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L Mar 18, 2018

I am complaining about the Starbucks location within the Daniel Inoyue International airport, Honolulu, Hawaii.

Store ID: HNLSTA04
Incident date: March 07, 18 about 9am. Out ticket was at 08:32am
Cashier: RYAN and all the staff working that day, including the shift manager.

Let me state that I am a Local native of Hawaii, born and raise, my culture is woven into the Aloha spirit, and I always challenge myself to express all ounce of gratitude and loyalty to the people of Hawaii and its visitors, at work and in the community.

March 07, 18. I am a loyal Starbucks customer, a promising gold card holder and I pay a visit to Starbucks at least 4-5x a week. So is my brother's girlfriend. Well, maybe up to this day, at least. My family and I were on our way to Las Vegas. Myself, husband, sisters, my brother and his GF. We stopped by to get SB before our flight to Vegas. Almost three hours early before boarding, we thought we could relax and enjoy our time before take-off. This was a family vacation planned over a year ago.

My brothers GF accidently forgot her phone at the Starbucks counter. We were waiting at the gate when we noticed her phone was gone. She had her iPhone watch and I could personally track her device from my iPhone. She headed back to the Starbucks counter and when approaching the counter to ask the workers about a missing phone, she was spotted by this nice Japanese couple. She was obviously in a panic thinking her phone was gone...the couple, with minimum English, translated to her about a phone they found on the Starbucks counter and that they had handed the phone to the man behind the counter. His name was Ryan. I accompanied my brothers GF as she was in distress and wanting not to miss our flight without her phone. The man's name was Ryan, he was our cashier prior to losing the phone. It's crazy how he was pointed out by the Japanese couple and they stated they handed the phone over to him. Ryan denied it. He was adamant about how the Japanese couple was lying. I read the translation on their phone, "It's funny because I handed over it to him".

Surprisingly, while this was going on, the manager left the store to take her 15 min break because we were accusing them of stealing the phone. We were led by eye witnesses from a couple with no relation to us. The Sheriff was called and a police report was filled. The head manager of the store was also called to the scene. It was stressful altogether. The report and statements were recorded. Deputy Yamamoto completed the paperwork and generated a police report. We were able to get the information and statements in before we boarded. My Brothers GF boarded without her phone. The deputy said that they were going to search the whole store and keep us updated. My brothers GF wanted to prosecute if the phone was ever recovered.

We got on our flight, thank God. My brothers GF was in tears. All her personal information and photos lost. I felt terrible for her, and lost at the same time because if you only can understand being without your phone, it's your personal connection to life, school, work, etc. When we landed in Vegas, she had no choice but to purchase a new phone. I want to stay it cost her over one thousand dollars for the new 10 iPhone. That is no way to start a vacation.

March 16, 2018. Friday. My brothers GF got a call from deputy Yamamoto stating that her phone was found and recovered. The deputy stated that they found it in Starbucks, that same location, hidden in some box. How did it get there? It's obvious that one of the workers put it there. All that commotion and stress for the entire family!!! those workers did not cooperate in recovering that phone. They could have just returned it. But at the end they caused us grief. After all, Ryan and those who backed him up that day, lied about the whole situation.

Ryan and the rest of the crew, including the managers should not be working there. Loyalty was gone from those workers that day. The Aloha spirit was dead. What better place than to meet and greet people from all over the world at a destination where souls interact daily, at the Honolulu Airport! This is one of the first place where they discover the Aloha spirit. The mission for Starbucks, "to inspire and nurture the human spirit", was not attained. How does a company employ workers that are not loyal or nurture the spirit of Aloha in Hawaii?

The core value of Starbucks was broken, they are supposed to be working to serve people, including act of kindness in returning a phone to an innocent person who regularly does business with SB. This is a people business.

These workers should not be working in a people business and they should be held accountable for their actions. This was completely unethical behavior as they represent Starbucks. Connecting with transparency, showing dignity and respect are some of the core values of SB, but none of these were present that day. In the eyes of our family and humanity, they have failed SB as a company and the culture spirit of Hawaii's people.

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