feel bad because I bet the company as a whole isn't this way, but it's the sneaky sales associates who ruin the experiences you have with Holsted.

The same thing sort of happening to me! They say after you get the free ring(s) to cancel your supposed membership with them. So instead of getting two rings, I just wanted the one, and the lady I was speaking to was SOOOO pushy it was honestly uncomfortable. I understand needing to make a sell, but this was different. She kept offering me third party offers and I continued to say "no thank you, not today. I've only called for this offer and this offer only." So After I got the ring, I cancelled any further offers from Holsted which would be that $66 where they send you the "latest" jewelry without asking. So I was never charged by them, got ride of the paper where I wrote done the woman's name, thought I was done with them. Fast forward to about a month later (2 nights ago), I checked my bank account and saw I had a charge of $29.99. I knew deep down what it was, it was one of those 3rd party offers that I had clearly expressed I was not interested in. I had to contact the 3rd Party and the woman was hardly shocked that Holsted had done this. Afterwards, I contacted my bank and they put a hold on my account and are sending me a new card. I had to file a claim with them to make this happen. So if you take all of these steps, you'll get refunded, the 3rd Party won't charge you again, and you'll have a new card. As for Holsted, I plan on calling them today and letting them know what happened and seeing if they can track down who spoke to me that day because this is so unacceptable!

As for what to you @Reviewer80453, I have no idea how they got your new card information! That's insane! Have you informed you bank about this?

Hope my experience has helped someone.

P.S. I plan on sending the jewelry back as well, just to really express how unsatisfied I am.

Oct 03, 2015

I cancelled my original Debit card that they charged. Somehow they have my new debit card and they are still charging me with unauthorized purchases. How can they obtain my new information. Promised me credit still waiting.

Oct 07, 2015

Holsted Jewelers - Unauthorized charges

After agreeing to pay shipping & handling for a "free gift" I have over $170 of charges on my account, this month. I called to cancel, and more charges have been placed on my account. I called and they assured me I will get a refund, but somehow I feel unsafe that this company has my information. This is disgusting, as my mother is suffering from cancer and I need my funds for medical emergencies. I am now having to wait for a refund when I did not ask to be charged. How disappointing that a company will be willing to put someone through all of this inconvenience.

i want to be cancelled from this program immediately!

Stlouis Mo. They got me for 205.00, The same charges the same days

Sep 22, 2015

Holsted Jewelers - Unauthorized charge, no product received

I took advantage of a mail-in promotion that said if I paid shipping for each, I could choose two of the three rings they advertised. I decided that, after the bank froze my boyfriends bank account, without my receiving anything in the mail, to cancel the membership to their company. But the jewelers took monies out a second time after I'd cancelled a week earlier. By this time, we were out $254.00, without receiving any jewelry! I called, and the representative told me that I was wrong. That they hadn't taken money twice. Though I begged to differ, I decided to wait until my boyfriend got home and I could look at the statement myself. I have yet to see that piece of evidence, as he hasn't arrived home.
The original two rings I received, after paying the shipping required, are lovely and I will enjoy one of them. One. The other has been missing a stone after wearing it les than 24hrs. I was told they will reimburse the shipping paid and send another one. We shall see.

Sep 09, 2015

Holsted Jewelers - Wal-mart gift card for $25.00

I informed the company that I never received my gift card from Wal-mart for $25.00. They sent me a letter which informed me to go and visit their website (holstedjewelers.yourawardcenter.com), but this website is down! So, I was not able to enter my award number or my pin number which they included in the letter they sent to me. I must say that I am very disappointed in this company and how they treat their customers so unprofessionally!

Yours truly,
Carolyn Lee


Holsted Jewelers - Free Sapphire ring pay shipping

I went to go order this beautiful ring. They won't take a prepaid card, they told me I have to have an actual credit card. I think this is nonsense just because I don't have a legitimate credit card...

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Holsted Jewelers - Unauthorized charges, trouble with getting a refund, double talking, etc.

