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Toyriffic, LLC

28904 Avenue Paine
United States - 91355

Customer Support Phone Numbers

Mon8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
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Plus Complaints & Reviews / this is a scam

Patty Doyle on Aug 29, 2017

I'm really sure that an email confirmation is not a big deal for stores. After placing an order I was waiting for it to be confirmed, after this procedure, it had to be sent. None of that happened. I called their service and asked for help. They didn't find any record, nothing. And I... / defrauding people

Noah V on Aug 17, 2017

They advertise good prices and this is the only "good" thing about them. Customers receive orders with bad quality and don't expect their service to stand behind their products, don't expect them to refund. Because none of this will happen. To return an item you will have to wait for many... / Scam!

Eriksson45 on Aug 15, 2017

I'm pretty sure that this company is a scam. I know what I'm saying. Their advertising is fooling you every day. If you want to buy something from what they advertise you will be upset because they don't provide these items. their customer service is not focused on youк issues and I doubt... / Hobbytron is not a good company

Phill on Jan 30, 2017

We bought a drone from this online store as a present for our son on Christmas. Order arrived in a timely manner but it was defective and did not turn on. Our son was very disappointed and his entire Christmas was ruined. We called Hobbytron and they asked us to send the...

Hobbytron / Garbage quality items!

Troicky on Sep 30, 2016

I've ordered a remote control plane from as a present for my little brother. When the plane finally arrived it was damaged and did not work properly. I contacted HobbyTron and they said that they can send me a new one but first I have to return the damaged one. I paid for...

Hobbytron / Worst Customer Service

brendanguy on Nov 1, 2013

I emailed less than 60 minutes to cancel my order i picked the wrong item.After multiple emails i called They read a script saying once a order has gone down to processing there is nothing that can be done. But as we all know they just chose to do nothing the order had not even been filled... / Please note, we do not issue refunds to ANY opened or used items

Habiume on Feb 6, 2013

I researched the product, ordered it (online), once it was removed from the box it started to fall apart. The website offers a 30 day warranty. I contacted them by email with attached receit.This is what they sent me: Please note, we do not issue refunds to ANY opened or used items. Open...

Hobbytron / Damaged Goods Sold as New

GGraw on Dec 29, 2011

I purchased three remote control tanks that were advertised in a special "buy three" deal from Hobbytron. The tanks were sold as new, RTR (ready to run). During inspection I found that key pieces of the tanks were missing ($30 main battery for two tanks!), wall rechargers, antennae for... / Their policy is totally hostile to the consumer and the company should be shut down

Ilnance on Feb 16, 2011

Do not purchase anything from the website. I purchased radio-controlled electric truck and had it sent to my grandson. When he received it, the trucks wheels were broken inside the box (not due to delivery). My daughter mailed the truck back to Hobbytron the next day and they...

Hobbytron / Horrible Company

mmbaker on Feb 7, 2011

DO NOT do business with HobbyTron!!! THEY DO NOT GIVE REFUNDS. THEY DO NOT REPARE ITEMS. IF YOUR ITEM IS DEFECTIVE OR BROKEN IN SHIPPING, TOUGH LUCK -- YOU ARE OUT OF YOUR MONEY. Here is my experience with this company... 1) I purchased a remote control truck from HobbyTron on...

Hobbytron / Horrible customer service

CDR on Feb 4, 2011

I order 3 helicopters and only two work. Almost impossible to get through to Customer Service. When I did finally get thru after 45 minutes of holding, the service rep was extremely rude. This is the only online retailer that I have ever come across who ships defective items and then...

Hobbytron / They don't ship what you order

I ordered three airsoft items for my son as Christmas gifts. When I received the shipment two of the items were wrong. I ordered a bag of Black Pellets and was shipped a bag of White Pellets. (For those that do not know Black Pellets are harder to see in flight making it harder for you...

Hobbytron / Dishonest

I am writing this complaint to warn people about Hobbytron. I hope you read this before ordering from them so that you don't waste your money on toys(not real air soft equipment) like I did. When you see their deals the picture you see online is not what you actually get. When I...

Hobbytron / Received broken toy


My sons ordered an airsoft tank with the money they made pet sitting all summer. The tank arrived and when we pulled it out of the box the back wheel was broken off. I called them and filled out an RMA request and it didn't come. Called back and they sent the RMA, but I realized I wa...

Hobbytron / Avoid ordering from them


Placed an online order for an airsoft gun on Sept. 1st. We were charged on Sept. 2nd, and as of today our order is still in processing. We have been emialing and calling for status for 3 days now and finally got a person on the phone. She was absolutly no help, 3 days or sometimes longer...

Hobbytron / Don't buy from them


I purchased an electric remote control truck as a birthday gift for my grandson. When it arrived, it was damaged inside its original box (not due to delivery). It was mailed back to Hobbytron the next day and they received it. Trying to call them is next to impossible. Most of the time...

Hobbytron / Rip off


I placed an order online with Hobbytron in Jan. 2009 for 2 radio control cars. They sent the order out slowly after several weeks of waiting. One car was substituted for something else and both were impossible to use because one was shipped with accessories meant for Europe 240 volt plug... / Customer service/Fraudulent charge

Avoid this company at all costs. All their products are available elsewhere. I ordered an electronics kit 5/31/09, and was asked via email to contact before the order could be shipped. Apparently there was some problem with my credit card. Reasonable request. BUT no one... / Customer Service/Products are a RIPOFF


Sent broken RC helicopter...wanted me to ship back at my expense (getting hold of them at all took weeks!)...after reviewing huge numbers of complaints from others, I chose not to return the helicopter fearing that I would never get it back again. I figured I could at least work on it to...

Hobbytron / Poor Service/ripoff

Bought a remote control helicopter, and charge went through on my credit card. After waiting two weeks, finally got a response as to why I did not receive product. Was told that my shipping address did not match that on Credit card according to their "machine". Funny how I haven't moved...