HiFi Corpdiamond speaker

P Dec 03, 2019

Greetings Sir /Madam i did buy speaker at hificorpration in rustenburg platinum square and when i got home and i try to charge the speaker i was given wrong charger and the mic that is not working.So when i return to the shop again on Monday i found some lady without name tag at customer care and instead of checking the right charger she tell me to refund the speaker and because i so wanted that speaker i walked around then back to where the speaker was displayed and i found the charger there then gave it to her and she was busy asking me who gave me the charger i said its me i found it where the speakers was displayed cause you didn't show any interest to go look for it you just wanted to refund me and get out of your face... The lady was totally impatient though she's working with people please call her to order.. Thank you.

Your sincerely

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