I am a member of sendearnings which is the sister site of inboxdollars. They had an offer for buying a ring from Holsted for only 5 dollars and I opt out for the additional jewelry on a monthly basis. The ring came in and they took 5 bucks which was ok. What was NOT ok was them charging and shipping me earrings that I already told them via ordering catalogue that I was not wanting to buy those earrings or other jewelry. They took out money WITHOUT my permission first in the amount of roughly 60 dollars. I went to my bank, filed reports with them and mastercard in hopes I get my money back. The banker and I called their 800 number and they have a tendency to double talk, repeatively changing their policy. I closed my debit card to keep them from withdraeing more money. The foreign accent woman kept insisting that the debit card reopen for me to get a refund, which I could not do, my banker asked her that is she actually saying that they won't give me my money back and they were trying to get the whole banks' info too.
The money they took was my electric bill money and I am scared of my electricity being turned off! :(

Holsted Jewelers - Double charges/false advertising

I received advertisement from holsted offering good deals on rings and so on. I was led to believe i would pay a small fee for shipping and handling, so i signed up. I paid seven dollars or so taken from my account. Ever so often i began receiving a couple rings or a pair of earrings thinking i was still paying a small fee. I should have known it was more than meets the eye. My account began overdraws and found out i was being charged $223.92 a month for a few months. Two charges Of 56.98 each month. I should have picked it up way earlier but have been very sick, surgery and hospitalized. I can honestly say that no where did i see those kind of charges mentioned anywhere. For the laast three months my bank account has been overdrawn 200.00. Especially when you are on a 932.00 a month disability check and a car payment to make as well. I think this taking advantage of good people. Greedy and fradulant. I would also like to warn others of this company and others like it. Now i have to come up with 225 dollars that i dont have. What can be done?
Signed : stupid

On the 6/26/12 I was charged for two items #4312, #2288 that I did not order. They have been sending junk that I have not ordered and don't want .Total amount charged to my credit card $113.96. Please check into this for me . Name on card LaVon R Fitzgerald.

Holsted Jewelers - Free jewelry

Today, for the 2nd time in 6 months, I received an envelope and greeting-type card which showed pictures of "free" rings (3). Each ring supposedly had a worth of $50. Thereer was a place to scratch-off to find out how many rings "are yours free". I scratched, and it said "two!". Underneath that, (in red) it said "plus: receive a surprise gift with every order!" then, "call today! To receive your free* ring(s) and surprise gift(s)!" [protected]..."special offer - only $3.99!" in fine print, "all you pay is $6.99 shipping and processing plus applicable taxes for each item". My complaint is that I called & asked to be taken off the mailing list, and I was told by a man with an accent that he needed the "free gift code to do that. Being wary, I again asked to be taken off the mailing list. He said he didn't have my address and wanted the code. I refused, since having been a telemarketer for about 11 years, I know that is how they get you to unintentionally agree to accept the offer. Normally, I would just shred this, but I don't know how they got my address & name & it rather unnerved me, since I am a disabled senior on social security disability, and I live alone in a large city. I am very careful as a rule, and this man had a mid-eastern accent, which made me even more wary. I havealso been reading the complaints about this company on this website, m and I beleive this qualifies as mail fraud, since it also offers a"free"walmart gift card with every order. To get the gift card, you must call the 800 number and give the gift code on the"free" jewelry card.

Pls put 56.98 back on my child support pls it is for my boys y'all had no right taking any money off my card [protected] by Monday or they are going to get the cops invoked it not right what did my boys do to ya'll

Holsted Jewelers - Gift cards

On Jan. 20, 2014 I received an advertisement in through the mail for free jewelery, all I had to do was pay the shipping & fee, which was $6.95, and I did. Along with this came a n extra bonus, a...

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Holsted Jewelers - Free Jewelry Scam

My friend lives in an Assisted Living Facility. She got a card in the mail from this scam company. She thought she was getting a "free" ring that she would only have to pay shipping costs on. She got that, became ill and has been in the hospital and a rehab facility for a month. I have access to her checking account and went online to pay a bill for her and discovered charges from Holsted that she had no idea would be taken out of her account. When I called them they said that she had become a part of their "jewelry collection club" and that it was plainly stated on their paperwork. It looks to me like they are targeting elderly folks who can't see the "fine print" if it even exists. They had sent earrings that they deducted almost $60 for. This is costume jewelry to begin with. I found several other pieces of mail from them in her mailbox. Nothing is stated about a membership in a club. They wanted me to return the earrings before they would refund the money to her account. I informed them that not only was she a senior citizen, living on a disability income, but that her disability was mental - that they were taking advantage of a mentally disabled person and that she needed the funds replaced immediately. They did agree to do that, within 3 business days and today is only the second day, but they will not refund the shipping charges. Some people have no morals, no scruples and should not be able to operate a business if all they are doing is targeting and scamming people who aren't capable of avoiding their immoral practices.

