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M Oct 04, 2019

I made a purchase of a fridge and microwave on the 27th of September 2019 and effected an immediate payment same day and ever since my nightmare hasn't ended but only beginning, I've spoken to numerous call center agents and all have promised that they will log a complaint on my behalf and also get back to me and thus far no call have been made to me, in the meantime no goods and payment has been made, your lack of service and commitment to your clients is appalling, I wonder how this brand is still in existence at the way business is conducted, how do you expect customers to keep flooding in when no service is rendered, how do you get to be compared with the likes of game, dion etc and to be taken serious when you yourselves don't take yourselves seriously?like really now.catch a wake up call, your website is undated with bad since than good service, I would worry cause that is bad for business.

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