CB Cruises and Charters Holland America Line Three pairs of mens jeans, 36 to 38 waiste, one black one dark green and one green cackies worth 700 all together
Holland America Line

Holland America Line review: Three pairs of mens jeans, 36 to 38 waiste, one black one dark green and one green cackies worth 700 all together

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Rahna pourghassemi and David bruce adair

216-261 east 3rd street

North Vancouver, BC

V7L 1E8

Holland America Line

Oct 7th - October 24 cruise

Vancouver - Hawaii

Round trip 17 days

Room # 7054

To whom this should concern

I am writing to express my disappointment with the service I received on my recent Holland America cruise. My fiance and I were passengers on the Koningsdam cruise from Vancouver to Hawaii from October 7 to October 24. Unfortunately, we left some of our belongings on the ship when we disembarked on October 24

We immediately contacted the lost and found department of Holland America Line to report the missing items. However, despite our repeated attempts to follow up, we have not received any information about the whereabouts of our belongings. It has been over a month now and We are extremely disappointed with the lack of response from Holland America Line and the apparent disregard for our concerns.

We would like to request that you take immediate action to locate our belongings and return them to us as soon as possible. We believe that Holland America Line has a responsibility to ensure the safekeeping of passengers' personal items, and we are disappointed that this has not been the case in our situation.

We look forward to hearing from you soon and hope that this matter can be resolved quickly and satisfactorily as these jeans are worth 200 a pair and this is really wrong of the cruise to have ignored are many attempts in contacting them. We know exactly where we left them in room 7054 right behind the entrance door in a drawer. Why is this so difficult to get any help

Had this not happened, we were so impressed and happy with our cruise. Unfortunately, this has ruined our trust for Holland America and we will not be going back with them until they find out belongings. I will not give up until we either get cruise line credit for the future or our belongings returned



Claimed loss: Clothing. 3 pairs of mens jeans


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