I received an offer from this company in the mail. I called gave them the code that was inside the card, the lady took my info(including my credit card #). Switched me over to a supervisor to confirm and she gave me all the info on the two rings(that I was supposed to receive) with other offers from them.By the way I also received in the card a Walmart gift card for $50 certificate that I was to call to activate. NO SUCH THING! I received an envelope about 4 days later with a bunch of coupons from budget savers. I called to activate the Walmart card They said I have to get 3 free magazines fora trial period of thirty days . I wasn't interested because I had to wait for the magazines to call another # to get this card! TWO WEEKS later still haven't received any rings. so I called to cancel spoke to two customer reps who told me they never billed my card( which was taken off 2 wks ago when I placed the order) $3.99 shipping&processing fee. But the customer reps told me the order was never placed, BUT THEY REPEATED THE LAST FOUR DIGITS OF MY CARD.PLEASE IF YOU RECEIVE THIS SO-CALLED GIFT IN THE MAIL…….RUN TO YOUR GARBAGE!

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Holsted Jewelers - Said free jewelry and then charged my cards and never got nothing

they said I had won two pieces of jeweler when I got on the phone they tried to sell everything but the jewelry. I ended up having to pay shipping on free items I did not receive so they are nothing but thieves and scam artist...my credit card has been changed and I am turning this over to my attorney I will be suing for false advertisement along with theft.

the same thing has happened to me, they send a brochure where win I two "FREE" rings they said they would charge the shipping to my Fingerhut account, they did, BUT lord and behold they charge me for 4 jewelry's that I never received, I still have to pay for them whether I got them or not.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Holsted Jewelers - Fraud Advertising of Free Gift Card

I've received their free ring offer flyer in the mail and all I need to pay is shipping on the rings which is fine but the card also stating I will get free Target gift card when I ordered the ring. I ordered two rings and received the rings a month ago but still havn't received the free Target gift card of $25 which they advertised on their promotion flyer. I called 2 times and each time the customer service said they will submit the request but I still haven't received the promised Target gift card yet and that's was a month ago I spoke to the last customer service rep. Now, I started to believe this business lied to their customers about giving out free gift card when people ordered the jewelry from them. Be Aware and don't fall for their trick of giving out free Target or Walmart gift cards just to get you to buy their products.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Holsted Jewelers - Not received order and want to cancel immediately!

Hello. I ordered two free rings, one a garnet, one a sapphire I recieved neither, but was sent a heart pendant with a diamond so small, u wouldnt know it was there. I did not order this and the others havent come. Please cancel any and all orders now!. Ive been reading about your scams, so im cancelling now... Thanks,

Holsted Jewelers - canceled order

my husband received the same card in the mail because he used fnger hut once as a valued customer. so i decided why not ill pay shipping and handling they said they would just put it on his account "finger hut" thank god i did not give them my credit card number i knew something was fishy they went on and on about getting jewelry once a month and if i didnt want it just send post card back that they send to you to cancel any shipment and i told them i just wanted the 2 rings. so about 5 minutes after i got off the phone i decided to look up complaints..uggg i should have looked it up first. 5 minutes later i called them back told them to cancel order because of the 100's of complaints. i saved the card and we will see if they send the rings i will keep ya posted.


I spoke with a gentleman on the phone as he explained how this deal works. It sounded simple so I went for the 2 free rings. I received the rings quickly; they looked pretty but one was not one that I requested. I read all of the info that came with the rings and it was very obviously written to confuse the customer. I tried to call them. I found different #'s on the internet, but they were the exact same company (same voice, same song playing, etc). I never spoke to a person. I imagine they'll try to rob me of more money since they have my new card number. I noticed a lot of comments on the internet asking people why they gave these losers their card number. It seemed obvious to me; they had to get their big, fat
5.95 for shipping and handling. When Michael Douglas gave his speech (in Wall Street) saying "Greed is good" I wondered at the time how many misfits would take that as permission to con, scam and rob the innocent people who mistook them for human beings. Stay away from this scummy company.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Holsted Jewelers - Free rings

I received a card offering free rings, two off them and, the trick was you have to pay for the shipping and, handeling on each ring. Well I thought they were free, so I do not want them, the order #...

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Holsted Jewelers - Scam Postcard

I received a postcard in the mail from Holsted Jewelers telling me that because they appreciate me that they are giving me a choice of one of two rings. Then, a scratch off circle was to be uncovered by me to tell me which ring I was being given. Guess what? I got both... I just needed to call the 800 # to confirm and of course, pay shipping & handling costs which is really whatever the so-called company decides it to be - another scam story. I'm sure they would have wanted a cc # for the shipping & handling charges. Then, of course they would have continued to bill my cc monthly sending me fake junk until they closed up shop. First, of all I do not even know this company so why would they give me something free because they appreciate me? I always use gift cards online for any purchase I make so if it is a scam, they got scammed. But, now they have these flags that know if it is a gift card & will not accept those. Ummm - buyer beware if this is the case and if something is free & they appreciate me, then pay for the shipping and handling as well. ANOTHER BIG SCAM...

I received a post card with free earring offers. I took advantage of them. The earrings were ok but not really worth the value. I was also promise a $25 Walmart gift card. They have sent me 3 letters to verify who I am and where I live. I just received a letter stating that I can claim my card thru their web site. The site had no where that I could find a place to file my claim. So how do I get my $25 gift card.

charged my credit card without authorization!

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Holsted Jewelers - refund credit

Received separate 2 packages of jewelry to view even though I asked at the time of the ring order that I did not want any further jewelry sent. Two packages of jewelry were mailed to me and charged my credit card. I did not authorize this. The credit for one package was applied to my card, still waiting for the second credit and am liable for the shipping charges on these packages that I didn't ask to be mailed. I plan to contact my credit card company to dispute this shipping charge. This is not fair business practice, this is a scam.

Do not trust Holsted Jewelers "Greedy Greedy" very fast talking refusing to listen and will not get a manager predatorial scam artists. Makes me believe its the owner you get on the phone. I ask for a complete refund and given the same spill about I will have to return anything they ship even though I didn't ask for it. There was not a customer service number on their slick opt out but still get rip off form I filled out so they can say they didnt receive it and they can continue to ship me $2 dollar store jewelry for $50 a month I let fingerhut know that they shouldn't let bad supplier's trap their customer. I will call again tomorrow to make sure they have confirmation # on file.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Holsted Jewelers - Unordered Charges

Received flyer from Fingerhut saying they wanted me to try 2 free rings all I had to do was pay $6.99 for shipping. I finally agreed to try them but said I would be accepting no more. When they arrived, I sent back the I dont want anymore form, but I sent it back certified mail. Now they are still sending jewelry and charging it to my fingerhut acct. And I guess this is about as much about Fingerhut as they will not stop charging my account!

My Fingerhut card was charged $200.00 with said purchases by Holstead Jewelers. I never ordered anything from Holstead and am furious that when I called to talk to them they keep asking for credit info. Wouldn't they already have the info? They say they have no record of my account (funny) as they keep calling. So, in calling Fingerhut they say they have companies they allow to use their card for these such purchases. Don't you think I should be the one to allow other companies to use my account? So, I believe Fingerhut should be the one to resolve this as I did not order or receive any product from Holstead. Funny they can't give me an address as to where the product was shipped. Hope they get things together and settle this matter,

I recently received a call from a very nice lady at Holsted, who said she had read my complaint and would be refunding my $ entirely! She did and I am very happy with them. Guess it was just an honest error!

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Holsted Jewelers - Taking Money From Debit Card That Wasnt Authurized

I recieved notice by mail stating that i was eligible to recieve free rings. I then learned that i had to pay $6.99 for shipping &handeling. I agreed because i wanted the rings. After i gave them my debit card number to pay for the rings they started offering me all kind of deals in which i plainly told them i wasnt interested and that i only wanted the rings. When i called to check my balance on my debit card it wasnt accurate. After a brief inventory i learned that Holsted Jewelers had taken money from my card for the very same deals that i told them i wasnt interested in.

They constantly tell you about offers in which your not interested and its very annoying im refusing to give them my card number

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